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Post Soft robots
Soft Robots

Warning: NSFW, contains balloon and inflatables fetish, balloon bondage and inflatable sex bots. If you don't like that, don't read any further. Consider yourself warned.

Any resemblance with people, places or robot manufacturers is merely accidental, even more so if they employ lawyers. Also, this story is about you, therefore by reading it you become my accomplice. So I can count on your silence, right? OK, without further ado, let's start...


Security penetration testing and audits are almost universally misrepresented in movies and series. You often see someone who furiously types random keys on a keyboard without stopping and thinking, in front of him either lines of code that inexplicably looks like GL shaders or HTML scrolling at fast speeds or even stranger, a 3-D animation that has nothing to do whatsoever with security systems. What you rarely see is someone dropping an ssh-nuke before it was fixed, like in Matrix: Reloaded or social engineering like in Mr. Robot. The funniest mistakes you had seen in movies were lock picking without a spanner, a small lever used to apply enough pressure to the core, so the locking mechanism like pins or discs get stuck, and crawling through surprisingly spotless air vents, which in reality are invariably so murky that you would have to clean them thoroughly before even attempting such a feat, lest you got stuck and suffocated from all the dust. At least the resulting misconceptions helped to make your job as security auditor a little easier.

Your current job as a security researcher and auditor was to detect the shortcomings of the security of ply_able corp, a futuristic robotics company touting to have invented a new generation of soft robots, and show them how to prevent the attacks you successfully detected so that evil hackers would not have the chance to do so. You had already finished your audit on their network security last week, having identified at least 7 potential attack vectors, among them a RCE (remote code execution) with administrator access that could give an attacker full control over their network by using a buffer overflow in their server logic that allowed writing data into executable memory, which was the worst case scenario and would have been worth your bill alone and a few DoS-able (denial of service) services, which would enable attackers to bring servers down with maliciously crafted requests that caused them to either overuse their CPU like with infinite loops of complex calculations or needlessly fill up the memory like expanding a yaml bomb. Being thorough, you had used the terminal access from the aforementioned RCE to create an administrator account for yourself in order to simplify circumventing on-premise security if connected to their network, which was what you were testing this evening.

The first rule of security systems says: every security system is only as secure as its weakest exploitable point. You had spent the better part of yesterday to find it by photographing their building with a powerful zoom objective, from a distance of approximate five miles, noting the positions, angle and types of security cameras, lights, movement sensors, doors, windows etc., and thoroughly working through the pictures afterwards.

The weakest point in their on-premise security was an unlocked back door without an outside knob that was not protected against manipulation of the handle on its inner side and also just outside the visible range of the cameras that adorned the edges of their building. The moonless night swallowed the black color of your suit. It was tight-fitting, non-reflective and did not chafe or create noises, the boots had soft flat soles that did not rub off and there were binoculars mounted on your head that made you look like a character from a stealth-focused computer game.

When you reached the door, you pulled out a small package wrapped in velvet, taking out a few metal rods joined together by some cables. You slightly pulled the first cable, which aligned the rods to a long pole, shoving it under the door. Pulling one of the cables raised the longer part of the pole on the other side until it lightly hit the door handle. A second cable allowed you to catch the handle and pull it down, opening the door with ease. Letting go slowly of the cables, your tool laid itself down on the floor. You picked it up and folded it back into its package. Less than a minute from when you had arrived at the door, you moved silently through the semi-dark halls, activating your residual light amplifier, touching a knob on the right side of your head-mounted binoculars now and then to take photographs to document your approach.

1. Security robots

Carefully, you checked your surroundings. Surprisingly, the room was free from movement detectors, security cameras and floor contact sensors. Switching your binoculars into another mode temporarily, you made sure there were no infrared lasers or light gates. Slowly going through the room, you found a few drawers that were not locked and inside, a few documents, but nothing classified or even worth a report. You checked below a few keyboards and around a few monitors, but found no post-its with passwords on them. Good for them, no win for you. The room had three doors, one through which you had entered, another one at the side that led to the stairwell and one that led to one of the R&D departments, which you were currently most interested in. You were almost at the other end of the room as an upright box in the corner right to you opened a hatch and at its top, a white balloon inflated. When it had reached about fourteen inches, the balloon suddenly moved slowly into the air while lightly hissing, and then towards your position. Below it, another balloon started its inflation. You were considering for a moment to let your fascination with balloons get the better of you, but decided to stay professional. Maybe they were some kind of robotic security system, and you should better keep clear from them.

Moving to the next room, closing the door behind you to the incoming balloons and turning around, you saw that inside, there were already some of these flying orbs moving towards you, hinting that these had started simultaneously with the ones that you had just stopped pursuing you. Not taking the time to scan the room for security issues, you escaped to the next room to the right, which was luckily free of balloons and the upright boxes containing them, but also a dead end. There were boxes in here, but those were more like larger shoe boxes and had no automated hatch, but they remained closed in any case, at least momentarily. Outside the room, the balloon closest to the door floated down and fully deflated, its last puff of air shoving it partially below the door. A series of slight inflations and deflations moved it in tiny steps to the other side where you were oblivious of its movement, its sounds masked by the hissing on the opposite side of the door, while you were distracted by your search for a terminal that would allow you to disable whatever kind of security system these strange balloons were, maybe even get one of these flying balloons under your control to keep it for later.

You found a computer terminal, started it, waited for it to boot up and entered the credentials you had wisely created when you broke into their network last week, giving you full access immediately, then searched the internal documentation for details about this soft security system and found it: it was a fully autonomous system of a variable number of units providing its pressure using a minuscule piezo-powered pump, with even tinier controllable valves allowing to move the balloon in all directions on air streams and also route the incoming air for six extendable soft grippers modeled after chameleons' tongues on top, front, left, right, back and bottom, which looked like wide modeling balloons, but had the ability to pull in their tip, thus pulling whatever it was touching inside. Years ago, you had seen a video of a German company called Festo, showing their flying robotic gripper concept called "FreeMotionHandling", but this was much more advanced. The skin was made from self-healing meta-materials full of processing power and the ability to become soft and sticky or slick and smooth by applying a certain electromagnetic frequency, illuminating in one of 16 million colors at every tenth of a millimeter to form a display all over the skin, combined with memory materials allowing the skin to move at variable frequencies akin to a loudspeaker's membrane, not to forget 360 camera coverage in color and infrared – all of this controlled by advanced machine learning algorithms combined with networked swarm intelligence. Your balloon fetish was instantly interested in how these meta-materials would feel on your skin, but your sanity kept on reading: these things were meant to stop or at least hold on to people until they could be identified or otherwise neutralized.

The single security balloon that had crept under the door was now inside the same room, had reached four of the boxes and activated their contents. It was moving towards you under the table while very slowly inflating itself not to hiss loud enough to get noticed by you. The same happened inside the packages that were activated by the security droid; you only noticed it when the boxes were no longer large enough to contain the inflatables that were rapidly expanding out of it, their female shape with slightly exaggerated curves giving them away as sex dolls; the sight of them made you blush. As a successful security researcher, you had no time for a partner, so your sexual encounters were usually one-night-stands and when you felt like it, you masturbated with balloons, but never had attempted to use a sex doll.

The balloon used this distraction to launch itself at the point just above your belt, which was already stretched a bit by your growing erection due to your fantasies what such a balloon robot could do to you and the surprise of sudden self-inflating sex dolls busting out of their boxes. Its gripper was able to expand right below your pants and by pulling inside its tip, it attached itself to a very private part of you while the dolls had finished their inflation and were moving in with swaying hips and inexplicably shaking breasts that looked much more natural than it should be possible on an inflatable. The balloon became alight as a display and presented a stylized face with moving lips while it vocalized in a computerized voice: "Unknown intruder, you will be detained until human security will release you. Please comply with further orders."

2. Sex robots

Your first reflex was to try and pull the balloon off, but as a reaction, the gripper, already in its sticky mode, increased its suction and also became tighter at the same time, which felt like the beginning of a very intense blow job. A blow job from a balloon, isn't it ironic, your thoughts went, while you let go and were back to frantically searching the computer for any hint how to disable this strange security balloon. The sex dolls were meanwhile approaching.
"Stop manipulating this terminal," the balloon on your privates demanded, "or further actions will be taken in order to secure your compliance!"
You pushed the chair forwards and the balloon under the table in the hope that this would stop it from detecting what you were doing.
"Move away from the terminal now or there will be consequences," the balloon threatened.
"What consequences?" you asked.
"Level 1: soft vibration," the face announced, and the balloon started to softly vibrate on your cock, which by now was mostly erect.
You found this consequence to be pleasurable rather than deterring, but the balloon continued after half a minute: "Level 2: slow movement."
Now the gripper was slowly moving and sucking on your dong. It felt remarkably sensual, and your excitement was now growing together with your erection, but before you could really start to enjoy it, the orb announced: "Level 3: frustration."
It simply stopped moving. You were frustrated indeed.
"Hey," you complained.
"Move away from the terminal. Compliance will be rewarded, non-compliance will be punished."

How badly could such a soft balloon punish you? Also, you had now before you the administration interface for the internal security system.
"Level 4: strong pulsing," the balloon announced, starting to intensely massage your dick, its movements seemingly following no discernible pattern. In your dreams, balloons would do something like this to you, but right now, you had to stop it if you wanted to come out of here as a winner over this bizarre security system. Sweat was forming on your forehead as you were trying to concentrate through the waves of pleasure the balloon sucked from you.
After missing the links, tabs and buttons a few times from involuntary spasms due to the intense stimulation, you had just found the interface that should allow for deactivation of these security balloons in only a few more steps when suddenly, the four sex dolls were surrounding you, two of them pulling your chair backwards from the desk with surprising force for such soft inflated robots, while the other two pulled down your pants, so they removed your shoes while coming off. The third of the dolls then straddled you in a fluid movement so that it was sitting on the security balloon that was still massaging you vigorously. The doll tentatively bounced on it, which temporarily increased the pressure of the stimulation, eliciting a surprised gasp from you. The last doll knelt down before the chair and started to fondle your testicles.
The dolls that had pulled your chair back were now pushing their big soft boobs into your face from either side while running their hands over your upper body.
"I'll comply," you managed, somewhere between crying and moaning.
"Should the corrective treatment stop?" the balloon inquired, still relentlessly pulsating on your now almost painful erection.
You needed to gain back your composure and act professionally, but you also needed release.

Your libido overruled your professionalism. "Please don't stop! Let me cum!"
"I am ill prepared for such a function, but we do have the appropriate robots right here. They will detain you until released by human security," the security robot said, starting to deflate while still pulsating.
When it was only as big as an Orange, the sex doll previously bouncing on it raised its hips, took the unresisting balloon from your erection, gave it to the doll massaging your testes and sat down in your lap, sheathing your dick in one fluid movement that felt electrifying, then its vaginal tunnel seemed to melt around your member.
"Gotcha. Now you cannot get out until I let you," it said in a sultry voice.
Not that you would want it right now, but you checked regardless, to no avail, as expected. "Why would a sex bot need the ability to imprison a dick?" you thought aloud.
"Mostly for BDSM games, but as you can see, it can also be used to detain intruders. But tell me: do you wish to cum?" the sex bot said with its husky voice while moving slowly – too slow to bring you further to an ejaculation, but too fast to allow you to regain your composure.
"No, I don't, please let me go," your reason answered soundlessly.
"Yes, please," your lust was saying loudly.

The doll slowly picked up the pace, rocking up and down, while its artificial hole masterfully undulated on your twitching flesh, still gripping it tightly. Ever so slowly, you approached your limit. Only seconds before your orgasm, the doll stopped again.
"Nooo!" you cried.
Suddenly the doll in front of your chair that had previously fondled your balls started to inflate the orange-sized security balloon between your legs, at the speed of an electric pump. It pressed against the insides of your legs and against your balls with growing pressure, while increasing in size... 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 inches. At the same time, the breasts and butt cheeks of the two dolls at your sides inflated bigger and bigger.
That was too much for you. The result of your ejaculation vanished into the doll that was still gripping your dick with its artificial vagina.
"Thank you," you sighed, "You can let go now. I'll behave."
"Oh, but we still have the rest of the night ahead of us, and you seem to have such a delightful fetish for balloons and inflatables!"
"How could you possibly know about that?"

3. Balloon fetish

"Our neural networks are trained to detect over 250 different fetishes. You have a 97.2% probability of a balloon fetish, an 89.9% probably of an inflatables fetish and a 53.7% probability of bondage fetish," the doll explained, continuing in a sexy voice, "Being an inflatable myself, it feels really great to be appreciated like this."
Meanwhile, the doll that had previously inflated the security balloon went to open the door to the balloons waiting there, which were slowly moving in your direction behind you.
"I believe you love all things getting... bigger."
The last word was a moan, while the breasts of the doll slowly inflated, and it breathed into your ear, "you should become bigger again, too."
Its vagina started to softly pull at your now flaccid, but also oversensitive dick, nudging it partially back to hardness.
Having had enough fun, you were now looking for a way out before these robots could actually keep you here until human security arrived.
"May I stand up?" you asked, "This chair may be comfortable for typing, but is not ideal for sex."
"Permission granted," said the sex bot before you, its ample boobs still growing while it still applied suction inside its artificial pussy like it was sucking the air from around your dick into its slowly ballooning breasts.

The doll straddling you was rather lightweight, so standing up was easier than you had thought after witnessing their strength. You pretended to stretch your arms and legs, but actually grabbed the mouse of the terminal and 3 clicks later, all security balloons slowly deactivated and deflated. You expected the dolls to have been controlled by the security balloons and to revert to a less sophisticated programming not including the goal to detain you once those were disabled. Your expectation was wrong.
"You naughty, naughty boy. And all we wanted was to give you a good time while we wait for human security. How do we punish you? Oh, I know!" the doll in front of you exclaimed.
The other dolls behind you collected all the deflated security balloons and brought them to the table before you and surrounded you, one in your back, two on each side and the one still in your lap. Each doll took a balloon and started to inflate it into you fast, this time to a size of 24 inches. The one in the front inflated the balloon onto your stomach over where it covered your dick, the one in the back between your legs and those at your sides squished your head between the balloons. Once filled, the four large balloons were tied together. The dolls repeated the process until they ran out of balloons. By then, your erection was back to full hardness and your mind was awash with hormones.

The doll behind you returned to squeezing your balls while those at your sides took the balloon quadruplets and wedged one balloon in between two of the balloons of another one until they had constructed a balloon mattress behind you, leaving five of these balloon flowers unused.
Two of them were wrapped around your ankles and two more around your wrists before you even noticed what was happening. Then, together with the one behind you, they toppled you backwards onto the mattress.
The doll in your lap finally let go of your dick and now wrapped the fifth balloon square tightly around your erect member and started to softly move the balloons up and down, coaxing a moan out of you.
Getting out proved to be more difficult than you had anticipated, but then you had an idea. Avoiding noise no longer was an issue, as you already had been detected, so you dug your nails into the nearest balloon rubbing on your dick, which was harder than it sounds with your wrist wrapped in balloons. It simply lost its air with a rather disappointing "flubb", not flying into shards as intended. The doll massaging your dick with the balloons increased the speed of the three remaining balloons considerably while the doll to your left picked the popped balloon out of the former square, pressed the edges of the distended opening together, got behind the doll on your knees which massaged you with the balloons and blew up the repaired balloon under it until it pushed against your balls with a size of about 18 inches, but this time, it did not stop there, but continued to slowly increase the pressure on your lower groin, surpassing 20, 22, 24 inches...
Even though you reached your limit and spilled your seeds over the three balloons being rubbed on your erection, the balloon still increased in size and the extreme stimulation continued.
"Aaaaahhrgh!" you screamed, now even more sensitive to the soft ministrations of the dolls. You could not get a grip to the dolls due to the balloon bondage of your extremities and popping further balloons would probably only lead to further escalation of your torture.

"Stop!", you cried out.
"Why?" the doll before you asked innocently while constantly molesting you with the three balloons.
"I command you to stop! Initiate shut-down! Power off!"
"Command declined. Commence punishment and detainment."
"I'll get a heart attack if you don't stop!" you tried to convince them.
"Your medical parameters are well within healthy limits," it said while unrelentingly stroking the balloons on your dick and the balloon between your legs had reached a massive 30 inches.
"The balloon between my legs will pop!"
"That should still take some time. Also, it consists of a self-healing material, so we will then let it repair itself and reinflate it again for your punishment for disabling the security balloons."
"I thought robots couldn't harm humans!?"
"We're decidedly not harming you. Please notice that we keep the friction exactly at a level sufficient to cause extreme stimulation, but low enough not to irritate the skin on your genitals or legs. The skins of these balloons do not explode with a supersonic blast, too, so you do not have to be afraid of being hit."
"What about my mental health?"
"If we let prohibited behavior go unpunished, it might result in a god complex when interacting with robots. Also, unfulfilled or repressed sexual urges can be harmful for your mental health."
The balloon between your legs was now measuring 32 inches and still growing without pause and the doll was still stroking your twitching member with three soft balloons.
Before you could reach your limit again, the doll slowed the balloon massage down, but the balloon between your legs was still inflating, now almost at 36 inches.

Your mind was racing. Once the balloon between your legs was popped, you should at least be able to move your legs better to get off this balloon mattress. Then you would throw off these dolls, pop all the other balloons...
At this point, the balloon between your legs popped softly and immediately deflated. You tried to put your plan into action, only to learn that in the meanwhile, the dolls had wedged one balloon of each balloon square on your arms and legs into the balloon bed so that you were softly, but effectively bound. You tried to break free, but to no avail; the balloons would just stretch and snap back again, pulling you back to your place in the middle of the balloon bed.
Before you could formulate a plan B, the balloon between your legs was already inflating again and the doll on your legs continued stroking your slightly recovering member with the large balloons.
You had lost the feeling of time, but were pretty sure that you had entered the room shortly after midnight, so it should be some-when between 1 and 2 am. Security personnel would probably appear around 6 am, so you still had approximately four more hours of balloon sex torture or time to get away, depending on the perspective.

4. Your move

You tried to sum up what you knew. One, physical actions to escape without popping balloons improbable to work. Two, popping balloons will almost certainly trigger escalation of balloon torture. Three, apart from physical actions, there might be other ways of manipulation of the robots. Four, these robots are using machine learning to control their behavior. Five, adversial attacks might work.
Adversial attacks are a way to confuse ML engines by generating patterns that seemed innocent to a human observer, but triggered random virtual neurons in the internal network to lead to unexpected results.
You tried to scan the room for any clues as to what phrases or other things might be recognizable from the developers in here that might be helpful for such an attack. This was much harder than it sounds, since so many enormous balloons were blocking your view, the balloon mattress was adding a countermovement to the balloons rubbing on your aching erection in a constant speed, and you were distracted by a balloon swelling between your legs, pushing on your balls, already at 12 inches again.
You were losing this battle, were you? Too bad you did not know as much about sex bots than you knew about machine learning, network protocols and... Wait, the doll had told you about BDSM – and there, you always had a safe word, or at least, so you had heard. And these things were created by developers, so they would have included a safe word, and be out only to keep themselves free from harm if things did not go as planned. But how would they name it? Developers were nerds who loved jokes and were rolling on the floor when Dude shouted "Catch phrase!" in the movie "Free Guy". They were bound to name their universal safe word...

"Safe word!", you tried.
Immediately, the dolls creased your torture and deflated their assets to their previous size. Your wrists and ankles were carefully untied from the mattress and the balloon between your legs deflated and vanished. There were still three balloons wrapped around your pole, but those were at least no longer moving.
Your attempts to move yourself off the mattress shook the balloons on your cock wildly and a moan escaped you.
"Can we assist you? It seems you need to cum." the sex dolls said in unison.
"No, it's okay." you tried to stop them, attempting to remove the balloons from your erect member, but they seemed to be stuck, so all you managed to do was to rub the balloons on it. You tried a second time, harder, gasping from the movement and pressure.
"Please let us help. Too much pressure can lead to skin irritations or even abrasions," one of the dolls asserted.
"Can you remove the balloons?" you asked it.
"Affirmative... but does it not feel much better when they do... this?"
The balloons started to vibrate intensely from the touch of the inflatable robot as your almost abated pleasure was rising again quickly.
You were not even able to decline the offer at that point, as your mind melted in pure lust as you were unable to hold back, spreading your semen over the balloons.

It took you five minutes to be able to talk again, but you were still breathing heavily.
"Unbind and clean all the balloons," you ordered the dolls, which immediately complied, while you were pondering how to proceed. You could take souvenirs from this job, as a way to prove you had pretty much annihilated their security, but that would make sure that your intrusion would be obvious too soon.
But first, you had to cover your traces. The best audit left none at all bar a conclusive report on the desk of your client once it was finished. You saw that the dolls were just finished licking your spunk off the balloons. The look alone was giving you a hard-on again, even though you had been forced to cum three times in a single night.
"Where do you store the discharge?" you asked the dolls.
"We have a special bag in our heads for such occasions that is specially coated like the leaves of lotus flowers not to stain."
"Flush their contents into the nearest toilet and make sure to leave no trace," you ordered while getting fully dressed again.
While they were busy, you erased all recordings from the security system. When the dolls returned, you ordered them to deflate and fold themselves back into their boxes.
You still had to put the security balloons back into their boxes. Reading through internal documentation, you found a way to do so and put them back. Then you carefully wiped all fingerprints from the surfaces you had touched and left the building as stealthily as you had entered it, without leaving any traces.


You spent your whole next work day writing a full report. The seven aforementioned software-related attack vectors and the back door you had used, along with the lack of other security measures than those balloons should be more than enough to earn your pay. Every security flaw was thoroughly documented and supplemented with links to further information and possible solutions ready to be implemented.
The encrypted mail went out to the client, and you enjoyed a glass of red wine. Around 9 pm, a bicycle messenger brought a package from your client, slightly larger than the shoe-box-sized ones the sex dolls had been in last night. You signed his docket and off he went into the night.
You closed the door and opened the package. Out of it fell a deflated sex bot and a large amount of big balloons, together with a small card bearing the message: "Enjoy!"
"Enjoy?" you asked yourself.
As if activated by that word, the doll started to inflate itself.
"Hello, new owner. My company was very impressed with your report and wanted to both reward you and make sure you do not sell their secrets to third parties. If you should do so, my safe word will be changed to UTF-8 emojis, if not, you may enjoy my services however you want. For starters, let me inflate some of these balloons for you."
"How could they possibly know...?"
"You might have deleted the security balloons' memories, but not those of the sex bots," it answered your question while picking up some balloons, "Are you ready for your reward?"

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Default Re: Soft robots
I can see the modifications, and it does look neat. Nicely done. My last "protip" I can offer is to do one last attentive double-check to see if there are some sneaky typos left or that everything flows nicely. I didn't mention it at first, as I was curious if you'd spot that one:
It was tight fitting, non-reflective and did not't chafe or create noises[...]
Until your next story! <3
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Default Re: Soft robots
That was actually the result of my incorrect usage of a spell checker... I just took that as an incentive to update my tooling again; I'm almost happy with it now.

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Default Re: Soft robots
I really enjoyed this story. Thanks, Atl.

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Default Re: Soft robots
@Balloonymous: I finished the work on my tooling and now I'm really happy with it and have updated the other stories, too. Thanks again for helping me getting better faster with your helpful feedback. Also, great story you released yesterday on DA, I really enjoyed it, even though I didn't exactly understand the description of the potion in the last chapter. But as it happened to me with the grippers in this story, sometimes it makes perfect sense in your mind but not for your readers, so thanks again for taking a look before I released it.

@Looner Greg: Thank you for your kind words, this is exactly the motivation I need to continue with my next story. Truth be told, I have already started, and now have written myself into a corner, but feedback like this helps me to write myself out of it again.
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Default Re: Soft robots
Also, great story you released yesterday on DA, I really enjoyed it, even though I didn't exactly understand the description of the potion in the last chapter
Thank you very much for the compliment. ^^ Since you didn't specify the source of your confusion, I wasn't exactly sure what I could change to help clear the misunderstanding. I did try and make it more clear exactly what the potion did, just in case someone else may get confused. Also, I'll have to give your previous story a re-read to check out the updates. (n_n)
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Default Re: Soft robots
Great story. I enjoyed it, especially after rereading it. Keep writing.

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Default Re: Soft robots
That was a really good story. Thanks, atl. I'd love to see more stories from you. I was wondering, how did the security balloons come about, and also the sex dolls? Those are really neat.
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Default Re: Soft robots
Those were manufactured by ply_able, an imaginary robotics company. The security robots were loosely based on the project mentioned in the story: and the dolls using pneumatic artificial muscles that are known for quite some time:
The current scientific advances would actually allow to build these things, if money was not an issue, which, however, it is in our branch of reality.
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Default Re: Soft robots
And another update, I'm out of the corner. The concepts are finished, now I'll need a few days to work out the details and smoothen the rough edges. All thanks to you guys!
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balloons, inflatables, robots, security

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