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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
When I was about 9, I went to spend a few days with an aunt and uncle, to celebrate my aunt's 30th birthday. My uncle had decorated the party room with 6 bunches of tightly inflated balloons which worried my in case they burst. Anyway, none did burst during the party and the next day my uncle removed them and left them in the main living room.

That evening my aunt was sitting in the room watching television when my uncle entered, sat down and said that it was time he got rid of the balloons. He told me to bring them all to him and said I could take one bunch of balloons to my bedroom to play with if I wanted, the rest he was going to burst. When I returned to the room he had one of the balloon bunches gripped between his thighs and he asked my aunt to remove one of her stiletto shoes and give it to him. He too the stiletto shoe and started to slowly push the sharp stiletto heal into each poor balloon. I was terrified and also really excited watching his sadistic pleasure in dealing with those balloons. My aunt ignored the continual BANGS and he just systematically worked through the 30 or so tightly inflated balloons, using her shoe to bust them.

That night I discovered my fetish for Balloons and took the bunch he let me keep to bed to cuddle and rub against. A few days later, when I was leaving my aunt told me to either go up to my little bedroom and pop the balloons or bring them down for my uncle to pop. I did the latter and when he came into the room from the garden he looked at the balloons, smiled and asked me if I had had fun playing with them - I think he knew how I had been using them! Then he placed them onto his armchair and I had to watch him s-l-o-w-l-y sitting on them to burst them. I can remember that one yellow one was trying to escape from him, so when all of its friends had been burst, uncle placed it between his thighs and cruelly teased it with his fingers until it bust. I was mezmorised at how he teased that last poor balloon and although I felt so sad that it was the last survivor, I also enjoyed watching how he was abusing it. My BALLOON FETISH was now established.
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
I was at a bowling alley when I was around 14 or so. Just as my interest in balloons was becoming a fetish. Nd I was starting to realise I was bisexual. Someone had brought a bunch of 12 inch balloons tied in a bunch into the bowling alley and left them behind when they left. A guy working at the alley who i found very attractive came over, and started stomping on the balloons 1 by 1 to clear them away. There were 12 toghtly inflated balloons in the bunch and he was clearly having a lot of fun slowly stomping each one. When there were only 2 balloons left he picked them up. Snapped the string holding them to the burst remains of the other balloons and gave one to a female friend of mine and the other to a girl in another group. My friend didn't want the balloon so I took it haha.
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Old 19-06-2022, 06:23 PM
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
For me I dont think there is one specific memory. I always loved balloons as a kid and looked forward to having them. If I got a balloon at a birthday party it was the best party. I used to also get lots of balloons from Mcdonalds. I remember me and my older sister used to just get one until we saw other kids taking two each. This meant that I got four balloons as I used to steal my sisters when she wasnt home. Id play with them in all sorts of ways and was never really scared of popping them for the large majority of my childhood. Id sit on them, lie on them, hug them, bounce them around and my favourite thing to do was to stuff them in clothing. I must have had over ten balloons in my bedroom at one point and I would see how many of them I could stuff and hold at once. There are some specific balloons I can remember although none of them were significant. There was a pets at home balloon I had that just randomly burst while it was still on the stick and I cried (it wasnt traumatizing I was just sad my balloon popped). There was a Mcdonalds one I remember sit popping while watching tv. There was a random birthday balloon I found in my house and blew up and I remember colouring blue pen over the white text because I thought my mum would question why it said happy birthday on it. I spent ages in my room contemplating how big I wanted it before giving it to my mum to tie. Eventually I gave it to my mum to tie when it had a massive neck and it burst while she was tying it. Then there was a random uninflated orange balloon I found and I got really excited because I hadnt had a balloon in a while. I blew it up and gave it to my mum to tie and played with it while watching tv. I dont remember what happened to that balloon unfortunately. There is one point I would say was the turning point for my fetish but I didnt realise it. It was primary school year 6 leavers disco and the floor was covered in balloons. At this point it must have been about a year since I had a balloon and I was really nervous. People kept popping them and I ended up breaking down and crying and going home. I remember feeling that I wanted the balloons and to have control over them and when they popped but I didnt. A couple of years later around the time I had discovered my fetish my older sister had a halloween party with balloons. After the party I took the balloons into my room and hid them in my wardrobe the ones I could untie I untied and blew them up bigger. They were clear with pink hand prints on them and they got surprisingly big. They made nice bangs as well. Im just a teenager right now and I just wish I could go back to these times where me having balloons was just innocent fun but now its pretty much purely a fetish. I also am afraid to pop balloons now as for the past couple of years there has pretty much always been someone else in the house so I have not been able to adjust myself to the bangs. I just want to have a bunch of balloons blown up at once and then pop them just like when I was a kid, just going to have to wait until im home alone now (which will be a long time)

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Old 23-06-2022, 09:39 PM
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
Nothing too specific, just girls and guys from my preteens, teens and twenties bursting in front of me randomly or planned.
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Old 26-06-2022, 10:00 PM
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
I remember being in my preteens blowing up multiple balloons in my clothes. I would inflate them as big as possible and then tie them off. Those 12" balloons would get real big for my size and the feel of those latex balloons getting tighter and pushing against my body as my shirt was stretching out was very orgasmic. I would even blow up more balloons since for every breath I take, the balloons in my clothes would push against me more.
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
Another memory (or many) I had involved accidental busting.

Always loved sitting, bouncing and riding balloons throughout my life, and there were times where my dad would tease me with busting balloons.

When I was younger and growing into a teen, I was quite a fat boy, so I couldn't bounce on balloons much unless they were bigger sizes.

There were times when my dad would get me 16 and 17 inch balloons and blow them up for me to play with. But sometimes he would (on purpose) blow them up real big and tight and give them to me in hopes of them busting and scaring me.

It was common at birthdays, new years, or any time when there were balloons around.

He would blow up a 16 incher or 17 incher really big and tight with the neck shooting out, and he would instruct me to sit and bounce on them while he watched. And I was always happy to do that, and there I was sitting my fat butt on the balloons and bouncing and riding them.

And my dad would just watch and almost count down until my balloon would explode under my butt with a huge BANG! and resulting in me scared and crying my eyes out, and my dad would laugh and hold me and cuddle and comfort me.

He did this often, and sometimes he would overinflate balloons in front of me and scare me, or would roughouse with balloons. Sometimes, when I was playing with balloons, he would use his cigar to burst them and make me cry.
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Old 13-07-2022, 12:16 PM
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
I can still remember the event that triggered my childhood fear of balloons. I was probably 3. I woke up early, climbed out of bed and decided to play with an inflated balloon in my bedroom. As I was walking out of the bedroom holding the balloon, it suddenly popped with a loud bang. I can still visualize a piece of the latex stuck to the leg of a dresser.

From that point on, I avoided balloons and dreaded birthday parties. Eventually, I started to experiment with inflating balloons in secret, usually when I was alone in the apartment. Slowly, I got braver and my balloons got bigger. And my fascination with them grew.

Skip forward to about 12. I worked up the courage to even buy balloons. At this time, you could run into a random balloon vendor on the street selling Tilly Slim Jims. They always carried a huge worker balloon to attract customers. It was the bigger worker that I thought I was buying (bait and switch); I would get those many years later. Anyway, I bought a Slim Jim from the vendor. I must have blown that balloon up a dozen times, each time getting it a bit longer. I still remember measuring the balloon at 6'1" (did they get longer then?). Another breath or two and it popped. Didn't make me into a popper--still prefer my balloons in one piece--but, like some others, created a fascination with non-round balloons. To this day, I prefer my round balloons egg-shaped or necked, and love the challenge of inflating airships and shaped balloons. Tilly balloons were also very squeaky when you handled them, which is still a very erotic sound for me.
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Old 03-08-2022, 01:12 AM
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Default Re: Best childhood loon memory
For me it was definitely water balloons. The tacky and cool texture was always pleasant on a warm day. That coupled with the slippery jiggle was game over. Water balloons were so unpredictable - And the bigger they got, all the more unpredictable. When I was a kid I remember finding this bag of indestructible mystery balloons and making these enormous water balloons. I’ll share the whole story some other time, but they still haunt me til this very day lol.
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