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  • 7balloon
    One of the First Online
    • Dec 2018
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    Experienced Looners

    I almost feel like we are big enough and have enough of us old guys to provide some advice to our newer members.

    I'm an out looner, 52, in middle america that has hired women to pop balloons for me. I'm sure there are some people that might want a clue on how to approach that.

    Whatever. In that vein I suggest a new room. Basic Questions. The only people that get to reply are us experienced ones, both make and female.

    I don't know. Any takers to this idea? Maybe we will get more lurkers to join us in the cellars of depravity!!!!!!
  • Nopops4me
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2015
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    Experienced? Not sure what you mean. I'm not in my Teens nor Twenties. Thirties have passed me by now. I'm still learning things about balloons that has come from some of the younger newly registered folks. Life is all a learning curve from start to finish


    • lucid
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      • Sep 2016
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      I think this is a good idea. Its true you can learn something from anybody but its also true that if someone has walked down a road you haven't, they probably have some insights that could help you on your journey.

      I wouldn't consider myself a "new looner" by any means but if you have some tips on how to hire some nice ladies for some balloon fun, I'm all ears haha. I've done it myself but it's usually just some female friends I already had and they mostly do it for free. They all have shitty boyfriends now so there went that.


      • 7balloon
        One of the First Online
        • Dec 2018
        • 384

        I've hired dozens of women to play with me and balloons. Let's start with the easiest. Strip clubs.

        There is really only one thing you have to understand about strip clubs. The people working there have the exact same interests every other working person does. They want to make the most money in the shortest time and have the most fun doing it. Just that. That is what every stripper wants to do because when she is at a club stripping this is a job. So go there. be friendly. Tip well. to both the girls you like on stage and the waitresses and especially the bartender. Get a vibe for the place.

        In most strip clubs the girls not only want private dances, which is where the 2nd most money is made, but they also don't want to deal with obnoxious jerks. We are looners and very very few of us are going to be obnoxious about it. They come around and talk to you and try to figure out where you fit in their night. If you like a dancer, ask if she wants to rest and talk a bit and have a drink. She probably will. If she doesn't, don't let it throw you, there are a lot of reasons you might be ignored in a strip club and the majority of reasons isn't that they find you repulsive.

        At some point, either with the bartender or with a dancer bring out a small bag of balloons and have it on the bar. eventually someone will ask. Be honest. Tell them you are a looner. At this point in the world, about 50% of anyone working at a strip club already knows what this means and has encountered it in some way. I have Never, ever, EVER found a stripper that is in any way repulsed by this. Ive had a lot of girls hate balloons.

        That's not on you, that just that they have a bit of globophobia. That person is not why you are there. But some of them will think balloons are okay. some will think balloons are cool, etc. It is not problem for anyone that has done sex work for any length of time at all to meet a fetishist.

        So long that you are friendly and tip or buy drinks, they will sit and talk. If they don't hate balloons, then the rest is easy. Talk balloons and what you like and don't like. ask what they like and don't like. Don't make it the only topic of conversation, but feel free to talk about it. They will ask about the balloons on the counter and you can tell them honestly you brought them to the strip club because girls and balloons is what you like.

        About 20% of the time I have a hit and the girls want the balloons. The other 80% this is not their fun and they move on. When you get someone that likes balloons they will ask for a balloon and then it's game on. If she really does like balloons and I mean like balloons. NOT "like" as we do, but as a fun playful thing. if that is the case she will blow some up and then just tell her what you like and figure out where what you like and what she likes meet and then play. This is when you go to the "Private".


        1. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE SURE IT'S OKAY WITH EVERYONE ELSE! I've found asking the bartender directly if this is going to cause problems. If not the bartender, the bouncer. Be cool, just explain that the stripper wants to have balloons as part of the show and if they pop is that going to be an issue. At two clubs...not an issue at all. In one club...it was an issue.

        Anyhow, there's a quick rundown of how I introduced Balloons at the strip club.

        My credentials:

        I was landlord to 4 strippers that all knew about the fetish. I am friends with a bunch of sex workers (current or past) and everyone one of them knows about me being a looner. I have talked to them a lot about this and the main point is that the stripper that likes to play with balloons normally will have no problem having just as much fun at work.


        • 7balloon
          One of the First Online
          • Dec 2018
          • 384

          Someone want to tackle how to ask for balloons at a restaurant or in public to take them home? LOVE doing that. Let's hear some experienced looners share how they do it.