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Default The Speckeld Heart Balloons
Hey guys,
Tried my hand in some storytelling too. Let me know what you feel about it and any areas of improvement.

This was the time when I was just 19 years old. I had just about discovered that my fear of balloons had some how changed into a sensual attraction of some kind. Even though I would be scared at times but I would love watching someone from my opposite gender (a lady) blow up balloons. Curiosity one day overwhelmed me and I had to goto nearby internet cafe to search about my condition. To my great surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Balloon fetish was a thing, and thousands of people all over the world had it.

I had sometimes tried blowing balloons but never had the guts to blow it to its full capacity. I remember how i would stretch the balloon a lot to look for weak spots and one doubt and I would drop it and pick another one. After, putting the first blow, I would check for weak spots again and abort if i see a tiny weak spot to avoid the pop. Hence very few balloons ended up being getting blown by me and those too weren’t very attractive compared to their full capacities.

And now lets talk about my aunt Priya. A lady in her late 30s but very much had the looks of someone in her 20s. Yoga and good eating habits had ensured that she looks attractive for her age as well. Infact even from my childhood days, I remember that she was always looked pretty.

Aunt Priya once dropped by during the Christmas vacation at our home for a day or two. Vacation time for me also meant cleaning up my room.
As folks were busy at home, I was in my room sorting out stuff. Things all spread around. Looked as if all the closets and drawers had exploded.

Amongst all this item also lay a packet of red heart shaped spotted balloons which were bought earlier in the year for my mom’s birthday celebrations. Luckily only 3 were inflated that time by me and kept around the cake for a simple celebration. This meant the remaining 67 in the packet were still fresh and far away from serving their purpose.

In comes aunt into the room.
“Wow…what happened ??” exclaimed aunt looking around.

“Just sorting some stuff and re-arranging stuff”, I said arranging some old magazines.

“What’s this ?” asked aunt and as a 8 year old in an exciting fashion picked up the nearly full packet of the heart balloons.

“Wowww…so pretty they are. ” she said.

I thought that would be it and she would keep it back. I mean who in their late 30s would randomly find a balloon and blow.

But I was about to be proven wrong. She grabbed one from the packet as she sat down on a nearby chair.

To be honest I didn’t remember seeing her blow balloons before. So I assumed she too would blow a balloon like a novice who without stretching the balloon would simply start blowing it and tie it before it fills up fully.

But things were very different here apparently.

She stretched the balloon a few times and it gave an aura that she knows the stuff. But was she truly an expert ?

Heart balloons take balloon blowing as an art to the next level I believe. Specially the Indian ones can be quite unpredictable. If not blown properly, the balloon would not have a proper heart shape and would rather pop untimely. Till then I had only seen balloon sellers on the street inflating them with expertise.

But as the above fact kept hovering in the background in my mind, aunt stretched the balloon sideways to her right and gave the first blow of life to it.

Man…the stretching had helped and her good first blow swelled the balloon. She pressed the balloon a few times to ensure all parts stretch properly again something that I had seen only balloon sellers do it. How does this lady do it ?? I was mesmerised honestly.

With the right hand holding the balloon now from the back, she got her left hand to hold one half of the balloon’s mouth and brought it to her lips and started giving proper blows. Wooosh Wooosh Wooosh….. With each Wooosh the balloon responded and grew bigger in size in proper proportion.

After what was 6 wooshes, my fear of the pop got hold of me and I interjected.
“Aunty, I think its the right size now. Probably you should stop.”

She stopped blowing, looked at the balloon and with her very fair pretty hands she pressed the body of the balloon and then stretched the neck.

Damn the balloon. I knew it told the truth to aunt that it can take in more.

“Na Na, it will go bigger.” As she said she bought back the balloon to her lips and started blowing again.

Wooosh Wooosh Wooooooooosh.

To be honest I didn’t know that these balloons grew that big. It looked beautiful. The whole scene looked beautiful. My aunt sitting on a chair with a look of a 12 year old and packet of balloons on her lap.

She looks at the balloon once again as she held it out to admire her lung work. Her cute smile showed that everyone still has a child in them.

But was it a naughty child ?? I was about to find out.

I thought she would now tie it, but as she again stretched the neck, her gestures made it clear to me that blowing was still on.

Reflex actions ensured that both my hands leave whatever they were doing and covered my ears.

“It won’t take more” I said hearing my own muffled voice.

“Lets see..” she said with a mischievous smile.

As she puffed her cheeks, her lips met the balloon’s and Woooosh.

I didnt see any increase in size.


Shreds of red all over spreading as a beautiful lady laughed with enjoyment.

“Sorry sorry dear..I just couldn’t control it..I wanted to see how big they get so that I know when to stop” she said enjoyably.

“When to stop ??” Those last words caught my attention. Does it mean she intentions of blowing more ?

The next 5 mins, I was witness to the birth of 4 fully inflated red specked heart balloons. All blown skillfully like the ones before. Needless to say, a pop to me was inevitable. But she proved her skill. Indeed none of them popped. All were blown tightly full and looked shiny and gorgeous.
To be honest, I didn’t even have the courage to touch one of them thinking they would pop on my touch.

I was witness to some great skillful balloon blowing.

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Default Re: The Speckeld Heart Balloons
That was a good story. I liked it. Thanks.

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Default Re: The Speckeld Heart Balloons
Heart balloons if properly blown are great turn-ons.
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Default Re: The Speckeld Heart Balloons
I would love to obtain some of those balloons like in the story if possible. I was wondering, how do you inflate those heart balloons properly?
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Default Re: The Speckeld Heart Balloons
That was a fantastic story!!!!!
Heart balloons are definitely my favorite shaped balloon!♡♡♡
It takes skill & practice to blow up a heart balloon. The humps of the heart must be pre stretched before inflation. As you're blowing it up you kinda hafta stuff the air into the humps to get a nice bubble butt shape. Now the 55 inchers are a trip to blow up. I've popped numerous on just the first inflation. Definitely not a balloon for non-poppers. Each time one pops I say to myself, " There goes 13 bucks.... " But when properly blown up though & stretched they are soooo fun! There's just something about looning on a big,big heart bigger than you that seems so special!♡♡♡
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