An Amazing Week To End 2023

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    An Amazing Week To End 2023

    This story has two parts, one to give context, and to when I was much younger. The second story happened between 12/18/23 and 12/22/23.

    The first part of this story I will share is the first exercise ball I ever got. It was a 65 cm Gaiam ball in blue. I got it when I was 13 or 14, when my parents were at work, I snuck out of the house with 20 dollars and walked to a Rite Aid about a mile away, hoping to get balloons to have fun with, since I've done this a couple times before and I wanted more. In the store, I found this exercise ball, which I knew I wanted, but it was 25 dollars, 5 dollars more than what I had. But about 2 weeks later, I got extra money, and made the trip a second time just to get that ball, which was to my surprise still there! I brought it home, inflated it, and had one of the best sessions of my life, since it was the first ever (besides my old play ball, but that was purely just kid play) inflated object bigger than 12 inches. I used it for about 3 years off and on (kept it hidden in a sim steering wheel box inside my closet) before it got too small for me.

    After that, I barely touched it, as I moved on to larger balloons, and eventually larger exercise balls. However, at the beginning of December 2023, I had an idea, which I executed on 12/21/23. No skipping over to find out, you'll want to read the whole story! I decided that week that I would have the best looner week I've ever had, especially since I got the house to myself almost all day for 5 days in a row! Here is the 5 days of glory that I had, here is the summary of it all.

    Monday: I'd pretty much call this day the warm up session of the week XD. I decided to blow up a 75 cm blue Black Mountain Products ball up to full inflation, and bounced on it for a little. Afterwards, I decided to ride it while squeaking it with my hand (it does squeak like a balloon if you try hard enough since it's not anti-burst) Overall, the session was about an hour long. It wasn't long, but it didn't have to be. Sometimes it's nice to just take it simple for a day!

    Tuesday: I blew up the Black Mountain Products ball again, but only for occasional bouncing, I wasn't planning to do the deed with it that time. The majority of the time I was blowing up 12" party balloons and having them around, hugging them, etc. Eventually I started blowing up a really old black 12" balloon, and started squishing it with moderate force. I'm surprised it didn't pop, especially since if I were to guess, that specific one I've kept for 5 years. The reason I kept it that long was because somehow any time I went out on my own to get balloons, the pack of 12" balloons never had any black ones. Black balloons are also one of my favorite colors, so that's why I've kept this one so long. Before using it, I actually heat treated it using a hair dryer, in hopes that I could form it back into it's original unstretched shape. It kinda worked, but immediately stretched back out into deformation XD. This session was longer, lasting slightly over 2 hours. I actually still have that 12" black balloon, comment on if I should keep it or pop it XD.

    Wednesday: I had work to do that day, so I didn't have much time for a session, but I did slide in one that was about 45 minutes. I grabbed a lime green 36" Koogel balloon, and blew it up to I'd say about 26". I was somewhat laying my body on it, but not with all my weight, I never had a Koogel balloon pop before, but I've never tested the boundaries either so I didn't want to risk falling if it popped. The latex felt pretty good, and that was that. For context, this was still when I was relatively new to giant balloons, so I didn't know the amount of force they can take yet. Now I know I was being needlessly scared, but take that in the context of me thinking they were the same durability as normal balloons.

    Thursday: This is the day all of you have been waiting for in this story. This is easily the best part of the story! My reasoning being I popped the Gaiam ball. Kinda. Here is the full story. I blew up the Gaiam ball to 65 cm, and was using it while playing a game called Hatsune Miku Project Diva, when I thought, "Today will be the day". I decided to play a game with myself where every time I lost a song (it was a rhythm game), I would roll 2 dice, and whatever number I got, that's what I would do to the ball. Lower numbers were less aggressive ways, and higher numbers were more abusive ways. I won the first couple of songs, but then I lost one, and I rolled the dice. The first one was a 9, which originally actually corresponded to using a heat gun to deform the ball, but I thought that could be risky due to plastic fumes, so I instead took some hardcover books, and threw them at my ball. The books were moderately heavy, and had semi-sharp edges. They did basically nothing to the ball XD. I decided as a compromise that I would blow up the ball 1 cm extra as well, the ball now being 66 cm. I played a couple more rounds, and when I lost another, I rolled the dice again. This time, I rolled an 8, and I put my keys in my pocket, and put my hands under my butt so that I would stretch the material more. I then bounced on it as hard as possible, and I mean hard, for 90 seconds. I'd say that was the most fun moment I've ever had with that ball. I then took the keys back out, and resumed gaming. I lost the next round, but only barely, I was very close to winning. I rolled a 12, which meant you had to roll 3 times, and do all methods at once. So I rolled again 3 times, getting a 7, 6 and a 4. So I blew up the ball an extra 2 cm, now being 68 cm, and then I was looking for a nail, but couldn't find one, so I propped a sharpened pencil in a couple boxes so it would point directly upward, and threw the ball on it. Nothing happened except a pencil drawing mark on the ball. I then bounced on the ball as hard as possible (no keys this time) for 60 seconds. The ball was starting to deform and become slightly egg shaped, but for the most part was still in good condition. I kept going, but every time I had to roll the dice, and I kid you not, I got a roll that correlated with blowing up the ball more. Eventually once the ball reached past 75 cm, I started getting scared that it would just explode while I sit on it during gameplay, so I did something that was still fun then, but in hindsight I kinda regret doing. I deflated the ball slightly down to around 65 cm again, then I slashed and stabbed the ball with a knife. It actually took a lot of force for being so stretched out, like I'd say it almost took all my might just to poke through the material. But then the ball basically shredded in half XD. Yeah safe to say "anti-burst" in heavy air quotes. I will say when I was messing with the leftover material, it felt sturdy, but when I tried to pull on the material that was poked with the knife (not even big holes), it tore basically immediately with almost no force. Yeah I feel like if it ever popped while sitting on it, I would fall on the floor and potentially injure myself depending on how I fell. Overall this session lasted about 3 hours. I did chicken out at the end, but it was a lot of fun, and I would be open to doing it again in the future, but going all the way and not chickening out XD.

    Friday: Friday was a bit of a shorter session but not super short. I'd say about an hour and a half. I decided to at first inflate some 12" balloons and messed with them, but then I eventually moved on to inflating some of my Koogel balloons. I inflated three different ones today, and eventually I did almost a full on ride on one until I popped. Now granted it was inflated to about 23", but way more of my weight was on it. I'd say although it wasn't the most exciting or satisfying of the week (that being the hard bouncing on the over inflated Gaiam ball), it felt the best, and I myself popped pretty quickly. This was a good session to wrap up the week! When the chance arrives, I'd love to do a week like this again! Just being more aggressive and brave about it lol, now that I know how much I can push said balloons and inflatables.

    I'd say in retrospect with the Gaiam ball though, as much as I regret kinda chickening out with the actual popping of it, it did teach me how much more durable exercise balls are than I give them credit for, and in turn, I bet the next time I use any exercise ball, I would have zero anxiety even if I completely abuse it. I was already pretty good with the Live Infinitely ball in that aspect because it was anti-burst but ever since then I knew for sure. Doubly so because the Gaiam ball on Amazon is very cheap, and the Live Infinitely ball cost twice as much XD. I bet when I get the chance to do it, bouncing on the Black Mountain Products ball as hard as possible will probably feel just as good, if not even better than the over inflated Gaiam ball. I regret sorta wasting the Gaiam ball, but I've learned a lot, and I'll say I 110% enjoyed the sessions I was able to have this week, especially since I wasn't really able to have any ones with real length for months before this week.

    The previous paragraphs, with the exception of paragraph 3, was what I wrote directly after the events, with only a conclusion sentence from me now being added to each day. However, I'll give my view point of the whole deal now. I'm still a semi-semi popper, where I am 99% of the time a non-popper, but I'm open to intentional popping myself. However, I've gotten a lot braver and aggressive with balloons and inflatables, I'm able to full body weight ride a 36 inch balloon blown up almost fully now! Even with smaller balloons, I've gotten less scared about minor defects like I've used to, and can better enjoy the fetish! When I get the chance, I'd like to do a week like this again, to see how much I've progressed, and if I can make even more breakthroughs! Also, I no longer regret losing the Gaiam ball. I see it as a necessary sacrifice to achieve where I am now, and heck, I can always buy a new one if I miss it too much lol! Lastly, I made a revelation a month or two after this week. I don't think I'm sexually attracted to exercise balls, or at least not anymore. I've always done it more as a necessity, since they were the only large balloon/like objects that would have no/minimal risk of popping. However, now that I do have access to larger balloons, I realize at least for what I like, they are far better for straight up looning related uses. However, I do still love exercise balls, especially for bouncing on to let go of energy if I'm stressed or burnt-out. I see exercise balls are more of a special interest now than a fetish.

    Bonus. If you have any ideas on what to do if I have a week like this again in the future, let me know! I might just incorporate them XD.