What do you think about possible injury risks with bigger balloons?

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  • O'Dragon
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2024
    • 114

    What do you think about possible injury risks with bigger balloons?

    This may not be the happiest topic but I had my fun today with a big 40'' and was bouncing quite heavily when I suddenly asked myself "how serious could I injure myself actually right now if this thing pops?". I always use a matress under me and push my arms on the matress so it's like I'm doing some kind of mild push ups when bouncing. So I think I am a bit prepared but still on a 40'', even if it gets squished quite a lot, its still an 40-50cm unexpected fall.

    So what is your take on this subject?
    Did you have any such accidents? What do you think could actually happen? Like if you fall on your face could in worst case your nose break or something? Maybe I'm way overthinking stuff here but I'm curious what's your opinion about this topic?

    Have a great week and lots of fun with your loons
  • grizzleylooner
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2023
    • 112

    40" on a mattress is ok unless you manage to punch yourself in the face as you land like I did once! I've had many 36"+ balloons pop under me on a mattress or air matress and it doesn't hurt at all most of the time.
    Without a mattress can be painful though, I landed really hard on my knees once and couldn't walk properly for weeks. Told people I tripped up the stairs!
    Also slammed my nose into the floor a few times whilst balanced face down on a couple of 16s....


    • LoonerHoax
      Senior Member
      • May 2020
      • 347

      I was sitting on an overinflated Belbal 24" that I inflated while riding. It decided to pop after sitting on it for about 20 minutes. Landed hard and actually broke my tailbone. It took a couple years before it was fully healed and I could sit right again.


      • Casey88
        • Jun 2012
        • 342

        Yes better to use a mattress to cushion your fall. Had a few mishaps during when I was riding balloons and without a mattress the fall would be painful as hell, especially when you use bigger balloons as you will be falling from a good height.


        • loonlun
          Senior Member
          • Mar 2021
          • 180

          I think there was a loon content maker who broke her arm when sit popping larger balloons. If I remember correctly, she was on a mattress, but the way she fell from the pop was off the bed and onto the floor.

          Most of my own injuries have thankfully only been the odd bruise or landing a little hard on my knees or elbows.


          • BigBreathless
            Senior Member
            • Jun 2017
            • 125

            I´ve defo gotten more careful over the years lol. I used to be very carefree but I fell quite a distance when a 72"er popped below me as I was riding it while it was inflating and another time I was straddling a GL900 on the floor and was bouncing away when it popped. Landed on my knees and had nasty bruises for 2 weeks which was pretty painful as well.


            • Axle
              Senior Member
              • Jan 2022
              • 148

              i once landed big-toe-first which ached for a few weeks. but compared to some stories i got off lightly.... heh got off.

              i've always used something soft underneath when i can though, even if just a few duvets. i read somewhere long ago that a hard floor reduces the resilience of the loon and considering the things i like to do with them every little helps.
              Curiosity killed the cattex.


              • AlterPlatzer
                • Jun 2024
                • 57

                I think we've all sustained some type of injury from balloons at one time or another.

                I have gymnastic mats on the floor to prevent injuries, but minor injuries still happen. Having a fully-inflated 90cm balloon burst under you is a long way to fall and even with a gymnastic mat on the floor, it can be painful.

                I don't like bouncing on balloons on a bed though. I know balloons are far less likely to pop on a bed and the lessened danger of popping takes away some of the thrill.

                Decomex 36" (90cm) are particularly thick and difficult to pop if properly inflated. Overinflated, they're downright dangerous. Getting snapped with that thick rubber can be quite painful and yes, it will leave a mark.