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Post Le ménage
Le Ménage

DeviantArt Link : Le Ménage

Synopsis: What started as a regular summer morning quickly turned into a therapy session and more.

It was a nice and hot early summer morning. Birds were chirping, sitting on the close avocado tree. The piercing sun was leaving horizontal shadows inside the bedroom, thanks to the modern curtains. Noémie was sitting on her desk chair, trying to book two tickets to the upcoming concert while Madelyn, her best friend, was sitting on the small leather chair right next to her. The booking started at 7:00 am, but due to the amount of people using bots and scripts, most tickets were going to be sold out by the next couple of minutes. They had to act fast. Noémie was spamming her F5 key, waiting for the website to update. Just has 7:00 hit, the website was now showing the new tickets for sale, and within the next clicks, the website froze and crashed.


“Try clearing the cache and cookies, quickly!” returned Madelyn.

Noémie almost expertly navigated towards her browser’s settings and obliterated everything, before hopping back to the bookmarked tab. She spammed the checkout button, and started furiously entering her credentials.

Two days prior, Noémie celebrated her 21st birthday. She became a full adult, and reached the drinking age. Her room was decorated with a multitude of pink soap and crystal balloons. They were everywhere, on the floor, on the bed, and even on the ceiling. The ones on the floor were normal sized while the floating balloons had helium in them, and were rather large, with big necks. The ones on the bed though, were soft, squishy, and absolutely huge.
Just as Noémie finished typing the last digits of her debit card, her door opened.

“Noémie s’te plait, éclate tous les ballons là, on vas repaindre ta chambre demain matin. Oh, salut Madélaine! J’tai pas vu venir, ça va bien?” said Noémie’s mom, peaking from the door.

“Oui, uhm, j’ai… suis bienne!” retorted Madelyn, blushing.

Noémie’s mom smiled at Madelyn’s funny attempt, before pointing towards the helium balloons, attached to strings.

“N’oubliez pas les uns au plafond. Bon, j’y vais moi.”

The door closed, and Noémie turned around, waiting for the website.

“Error, transaction failed
Error code: 0x0000000023”

“Site de Con!”

Noémie started the checkout process again while Madelyn had her eyes glued to the balloons.

“What did she say? is she finally going to buy you a car?” asked Madelyn, still fixated on the balloons.

She knew that something was up, and she was starting to get very anxious. Maybe this joke could potentially lighten the mood.

“No I wish! she just wants us to get rid of the balloons. When we’re done with the tickets we’ll explode them all. Go get two pins from the drawer over there, please,” ordered Noémie, pointing at the nightstand.

“I think I have to leave now, I can’t help you, I’m sorry,” said a hasty Madelyn, her voice almost muffled by the loud printer.

“What?! No you’re joking right? come on, at least help me explode them. I don’t want to do it alone, we’ll have so much fun together! Look at the big ones! we could remove all of the stress and anger. At least we make these ones explode and then you leave ok? It won’t take long, please it’s so exciting!”

“No no no I really need to leave I can’t stay.”

Madelyn, still staring at the balloons, stood up and opened the door, her heart racing.

“HEY WAIT! your ticket. Why are you running away like that? What is the problem?”

As Madelyn tried to take her freshly printed ticket, Noémie quickly moved her hand away and into the deep sea of latex she went, kicking some balloons into the air.

“Tell me why you’re running away.”

“I… I… have an appointment,” said a stuttering Madelyn, staring at the tight balloons gently floating in the room.

“I don’t believe you. Is it Brandon? Did he text you?” said Noémie with a smirk, walking towards her nightstand.

Noémie started rummaging through the drawer, holding a pin between her fingers, searching for a second one. Madelyn quickly walked over to Noémie and tried to talk her way out.

“No I swear I have an appointment! Please Noémie I really don’t have time for this. I need to leave right now!”

Noémie turned around, offering a pin to Madelyn.

“It’s barely seven thirty in the morning, you think I’m stupid? I thought you trusted me, just tell me what’s wrong. We can talk about it while we explode the balloons.”

Madelyn stared at the pin, trying to find a sentence, or anything to say to get out, but as soon as she noticed Noémie about to pop the first balloon, she immediately held her palms against her ears, shrieking and begging her friend to stop. Noémie jumped in fright, thinking the balloon had popped prematurely. She glanced at Madelyn in the corner, covering both her face and ears, trying to hold herself together. Dumbfounded and confused, she placed the pins and tickets back on the nightstand.

“I… uh.. You didn’t tell me you were scared of exploding balloons. I didn’t know, I’m not going to explode them it’s okay, calm down.”

“Can you please stop saying ‘explode’?” said Madelyn, on the verge of breaking down.

“What should I say instead? Don’t balloons explode?”

“Balloons pop, Noémie, you were going to pop them. But don’t say that either!”

“It’s not like your French is better!” said Noémie, smiling.

“Just don’t say that you’re going to pop a balloon or make one explode, it makes me panic.”

Noémie grabbed the balloon she was about to pop and started twirling it and inspecting it, trying to understand her friend’s fear.

“It’s the first time I see someone so scared of balloons. Is this some kind of phobia you have?” asked the French girl, curious.

“I can handle them just fine, I just can’t stand them popping. I panic and need to leave the room. I may be able to deflate very small balloons, the ones that go poof, instead of a loud pop, but these ones you got are huge! and I was embarrassed to tell you. I was afraid you’d pop them all and make me cry.”

“No! I would never do something to scare you like that! It’s fine, everyone has fears. I just thought we were going to have such a good time, uh, uhm, cleaning them together?” said a worried Noémie, offering the tight balloon to her friend.

Madelyn carefully took the tight latex and sat cross legged on the bed. She inspected it, squeezing it with her fingers a little bit, trying to get a little more courageous and confident. She was angry, and felt bad she couldn’t enjoy bursting those loud balloons with her best friend. She noticed a distorted reflection of her face on the surface of the latex, and ran her finger across it, producing a loud, constant squeaking noise.
She hated herself, and would trade anything to get rid of this stupid fear of hers. She looked back at Noémie, noticing her worried and disappointed face. Madelyn appreciated her friend’s cooperation, and felt very comfortable and safe thanks to Noémie’s support and understanding, which was new. She was used to people abusing her fear and making her cry her guts out. She also really wanted to shred those balloons, she wanted to do it with her friend, she wanted to enjoy herself just like her.

Madelyn looked back at her friend, adding, “It’s okay. I can see you’re really excited. I feel bad. I really want to grab a balloon and just….” She then quickly tries to dig her nails in, and fails. “You know, without being afraid. I don’t even know why I’m scared of them. I really wish I could do it with you.”

Madelyn then gently claws at her balloon, and goes for a second try, flinching and looking away. But right when the balloon started screaming for its life, Madelyn started to visibly shake and struggle. She finally let go of the tight latex, breathing heavily. Noémie took the poor balloon and noticed the newly formed scratches left by her friend’s nails. She was surprised the balloon withstood such abuse and even more surprised at Madelyn for trying to pop it. She looked back at her struggling friend, her eyes lighting up.

“You want to try again? Here, push your nails in,” said Noémie, offering her the balloon.

“I don’t know, I can’t do it.”

“Do you want me to pop it instead?”

“NO! Please don’t! I really want to do it myself. I wish I could do it, this balloon just wouldn’t explode! I tried so hard and it wouldn’t pop!” sobbed Madelyn nervously.

“Hey hey Madelyn just calm down,” said Noémie, hugging her friend. “It takes very little to pop a balloon. Don’t stress about it. It’s okay, you’re going to be alright.” She broke off the hug and added, “I can help you overcome your fear. Don’t be scared, relax, you got this.”

“I just want to get over this stupid fear,” said the poor girl in a shaky voice, her eyes tearing.

“Madelyn, balloons aren’t scary and you know this, your mind is just playing tricks on you. After you get comfortable and explode a couple ones, you will love it I promise. You can trust me.”

Madelyn gently wiped her tears, then looked at her friend, grinning, “It’s comf-table, not comfort-table.”

“Correct me one more time and I’ll explode them all in your face,” laughed Noémie, before grabbing the two pins.

“You don’t really need any effort to make a balloon explode. All you need is to touch it with the tip of this pin, and the balloon will just burst. Don’t stress, It’s very easy to make them pop.”

Madelyn grabbed the pin, her hand suddenly feeling very weak.

“Here, touch this one,” said the French girl, handing her the abused balloon.

“It’s so scary!” panted Madelyn, out of breath, “I can’t do it, I just can’t! I prefer using my nails.”

“It’s confusing because a pin would be much easier. But whatever makes you comf——table, princess,” chuckled Noémie, emphasizing the two syllables she once mispronounced. She took the pin away from her friend and guided her hands on the balloon.

“I’m going to put my hands on top of yours, we’ll push together, okay?”

“No no, let me do it alone.”

Madelyn placed her fingers in a clawing motion and frowned, digging her nails in just a little bit. The balloon was a tight one, and wasn’t really deforming. The problem though, was that Madelyn wasn’t really pushing with any substantial force. She just pushed her fingers until the balloon showed resistance and just half expected it to pop on its own.
After a couple seconds, she frowned even more, turned her head away and pushed her fingers a tiny bit further. The balloon laughed and squeaked at her pathetic attempt which prompted the poor girl to stop.

“Why are you making this so much harder on yourself? Balloons are so easy to destroy. You really don’t need to do much. You’re also lucky there was no random pop. Two balloons randomly just exploded yesterday while I was getting dressed. All you need to do, is to break the surface, just tear it apart, stomp on it, prick it, whatever. But please stop using your nails, they’re not sharp enough and it’s making it scarier than it should be. Here, there’s a video I want to show you.”

Noémie pulled out her phone and started skimming through her gallery.

“I’m sorry if I’m being a pain.”

“No it’s fine, here, watch, this was at the cruise last year, with Emma.”

Madelyn’s curious face turned to absolute shock, then morbid fascination. Noémie increased the volume, and Madelyn’s heart rate quickly increased along with it. Chaotic sounds of balloons bursting everywhere engulfed the room.
Between the falling balloons and the stomping legs, Noémie was standing near Emma, holding her selfie stick. She was slowly turning around, carefully showing her surroundings, and giving Madelyn more reason to panic. The entire ship was crowded to the brim, with millions of balloons dropping, some getting batted by passive bystanders, and the rest left to fall to the ground. It was a massacre, and there laid her friends, with balloons to their mouths.

They were both blowing, standing right beside each other, not stopping, not even once. The girls’ cheeks kept rhythmically puffing, and the balloons kept growing bigger and bigger, until the mouthpieces themselves started inflating, turning the globes into beautiful, short lived light bulbs. Noémie’s balloon was the first to go, making the entire video a shaky mess for a couple seconds, and completely muffling the video. Madelyn’s heart ached in agony, as she saw her dearest friend scream her lungs out, and yet not a sound could be heard. That pop was definitely loud, so loud in fact, that the very surrounding people competing in the noise department stopped completely, letting more balloons pile up on the ground. They got outmatched at their own game.

Just then, Emma’s balloon went off, and that same dreadful silence dominated the room again. People in the background cheered the girls on, and the bursting slowly resumed. The phone turned to a different angle, and a nice and tall girl was biting carefully at the mouthpiece of a random balloon. Another girl snatched it away from her, and, with the help of her nails and teeth, successfully undid the knot. Life started gushing out of the balloon, but the first girl quickly stopped the flow with her mouth. Emma and Noémie walked towards her, keeping her in frame. Both girls cheered her on, and puff after puff after puff, the balloon succumbed to her lips, turning to the beautiful, dangerous light bulb shape, before exploding loudly, leaving a nice cloud of breath. Everyone in the background was cheering and popping away, while the morbid, grieving silence was back again at full volume. Slowly, the popping sounds came back, making Madelyn shiver in terror. You could see the balloons on the ground, moving slowly, and then disappearing suddenly, turning to latex pieces and confetti. Everything was so chaotic, so random and uncontrollable, and after a couple more seconds, the video concluded.

Madelyn was left speechless, the phone moving away from her face, and yet her eyes still fixated to the same spot, trying to process and swallow the real events that were just presented to her. And to think that this video was of real people, Madelyn was having a hard time. And just as she was about to come back to her senses, that terrifying screen was back again. Noémie pressed play, and Madelyn’s ears twitched instantly. No balloon was raining down this time, all was on the floor, all was death, all was lost. The popping turned to a continuous sound of gore. Noémie and her friend were joining in, stomping away at the poor creatures using their high heels. It was a clear Geneva convention violation. It was a complete blast. A true party.
A short one this time, since Noémie was having trouble killing her victims with the selfie stick in hand. The video abruptly ended and Noémie sat back in front of her friend, smiling at her.

“You WILL enjoy it, I promise.”

“You… you’re insane…” murmured the wretched soul.

“It wouldn’t be a true party if you’re not going crazy. And you’re coming with us next trip.”

“No, never! absolutely not!” said Madelyn scornfully.

Noémie offered the same tired and abused balloon, quipping, “don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to train yourself. I bet you’ll end up becoming a great balloon destroyer.”

Madelyn didn’t like what she just heard. She grabbed the balloon and carefully squished it. It was tight with a small neck, and very squeaky. How could people in the video just make them explode so easily? She thought to herself. It made absolutely no sense. She started slowly and aggressively rubbing her fingers along the surface of the balloon, producing very loud squeaks.

“It’s just a noise maker. If you’re not scared to make it squeak like that, then you shouldn’t be afraid to pop it. It’s the same principle, you’re just making noise,” encouraged Noémie.

“It’s not the same thing. This is already loud enough. imagine if all that tightness just exploded violently! How aren’t you scared?”

“Madelyn, it’s just a balloon. Push this pin against it, and it’ll go ‘pop’. It’s not that bad, you see balloons everywhere, in movies, in cartoons, in carnivals, I mean, the main purpose of balloons has always been to make them pop in a fun way no?”

Noémie brought her phone again and played back the first video, laying the device on the bed. Madelyn was staring at the screen, worried and scared.

“You’re listening to millions of balloons exploding. Here, pop this one, you’re just adding a single pop to the millions you’re already hearing,” she added, offering her the pin.

Madelyn held the pin tightly. She fought against her enfeebled arm and tried quickly jabbing the balloon, but ended up punching it with her knuckle instead, making the balloon bounce against Noémie’s head.
Noémie couldn’t help but laugh, while Madelyn showed a nervous smile.

“Don’t rush it, don’t be so quick.”

“I have to do it like that, I can’t handle the tension.”

“If you do it this way you’ll get nervous and scare yourself, and the anxiety becomes too much to handle. Be gentle instead, try doing it slowly.”

Noémie gently guided her friend’s hand onto the surface of the balloon, and as the pin became dangerously close to the latex, Madelyn showed resistance.

“Don’t worry, calm down. It won’t pop.”

Noémie placed Madelyn’s hand on top of the balloon, letting the pin rest on the surface, making slight contact.

“See? There’s no need to worry. Now all you need to do is to just push gently. The sharp pin will break the latex and the balloon will explode. Should be easy and simple. Remember, be nice and slow.”

After a couple deep breaths, Madelyn glanced back at the screen, getting ready. She noticed the tall girl blowing away at the balloon. She closed her eyes, focusing on the deep, continuous sound of balloons rapidly exhausting, and tried convincing herself that the upcoming pop would be just as loud as the digital ones.
She readied herself, pushing the pin very slowly onto the tight latex. Just as she felt the slightest resistance, she stopped, completely overwhelmed. Her eyes still closed, she started building more and more courage.

“Allez Madelyn! Allez Madelyn!” cheered Noémie.

The moment came, she was determined, all it took was the slightest amount of force, and the balloon would soon be singing the sound of death along with its digital companions. Madelyn took one last deep and audible breath, before silence abruptly sucked the lion out of her. The video had concluded, and Madelyn felt awkwardly impatient.

“Ah merde! Attend, vas-y,” clumsily breathed Noémie, trying to play the video again.

Madelyn closed her eyes again, her heart about to explode. The loud popping sounds were quite deceiving and convincing. Madelyn quickly got confident again and pushed the pin a little further, overcoming the small resistance she was feeling.
The balloon went off with a loud bang, completely silencing the pathetic sounds coming from the small speakers of the phone. Both girls erupted into loud shrieks, Noémie quickly following with a hysterical laugh.

“So, finally! How was it? How do you feel? Be honest,” asked an excited Noémie.

“I… I don’t know, it was loud and surprising,” answered Madelyn, feeling relieved.

“Of course it’s loud, but other than that, did it hurt you? Was it scary?”

“I don’t know, I’m still quite scared.”

“You don’t look like you’re scared of the balloon exploding. You’re just scared to do it.”

“Yeah, the anticipation is killing me, the pop itself wasn’t too bad.”

“Pop a few ones in quick succession. Go!”

Madelyn approached the pin to the nearest balloon, and pushed until she felt the latex resist against her. Not wanting the anxiety to triumph this time, she just went for it, no fucks given.


She quickly extended her arm towards a third balloon, gently poking the pin against the latex.


Being dangerously close to complete tachycardia, Madelyn paused to catch her breath.

“Do you feel the rush?” asked Noémie, aching to join in on the fun.

Absolutely drunk with adrenaline, Madelyn couldn’t help but grin, “yeah I do.”

“Mind if I join in?” asked Noémie, rolling a balloon towards her, with a pin between her fingers.

“I don’t know, maybe, just don’t overwhelm me.”

Noémie then rolled even more balloons towards her until she had a nice batch laid out between them. She kept glancing at her friend, making sure she was alright. One after the other, Noémie poked every balloon in a steady pace. BANG… BANG… BANG… BANG… BANG.. BANG.
Madelyn was leaning away with a small frown, but she was managing quite well.

“Are we just going to burst them all like that?” asked an uneasy Madelyn.

Noémie grabbed one of the huge and under inflated balloon, before reassuring her friend, “No, the fun part is yet to come. I’m just asking you to trust me on this one, grab this balloon over there, the big one, and place it on the bed, I’ll show you how you can bounce and sit on it.”

“You’re going to sit on it? It’ll pop!”

“Trust me, watch.”

Noémie slowly lowered her butt on the balloon, deforming the rubber. She kept lowering her butt until the balloon completely resisted against her weight, effectively holding her petite and feminine body like a chair.

“See? Try that. It’s fun.”

Madelyn went to grab her huge balloon and then placed it on the bed. A little scared at first, she was very hesitant. She lowered her body weight very slowly, feeling her thighs burn in effort. Scared to lower her body further, she stayed there, squatting for almost thirty seconds, before her legs gave up. Her butt fell onto the poor balloon, which deformed gently against her. Madelyn cringed, her eyes closed, her ass clenched and her thighs exhausted. Realizing the balloon has held her up quite easily, she suddenly relaxed her whole body. She tried her hardest to keep her balance.
Noémie, on the other hand, was swaying slowly in circles, smiling. The fearless girl looked up at the ceiling, and at the very tight and large helium balloons. She reached for a couple strings and brought four balloons down.

“Give me your hands,” spoke the French girl softly.

Madelyn had her palms firmly sitting on her thighs. She slowly extended both her arms, her leg muscles fighting to keep her balance.

“Don’t worry about the balloon, control it, sway and bounce around, feel it, be in control. This is your ride, don’t be scared of it,” reassured Noémie, holding onto her friend’s hands.

She started pushing and pulling on Madelyn’s hands, making her bounce and circle on top of her balloon. Madelyn had a huge and proud smile on her face.
Noémie tied the strings around Madelyn’s wrists. Two balloons on each wrist, and then let her hands go free.

“Haha!” exclaimed Madelyn, in a complete state of happiness.

Madelyn felt the helium balloons tug on her. She was clearly enjoying it. The balloons were scary, and very tight, but she was starting to feel very safe, and those dangerous balloons seemed to somehow calm her, even though they shouldn’t. She was also starting to feel aroused. All those balloons around her, she despised them, but she was also loving them. They were no longer scary. She enjoyed the satisfying feeling of overpowering her fear. She felt in control, for the very first time.
Both girls, the fearful and the fearless, shared a beautiful and harmonious moment of joy. They smiled at each other, gently bouncing away on their balloon, as they held hands together. Both red in the face, a lump in their throats, their hearts sang the song of love.

Noémie motioned for her dear friend to come sit in front of her, on the same balloon. Madelyn gently got up, and, while holding the bed frame for balance and fear management, she slowly lowered herself. Noémie moved her legs to the back, inviting Madelyn to do the same. They were both now straddling the balloon, Madelyn’s back to Noémie’s chest.

“Give me one of your balloons,” murmured Noémie softly, right on Madelyn’s ear, as she wrapped her arms around her friend.

Madelyn gently pulled on one of the strings, until the balloon was right in front of her face. She undid the knot from her wrist and admired the balloon. It was a crystal pink balloon, with a tremendous neck. The string-tied mouthpiece was right at the rubber ring, as the entire neck was inflated.
Noémie carefully rested her head on her friend’s shoulder, looking at the balloon. She used her hugging hands to grab the string. With a careful and expert motion, she undid the string knot. She pulled the looped part of the string until it came right off, and let it slowly drift towards the bed. A small amount of life seeped out of the balloon, but Noémie quickly pinched whatever unstretched rubber was left to hold on to. Her long and squared fingernails were gently poking at the latex, deforming the neck as she struggled to keep the balloon’s mouth shut.

“Blow for me Madelyn, open your mouth,” whispered the French demon, slowly moving the balloon towards Madelyn’s lips.

Madelyn couldn’t utter a word, as she felt her parts throb in complete ardor. She slowly parted her lips, wanting to hold on to the beautiful and filled balloon in front. As Noémie moved the mouthpiece inside Madelyn’s mouth, she had to let go. Madelyn’s lips were wrapped around her friend’s fingers. Slowly, Noémie removed her hand, drawing a nice trail of saliva all across her index finger. The balloon screamed helium into Madelyn’s mouth before she closed her lips firmly around the balloon, feeling that tight pressure against her.
A hand around the neck, and the other holding the balloon steady in front, Madelyn’s heart was about to explode.

“Gonfle…” encouraged the devil, caressing Madelyn’s body.

Madelyn slowly and shakily delivered a very small puff of air, mixing her delicious breath with the helium inside. The balloon squealed, needing a little more to go out in a burst of love.
Madelyn removed the balloon out of her mouth, panting and panicking, but trying not to show it. Noémie carefully took back the balloon, her fingers almost slipping at the wet and tight mouthpiece. She gently brought the balloon towards her mouth, the tight rubber brushing against Madelyn’s ear and cheek.

“Noé..” Tried protesting the poor prey.

“…shhhh” came the slow and calming command.

The balloon was now secured inside the treacherous succubus. Once friend, now fiend. A Tsunami of deceit, an ocean of disguise ready to recede.
A loud, slow and ravaging breath sucked all the happiness from the room. A foul portend.
Madelyn’s eyes widened, her ears becoming all the more sensitive. She felt something, something strange. A wandering vagrant had found a nice spot in the mountains to settle.
The Tsunami of deceit parted the clouds, standing tall for all to see. And Madelyn stared, right at it. The wave came crashing down like a planet, as the realities of the situation laid in front. It was not about the balloon. It was about her friend. The daemon blew the breath of death, and the balloon gladly orgasmed. Right there, on the fool’s shoulder.
The violent and euphoric explosion sent both girls into a crazed and passionate state of hypnosis. Madelyn shuddered as she witnessed the latex mist rain all around her. Reality, much like the videos she had previously watched, went silent for a couple seconds. In her deafened state of shock, she slowly turned her head towards temptation.
The wandering vagrant reached the summit, and danced wildly around the peak, moving and deforming the fleshy mountain in a miraculous gift of love.

Their noses brushed, their eyes locked. The master plan revealed. The art of war exposed. Their lips met in a deep and passionate kiss.

Madelyn’s inner fire was raging in lust, shattering her perception of fear and mortality.

“My turn…” whispered the lost girl between gasps and kisses.

Madelyn pulled on another string. She was determined. She brought the balloon down and expertly undid the knot, setting the balloon free. Being almost tipsy from horniness, she carefully placed the balloon between her lips, and blew. It sounded more like a moan rather than a breath.


Both girls were shocked. Noémie at her friend’s bluntness, and Madelyn at the extremely loud pop that left a nice dangling mouthpiece. It was absolutely shredded.
They hopped off the giant balloon, ripping at each other’s clothes. Noémie pushed her now naked friend away, sending her falling on the bed. She then forcefully spread the poor girl’s legs apart, before diving head first into head game.

Madelyn felt her wet slit being probed, and shed a tear of ecstasy. She was already on the verge of orgasm, and needed just a small push to burst.
Noémie felt her victim’s erogenous zone throb in anticipation, and so she stopped completely, blue balling poor Madelyn. Noémie stood up and pulled the string of another balloon. She undid the knot, threw the string away, and gave it to Madelyn.

“Let the air out and start blowing it back up, focus on your breathing, try not to cum.”

Madelyn quickly started sucking in all the helium from the balloon, and Noémie resumed her game. Madelyn’s toes curled as they desperately tried to grab and hold onto the bedsheets.
After sucking in all the helium, Madelyn removed the limp balloon out of her mouth. Noémie went for the clitoris, and Madelyn let out some huge high pitched moans. Noémie smiled at the sheer ridiculousness of those moans. From outside, you would have thought the chipmunks were going R.

Madelyn was extremely close again, and so she brought the balloon to her mouth, and started to focus on her breathing.
Breath in, breath out. Her eyes closed, she focused on blowing the balloon up. Some of her exhales were coupled with small sighs of joy and relief. As the neck started crawling back towards her lips, this time even bigger than before, Madelyn felt the build up starting to cross over. There was no going back. She jolted both her thighs towards her friend’s head, ready to go off. Madelyn was starting to feel a huge urge to pee, and felt her heavy bladder. She didn’t care though, she wanted that sweet sweet release.
She gave the balloon the breath to end it all, and the balloon gladly popped right at her face, and right between her lips. The loud burst sent Madelyn into an uncontrollable series of convulsions, as she felt her full bladder let go. They said it wasn’t pee, and that it was a rather different liquid, but Madelyn didn’t care. She saw the stars as her vagina let out a series of contractions, spraying her lover over and over again, gushing out a fountain of stress, and a cascade of thick and white love.

“Thank you… oh, sorry for the mess,” said an out of breath Madelyn, completely spent.

Noémie couldn’t help buy smile, her hair and face completely wet. She gathered the very few remaining balloons.

“There’s still a few more to go. I’ll leave them for you. You did amazing so far.”

Madelyn nodded slowly, clearly exhausted from that ground shaking orgasm.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

Madelyn gave her friend a worried look, her eyes widening.

“Mind if I sit on your face?”

And I ask myself, why? and all I hear is the cold, dead silence of the cosmos.

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Default Re: Le ménage
RIP Brandon.

In all seriousness though, this was astounding. Absolutely incredible buildup and payoff. One of my favorites you've ever done.
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Default Re: Le ménage
RIP Brandon.

In all seriousness though, this was astounding. Absolutely incredible buildup and payoff. One of my favorites you've ever done.
Thank you!

Poor Bradon indeed. unless...
And I ask myself, why? and all I hear is the cold, dead silence of the cosmos.
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Default Re: Le ménage
I'm pretty sure your writing is the absolute best around here. Top notch story as usual.
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