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    Sophie’s birthday (balloon room)

    It’s good to finally get back to writing balloon stuff again. This one features my original characters, Holly, Sophie, Jenny, and a couple more. Hope you enjoy.

    Holly quickly takes the large parcel to the spare room before Sophie gets out the shower. It’s heavier than she expected.
    Holly can’t help but have a little peak. She opens the box.

    It’s completely packed full of balloons of all sizes. Holly has never seen so many in one place. Sophie had plenty of balloons in storage, but Holly needed more for what she had planned.

    She hides the box at the back of the room underneath some pillows. She wants to get them all out now, but doesn’t want Sophie finding out. Holly goes back to the living room and tries to forget about them for the time being.

    3 days later...

    Sophie jumps on the bed and stretches a balloon in front of Holly.

    “Want a little session?” Sophie asks.

    As much as she’d like to, Holly wants to save it until Sophie’s birthday the next day.

    “Sorry, I’m too tired. We’ll play tomorrow.” Holly replies.

    “But I’m leaving in the morning, there won’t be time.”

    “We’ll do it when you get back.”

    “But that’s not until the evening.” Sophie complains.

    “You can wait.” Says Holly.

    “You better decorate the house with balloons for when I get home.”

    “I might be able to blow a few up. I’m going out myself.” Holly lies.

    “But it’s my birthday!”

    “We’ll celebrate it properly on the weekend. It’ll be better then.”

    “I suppose... Can I at least blow this up?” Sophie asks.

    “No, you’ll get excited and keep popping more and more. I want to go to bed.”

    Sophie looks disappointed. “Okay then.” She sighs, throwing the balloon to one side.

    Holly feels bad, but knows it’ll be worth it in the end. She rolls over and closes her eyes.

    Holly is woken by Sophie getting up. She pretends to be asleep.
    Sophie makes breakfast and gets dressed, before shaking Holly.

    “I’m going now. See you tonight. I’ll be back at around six.” Says Sophie.

    “Okay, love you.” Holly murmurs, intentionality forgetting to say happy birthday. She wants Sophie to think she’s been forgotten. That way the surprise will have a bigger effect.

    Once Sophie has gone, Holly jumps out of bed. She has work to do. Holly finds her package full of balloons, and spills the contents on the floor.

    There’s bags full of every colour and size of balloon you could could wish for. It hadn’t been cheap, but Holly knows it would be worth it. There were hundreds of them, she’d never blow them all up on her own. Even with a pump.

    Holly gets out her phone and rings Jenny. It takes a while for her to answer.

    “Holly? What do you want at this time?” She asks.

    “Sorry for the early call, I need your help.” Says Holly.

    “What with? I’d be happy to help if I can.”

    “I’m throwing a surprise party for Sophie. She’s out for the day and I need to fill a room with balloons.” Holly explains.

    “I’m sure I can give you a hand. What time should I come round?”

    “As early as possible. I’ve got hundreds to blow up.”

    “Okay, give me an hour or so. See you in a bit.”

    Hmm, even with Jenny, it would be a lot of work. Holly thinks. I need to prepare the room too, can’t have any sharp corners.

    She dials Sophie’s friend Aria.
    Would she be able to come at such short notice? I should’ve planned this better.

    “Who’s this?” Asks a groggy sounding Aria.

    “Holly, Sophie’s friend. You remember me.”

    “Of course, how are you both? If you’re ringing me, it means you want something.” Says Aria.

    “Are you free?”

    “I can be. I’ll do whatever it is you want, on one condition.”

    “What is it?” Holly asks.

    “I get to kiss you.”

    “Fine, just a quick one. I need your help to blow up some balloons for Sophie’s birthday.”

    “You could do that on your own. You just want to see me blowing them up, don’t you? I know how much that turns you on.” Says Aria, sounding more awake now.”

    “I’m trying to fill a whole room. I need all the help I can get.”

    “I’ll come. I want that kiss. Then I’ll pop all the balloons you want.”

    “No popping.” Says Holly. “We don’t have time for that.”

    “Whatever you say. I’ll be there later.”

    The three of us should be enough. Could do with some more though. Holly looks through her contacts. She sees Kizzy and hesitates.
    Do I ask her? Holly wonders. She’s terrified of balloons, but we aren’t popping any. I suppose I could ask.

    “No, I’d be too scared.” Says Kizzy after Holly explains what she’s doing.”

    “There’s be no popping, I promise.”

    “But a whole room full of balloons...”

    “You don’t have to be in the room. You can do it in the living room, away from everyone else.” Says Holly.

    “How big do I have to make them?”

    “At least rated size. Preferably bigger.”

    “I did blow a balloon until it got a little neck the other day. It was so scary though.”

    “Just keep doing that.”

    “I can’t tie them off though. I shake too much. Sorry, I’m the wrong person for this.” Says Kizzy.

    “Okay, no worries, I’ve got other people. I’ll send a photo when it’s done.”

    Holly asks Lucy, Jenny’s friend next. She says she’s a little busy, but will try to pop in later.

    Holly looks around. She needs to move the furniture and clean the floor. Luckily, the spare room is mostly empty. There’s an old armchair and a few boxes full of stuff. Holly has no idea what’s in them.

    It only takes ten minutes to get everything out. There’s just the wardrobe left. Holly knows she won’t be able to get that out through the doorway. Instead, she finds some foam in her arts and crafts box, and tapes it to the sharp corners. She finishes with vacuuming the floor.

    When she’s finished, there’s a knock at the door. Jenny has no makeup on, and it doesn’t look like she’s done her hair.

    “I came as fast as I could. How long till Sophie gets back?” Jenny asks.

    “We’ve got plenty of time, she’s not back till this evening. Sorry, I should’ve said.” Holly replies.

    “Well I’m here now. What do you want me to do?”

    “Blow up as many balloons as you can. There’s no rush, I’ve got some friends coming later to help. Do you want a drink or anything?”

    “No thanks, I had one before I left.” Says Jenny.

    “Follow me then.” Holly takes Jenny upstairs to the spare room. Jenny’s eyes light up when she sees the balloons.

    “There’s so many! We’ll never blow them all up.” She exclaims.

    “There’s probably more than we need. We just have to fill this room.” Says Holly.

    “Right. Where do we begin?”

    “Blow some big ones first. Then the small ones can go on top. We’ll hang a few on the walls too. I’m going to go cut some ribbons to hang them.” Holly explains.

    “Okay. How big do you want them?”

    “Nice and tight. Not really big though. The ones on the walls can be overinflated. I’ll help you with that later.” Holly leaves Jenny to it. She knows seeing Jenny blow will turn her on. Holly doesn’t want to get all excited before Sophie comes home.

    Holly begins cutting ribbons to length in the living room. After five minutes or so, there’s a muffled bang from upstairs.

    Was that an accident, or on purpose? Holly wonders. She continues with her work. She soon has way more than she needs.
    I suppose I better give Jenny a hand. She thinks.

    Holly steps in and sees Jenny blowing up a 24 inch balloon. There’s one blown up on the floor, and blue shreds stuck to the wall. Jenny ties off the one she was blowing.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pop that one. I forgot these don’t get huge necks.” She says.

    “That’s okay, now you know. We’ve got plenty anyway.” Holly replies.

    “I just wasted ten minutes, oh well.”

    “How big did it go?”

    “It was pretty big. I didn’t know what size it was supposed to be. I assumed it was 36 inch. The neck was halfway full when it burst.” Jenny explains.

    “Wasn’t it tight?”

    “Yes, very. I got carried away... I wanted to push it a bit. I thought it’d get a little bigger.”

    “You keep blowing them, now you know when to stop.” Holly opens a packet of 16 inch and takes out an orange one. She stretches it, taking a deep breath.

    Try to keep calm. She tells herself. No getting over excited. Holly exhales into the balloon. Jenny is watching her. Holly turns away, not wanting to make eye contact.

    She blows up the balloon until it grows hard, then she hesitates. I should probably stop. It’s definitely full now.

    “Make it a bit bigger than that. At least get a small neck.” Says Jenny.

    Holly glances at her, a little surprised. “I suppose you’re right. Sophie likes them big. I just don’t want them popping easily. We’ll probably be jumping on them.” Holly puts three more big breaths in, widening the neck. She ties it off, and tosses it on the floor.

    “This’ll take all day.” Says Jenny, taking another balloon. “How much are we filling the room? Halfway?”

    “To the top. I want it to be difficult to move in here.”

    “I hope your friends get here soon. I love blowing, but I can’t do it all day.”

    “We’ll take a break soon. Let’s get this packet finished. I do have a pump if we need it, but I want to tell Sophie we did it all by mouth.” Says Holly, putting another balloon against her lips.

    The floor is soon covered in balloons. Holly is about to start on another one, but hears someone at the door.

    “I wonder who that is. Keep blowing them up, I’ll be back in a bit.” Holly runs downstairs and opens the front door.

    Aria stares into Holly’s eyes. “Hello Holly.”

    “Umm, hi. Come in.” Holly had forgotten how easy it was to get lost in Aria’s deep blue eyes. Her russet coloured hair was messy like Jenny’s, but Holly has a feeling Aria made it like that on purpose.

    “Are we alone?” Aria asks, stepping closer.

    “No, my friend is upstairs.”

    “I’m sure she won’t notice if we had a little kiss. It’d only take a few minutes...” Aria fiddles with her hair, glancing up at Holly.

    “Maybe later. You’ve got to help me first though.”

    “That’s no fun. I suppose I can wait. It’d be worth it to taste you again.”

    Holly leads her upstairs, feeling a little uncomfortable. She feels bad that she wants to kiss her. Holly knows Sophie is okay with it, but even so. It just doesn’t feel right.

    “This is Aria.” Says Holly. “She’s one of Sophie’s friends.”

    Jenny says hi between breaths. Her balloon is getting pretty big.

    “I’m one of your friends too, Holly.” Says Aria, pretending to look hurt.

    “Of course you are.”

    “Is your friend going to stop?” Aria glances at the tight balloon Jenny is blowing into.

    “Jenny used to be scared of balloons. Not anymore though. That is quite big, I think that’s enough.” Says Holly.

    Jenny lowers the balloon and ties it off. Holly grabs a 14 inch and hands it to Aria. She begins blowing it without a word. Holly takes her own, trying not to pay attention to the sounds of two girls blowing balloons.

    As Holly ties a knot in hers, she realises Aria is still blowing hard. She glances over at her. The balloon in Aria mouth is huge. The neck is straining against her lips.

    Holly is about to tell her to stop, but thinks better of it. It’s a bit late now. Aria looks determined. Jenny is looking at her, eyes wide. Realising what she’s doing, Jenny let’s go of her balloon and plugs her ears.

    The balloon explodes loudly, making Aria jump. She looks a little shaken up.

    “Like that Holly?” Aria asks.

    “Very impressive. No more though, we’ve got a room to fill.” Says Holly. She begins inflating another balloon, pretending the pop hasn’t turned her on. Jenny goes and picks up the balloon she had let go of.

    Holly turns away from Aria, not wanting to encourage her to pop anything else.

    After her balloon is full, she gets another, refusing to pay any attention to Aria. She’ll soon get bored of messing around. She thinks.

    Aria steps closer and brushes her balloon against Holly’s cheek. It was far too big again.

    “Stop it, Aria! That’s too big.” Holly warns.

    Aria just carries on blowing, standing right in front of Holly. Jenny quickly ties off her balloon and backs away.

    “Come on, we’ve got to get all these blown up before Sophie gets back. Stop playing around.” Says Holly sternly.

    Aria slowly continues adding air. She flinches away as it bursts in her face.

    “Whoops. I guess I blew it too big again. Maybe I’ll try a bigger balloon this time...” Aria turns to get another.

    Holly grabs her arm. “If I kiss you, will you promise to stop messing around?”

    “Yes, I promise.” Aria looks excited.

    Holly leans in and gently plants a kiss on her lips. Then she picks up another balloon.

    “Behave yourself now, no more popping.”

    “Only if you kiss me properly. Otherwise I may have many more accidents...”

    Holly sighs, dropping the balloon. She grabs Aria and pins her to the wall.

    “After this, you’re to either help us, or go home. We’ve got no time for games.” Holly covers Aria’s mouth and kisses her hard.

    After a minute or so, Holly notices Jenny has stopped blowing. She turns around.

    “Did I tell you to stop? Keep blowing.” She says, turning back to Aria. She soon hears Jenny start to blow again.

    “One more.” She tells Aria. Holly kisses her passionately, forgetting how good it felt to kiss other girls. She soon finds she can’t stop.

    Suddenly a loud bang makes Holly jump. She was completely unprepared for it. She spins around.

    Jenny is staring at her with a piece of shredded balloon in her mouth, looking embarrassed. There was no way she could’ve done it by accident. She must’ve got a bit too excited watching them kiss.

    “I’m sorry, I...” Jenny drops the broken mouthpiece.

    “You got horny watching us kiss and couldn’t help but blow that balloon bigger and bigger until it exploded?” Holly says.

    Jenny looks too embarrassed to reply.

    “Come on, back to work. No more popping from now on.” Holly starts blowing, acting like the last ten minutes never happened. It’s going to be hard to make it to this evening without getting too horny. Holly thinks.
    I almost lost control already.

    Aria looks like she wants more, but grabs another balloon anyway.

    Holly watches her closely.

    “Aria...” she warns as the neck begins to show.

    “I’m not popping it. I just thought it could get bigger.” She replies.

    “A little bigger then. That’s enough!” Says Holly as the neck presses against Aria’s lips.

    “I was stopping, don’t worry.” Aria tries to tie it.

    “You’ve blown it too big. Use the ribbon.” Says Holly. “Next time, leave a bit of room.”

    By lunchtime, the room is halfway full. There had only been two accidents. Aria had blown one a little too much and it popped while she was tying it, and Jenny had pushed a 17 inch too far. She had stopped after the neck began to show, but Holly told her to keep going until it was completely full. It hadn’t quite filled completely when it burst loudly in Jenny’s face.

    Holly takes an airship balloon and passes it to Aria.
    “I’m going to make us lunch. Blow that until you can’t get any more air in. Don’t worry, I doubt you can pop it if you tried.”

    Holly goes downstairs and makes them all lunch. She doesn’t want to leave Aria and Jenny together too long, so just microwaves some sausage rolls. When she returns to the spare room, Aria is struggling to blow into the airship balloon.

    “When you said she wouldn’t be able to pop it, she took it as a challenge.” Jenny explains. There’s a couple on the floor that Jenny had blown up. They were tight, but didn’t have the long skinny neck that Aria’s one had.

    Holly puts down the plate.

    “You’re wasting your time. I struggle to pop them.” Says Holly, having a bite to eat. Jenny joins her, glancing nervously at Aria’s balloon.

    Holly is about to go back to blowing her own ballon, when there’s a sharp crack. Aria looks pleased with herself.

    “I did what you said! I blew until I couldn’t get any more air in.” Says Aria. “Should I keep doing that?”

    “Well done. Now blow the rest. No popping.”

    They spend the next hour blowing up balloons together. The balloons are up to their waist when the door goes again.

    Holly struggles to get out without any balloons escaping.

    Lucy has arrived. She says she can only stay for half an hour. Holly leads her up to the balloon room.

    “Hey Jenny.” Says Lucy. “Quite the party you’ve got going here.”

    Jenny looks surprised to see her.

    “I didn’t know you were coming.” Jenny quickly ties her balloon off.

    Holly hands Lucy a packet of 16 inch. “See how many you can blow up before you’ve got to go.”

    Lucy takes a handful and puts them in her pocket. She goes to stand next to Jenny.

    Having three girls blow up balloons in front of her, is almost too much for Holly. She tries not to pay them much attention. She notices Lucy is blowing her balloon very close to Jenny. Each slow breath, making her balloon tighter.

    She doesn’t stop after the neck shoots out, but carries on steadily blowing. Holly is sure she’s going to pop it. However, Lucy stops right before it pops, and lets a little air out.

    After ten minutes of Lucy’s teasing, Jenny excuses herself to the bathroom.

    Holly gives Lucy a knowing look and she winks back. Aria notices their exchange.

    “Wait, is Jenny...” She begins.

    “Getting herself off in my bathroom? You can be sure she is.” Holly replies. “Jenny and Lucy have a bit of history together.”

    “I’ll be right back.” Aria takes a couple of balloons and wades out of the room.

    Holly glances at Lucy, then goes back to blowing. What is Aria up to now?

    A few minutes later, there’s a loud bang from the bathroom. Holly tries not to think about what Aria is doing. There’s so many possibilities.

    Twenty minutes later, after a few more bangs, Aria returns.

    “What were you doing?” Holly asks.

    “Do you really want to know? Wouldn’t it be best to leave it to your imagination?” Aria asks.

    “Is Jenny okay?”

    “She’s a little shocked I think, but she’ll be fine.”

    “What happened?” Holly has to know now.

    “I caught Jenny touching herself. You need to get a lock for that door. I took out a balloon and blew it up in her face until it burst. Jenny looked a little flustered. I pushed her against a wall and did it again.” Says Aria.

    “Anything else?”

    “We kissed. Well, technically I kissed her.” Aria takes a balloon from the floor and starts to blow it up.

    “What then? There were three pops.” Says Holly.

    “I fingered her while blowing another balloon. She came after it burst.”

    The door opens and Jenny steps in. She goes back to blowing, not making eye contact with anyone.

    There’s an incredibly loud bang, making everyone jump. It came from Lucy.

    “I had to do it once... Well, I’ve got to go. Nice seeing you all.” Says Lucy. “Enjoy your party. I’ll see myself out.”

    After Lucy’s gone, Holly notices Aria eyeing Jenny up. She knows she has to break them up.

    Holly gets an electric pump from the bedroom and hands it to Jenny.

    “Use this. Get as many filled as you can. Me and Aria will make some columns outside.” Says Holly.

    Holly takes a packet of 12 inch balloons and goes to the bedroom. Aria follows.

    “Finally, some time alone.” Aria takes Holly’s hand and pulls her closer.

    “No, Aria, we haven’t got time for this.” Holly tries to pull away.

    “We have plenty of time. Come on, you know you want to.” Aria leans in for a kiss. Holly pulls back.

    “We’ll do this another day, with Sophie.”

    Aria lets go, ripping open the packet of balloons. She brings one to her lips.

    “I have to get you horny first, do I?” She begins to blow.

    “We’re not doing this now.” Holly takes her own balloon and turns away. She soon realises Aria doesn’t intend to stop. She lets her continue, pretending not to pay attention. Holly ties off her balloon. She reaches for another, but Aria stands in the way. She pushes her balloon into Holly’s face and blows hard.

    Holly grabs the balloon with both hands. It’s very tight. She stares into Aria’s eyes, completely turned on. As soon as the balloon bursts, Aria jumps on her.

    Holly manages to keep her off.

    “Stop! I’ll tell you what, help me with this and I’ll let you kiss me.” She says.

    “How about the other way around?” Aria suggests.

    “Not happening.” Holly wriggles out of Aria’s grip. “Start blowing those up. We’ll make a few columns, then I’ll send Jenny home. After that you can do what you want with me.”

    “Anything?” Aria asks.

    “Within reason. Now get blowing.”

    Together they make four large balloon columns. It’s a little difficult to get them through the door. The spare room is completely packed with balloons. The smell is almost overwhelming.

    “Good job Jenny, I think that’ll do.” Says Holly. “We’ll have a little get together this weekend. Tonight, I want to have a little private party with Sophie. She’s going to be back soon, so you should probably get going. Thanks for the help,”

    “It’s been fun. I wish I could stay and see what happens to all these balloons.” Jenny replies.

    “There’s plenty left. Maybe we’ll do it again soon and you can join in with the popping.”

    “Right, you’re mine now.” Says Aria as soon as Jenny’s gone.

    “We don’t really have time. I didn’t realise how late it was. How about I pop round to yours tomorrow?” Holly suggests.

    “But I want you now.”

    “We’ll have the whole day tomorrow. Sophie can come too if you want. Think of some ideas. I’ll let you do anything to me, okay?”

    “Can I tie you up?” Aria asks, sounding excited.”

    “If you want.”

    “Oh, you have no idea what I’m gonna do. See you tomorrow then. Bring Sophie. She can watch.” Aria gives Holly a rough kiss, then leaves.

    Holly feels a little apprehensive. What has she just signed herself up for?

    She has just enough time to eat dinner before Sophie arrives. Holly finds a quick microwave meal in the fridge. She goes to pierce the plastic film, but hesitates.

    What happens if I don’t pierce it? She wonders. Will it explode?

    Feeling naughty, Holly puts it in and turns the microwave on. She watches as the film rises a little. It begins expanding slightly.

    As the food gets hotter, the plastic starts to bulge out. Soon there’s a big bubble of tight plastic. Holly isn’t prepared for the loud bang as it bursts. It makes her jump. Luckily it didn’t make too much of a mess.

    After dinner, Holly quickly blows up a couple of smallish balloons. She only fills them to rated size, knowing Sophie will be disappointed. She places them on the sofa and waits.

    Sophie arrives before long. She opens the front door, looking around hopefully. She sees Holly sitting on the sofa with the two balloons.

    “Was that all you could do? It’s my birthday, Holly.” Says Sophie, looking a little upset.

    “I’m sorry, I’ve only just got home myself. I had some stuff to take care of. We’ll have a party this weekend.” Holly replies.

    “We better. Did you at least get me a present?”

    “I did order something, but it hasn’t come yet. There was a delay. You’ll get it soon though. Oh yeah, there’s been a bit of a problem. I think the radiator in the spare room has been leaking. It’s ruined all the floor.” Holly lies.

    “Great, just what I need. Let’s go have a look.” Sophie starts walking upstairs. Holly follows, barely containing her excitement. What will Sophie think?

    Sophie opens the door to the spare room. A few balloons spill out onto the landing. She looks in awe at the hundreds of balloons contained in the small space.

    Holly comes to stand behind her. “Happy birthday! You didn’t really think I’d let you down did you?”

    Sophie turns around and grabs Holly, kissing her hard on the lips.

    “Oh, Holly, I love you so much! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Look at how many there are! Did you do all this yourself? It must’ve taken all day.” Sophie steps in the room, wading through the balloons.

    Holly closes the door behind them. “I had some help. Jenny and Aria came over.”

    “I wish I’d been there to see you doing it. Were there many pops?” Sophie asks.

    “A few. I kept it under control though. Jenny had a few accidents and Aria kept popping on purpose to try and turn me on.”

    “I bet she did. Was she successful?”

    “I ended up kissing her to stop her from popping them all. Hope that’s okay.” Says Holly.

    “You know that’s fine with me. I just wish I could’ve seen it. Was it just a kiss? Aria usually wants more.”

    “I didn’t let her. She did get Jenny off in the bathroom, but that’s a story for another time. Let’s have a bit of fun.” Holly grabs a 16 inch and slowly squeezes it against her chest.

    “I bet she was insistent though. Aria likes you...” Sophie picks up an overinflated 17 inch.

    “I promised her I’d go round her house tomorrow. I said I would let her do whatever she wants to me. It was the only way to get rid of her.” Holly squeezes hard, making the neck bulge in front of her face.

    “Oh, I’m coming too. I have to see what she does.” Sophie climbs on her balloon.

    “She’s going to tie me up. That much I know.” Holly crushes the balloon against her breasts, making it burst loudly.

    “I’m jealous. At least I’ll get to watch.” Sophie starts humping the balloon.

    Holly wades over and climbs on Sophie’s back. Together, they manage to pop the balloon. Holly falls onto Sophie and starts kissing messily.

    “It smells so good in here.” Says Sophie, breaking off. I almost don’t want to pop them all. I will, of course. I can’t help myself.” Sophie grabs the nearest balloon and bites it, letting out a sigh of pleasure as it pops in her face.

    “Let’s not pop them all tonight. Save some for tomorrow.” Says Holly.

    “We’ll see. We can always blow more up. I want to add so many more that we can’t move.”

    “So do I. I would’ve done it today, but wanted to make sure the door would open. Next time, we’ll lock ourselves in and blow until we physically can’t anymore.”

    “Yes! We could lie next to one another and keep blowing until we get crushed by balloons.” Sophie runs into a big pile of balloons, giggling at all the squeaks.

    “This is so perfect. Thank you, Holly. I’ve never had a birthday as good as this before. Come here!” Sophie hugs Holly tightly and they fall into the sea of latex.
    How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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    Re: Sophie’s birthday (balloon room)

    AMAZING !!!
    Thank you


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      Re: Sophie’s birthday (balloon room)

      Love your stories!


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        Great story, really like that one