Your first balloon experience with other people

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    • Jul 2023
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    Your first balloon experience with other people

    I was talking to my partner earlier about the first time I blew up balloons in front of someone. She remembered it vividly. It was kind of a weird feeling as I've only ever had balloon time with my partner before then. It definitely kicked off the whole inflating in public thing though.

    I'll share my experience I had many years ago.

    I had an old friend around our house. It wasn't long after we moved in, so stuff was still in boxes. I remember getting nervous because I only realised we had loads of packets of balloons on the table after the friend arrived. After talking for a while, she noticed the balloons and asked if we were having a party.

    I lied and said we were. Then I wondered if she would ask why they were all over the table and why there were so many, so i started telling her that the party was tomorrow and we were going to make some columns and arches, so we needed to start blowing them up that afternoon. Then, panicking a little, I mentioned we forgot a pump and made a joke about who would pass out first. I was overexplaining everything because I was getting anxious my friend would knew the real reason we had so many balloons.

    Then my friend said she wouldn't mind helping me make a start. I didn't want to sound suspicious by turning her down, so agreed. Mistress raised her eye brows at me, but didn't say anything. My friend wanted to know what balloons to blow, so I opened a small packet and said we'd just do these for now.
    I was super nervous inflating the first one, and also mesmerised watching my friend, waiting to see how big she would blow it. She stopped at the slightest hint of a neck and tied it off. I did the same.
    After a few balloons, I was feeling more confident and ever so slightly aroused. I began overinflating my balloons slightly, to see if she would notice. She didn't seem to, so I kept making each one bigger than the last.
    Mistress definitely noticed, and was watching me closely.
    I kept blowing one until the neck was completely full and struggled to tie it. My friend glanced at me, but didn't say anything. I was getting a bit disappointed I wasn't getting a reaction and blew the next one even bigger. When I was blowing into a full neck, the balloon suddenly burst in my face. It was a complete accident. I really didn't think it would pop. My friend laughed when I jumped and said she knew that was going to happen because I was blowing them up too big.
    I said something about being really bad at knowing when to stop and took another balloon, growing red with embarrassment. There's no way she believed me. I blew the rest to a more reasonable size. After we were done, I said to leave them and we'd sort them later.

    As soon as my friend left, mistress said she couldn't believe I had actually popped one on my own. I told her I didn't mean to, but she refused to belive me. We ended up popping them all which was pretty exciting.

    What about all of you? What was your first experience blowing balloons around other people?