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Default How big is your Ace?
Having just received an order from Balloon Ace, there was a couple of freebies as they promise. Mine was two Belbal 14" 'Balloon Ace' advertising black balloons.
Being a non-popper (except for faulty or accidents), I go careful when getting close to rated size. I usually stop, tie off and play. As I had the electric pump out, I used that to blow one of the black balloons up. To make sure I get it to 14", I put two chair backs 14" apart.
'On' goes the pump and the balloon springs into life, but before reaching the two chairs, the neck inflated right up to the ring, then the body expanded to the 14". Turned pump off then. With a struggle I managed to tie it off. Rock solid it was.
With the balloon in this situation, something I've not achieved before, I wondered how big the printed 'Ace of Hearts' is. measuring it, it is 9cm x 7cm. Is this standard size or have others got it bigger?
No good for B2 poppers unless they stop, blow, measure, stop, blow, measure until it's stop, blow, BANG.
Has anyone else measured the size of one of these balloons by measuring the 'Ace' ? Be god to hear others thoughts on this.
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