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Default Re: Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever witnessed a poltergeist or a ghost?
I'm not usually very spiritual or very suggestive of the mind. But I must admit that on a couple of occasions things have happened to me that I could hardly explain rationally.
The most memorable occasion was on a road trip to San Francisco from Mexico, I was with my girlfriend and a friend, the trip was about 36 hours so we planned to take turns driving while the other slept.
At a certain point of the trip you have to cross through an area in Baja California called La Rumorosa, a mostly desert place with many rocky mountains and quite a few sharp curves.
I was driving while talking with my girlfriend about a rock band that we like in common, when in front of us at the end of a curve a woman appears (I want to believe it was that and not something else) with a blue dress and skin white as if she were from some European country or some Amish community, at that moment we were both surprised by 2 things, the first was the height of the woman (I'm not lying if she was approximately 2 meters or more) and the second was the moment and place where we found her ALONE, it was around 2 am, on a highway in the middle of the desert, with a temperature close to 0 degrees Celsius or less, and without any car nearby, houses or aid booths.
We both stayed silent and I stepped on the accelerator as we passed her by, I only remember how I saw her slowly go away in the rearview mirror and even after 1 hour after that event I was able to dare to stop and try to reason with my girlfriend what we had seen.
Yes, that was definitely something strange-
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