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Default When did certain Qualatex colors first come out?
I think the Jewel tones were definitely 1985. Spring lilac, ivory, wintergreen, periwinkle, rose, and Goldenrod were sometime in the mid 1980s as well? I remember I saw an episode of Golden Girls from 1986 and they were having a birthday party and those balloons (wintergreen, lilac, etc) were part of the decor.

I feel like Lime green came out around 1999-2000 but I didnít know they existed until 2000. I probably could be wrong though. Jewel Lime came out around 2001. I remember going to our supermarket in July 2001 and there were some for a demo event. Of course theyíre discontinued now. I wanted to try and do a cocoa brown and Jewel lime double stuffed.

I really wish there was a color timeline, of when certain colors first came out. Obviously the standard have been around forever but Iím talking like the fashion tones and some of the pearlized. I also remember seeing this pearlized shade in the early 90s and it was like a pearlized fuchsia. When did that get discontinued?
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