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Default Room 3862
The sequel to a story I posted here a while back set 2 years after the first one. Andy decides to leave a present for Mousekeeping at a Disney Resort with unexpected results.

"What a way to start off a vacation." A young man with a crew cut said as he walked up the stairs of the resort building. He stopped in front of room 3862 and inserted the magnetic card into the slot to open the door.

Andy wasn't new to the Orlando area, but it was his first time staying at Disney's All Star Movies Resort. He flipped on the light illuminating the room. It consisted of a king size bed with a dark blue comforter with a pattern of Mighty Ducks logos on it. Next to the bed on the side nearest the door was a small teal and black night stand. The night stand had a clock radio and a telephone sitting on it. There was a similar looking night stand on the other side of the bed, but it didn't have anything on it.

Across from the door was a small table where Andy placed all the papers the guy at the front desk had given him that morning when he checked in. Next to the table was a large teal and black dresser with a 19 inch TV setting on top of it. Thick dark blue curtains covered the window. One the opposite wall from the window was a small alcove with a mirror and a sink. Next to that was a door leading to the tiny bathroom. A dark blue carpet with a pattern of All Star Movie resort logos covered the floor.

Sitting on top of the bed was Andy's big blue suitcase. "Oh good. I was worried something would go wrong and they lose my bag." Disney had a special program for resort guests where they'd pick up your suitcase and deliver it to your room for you. It hadn't been delivered yet by the time he finished check in, so he went ahead and went to one of the parks.

The clock radio showed it was well past midnight. Andy was to tired to unpack so he just sat the suitcase on the floor under the window. He stripped down to his boxer shorts and set the alarm for the next morning. Andy was so tired he was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

The Alarm clock started buzzing at 7AM. Andy sat up and looked around. It took a good minute for him to remember where he was. As soon as he remembered he was at Disney he jumped out of bed.

He picked his suitcase up and sat it on the bed. After unzipping it he pulled out several sets of clothes. He carefully placed all the clothes in the dresser drawers except for aa pair to wear that day. In the bottom of the suitcase where 3 Ziplock bags full of balloons and a large round machine used to help inflate them.

"Ah yes, the important stuff." Andy smiled as he remembered his trip to Orlando 2 years before where he filled a room full of balloons and left them for the maid after checking out. "My only regret is I didn't get to see the look on her face." he chuckled.

Grabbing a fresh set of clothes he walked into the tiny bathroom. After a shower and everything else involved in preparing for the day Andy checked the time. He still a little over an hour before the park he planned on going to that day opened.

"I had some fun with the maid at the Super 8. I think I'll have a little fun with the maid here too." He walked over to his suitcase and pulled out one of the Ziplock bags. He selected a yellow balloon with the smiley face logo of and pre stretched it a bit. He then put the balloon to his lips and blew.

Andy watched the logo get bigger and bigger as the balloon grew. Once he felt a lot of resistance, he tied it off and sat the balloon on the unmade bed. He put the suitcase back on the floor and walked out to go get some breakfast.

A couple hours later a young dark haired woman stopped in front of room 3862 with her cart of cleaning supplies. She had only been working for Disney for a couple weeks, but having been a maid at a local Super 8 motel, she knew the routine. She knocked on the door. "Housekeeping!" she announced. Having not received a reply she used her master key and walked in.

The first thing she noticed was the big yellow balloon sitting on the bed. "It's De Ja Vous all over again." she giggled. She was reminded of her old job at the Super 8 when someone left a balloon on the bed. The next day one balloon became 5, the 3rd day the room was full.

Taking a closer look at the balloon she saw it had the same smiley face logo as was the balloon shard she saved from that room. Then she noticed a familiar looking blue suitcase on the floor. It looked just like the one she remembered from the balloon room.

"I wonder if it's the same guy." she thought. "It can't be. The odds of that are through the roof." She picked up the balloon and batted it around the room.

After making the bed she picked up the balloon to set it on the bed. She couldn't resist rubbing it against her skin first. The latex felt so good. When she was done she set the balloon back on the bed with the logo showing.

The rest of the day she couldn't get that balloon out of her mind. "I'd be willing to think its just a coincidence if it wasn't for that suitcase. I bet all the money I have it's the same one I remember from the Super 8." Her only regret from that experience was that she never got to meet the guy who left the balloons. Maybe fate is giving her a second chance. She left a little card on the night stand with her name on it like she did in all the other rooms she cleaned and left.

After another day at the theme parks, Andy came back to the room. He had bought a blue balloon shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. The blue balloon was inside a larger round balloon. Andy set it up in the window. He noticed the small card next to the phone. "My maid's name is Nancy. Hope Nancy enjoyed the gift I left."

He smiled when he saw the yellow balloon was sitting on the bed almost exactly where he had left it. "I wonder what she'll do tomorrow when one balloon becomes two." he said setting the alarm and turning in for the night.

Meanwhile across town Nancy laid in bed in her apartment. She had to meet this guy before he left. "At least I hope it's a guy." she said and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Nancy showed up at work very early and had her cart ready to go by 8 AM. She usually started on the west end of the building but she had to see who was in 3862.

Andy's alarm went off and he sprang out of bed. He did his normal morning routine. "Time for Nancy's gift." he said pulling a red balloon out of the bag. He watched the latex become more transparent as it stretched. When the balloon reached its limits, he tied it off.

He placed it on the bed and opened the door to leave the room when he found herself face to face with a young dark haired woman. Andy saw on her name badge that she was Nancy.

Nancy was glad to see the guest in the room was a guy. "A cute one at that" she added in her mind. "Oh I'm sorry sir, I was just about to see if I could service the room."

"Wow Disney has some hot maids." Andy thought. "I was just leaving so you can do it whenever you want." he said and pretended to walk off.

Nancy smiled and walked in the room. Sure enough the yellow balloon was joined by a red balloon that was almost the same size. She couldn't help but bat the balloons around, laughing as she did.

Andy crawled back the room and peeked in the window and saw Nancy having fun with the balloons. He stayed there watching as she rubbed the balloons against her smooth skin. Unable to help himself, he walked back in the room. "Having fun?" he asked

Nancy jumped when she heard the voice. She spun around and saw Andy standing in the doorway. "I...I'm sorry sir. It wont happen again." she said as her face turned beat red.

"This is exactly what I hoped for when I left the balloons." he said "In fact I did this a couple years ago at the super 8 across town."

"I KNEW IT!" Nancy said. "I knew you were the same guy from the Super 8. I used to be a maid there and cleaned your room that weekend." she said with a huge grin.

Andy was shocked. "What are the odds of that?"

"I guess its true what they say, it's a sma.."

Andy cut her off. "Please don't say it. A friend of mine dragged me on that ride the other day and I just got the song out of my head." They both laughed.

"I guess I should be getting back to work." Nancy said.

"Ya I don't want to get you in trouble." Andy said as he turned to leave. An idea dawned on him and he spun around again. "What time do you usually get off?"

Nancy heart soared. "I'm usually done by 5."

"If you'd like some more balloon play your more than welcome to come back."

"Will you be here?" she asked.

"Do you want me to be?"

"I'd love it." she said grinning ear to ear.

"It's a date." He said leaving the room.

Nancy found it hard to concentrate on her work the rest of the day. She couldn't believe the guest caught her playing with his balloons but wasn't mad.

As soon as her work was done, Nancy punched out and hightailed it to room 3862. She wasn't supposed to use her master key when she was off the clock, so she knocked on the door.

Andy opened the door and invited her in. He had all three ziplock bags of balloons on the bed along with the inflator.

Andy and Nancy spent several hours blowing up and popping balloons in all ways imaginable. Andy explained the subtle differences in all the different brands and sizes of balloons. He watched as Nancy would pop them with her fingernails, her feet, and her butt. Once while blowing up a balloon Nancy got it to big and it exploded in her face.

Nancy let out a little gasp causing Andy to laugh. "That's called a blow to pop."

"I guess I got a little overzealous. I'm sorry." she said.

"No need to apologize. A blow to pop is the sexiest thing a woman can do with a balloon."

Nancy looked at the clock. "Oh my its almost midnight! I need to go home I have work tomorrow."

"Can we meet up again tomorrow after you get off?"

"I don't want to use up all your balloons." She said.

"That's why I brought them. Besides this is only a small fraction of my stash."

"I don't think the other guests appreciate the noise. Can we meet in my apartment instead?"

"As long as that's all right with you." Andy said.

"I'll stop by after I get off and we can drive there together since I'm sure you don't have a car here."

"Sounds like a plan." Andy said as he started to close the door.

Nancy stopped it with her foot. She pulled Andy's head close to hers and gave him a long passionate kiss. "Night." she said and walked off.

Andy and Nancy had a blast everyday playing with the balloons. Unfortunately there were only 2 days left of Andy's trip.

After another night of balloon play Nancy was dropping Andy off at his room. "Same time tomorrow?" she asked.

Andy's face turned into the first frown she had seen from him. "Sorry, but I have some work to finish up tomorrow and it will most likely take all day."

"Bummer. What about Friday?"

"Its my last day here. We need to be sure to make it special." he said

"See you Friday." Nancy said kissing Andy and leaving.

As soon as she was gone Andy smiled. "She doesn't know how special." He picked up the phone. He had a few important phone calls to make.

Andy spent the day Thursday on the phone. Then he went down to front desk to receive a package he had his roommate overnight to him.

"Tomorrow I'll put my plan into motion." he said

Bright and early the next morning, Andy climbed into a cab at the resort Holding a large box. He gave the driver Nancy's address. The cab pulled up in front of er apartment complex. Andy found the right apartment. Nancy had told him where the spare key was so it was no problem getting in. "I need to work fast. I have to have this all done before Nancy gets off work.

Even with his inflator, it took several hours filling her apartment with all the balloons his roommate overnighted to him. When he got to the last one, he added a special surprise.

Needing to be back in his room before Nancy got there, Andy called a cab and told the driver to step on it.

He got back to room with just enough time to stop breathing hard before Nancy came knocking.

"You ready?" she asked.

"Always ready." he replied.

As they walked to the parking lot they decided to go get a goodbye dinner at one of the restaurants in the Downtown Disney area. "I hope you don't mind if we stip by my place so I can change first."

"Not at all." Andy said trying to hide his grin.

"Your welcome to come in and wait while I'm changing." Nancy said

"Don't mind if I do." Andy said. He was unable to hide a chuckle.

Nancy opened her door causing some balloons to spill out into the hall. "What in the...?" She asked looking around at all the balloons covering every inch of her home. She turned to Andy. "Did you do this?"

"Guilty as charged." he said.

"I thought we used all your balloons on Wednesday?"

"Remember the work I had to do yesterday? I had my roommate overnight me some of my stash. I told you I had plenty." They both laughed.

"Whatever will we do with all these balloons?" Nancy asked.

"I have a few ideas."

It took almost as long to pop the balloons as it did to inflate them. Andy and Nancy had the time of there lives sit popping, foot popping, and even placing balloons between them and popping them with a pin.

Finally after several hours It looked like all the balloons were gone. Nancy's red was bright red and she was breathing hard. She never had this much fun in her life. "To bad there all gone." she said.

"Not quite. I found one hiding." Andy said. He shook it and let Nancy hear something bouncing around inside.

"What's making that noise?" she asked.

"Only one way to find out." Andy said handing her the balloon.

Nancy smiled and used her sharp fingernails to puncture the latex. When the balloon popped Nancy saw a flash of gold fall near her feet. She got down on her knees and sifted through the balloon shards until she found a diamond ring.

Nancy examined the ring. "Andy. Does this mean what I think it does?" She stood up and saw Andy on one knee in front of her.

"Nancy, This has been the best week of my life and I don't want it to end? Will you marry me?"

Nancy's eyes filled with tears. "Oh Andy. Yes. I'll marry you."

Andy got on his feet and the two hugged.

After about a minute Nancy pulled back. "What about your apartment and your job in Illinois?"

"I took care of all that yesterday. I have to go back for a few days to get my stuff and my car. A friend of mine is gonna move in so my roommate will still be able to handle the rent."

"But what about your job at Wal Mart?"

"I got a transfer to the store in Kissimmee. I figure I'll work there until I can find something better."

"This is a dream come true. Thank god that I took the maid job for Disney otherwise we never would have met."

"It wasn't an accident. Fate brought us together, and we'll be together for the rest of our lives."

Nancy and Andy hugged once again and kissed. Then they sat down to plan out there life together.
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Default Re: Room 3862
Great story, Random. I enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more of your stories. How about one in which the couple uses balloons in their lovemaking?
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Default Re: Room 3862
Funny you should mention that because there is one more story in this trilogy
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