The Call is Coming From Inside the House

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    The Call is Coming From Inside the House

    Oh hey, jeez, it's been, what, the better part of a year since I last put out a story? Yikes. Decided to go back to my roots a bit for this one. To be very upfront this is a nonpopper work. No balloons going boom here. It also ended up being less sexual than I had expected when starting out; I think out of me finding that dynamic potentially a little creepy. I could see a sequel ramping things up though in the future.

    So, uh, what's the gist of this one? Well, I saw the recent posts here of people's findings of balloon giveaways and got a bit inspired. Mid 20s guy offers to take some balloons off a lady's hands, goes to her house, discovers there's more to her than meets the eye. Enticing, right? Here you are. Please enjoy!


    “Destination will be on your left.”

    As he pulled into the gravel driveway of a typical suburban house, Tristan had a feeling that even without the robotic voice of his phone’s GPS he’d have been able to find this place. The colorful scraps littered in the yard out front weren’t found in any neighboring houses. This had to be the place.

    He twisted the key, and hearing the engine putter to a stop, slowly pulled it out. He gave a quick sigh. Thoughts poured through his head. “I’ve come so far already. This won’t take long. It’s no big deal, she knows I’m coming.”

    Tristan rubbed his face, sweat forming across his brow. Slowly, his hand reached down into his pocket and grabbed his phone.

    “I’m here.”

    He laid back in his car, and looked at the bright sun overhead. The AC was blasting, but it did little to cool the scorching glare of this bright June day.

    “Ugh, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Something like this had always been his dream, and now he finally had the guts to go out and do it. Just yesterday he read a post by someone named Lena advertising free balloons. “Five large rainbow bouquets! If nobody wants them, I’ll pop them!” He nervously but quickly messaged Lena, who just as quickly accepted his offer to take them off his hands. After all, it wasn’t every day he saw such a haul put up for free, minus the gas needed to drive over here. And besides, the pictures… “I wonder if those balloons still have some float to them?”

    He stopped himself. “No, act cool. You just came to pick them up because tomorrow you also have a party and think you can reuse them. That’s all. Nothing else…”

    The front door creaked open, and the unrecognizable figure inside gave a quick wave out. Despite messaging each other, Tristan actually had no clue what Lena looked like; she only had a default profile pic online. “Guess that’s her.”

    Tristan stepped out of the car. “Lena?”

    “Yep, that’s me!” the figure replied. Now that his eyes were adjusting, Tristan could get a better look at her. She seemed surprisingly young, maybe college aged, with blonde hair just a little curled, and with just a few freckles. Though perhaps the most noticeable thing about her was her circular glasses that seemed too big for her smile-plastered face. As he made his way up to the front door, Tristan also couldn’t help noticing that Lena was above-average height, with long legs.

    “Knock it off, dude. Don’t be a creep.” he thought to himself.

    If Lena caught him staring, she didn’t seem bothered by it. “You must be Tristan! Here for the balloons, right?”

    “Yeah, that’s right. Nice to meet you. I’ve got the seats down in the back, so I’m all set to take them.”

    “Great! But do come in first. Hot as hell out here. I’m sure you’re dying for something to drink.”

    Tristan paused. This was… unexpected. His hopes he could get the balloons out-and-in his car, and his car in-and-out of the driveway were starting to evaporate like the moisture outside. But truthfully, he was thirsty. The heat scratched at his throat. His head danced in circles. And besides, how could he say no to such a cute girl?

    Snapping back to reality, Tristan could see Lena’s round eyes peering at him from behind her glasses. “Sure, that would be nice, thanks. Sorry, this heat’s getting to me already.”

    Lena smiled. “Great! I’ve got a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade in the fridge. Grab a seat in the kitchen, and I’ll pour you some.” She waved him in.

    The wall of cool air in her house was enough to make Tristan realize he made the right decision. The kitchen wasn’t very far into the house. It seemed to be done in a faux wooden style. A real slice of Americana with shades carefully balancing the light level of the room. It felt warm, but inviting. As they went in, he noticed one of his prized balloon bundles in the corner. His heart beat a little faster, almost in tune to the “thump-thump” of the tight balloons bouncing against each other. He glanced back at Lena, who had turned to open the fridge door.

    He took one of the wooden seats by the main dinner table. Lena came over with the pitcher. “Ugh, couldn’t ask for much better weather for a party, I’ll tell you that much. This fucking heat though. Insane. Been like this all week.” She bent down, and began to pour into a plastic cup.

    “So what kind of party did you have? Don’t see anyone else around.”

    “Ah, I don’t know if I should be saying this, stranger danger and all that jazz, but fuck it, you seem like a cool dude. Parents are out of town for the weekend, and I thought I’d bring some of my college pals over to party. Left me to clean all this shit up myself.”

    “You had balloons for a college party?”

    “We just graduated last month, and decided to meet back up again. Besides, can’t have a party without balloons! Anything wrong with that?”

    Tristan shook his hands. “Oh, no no no! Actually, I think it’s kinda cool!”

    Lena laughed. “’Cool’ and ‘balloons’ don’t really mix, but I get your point. So what’s your deal? Why do you want them? You said something about a sister in our chat?”

    Tristan went with what he had rehearsed. “Yeah, her birthday’s tomorrow. I saw your post and thought these balloons would be perfect for her.” He took a sip of lemonade.

    “That’s sweet! If I had a brother, I’d hope he’d get me balloons for my birthday.” Lena took a sip of lemonade herself.

    “So what’d you major in?”

    “Graphic design. Still on the job hunt grind though. You?”

    “Oh, I actually majored in marketing. I study market trends and stuff.”

    “That’s pretty cool!”

    “Nah, I promise you it’s boring as shit. You got the cooler major, for sure.”

    “Not gonna help get a job though…”

    “Don’t say that! Come on, show me something you’ve done. If you’re looking to do graphic logo design for advertising, maybe I could give a couple pointers?”

    “If you wouldn’t mind! Here, one sec!” Lena bounded up and out of the room, and Tristan was now left with the sound of the bobbing balloons in the corner.



    Tristan quietly downed the last of his drink.

    Soon enough though, Lena came back, now with a laptop clasped under her arms. She set it down, and pushed her glasses back up her nose. The laptop booted to life. Her fingers were deft on the keys. “So there’s this one I did as an example for a tea company, and I was wondering if-”

    She stopped.

    Tristan’s attention turned from her to the machine. Then he saw why she stopped. Lena had opened up the file directory, but it seems she forgot what folder she left open on her personal laptop. They were small, but Tristan could make out that they were image files, and not only that, but drawings of people with…

    Lena’s hand moved fast, backing out of the folder labeled “Loons.” But it was too late, Tristan saw it. He didn’t believe it, but he saw it. Lena stuttered something, seemingly praying that he had not in fact noticed, as she opened up her work portfolio. But Tristan’s mind wasn’t here anymore. It swirled again.

    “It can’t be… It can’t-! She can’t-!”

    And yet all that came out was “Hey, Lena?”

    Lena stopped again, her bubbly attitude long since vaporized. She gave a crooked grin.


    “Go back a second.”

    “W-Why? That’s my own, personal stuff.”

    “I… I just need to know. Were those drawings of people and… balloons?”

    Lena sighed. “Shit. Look, with the job market the way it is, I decided to take commissions, alright? Some people do furry art, I do looner art. That’s all.” She clicked back to her commissions folder. “See?”

    Tristan did see. And he marveled. Lena’s skill was easy to see. Illustrations of space girls in tight suits blowing up balloons the size of them. Hunky men laying across and gently squeezing a balloon beneath them. A witch at a party surrounded by tight, tight balloons that looked ready to burst. It was all there.

    “This is really good! You have some real talent, Lena!”

    “Thanks. It’s… kinda embarrassing you have to see this, but since you saw ‘em anyway… You… don’t think there’s anything weird with liking balloons, right?”

    Tristan turned to look at her. “No, I don’t think there’s anything weird. People should like what they like, as long as it doesn’t harm others, of course.”

    Lena paused again. “I don’t know why the fuck I’m saying this, but I dunno, I feel I can trust you… maybe? Truth is… I kinda like balloons too.”

    It had come out. “So Lena really is into balloons too, huh...” he thought. She began to look down to the floor, seemingly awaiting Tristan’s judgement on her. He came over and gently squeezed her shoulder. He figured if there was any time to be honest, it was now. “Can I let you in on a secret too? I also like balloons… like that. I don’t even have a sister.”

    Lena turned to look at him. What expression was hidden behind her glasses? Tristan couldn’t tell. The only thing he could hear were the balloons still in the corner. Finally, the silence was broken.

    “You’re not… fucking with me, right? You actually like balloons, right?”

    “I’m sorry I wasn’t totally honest earlier, but, you know, what are the fucking chances the person I’m texting is also a looner? Crazy how things go sometimes.”

    “Can say that again.” Lena sighed. She leaned back in her chair, and sat, contemplating something. She slowly rocked on the chair’s hind legs.

    “Hey… so… uh… my parents aren’t going to be home for a while still… I have some balloons, my own little collection, in my room… Maybe you’d like to see me blow one up?”

    Tristan nodded enthusiastically. “I’d love that.”


    Lena slowly closed the laptop lid, and stood up. Tristan took her hand, and they went to the stairs together.

    Two doors down the upstairs corridor they made it to what had to be her room. The walls were covered in posters, with a pastel pink poking out from beyond the corners. “Wait here.”

    Lena let go of Tristan’s hand and moved to her closet. She stretched to reach the top shelf, and pulled down a square container. “At least being freakishly tall has use sometimes.”

    Tristan gently laughed. “Hey, a lot of guys like that too, you know.”

    “Maybe I just haven’t found the right guy yet, then.”


    Lena gave a small chuckle herself, and sat the container on the bed. Despite its size, it didn’t seem that heavy. She popped the lid off. Inside, Tristan could see a cacophony of color. Balloons of various sizes and even shapes laid inside. A second later, Tristan could smell it too. The unmistakable smell of latex. “So what do you want to see me blow?”

    “It’s your collection, you pick.”

    “No, you’re the guest.”

    “Do your favorite one then.”

    Lena grinned, her first real one since the mistake on the laptop. “Guess I can’t say no to that.” She fished around in the container, before pulling out a larger-than-usual light blue balloon.

    “I really like these 18” ones. Just the right size.” With that, she drew in an almost comically big breath, and placed the end in her mouth.

    The balloon quickly soared from the powerful force of Lena’s breath. Fwoosh. Fwoosh. Tristan marveled as the balloon got bigger and bigger. As she blew, Tristan could see Lena begin to relax. Fwoosh.

    “First time doing this with an audience?”

    “Yeah.” Fwoosh. “Tried bringing this up with a boyfriend once. He wasn’t… interested in playing with balloons with me. Called it gross and weird. We didn’t last much longer after that.” Fwoosh.

    “His loss.”

    “You’re telling me.” Fwoosh. “Fuck, I love seeing them get bigger like this.” Lena stopped to give it a small hug, being sure to pinch the end closed to stop the air from coming out. She posed next to it. “What do you think?”

    “I think it’s beautiful.”

    “I know, right? I’m telling you these 18 inchers are the best. Still can take more air though.” She put it back in her mouth. Fwoosh.

    Tristan sat contemplating his luck. A beautiful looner girl about his age? And she was single?! “Maybe I should buy a lotto ticket…” By this point Lena had put quite a lot of air in it, and it was just starting to grow what would become a neck. Tristan would imagine she’d stop at this point, but the look on her face said otherwise.

    “Hey, that’s about enough, don’t you think?”

    Lena poked her bispecled face from behind the balloon. “What do you mean?”

    “You said you were going to blow it up.”

    Lena’s eyebrows twitched. “Yeah, until it bursts, duh! Let me tell you, I don’t think I’d have survived college without these as a stress reliever. Don’t you like popping them too?”

    Tristan’s heart jumped. She really was planning to go all the way with it! He really wanted to see her do it too, but… But…

    Lena noticed his hesitation to join in her fun. She sighed and said “I take it you’re a nonpopper? It’s okay, I won’t judge.”

    “Yeah. To be honest, a little scared of them too. Just seeing you blow one up… is enough. Sorry for being a wuss.”

    Lena placed a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay! I’ll make an exception this time just for you. No popping! But in exchange…” She let just a little air out of the balloon, and began to tie it.

    “You have to help me as well. Come on, this is my dream too. Don’t just sit there like a lazybones.” She finished the knot on the blue balloon, the last tie making a small thump, and tossed it to him. Tristan held the balloon in his arms. It was softer than he thought. Maybe because some air was let out. He laid his head on it, as if going in for a cuddle. For a few brief seconds, he felt at peace. Then he picked his head up, and placed the balloon beside him. Lena was already rifling through her collection again.

    “How’s 24” sound? Too big?”

    “Nah, sounds just right to me.”

    Lena laughed. “Big words for a nonpopper.” She tossed him a coral color, grabbing a forest green one for herself. “Let’s see who can blow there’s up first! Ooh, I’m so excited!”

    “No popping?”

    “No popping.”

    She readied her balloon, and Tristan followed suit.





    They simultaneously threw the latex ends into their mouths and began to blow. Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Lena took an early lead, but Tristan wasn’t too far behind. Fwoosh! Now Lena was starting to slow down. This was Tristan’s chance! He went even faster, not bothering to see how big his balloon was getting. Fwoosh! These were 24”! They could go further!

    “I win!”

    It was no use, Lena proclaimed victory first.

    “Ah, no fair, mine’s bigger.”

    “Oh, so you want me to blow it more, huh? Should I see how big this can really go?”

    Tristan gulped. “No, actually I think that’s quite alright. You win.”

    “Thought so.” Lena gave a wink. “Though you hanged in there better than I thought you would.”

    Tristan laughed. “I also have quite some experience with balloons, to be fair.”

    “Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d let loose like that.” She began to tie the end. “Nothing personal, but you seemed a bit uptight earlier.”

    “I guess I just feel more comfortable now.”

    “Glad to hear it.”

    Lena bopped her balloon around in her hands, stopping it from touching the floor. “Well, I better clean up now. But this was really fun for me too.” She sat it softly down on the bed.

    “If you need help cleaning up, I don’t mind.”


    And with that, they got to work. Tristan took out the trash, and helped clean the lawn, while Lena took care of things inside the house, making sure everything was as it should be. She had done most of the work already, so it barely took much more than an hour. Now the only “off” thing left in the house were the balloons in her room, and those five bouquets that brought the two of them together. Tristan carefully maneuvered the latter into his car, making sure none would burst on his drive home.

    The hot summer day beat down on them again, but neither minded. Then a thought entered Tristan’s head.

    “If you’re a looner, why are you giving these balloons away?”

    “I don’t know, I had that thought. ‘I could just burst these’, but some part of me wanted to see if there was someone else who would appreciate them, I guess. I made the listing really quickly, you just happened to respond at just the right moment.”

    “Lucky me. Speaking of, I’d like to remain in touch. Maybe we could grab coffee sometime… or something?”

    Lena smiled. “I’d like that. Here’s my number. Let me know when you’d like to meet again… and what you end up doing with those.” She pointed behind him and gave another small wink from behind her glasses. “I know what I’ll be doing with the ones on my bed.”

    Tristan blushed. “Stop, you’re giving me some weird thoughts!”

    Lena giggled. “Take care getting home!”

    Tristan beamed. “Will do!” With that, Tristan got in his car, put the AC on, and slowly backed out of the typical gravel driveway of the typical suburban house. The balloons in the back were free, and yet somehow, Tristan found he got more than he bargained for.​


    Since it's been a while, if you're interested in my other works, you can find them here:


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