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  • pinpopper
    • Mar 2019
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    Lone Balloon play and Partners

    My partner knows about my fetish and on a few occasions has asked me if I play with balloons without her.

    I have always lied and told her no. I am not sure why I do this because she is very accepting of the looner thing and always tells me, its fine if I do play solo and that she dose not mind.

    Maybe I lie because of shame, maybe I lie because I worry there will be some sort of jealousy long term. I just dont know.

    Have any of you been in this situation. Do any of you have partners that know you play with balloons when you are alone. If so were are there any negatives.

    Would really appreciate comments and experience, I would be happier if I told her and it would save having to do things like hide my private stash and clean up so forensically.

    Just want to know if I am opening the gates to a worse problems later.

    Junior Member
    • Apr 2017
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    You're on a slippery slope there. She'll probably be more likely to have issues like jealousy if she finds out that not only do you play without her, but you lie about it too! If I were you I'd find a way to fix that! Lies have a nasty habit of exploding and killing everyone!


    • Ardov3275
      Junior Member
      • Mar 2024
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      I am probably closer to you than I want to admit, but yes my wife and I work different days/ times. I am home alone, will probably do something involving a balloon or two today. I have "our supply" in my nightstand, and spares/ private stash in my basement. Not all hidden, several bags next to the helium tank, but several in a box near the tank.

      She has found pieces here or there over our 25+ years of marriage. Whenever we move there are 100's of pieces under the bed, even when we have not been there too long, and had few play sessions together.

      Personally I shrug it off, as she sometimes does ask. Where did this come from (as she holds up a piece I missed)? I don't know. Have you been playing with balloons? Well not today (although maybe I think), maybe from the last time we were together? Sometimes I let it slip a bit more, like "well last Tuesday night you were away at work. I got turned on, had to do something about it." The "I got thinking about us together, you were not here, so I had to do something" has always been OK.

      I also would like to be more honest and open "Look at these giant balloons I got today, let's blow some up and try them out." I guess marriage is about compromise, she does not reject me or balloons, is willing to blow some up, put one between her legs before we have sex (often, so I am kind of riding on the balloon while having sex with her). So it could be 100% worse.

      I would suspect if you are careful nothing bad will come of it. And if you are, at least sometimes using balloons together, a stray piece is acceptable. Wish I could tell you to open up 100%, show her your private stash, don't worry about missing a piece... But I am not there yet, don't know if I ever will be.


      • Dust of the Saturn
        Stretched like space-time
        • Feb 2018
        • 318

        I am not in a position to give advice.

        However, I used to hide my stash and sessions from my family, for obvious reasons. I couldn't wait to get my own place so I could be truly free.

        I can't imagine going back to hiding. Never again.

        I once read something interesting about the human mind. It says that it is always far better to divulge the truth rather than to leave it up to imagination.

        Imagination tends to spark worry, paranoia, and in some cases, it can cloud judgement in a way where even if the truth is in front of their eyes, their imagination already pushed them towards behavior they can't back away from quite easily.

        So basically, if the wife gets suspicious, her imagination may lead her towards building resentment, fear, worry, or jealousy. That's because imagination is limitless. Your solo sessions could be nothing interesting, but that isn't what she knows. You stop her brain from going to such extreme nonsense by divulging the mundane truth.

        "hey, while you're away, I thought about you, and got excited. Decided to blow up a balloon and accidently got carried away."

        This is nothing compared to what most could imagine when hearing "solo session", or finding suspicious pieces of balloons in the bedroom given your circumstances.
        And I ask myself, why? and all I hear is the cold, dead silence of the cosmos.


        • Gunnapop
          Senior Member
          • Oct 2020
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          (caveat edit...I am also not fit for relationship advice as there are so many moving parts to every relationship and no two are exactly alike)....as long as such moments without her do not replace the energy and attention she needs and wants. My wife is aware of the two male modes - just to orgasm....and physical time pleasuring the mate. She hates the pop....but will entertain me with fun words through text when I want to blow some....and knows that I inflate some most days. Early on when we were dating....I expressed how I would sooner play with my balloons, and amuse myself physically....than be aroused by vaginal porn. Side note - when she asked me what aspect turned me on most, I replied B2P. She could never do that. Over time...I have gravitated to enjoying the fearless inflation and intent to pop. Always promised to her, when the occasional balloons are out with physical intimacy - you dont have to burst it...just talk like you plan to. When I am blowing, she will tell me how to blow....and when she is blowing, she will talk about the process with my trigger words and safely avoid the surprising burst. Clutch....if your spouse is really your love and mate....then, the toys cannot always be involved....or, she will feel second seat. Be honest and make her interests, first...then, over time...you both may get comfortable enough to fly through anything. Sorry for random thoughts. ~gp
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          • UKPOPPER
            Senior Member
            • Feb 2023
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            My wife has known about my balloon fetish for years and is pretty relaxed about it even though she doesn't really get it. She will very occasionally pop balloons although she doesn't particularly like it herself. The best thing is when during 'normal' sex she unprompted gets a balloon from the bedside table and inflates it. Once inflated she is very good at teasing the latex with her finger nails as if she might pop the balloon. That's an awesome tease. However, it's true that I don't tell her about many of my solo balloon sessions, even though she finds a lot of popped pieces lying around. It's tacitly understood that I do it but I want her to feel the centre of my sexual activity rather than the balloon play. Fact is, given the choice, I would always involve balloons, but I don't.
            Just one more puff...🎈


            • loonerlee
              Senior Member
              • Dec 2018
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              Originally posted by DIABOLOD
              You're on a slippery slope there. She'll probably be more likely to have issues like jealousy if she finds out that not only do you play without her, but you lie about it too! If I were you I'd find a way to fix that! Lies have a nasty habit of exploding and killing everyone!
              I think this suggestion is the best, I've lied to my partner in past and can say for certain it will cause relationship problems.


              • Seasider
                Senior Member
                • Jan 2016
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                My wife has known about my balloon fetish for years, I have them stored in the top of her wardrobe and she has no issues. She doesn’t participate in any balloon play but knows I play with them when she is away. In fact she was away with our children earlier in the year on a holiday that I couldn’t go on (because of work commitments) and knowing full well I had a week to myself she even brought some
                balloons for me to blow up, not that I needed any more!!
                I’ve never pushed my balloon thing with my wife, but was honest from the start and I think honesty earnt me plenty of credit, in my experience honesty pays off in the long run


                • Trickey1066
                  Junior Member
                  • Jul 2017
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                  My girlfriend has always known of my balloon fetish since we got together. In the early days she used to participate but has never had any real interest. She has always felt comfortable with my solo time with balloons as she says rather its with a balloon than another girl.


                  • Axle
                    Senior Member
                    • Jan 2022
                    • 145

                    yeah what you don't want is for her to start thinking you're not telling her because it involves other women. i know that seems silly to us but for people outside of our little world it can be hard to believe we actually really are totally satisfied with solo play. i'm pretty much relationship-proof these days but i have spoken to friends and family about my fetish over the years and none of them ever seem to truly believe me when i say for the fetish side of things i genuinely am satisfied with it not involving anyone else!
                    Curiosity killed the cattex.


                    • AJK64
                      • Jun 2018
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                      I would tell her that you have solo play. It's no different from masturbation, and everyone wanks... Your partner does too. Would you be jealous of her pleasuring herself?

                      I am in a very unique situation I think.
                      I live with my girlfriend. I do however also have a boyfriend who I see regularly. They know about each other and there is absolutely no jealousy from either of them towards each other, so my girlfriend is not the jealous type. However, I had kept the balloon thing from my girlfriend until very recently. I did this for multiple reasons.

                      For one thing, when we met I was far more embarrassed about my fetish and no one knew. It was just something I did alone and something I was deeply ashamed of.

                      Secondly, for some reason, women with balloons doesn't turn me on at all. The fetish side of my sex life is exclusively linked to the guy end of my bisexuality. I think this might be me associating bursting balloons with masculinity (I know that's possibly a bit weird).

                      And finally, my girlfriend hates balloons. She's deeply phobic and can't even stand being in the same room as an inflated balloon.

                      I finally explained the balloon thing to my gf and she thought I was winding her up at first haha. She still thinks it's very strange but she's fine with it. She will occasionally find a piece of balloon shrapnel I've missed from solo play when she's at work. She will always smile and say something along the lines of "I know what you've been up to".


                      • PMN985
                        • Aug 2021
                        • 87

                        My wife of 18yrs asked me the same question a few times over the years, I told her yes, the first couple times she asked she interupted my response saying she didn't really want me to answer, the time I did she said she kind of figured but wasn't 100% because I'm always decorating for something. She was cool with it, and indulges me with her participation as I indulge her kinks, less now having teens at home far less privacy as they get older


                        • Slugamano
                          Senior Member
                          • Jul 2016
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                          Originally posted by pinpopper
                          a few occasions has asked me if I play with balloons without her.
                          Playing alone I'd feel a sort of cheating on her...


                          • AJK64
                            • Jun 2018
                            • 754

                            Originally posted by Slugamano

                            Playing alone I'd feel a sort of cheating on her...
                            Do you think masturbation is cheating on your partner? The guy isn't doing anything with another women, and that's the only thing that would be cheating


                            • LoudPop
                              Senior Member
                              • Sep 2018
                              • 149

                              My experience has been the following. While I was with my now ex-wife (btw we were together for 25 years), we had balloon play together and I did solo balloon play as well. I didn't advertise solo balloon play and probably went to more lengths to hide it from her than necessary. But, she knew I did it and we never talked about it.

                              With my current girlfriend of 10 years together, I've approached it differently. We have balloon play together which is awesome. With my girlfriend initially in our relationship, I'd hide solo balloon play from her. After while a while of hiding solo play from her, I decided to be open about it and it's so much better. In fact, we have more balloon play together now than early in our relationship. Looking back if I could do things differently in regards to "balloons", I would be more open about "balloons" earlier in relationships and not worry so much about the consequences. That said, I'm not comfortable enough to advertise to everyone that I have a balloon fetish. I want to keep that to my intimate partners.