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  • Azurefox
    • Jan 2023
    • 55

    Favorite Balloons?

    So I kind of want to get a sense of what balloons I should be getting going forward. Qualatex 16" are my current favorite. They're really reliable and can take quite a bit of abuse. Actually I got this bag of Sapphire blue (jewel finish) from bargain balloons recently. I don't know what secret they use but they are incredible. I didn't find a single defect in the entire bag and when you blow them up to max (It's giving you a lot of resistance) they are still so soft!!!!! It's almost like they were made just yesterday, and have this really nice sweet smell.

    Digressing, Qualatex seems to be slowly abandoning their jewel tones. If y'all have any recommendations, please say! I like tuftex too but I find after a few days it's almost like an inside layer of the balloon rots away. don't really know how to describe it.

    Edit: I'm a lover of jewel tones/ balloons you can see through. I'm probably gonna order these 'soap' colors I keep hearing about. Solid colors don't do a whole lot for me unless they a some sort of cute illustration on them.
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  • therapyb2p
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2023
    • 5

    For me, Everts 14β€œ Decorator line. They get a lot larger than 14β€œ, neck beautifully, have this amazing finish which feels awesome, are very stable and b2ps shred them nicely. Really canβ€˜t get enough of them.


    • phenix
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2021
      • 123

      Belbal 14" crystal and soap crystal colours.
      They are strong and sometimes not easy to b2p, and the neck is awesome! 😍


      • uberlok
        Junior Member
        • Jan 2020
        • 10

        Unique 16 crystals.


        • stretchedtight
          Senior Member
          • Apr 2013
          • 171

          Originally posted by therapyb2p
          For me, Everts 14β€œ Decorator line. They get a lot larger than 14β€œ, neck beautifully, have this amazing finish which feels awesome, are very stable and b2ps shred them nicely. Really canβ€˜t get enough of them.
          Same. These have become one of my favorites too


          • Azurefox
            • Jan 2023
            • 55

            I saw vids of Unique 16"'
            I really like the shape but I heard they are kind of hit and miss. Not really non-popper friendly. Also, the dollar stores in my area also primarily sell unique and I'm really NOT a fan of the quality. It might be store's fault for keeping them too long. But I have gotten bags of them sometimes (10 come in a pack) and some balloons are outright broken inside the package- like holes, and um... like half a balloon.


            • darcynader
              • Nov 2018
              • 82

              Gemar 19" crystal soap and polka dots, Kalisan 18" crystal, BSA 17" crystal (aka Royal Rich).


              • Scooter
                Senior Member
                • May 2022
                • 262

                I find 24" balloons are the sweet spot for me. Nice and big, but I don't get tired when blowing them. I've always really liked Sempertex. They feel nice and strong, even after multiple inflations. Haven't had a single issue with them, or felt worried they might burst early. Tuf-tex is good, but I underinflate a little so they're softer, and I like the TT17s more than TT24s. I've been dying to try some Kalisan 18" balloons; there will definitely be some in my next order.

                I like solid, opaque colors and jewel tones the most. I can't get into soaps as much, a little too transparent for me (part of the fun of balloons for me are the vivid colors.) I really want more balloons with text or designs on them, but I'm extremely picky about that, so it's hard finding ones with designs I really like and are easy to get ahold of.


                • T178
                  Junior Member
                  • Aug 2021
                  • 11

                  My favourite are belbal 14 inch pastel (b120 size), 12 inch b105 are awesome too


                  • grizzleylooner
                    • Aug 2023
                    • 98

                    GL500. Tough enough to take some seriously hard riding and humping, big enough that I can be fully off the ground while humping but still not too far to fall when the inevitable eventually happens....


                    • Regular Guy
                      Senior Member
                      • Aug 2015
                      • 183

                      Belbal 14" crystal and soap colors
                      Kalisan 12" pure crystal colors

                      I think I'm beginning to like Everts 14" inch crystal colors.

                      I also like GL500, Kalisan 18" pure crystal and I love misprints.

                      And sometimes I'm into small balloons, 10" and below.

                      I always prefere crystal and soap colors.​


                      • Herloons
                        • May 2023
                        • 35

                        My favourite are Tuftex 17" in crystal colors.
                        Especially the magenta ones.

                        Saskia <3


                        • Meililoon
                          aka lyckr
                          • Sep 2014
                          • 706

                          Depends on the purpose. For general use I'd say 16" Unique. Especially the crystal colors (purple is my favorite). Honorable mentions to 14" Everts (only tried a few from the bag I bought, but they've been amazing so far) and 35cm Giform (popped up in local stores recently, so they're easily accessable for me).
                          In the "furniture" department I prefer the GL1200. So good to sink into and sit on 😊


                          • FunLooner
                            Senior Member
                            • Dec 2019
                            • 270

                            I love unique 16 and 24


                            • Axle
                              Senior Member
                              • Jan 2022
                              • 145

                              belbal 36s were a watershed moment for me.
                              Curiosity killed the cattex.