But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

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    But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

    Here is the next installment of my beachball story. Please let me know what you think.

    But What if She Pops IT?

    Chapter 4: Anniversary

    Melinda stood at the gate watching the passengers exit the plane, looking for Tony’s telltale shock of thick, curly black hair and bushy mustache. She could hardly contain her excitement as she watched stranger after stranger walk through the gate to meet their own families and loved ones. After all, it was their tenth wedding anniversary, and she had planned something truly special. She grinned as she imagined Tony’s eyes popping out of his head after entering the hotel room and seeing all the beachballs.

    Finally, she glimpsed Tony walking through the gate, wearing a dark suit with a red tie and clutching a bouquet of pink and purple flowers. He looked exhausted.

    Melinda waved to Tony and caught his attention. His face instantly lit up with a big smile as he walked quickly toward her and picked her up off the ground in a big bear hug, accidentally crushing a few of the flowers in the process.

    Melinda laughed and planted a big, wet kiss on his mouth, Tony’s mustache tickling her lips.

    Tony set her back on the ground and handed her the crushed flowers. “Happy anniversary, baby!”

    Melinda replied, “Happy anniversary, you big lug! Thank you. These are beautiful.” She smelled the flowers and took a few seconds to gently straighten them out and fluff them back up. “How was your trip?” she asked as they headed toward the baggage claim area.

    “I don’t want to talk about it. Worst customers I’ve ever dealt with. I’m just glad to be home.” Melinda gave his hand a sympathetic squeeze.

    After gathering Tony’s bags and arriving at their car, Melinda told Tony to relax as she would drive him home. Tony gratefully acquiesced.

    The traffic was heavy as they entered the freeway. Tony looked at his wife and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t plan anything for tonight. I was too damned busy with work.” Tony then added, “I know that’s a lame excuse. I promise to make it up to you, though. You deserve something special after putting up with me for all these years.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. We put up with each other, and I’m not always the easiest person to get along with. Besides, I wasn’t expecting anything special so soon after your trip. I knew you’d be tired.”

    “Well, I am tired, but that doesn't mean I haven’t been looking forward to tonight all week.” Tony gave her a hopeful look before adding, “Maybe we can get the kids to bed early tonight?”

    Melinda smiled as she took the next exit off the freeway.

    “You took the wrong exit again,” said Tony.

    “Hush. I know where I’m going. There’s a stop I need to make.”

    Tony rested his hand on Melinda’s thigh while she drove into the central business district. Eventually he asked her where they were going.

    Melinda did not answer directly, only saying “almost there” in a sing-song voice. A few minutes later, she pulled into the entrance of a grand hotel and exclaimed, “Surprise!”

    Tony was confused. “What’s this?” he asked.

    “I got us a hotel room for the night, for just the two of us. Happy anniversary!”

    “Oh. Okay. What about our children?” He had the tact to not mention that he’d just spent six nights in a hotel room, and that he was really looking forward to sleeping in his own bed.

    “Don’t worry. I got a sitter. Liz, from the pool, is staying with them.”

    “But I don’t have any clean clothes.”

    “Don’t worry. I packed a change of clothes for you.”

    A big smile slowly crept across Tony’s broad face. “Did you…?”

    Melinda laughed. “Yes, of course I brought the beachballs. Do you really think I don’t know you?”

    “Right, then. Let’s get up to the room.” Tony kissed her and said, “I love you, Honey. I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

    Melinda smiled and said, “I know. I’m sure you will find a way to thank me. Let’s go. We’re already checked in.”

    A valet drove their car away to park it, and they entered the lobby. They went straight to the elevators, pressed the button, and waited with anticipation running through their veins.

    When they arrived at their room on the 14th floor, Tony noticed a plaque on the door which read, “Presidential Suite.” He arched an eyebrow at Melinda and nodded approvingly.

    “After you,” said Melinda as she unlocked the door and opened it with a dramatic flourish.

    Tony entered the narrow foyer and took in the room. He first noticed the tasteful colors and impressive furnishings along the wall on his right. Then he saw the ice bucket with a bottle of champagne inside. As he entered the main room and looked to his left, his heart skipped a beat as he took in the two beachballs sitting on the bed, one of which was so ridiculously overinflated that he thought it would pop on its own at any moment.

    “As you can see, I’ve been quite busy today,” said Melinda as she walked over to the bed and gently picked up the enormous ball, spinning it with her fingers and dribbling it a few times to show off her work.

    Tony’s mouth went dry as he took in his wife. Melinda was wearing a sexy, short black dress, her dark pretty eyes were shining, and of course, she was holding an extremely tight beachball which she had blown up earlier in this very room. She had likely gained about 20 pounds since they first met over a dozen years ago, but Tony thought she never looked more beautiful. The extra weight and motherhood had softened her features and plumped up her breasts and hips. His cock sprang to life and pushed strongly against the zipper of his pants.

    “My god, Mel! How did you get it so big? Weren’t you afraid it would pop?”

    Melinda smirked as she noticed Tony’s obvious erection in his pants. She walked up close to him, pressing the overblown beachball between them. “There was nobody here to tell me to stop, so I just kept blowing until I thought it was full. I can never tell, though. Do you think it’s full?” she asked innocently.

    Tony hesitantly touched the taut ball and nodded mutely. Melinda laughed and gave his penis a gentle squeeze through his pants. “It seems the beachball is not the only tight thing in here. It looks like you’re headed for a blowout down there if you’re not careful.”

    Tony reached under her skirt and felt the moistness and heat coming from her crotch. With is other hand, he began to unzip his pants. Melinda grabbed his wrist and stopped him. “Slow down, Tiger. We got all night. Take a look around the rest of the room. I think you’ll really like the bathroom.”

    Tony reluctantly agreed and took in the surroundings of the room. He noticed the partially blown 36” beachball on the desk and another tightly blown 24” ball under the desk. He opened the closet and found another identical beachball in there. He didn’t recognize these beachballs, with soft red, green, and blue stripes alternating with solid white stripes. Melinda must have bought some new beachballs for tonight, bless her soul. He picked up the ball and felt the springiness of the taut PVC. “Wow!” he thought. “This is my kind of ball.” Based on the size of the other ball, it was obvious that these would stretch a lot.

    Tony made his way to the spacious bathroom and saw the big jacuzzi tub with a tightly inflated blue dolphin lying in in the bottom. He smiled again at his good fortune. He couldn’t wait to fill the tub with hot water, which would make the dolphin extra soft.

    Just then, he heard a hissing sound coming from the bedroom. It was followed shortly by a soft whoosh, which could only mean one thing: something that could pop was being inflated. He felt the initial fear in the pit of his stomach, which he felt every time a balloon or inflatable was being blown up nearby. This was followed quickly by intense excitement as he imagined his wife blowing up and stretching a beachball. He stood quietly in the bathroom, listening as Melinda put a few more puffs into the ball before he couldn’t take it anymore and dashed into the room to see the state to which the ball was inflated. If she were blowing into the already overinflated ball, then it was surely about to pop.

    As he entered the bedroom, Melinda was sitting on the bed and putting another breath into a moderately inflated beachball. The seams were barely smooth. Tony relaxed as he realized she was not blowing up the already overfilled ball. She smiled at him impishly as she put another big breath in the ball. Tony was then distracted by the movement of her foot beside the bed. Melinda was attempting to kick something underneath the bedspread. Something plastic with red, blue, and green stripes.

    “What’s going on down there?” asked Tony.

    Melinda put a finger over the valve. “Hmm? It’s nothing to worry about.”

    “I’ll be the judge of that,” said Tony as he reached down to pick up the limp beachball. To Tony’s surprise, it was a popped beachball. One of the seams had split from end to end, and the end circle had broken clean from one of the panels. He tried to be nonchalant while asking Melinda how it happened, but he couldn’t quite keep the concern from his voice. This was important to him.

    Melinda shrugged. “I don’t know. It must have just popped by itself after I left the room this afternoon.” Tony looked closely at Melinda, who was trying to look innocent but had the hint of a smirk on her lips. Finally, she gave in under his stare. “Okay! You got me. It popped in my face while I was blowing it up. It was an accident, though. I swear it! I was just trying to make it big and tight for you – the way you like it.” She paused before adding, “I was giving it one final breath when it exploded.”

    “Oh,” was all Tony could say. He and Melinda had been using beachballs during their sex play for many years, with her teasing him by blowing them up tight while he fucked her. Tony had never gotten over his fear of balloons. Being with her while she overinflated beachballs was both torture and ecstasy for him. In all those years, she had never once popped a beachball through overinflation. There were times when a ball would develop a tiny seam leak, which would make him sad, but he had begun to feel safe with her and the beachballs. The chance of a real pop (an actual explosion) seemed remote. That all changed now.

    “It popped in your face!? Couldn’t you feel it coming? It must have been enormous. Weren’t you scared?”

    “Honey, I used to always think they would pop when we first started playing with them, but I knew you wanted me to make them tighter, so I would. Honestly, it doesn’t so much scare me as it excites me. I guess I just went a little too far this time. The loud ‘boom’ was a bit startling,” she said while reenacting the incident by throwing her arms apart violently. Melinda examined the full beachball in her hands and raised it to her lips. “It was certainly a lot bigger than this. Would you like to see how big this one can get before it pops? It’s going to stretch a lot.” She put the nozzle between her lips and blew a long, steady breath into the growing sphere.

    That was Tony’s cue. He made an unintelligible grunt and then unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles before gently pushing her back onto the bed. He reached up her skirt and quickly slid her panties off. Then he dove face first into her warm, moist muff and began to pleasure her with his tongue.

    Melinda arched her back and moaned softly, causing the nozzle to slip out of her mouth. Air hissed out of the beachball quickly before she was able to stop it with her tongue. She continued to moan and squirm as Tony diligently caressed her clitoris with his tongue, moving it side to side, up and down, and in circles. Occasionally, she would gather herself for a deep breath, expanding her rib cage to its capacity before forcing all her breath into the ball, which was starting to become seriously overinflated.

    “it’s going to pop,” she said out of the corner of her mouth. “Should I keep going?”

    Tony reached up and felt the ball. He nearly panicked when he touched the incredibly tight skin of the ball. “Maybe a couple more breaths,” he whispered.

    “Okay. I won’t stop unless you tell me to.”

    Tony climbed on top of her and slipped his rock-hard penis into her sopping wet, tight vagina. Melinda moaned in ecstasy as he began to rhythmically pump his member into her as she raised her hips as high off the bed as possible. It almost felt as if he were pumping her up as she blew up the beachball. Meanwhile, Tony’s cock was growing larger and larger with each thrust. It was now a question of who (or what) would go first: Melinda, Tony, or the beachball.

    Melinda blew three more breaths into the beachball before Tony exploded inside of her and groaned loudly. He continued to thrust as he shuddered and clutched her tightly. Melinda forced another breath into the ball before screaming out her orgasm. They continued their embrace, the rhythm of their thrusts gradually slowing to a stop. Still clenching the nozzle between her teeth, Melinda blew one final breath into the ball as Tony backed away from her and covered his ears. Remarkably, the beachball held, and Melinda inserted the plug.

    Both spent, they held each other in their arms for several minutes. “God, I needed that!” said Melinda. “Did I do okay?”

    “My god, you’re wonderful!” was all Tony could say.

    After a few moments, he gently picked up the ball to examine its size and tautness. In Tony’s experience, a 24-inch beachball was about 16 inches in diameter when normally inflated. This one looked to be at least 20 inches. He quickly did the math in his head. This ball has a radius of 10 inches, which is two inches more than a normally inflated ball in every direction. Pi is 3.14, so this beachball measures nearly 63 inches around, compared to about 50 inches for a normally inflated one. That means the thin plastic material stretched about 13 inches, again in every direction. This beachball has about 3,140 cubic inches of air, which is nearly twice the volume of a normally inflated one. The air in this ball would fill more than two regular 24-inch beachballs, given the higher pressure in this ball. In other words, this beachball was now a balloon.

    Tony broke out of his calculating trance when he noticed Melinda quietly staring at him. He looked her in the eyes and said, “You really scared me this time.”

    “I know I did. That’s the point, right?”

    He looked at his wife – all five feet and two inches of her – laying on her side across the bed. He wondered for the thousandth time how a cute little thing like her could fearlessly blow something up until it popped while he would cower in fear when put in such a situation. He was a big man. He liked to think of himself as an important man. And yet, such a silly little thing as a burst bag of rubber or plastic turned his spine to jelly. Nothing to be done about it, Tony thought. This is who I am, and she loves me anyway.

    Tony batted the beachball balloon off the bed and laid down next to his wife. He wrapped her in his arms and soon fell asleep.


    “Wake up, sleepyhead,” Melinda cooed in Tony’s ear as she gently shook his shoulder.

    Tony grunted and rolled away from her, then wrapped the pillow in his arms and began to snore.

    “Wake up, Tony, I’m hungry,” she said as she gave him a considerably less gentle shove.

    Tony opened his eyes and looked at his wife in confusion. Her dark hair was wet, and she wore a soft white cotton bathrobe. She smelled like lavender and vanilla. His memory of their earlier sex in the hotel room quickly came back to him. He smiled and cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand. “Hi sweetie. How long was I out?”

    “Nearly two hours. It’s getting late, and we need to order dinner before the kitchen closes. Do you feel better?”

    “Much better,” he said. “Let me go clean myself up. I’ll be quick.”

    Tony brushed his teeth and quickly showered. As he was toweling off, he heard a loud popping noise coming from the bedroom. “Don’t tell me she just popped another one,” he said to himself as he rushed to the bedroom, naked, to see what happened.

    Melinda was holding the champagne bottle and picking up the cork off the floor, which had bounced off the ceiling. She laughed at Tony’s undignified entrance. “I thought that would get your attention.” Tony glared at her and then quickly laughed at his overreaction. She poured them both a glass while Tony put on an identical white robe. When he returned, she handed him a glass, and they clinked their glasses together in cheers.

    “I don’t feel like going out tonight,” said Melinda. “Let’s stay here and order room service. I think I saw a menu around here somewhere.”

    “Works for me,” said Tony as he began searching for the menu. “That way, we don’t need to get dressed.” He quickly found a black leather binder on the desk that said “menu” on the front in gold-embossed lettering. He flipped it open and was surprised to find a thin plastic package containing another beachball. The picture on the front showed the ball with an attractive lady and her kids playing with it in a pool. Tony picked up the soft package and smelled the fresh vinyl of the beachball through the packaging. It never ceased to amaze him how this tiny folded up thing could become such a big, soft ball. He grinned and held it up toward Melinda.

    “It’s always smart to keep a spare or two around just in case of accidents,” said Melinda. “Why don’t you blow it up while we figure out what we want for dinner?”

    “You want me to blow it up?”

    “Yes, I want YOU to blow it up! I’ve been blowing things up all day. Besides, I know you want to.”

    That was true. Tony did love blowing up inflatables. He always had ever since he was a small child. But, blowing things up in front of others was embarrassing for him, especially as he got older. Before he met Melinda, he spent his whole life blowing things up in private, fearful of being caught. Blowing something up in front of others always felt as if he were doing something illicit, regardless of the situation. I’m a grown man. A big man. A boss man. I shouldn’t be playing with pool toys like a child.

    “Go ahead,” said Melinda as she grabbed the menu from him. Tony tore open the package and removed the uninflated beachball. The vinyl was exceptionally soft, and the new plastic smell was very strong. The flap in the valve stem was a little stiff at first, but he worked it around with his teeth until it opened nicely, allowing a clear path for his breath to enter the ball. He watched and felt the ball begin to inflate between his hands.

    “Ooh, they have surf and turf!” exclaimed Melinda.

    “I’ll have that,” said Tony between puffs.

    “Don’t you want to hear the rest of the menu?”

    “Not particularly,” said Tony. The panels of the beachball were opening up, and it was starting to look like a football as it bulged in the middle and tapered at the ends.

    Melinda decided on the shrimp scampi with a side of pasta. The prices were exorbitant, but this was a special occasion, and they wanted to make the most of it. She dialed the room service number and placed the order while Tony continued to puff away at his beachball, which was starting to appear round.

    “They said it should be ready in 30 minutes,” said Melinda after hanging up the phone. “It better be, because I’m starving.” She began putting clothes away and straightening up the bed. When finished, she walked over to the desk where Tony was sitting and put her hands on the growing beachball. It was almost completely smooth now. “You’re making good progress, buddy. Keep going! Blow! Blow! Blow!”

    Tony had an embarrassed look as he blew five more breaths before plugging the valve. He could feel it tightening and expanding and started to fear it would pop. His face was flushed. “How’s that?” he asked.

    Melinda folded her arms across her chest in a stern manner. “Seriously? Look at the balls I blew up and tell me you did a good job with that.” She picked up one of the huge beachballs off the carpet and held it up next to Tony’s ball. It was half again the size. “Do you see the difference?”

    “Sure,” said Tony. “But you’re crazy when it comes to overinflating things. Also, you popped one already today."

    “Fine! Leave it as it is. But you ARE going to fuck me on top of it after dinner.” She gave his semi-rigid cock a firm squeeze and then refilled their champagne glasses.

    They sat in bed, watching TV, waiting for their dinner to arrive. There were five beachballs laying around the room, which could be difficult to explain when the waiter brought their food. Because of that, Tony planned to meet the waiter at the door and tell him he would take the tray into the room himself.

    The half-inflated 36 inch beachball next to the television was blocking part of Melinda’s view, so she got up to move it out of the way. It was a traditionally colored, glossy-panel ball, and one they’d had in their possession for several years now. It wasn’t used as much as the smaller ones, since opportunities for sex in the house with two small kids were limited, and when such opportunities arose, the window was usually short. It was a shame, because Melinda loved the bigger beachballs. They were actually much easier to blow up once they were full. They didn’t fight back as much, even when stretched to the absolute limit. It seemed as if they could always take a bit more air.

    “Do you think I can finish blowing this up before the food comes?” she asked as she brought the flaccid beachball back to the bed.

    “It’ll be close,” said Tony. “The food should be here any minute.”

    “I’ll take that as a challenge. Hopefully, the food arrives soon because (1) I’m hungry, and (b) I’m not stopping until it gets here.” She crossed her legs beneath her and began to slowly blow up the beachball as they watched a lame, but slightly amusing, special called “Battle of the Network Stars.”

    Tony pretended to watch the show and act as if the big beachball being blown up beside him was of no more importance than the weather. Melinda would occasionally swing the beachball around and “unintentionally” press the ball against Tony.

    Melinda’s beachball was almost full when there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it,” said Tony as he sprang from the bed. He opened the door and immediately reached out to take the tray while starting to say, ‘thank you.’ Unfortunately, it wasn’t a tray of food but a cart along with two servers. One was a distinguished looking elderly man and the other a young, pretty woman. They started to push the cart into the room, but Tony, standing in his bathrobe, blocked them.

    Before Tony could protest about taking the cart into the room himself, Melinda hollered from the bedroom. “Thank you! Please bring it in.”

    There was nothing Tony could do but wave the pair into the room. He was mortified but tried to keep a straight face as he followed the cart into the room filled with beachballs. When they rounded the corner of the hallway, Tony was dumbstruck by the sight of Melinda sitting atop the 36-inch beachball on the bed.

    She smiled at the servers as they came in. “Just put it here by the foot of the bed,” she said. “Don’t mind the mess. Just kick those balls out of the way.”

    As the servers wheeled the cart into position, she smirked and winked at Tony, who glared at her in return, his face red with embarrassment. However, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself at the situation.

    The young woman was nonplussed as she took in Melinda sitting on the big beachball and the several smaller, overfilled beachballs scattered about the room. The elderly man, however, did not bat an eye as he went about the business of setting up a table at the foot of the bed and placing the plates of food on it. “Emily! The silverware, please,” he said to the young server to snap her out of her gawking at the beachballs.

    “Oh, sorry,” Emily said as she closed her jaw and fumbled at the napkins and silverware and eventually got them placed appropriately next to the plates, her eyes constantly darting to the bulging beachball underneath Melinda, barely covered by a loose-fitting bathrobe. The other server quickly opened a bottle of red wine and poured a splash of the wine into a glass. He handed the glass to Tony for him to taste.

    Tony hurriedly took a sip of the wine and indicated it was fine. The server then filled both glasses and began to wheel the cart out. Emily was not paying attention, distracted by the beachballs. The other server snapped his fingers at her to indicate that she should follow him out of the room. As they were leaving, Tony tipped the pair a $100 bill, saying he “appreciated their professional service and discretion.”

    As they walked away from the door, Tony could hear the woman start to ask a question. “What the …?” Before she could say anything further, the elderly man shushed her and said, “Our job is to serve our guests. We do not question them.”

    Tony walked back into the room and glared at his wife, who was beaming from ear to ear. “What’s your problem?” she asked innocently and then burst into laughter.

    “You are a bad, bad woman,” he said while trying to keep from laughing himself.

    “Oh relax. We’ll never see them again. Besides, it’s not a big deal. I’m sure hotel workers have seen much stranger things than a room full of beachballs. Believe it or not, you’re not the only person in the world who has a thing for inflatables. Hell, they’ve probably encountered a room full of beachballs here before.” Melinda paused before adding, “I do wonder about that girl, though. She seemed quite interested in the beachballs, and I have a pretty good sense for these things. Sit down. Let’s eat.”

    The dinner was delicious, and they shared the food from each other’s plate. They talked about their week and their upcoming family vacation plans. When full, they put their covered plates outside the door and just relaxed for a time, sipping their wine.

    After a while, their dinner having been digested, Melinda announced she was going to run the bath. She picked up two of the largest 24-inch beachballs by their nozzles and headed to the bathroom. One of the valves popped open while she held it, releasing a sharp, steady hiss of air. She let the ball deflate and put both in the jacuzzi tub with the dolphin. Then, she turned on the hot water and let the tub fill.

    When Tony heard the jets turn on, he filled two glasses of wine and joined her in the bathroom. Melinda was already leaning back in the tub with her eyes closed, letting the powerful jets massage every part of her body. “Mind if I join you?” he asked.

    “Please,” said Melinda. “It might be a little crowded in here with the all the pool toys, but I think we can make it work.”

    Tony climbed in behind her, spreading his legs to let her lean back against him. He cupped her breasts, which floated at the water level, and let the jets massage his shoulders. He didn’t realize how tight his muscles were until they started to relax. It was a bit crowded with the two beachballs and the big dolphin, but they were not uncomfortable. One of the beachballs was hugely inflated (in fact, it seemed even a bit bigger since it’s time in the hot tub). The other was slowly deflating but still held most of its ball shape - a testament to how tightly it had been inflated.

    Melinda ignored the beachballs for now and picked up the dolphin. It was transparent blue and about five feet long. It had a single valve, as opposed to the ones with a separate valve for the tail fin. Melinda had blown it up tightly earlier in the day, and now it was swollen and extremely soft due to the warm water. She opened the valve on its body and began to blow while Tony massaged her nipples and vagina.

    Tony was soon hard, his cock pressing uncomfortably against Melinda’s backside. He picked her up and positioned her on top of his penis, letting her slowly sink all the way down to the base of his cock. Melinda moaned in pleasure before continuing to blow into the overfilled dolphin. Tony could feel her vagina clench against his cock with each strong puff of air.

    Melinda eventually decided the dolphin was tight enough and plugged the valve. It was incredibly swollen. She stood up, positioned the dolphin under her, tucked the tail fin between her legs, and laid on top of it. A large amount of water splashed over the side of the tub and onto the floor.

    Tony attempted to mount her from behind, but he was too short on his knees and too tall when standing. He tried squatting while putting his weight on top of her and the dolphin. His left foot slipped out from under him, and he fell on top her. This caused them both to roll over while the dolphin shot out of the tub. Water shot out of the tub as if someone had just done a cannonball.

    “Shit! Are you okay?” Tony asked.

    Melinda coughed and spat up some water but was otherwise unhurt. “Nice one, slick!” she said sarcastically after clearing the water from her lungs and realizing they were both fine. Then they both laughed uproariously at what just happened. “Let’s finish this on the bed.”

    Tony agreed that would probably be for the best. They quickly threw some towels on the floor to sop up the worst of the puddles and then headed to the bedroom.

    Melinda grabbed the beachball that Tony had blown up earlier and brought it to the bed. She got on all fours and put the beachball beneath her. She enjoyed the way the ball supported her whilst pressing her boobs up high. Also, it put her ass in the perfect position for Tony to mount her from behind. Then, she placed the 36-inch beachball in front of her, with the nozzle facing her. “I suggest you get to work, Tiger, because this ball will only take so much of my air.” She opened the nozzle and started puffing away.

    Tony was quickly hard again and got behind her on his knees. He caressed her vagina and inserted two fingers into it once he could feel the wetness. Melinda moaned and rocked back and forth on the beachball underneath her while continuing to put heavy breaths into the larger ball in front of her. The seams of the big ball were smooth now as the ball expanded past its rated size. She put both hands on top of the ball so that most of her weight was now supported by the two balls.

    “Fuck me, Tony,” she said with the nozzle clenched between her teeth, and then added another long, heavy breath.

    Tony put his hands around Melinda’s hips and guided his member into her. Then he started pumping away, slowly at first but with increasing speed. Melinda cried out as she put all her weight on the bulging beachball underneath her, letting Tony’s thrusts rock her forward and his hands pull her back. She held onto the big beachball in front of her and began to blow faster.

    Tony was enjoying the feeling and the show. He surprised himself by lasting as long as he had. Despite the ball being huge and tight, he was not afraid of it popping. He closed his eyes and immersed himself in the feeling of his smooth cock sliding in and out of her warm, moist vagina and the sound of her breaths going into the ball.

    After what felt like a couple of minutes, he opened his eyes. That calmness instantly left him as he saw how big the ball had become. Melinda’s face was pressed against it with her arms draped over the top, her chest heaving as she blew hard into the ball. He had never seen it this big before. A second later it popped with a big ‘fwoomph.’

    The world stopped.

    Melinda started it again by saying “oops.” She turned her head to look back at Tony. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

    While Melinda loved to tease Tony, she never wanted to hurt him. Tony knew this. He saw the sincerity in her eyes. She was a woman who loved him. She loved him enough to blow up beachballs in the middle of sex. She loved him enough to keep his secret. She was kind, smart, funny, and sexy as hell. He trusted her more than anyone in the world, and she just blew up a beachball until it popped.

    “I’m fine,” Tony said and then began fucking her with more urgency than ever before. Melinda responded in kind, making animal noises in counterpart to Tony’s grunts. He drove her harder and harder into the beachball under her. The volume of their animalistic symphony crescendoed as they came simultaneously, releasing a flood of endorphins like a million tiny feathers tickling every part of their body.

    Tony continued to lie on top of Melinda and pump her until their ecstasy subsided. He eventually rolled off her and lay on his back, breathing heavily. Melinda was slower, as she continued to moan softly on top of the beachball for another minute. Eventually, she rolled off the ball and lay on her back next to him, gently holding the now pancake-shaped ball. They didn’t speak for a long time, just stared at the ceiling.

    “I’m sorry I popped your ball,” she finally said. “I didn’t mean to.”

    “It’s okay,” said Tony. “It’s not your fault. I could have asked you to stop at any point.”

    “I know that, but I also know how you feel when something pops. I don’t want to be the one who causes you pain.”

    “Honey, I love you more than ever. You are the only person in the world that I would share my secrets with. You are the only person that could pop a beachball in front of me and get away with it. Trust me. I’m not in pain now. I’m in awe.”

    Melinda turned to him and smiled, then put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. “Happy anniversary, dear.” She rested her head on his chest and was soon asleep. Tony lay awake for some time with her gently breathing on his chest before finally closing his eyes and drifting off to the most restful sleep of his life.
  • Scooter
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    Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

    SO glad you wrote another chapter. Your writing is phenomenal. Legit some of my favorite stuff on this board.


    • Joe Sixpanel
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      Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

      Thank you! It's nice to know someone appreciates it.


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        Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

        Have no doubts, your writing is stellar and I'll bet there are a lot of people who read and enjoy it but simply don't reply. I'm not even into non-balloon inflatables but I still read all of these. The style, exposition, dialogue, etc. are all top-notch.


        • Joe Sixpanel
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          Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

          ^ you just made my day


          • b0f0s0f
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            Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

            By far my favorite part of the series has been Julian getting trapped with Liz where she unties her balloon and later blows it up again, that's an archetypal fantasy scenario I've played out in my mind many times and you captured it perfectly. I can only imagine how big it got after being tightly inflated all day, deflated, and inflated again by a mischievous woman pushing the limits


            • Joe Sixpanel
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              Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

              The ferris wheel scene had been in my mind for a long time before I finally wrote the chapter. It was the easiest part to write. Everything else was just build up to get them to that point.


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                Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

                love your stories! cant wait to reed more


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                  Re: But What If She Pops It? Chapter 4 - Anniversary

                  ^first post. Welcome, acl!