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Post The Balloon Nymph
The Balloon Nymph

Warning: NSFW, contains balloon fetish, non-pop and lots of sex with a bit of femdom. If you don't like that, don't read any further. Consider yourself warned.

Any resemblance with people, places, dimensions or magical beings is merely accidental, even more so if they employ lawyers. Also, this story is about you, therefore by reading it you become my accomplice. So I can count on your silence, right? So, without further ado, let's start...


This common dream where you fall through your mattress, tumble deeper and deeper and suddenly drop into another place – that's not what happened to you, but it felt pretty similar.

The floor did break your fall, but luckily nothing else. You found yourself in a dark corridor with slab stone walls. Light approached, behind it two men. They were dressed in a strange uniform of black cloth with white lacing that seemed to come straight out of a LARP game and were holding strange sticks, one of which was casting the light. They shouted something at you in a foreign language. Then the one not illuminating anything raised his stick, pointed it and seemed to shoot something at you. Not wanting to get hit, you let yourself drop to the floor as a long rope was flying overhead, rolled sideways to get out from under it, got to your feet again and fled around the corner, where you ran over two more guards, who toppled backwards in surprise, while you hardly slowed down, going around three other corners, stopped and tried to get your bearings. Suddenly, you were surrounded by even more guards and soon bound in ropes from their magic wands.

A door opened behind them and a lady in a high-cut nightdress emerged. She said something unintelligible to you, saw your confused expression, raised her hand and spoke softly. A soft glow emanated onto you and to your surprise, you understood that the guards were saying something about being sorry to have woken her ladyship.
"Did you come here to kill me, barbarian?" she inquired.
"I was brought here against my will," you defended yourself against the accusation in that question, "and consider myself quite civilized. My current nakedness is only due to me being asleep in my bed when I was brought here."
"You misunderstand. 'Barbarian' is how we call those who get by on their strength rather than their magical prowess," she explained patiently, "This is rather unfortunate. You must understand that we have no intention of mistreating you, but you may not stay here. The only place that can accommodate you at this late hour is the prison. Please consider yourself in protective custody until the question of your unexpected appearance is resolved. My guards will accompany you there and ensure you're not handled as if you were a criminal."

You had expected a dark and dirty cell block, but the prison was actually clean and painted all in white, probably to have fewer shadows to hide in. One of the two guards who brought you here chatted amicably with the prison guards, then you were ushered into the prison warden's office, where the night warden was informed of the lady's request for your safe accommodation. "I am terribly sorry, but there is no free cell available right now, so we will have to pair you up with another inmate," he said, reaching for a list, going through it, increasingly frowning the further he got. "You cannot defend yourself against magic, so I cannot pair you with or move you next to basically anybody in here!" he grimaced at you. You nodded your confirmation. "Well, it is a bit of a risk, but she has been trained as a healer after all, and we will set up some extra precautions to ensure your well-being. You will share a cell with the former lady Loonara. Her cell is fully shielded, so you are at least going to be safe from everyone's but her magic," he informed you and looked at your guards, who saluted and left.

Another prison guard appeared, gave you some plain red garments and once you were wearing clothes again, guided you through a labyrinth of passages to a cell further off. It looked like a high-security cell, but you speculated that this was probably due to it being shielded. The guard told you, "I am now putting a safety spell on you. When your life is in danger during your stay in this cell, you will be transported to the warden's office."
He pointed his wand at you and a faint light settled on you shortly before vanishing again. "Please enter." he said politely, opening the door and closing it behind you again. Inside was... pretty much nothing. It was a surprisingly large room with a toilet and a wash basin in one corner and nothing else, not even a bed. On further inspection, you found a small deflated balloon in one corner, picked it up and looked at it from all angles when it suddenly inflated in your hand. You dropped it to the floor where its inflation continued far beyond the size such a small balloon could reach, but instead of merely becoming bigger, it seemed to take on a different shape.
When the inflation stopped, the balloon had filled the form of a beautiful young woman, who turned to you and said "Good night to you. My name is Loonara. Who do I have the honor of addressing at this hour?".

1. Loonara

You tried to think of a non-offensive way of inquiring what she was, but could only come up with "Why did I encounter a deflated balloon before meeting you?"
She smiled. "I am a balloon nymph."
"What is a balloon nymph?" you asked.
"A nymph is a being out of pure magic, without a corporeal body, yet with the command of certain elements that they can control out of the core of their beings. They do not need magic to exert that control, but they do need it to sustain themselves. What makes them so dangerous is that they can solely absorb magic that is created from sexual pleasure. A wild nymph will rape anyone in their vicinity until they are fully satiated or their victim's death. But please do not be too afraid of me yet, as I was born a lady and trained as a healer; I would never consciously hurt someone. Unfortunately, I am now without magic for quite some time and once I become too starved, I fear that instincts might overwhelm me."

"Where would you find balloons to control?" you wondered.
"I do not need to find them, I can have them at will, as many as I wish for. Some nymphs with a rare and complex element have the ability to create it from magic and balloon nymphs are among them," she explained.
"You said you were born a lady. How did you become a balloon nymph?" you asked.
"As a healer, I somehow contracted an unknown disease that caused my body to deteriorate whenever I used magic, including my own attempts to heal myself. Wishing not to die completely, I cast my last spell to turn myself into a magical being, which is a potentially dangerous endeavor, for you may not know in advance if you turn into a harmless sprite or, as in my case, a nymph – and since the body is destroyed in the process and the mind is bound to the new form, the transformation cannot be reversed." she told you, "But please do not think badly of me, for before I could hurt anybody, I turned myself in and have been here for about three moon cycles."
"What a cruel fate!" you told her emphatically.
She smiled again. "Thank you for your sincere condolence, but I am alive. Maybe some day, I will be able to help people and heal them again. I am just nervous, because I am afraid the instincts inherent to this form may get the better and everyone in my vicinity the worse of me."

"But if all you need is magic made from sexual pleasure," you asked, "why won't I just create that for you?"
"You would be willing to degrade and humiliate yourself by masturbating right before me?" she gasped, "While I appreciate your selflessness, I am also disappointed, since I had thought you were quite civilized for a barbarian!"
You contradicted her, "That should not be necessary. Sexual pleasure is experienced in the brain, so all it takes to create sexual magic is to stimulate the brain itself, for example through vivid imagination. Could you please explain to me in more detail what a wild balloon nymph will do to its victims?"
"Why, certainly!" she replied, "First, they will catch them by squishing them between very large balloons, ensnare them in very long balloons or build a soft yet impenetrable prison cell out of long and thick balloons. Then, they will pleasure their captives to get magic out of them: they use copious amounts of balloons to push, pull, constrict, suck, vibrate and pulsate on their erogenous zones. A balloon nymph is not bound by the laws of nature when it comes to balloons. She can make them impossibly soft or hard, minuscule or gargantuan, take on any form, regardless if usually possible for a balloon, let the skin expand even without air inside or shrink even against immense pressure, move a large inflated balloon underwater, thus overcoming its buoyancy, make it generate lift beyond what gases lighter than air could achieve or keep a balloon's center immobile against an incoming force so that its skin will wrap around the object exerting it. Born balloon nymphs will not stop attempting to cause sexual pleasure in their victims before they are fully satiated, but since they usually never learn to be emphatic, they will not refrain from inflicting pain while trying to get more magic out of their victims."

While your active imagination caused a slowly growing erection, you asked her "Are there any limitations to what you can do with balloons?"
"Only my imagination." she answered, "As long as it concerns balloons, I merely have to think about it without consciously wishing that it will not actually happen for it to happen. I could create myriads of balloons of any size and form, make them do whatever I think about, even perform tasks without any further intervention..."
"Do you already feel any incoming magic?" you asked, now trying to think of anything else.
She cocked her head, saying "Now that you ask, I have actually felt something for a few minutes, but couldn't really put my finger on it. It felt superb, though, almost like..." – her voice trailed off, her eyes started to glow, and she gasped, "Unbelievable. That was an incredible amount of magic you just created in this short time while we were talking! That is very unusual, unless... well, never mind, it worked! I won't become a menace for anybody as long as I am with you!" she exclaimed enthusiastically.
"But I have a life that I want to get back to. I would love to be together with you, but I do not want to stay here as a barbarian!" you complained.
"I could come with you!" she argued, "I would help you with my magic as a healer and balloon nymph! I could even deflate myself not to disturb you if you so wished, as long as you provide me with magic now and then."
You were conflicted. On one hand, your balloon fetish went rampant at the idea of someone with the power to create and control unlimited magic balloons wanting to be with you, on the other hand, you were unsure if a former lady could ever accept you and your fetish.

"You think they will take your word that you are not being dangerous anymore? Also, what is when I die one day?" you questioned.
"You are not cured of aging yet?" she inquired, "I can help you before I join you on your journey home!"
She wrote strange glyphs into the air that glowed golden. One after another, the glyphs settled onto your body. Once she was finished, they became brighter for a moment before vanishing.
"Thank you, but there's something else I will need for my journey home," you reminded her.
"And that is...?"
"Knowledge. I neither exactly know how I got here, where that even is in relation to my home nor how I should come back to where I belong," you explained, "And I see neither question being answered before sunrise. Also, I am exhausted and need to get some sleep. I was asleep in my bed when I was brought here. Are there any beds available in here?"
She smiled as numerous balloons were coming out of nowhere, forming themselves into a comfortable-looking king-size bed complete with fluffy pillows and a large blanket behind you.
"Thanks," you said before undressing in front of her and going to bed while she was watching you in a mix of astonishment and admiration.

Your morning wood was worse than usual, courtesy of your dreams being inspired by yesterday's imaginations and your mattress, pillows and the blanket covering your nakedness being made out of clouds of soft balloons, rubbing on every inch of your body...
"You seem to be quite excited," Loonara observed, "May I help you with that before you suffer a priapism?"
You yawned before answering, "Good morning to you, too. Weren't you telling me that I would be humiliating myself accepting such an offer just yesterday?"
She smiled, "That would have been if you had masturbated before me, but nobody should ever be ashamed of a medical treatment. As the healer currently responsible for your well-being, I prescribe a sensual balloon massage."
"If you say so..."
You were surprised to see the balloon blanket slowly inflate and move itself around your sensitive parts. Your attempts to pull it away merely resulted in the rest of the blanket following, still applying soft and squeaky pressure at your genitals. Neither pushing it pulling your arms nor kicking your legs helped, as the balloons of the blanket either moved or inflated to remain in pleasurable contact.
She looked amused at your futile struggle against the balloon blanket massaging your private parts. "Not intense enough for your liking? I can fix that."
You moaned as the speed and pressure of the massage increased and ceased your resistance, your eyes rolling up. Only seconds later, you came. The balloon on top of your cock deftly sucked it inside and seemed to lick it clean with hundreds of tiny tongues.
"There, that should solve your big issue down there," she remarked in a satisfied tone, her eyes glowing again as the magic you created flowed through her, "Do not hesitate to consult your healer immediately whenever you need help with an erection or are unsure if it could be problematic."

A knock at the door preceded a guard bringing a tray with breakfast. To ensure you felt as a patron rather than a prisoner, there even was coffee and a selection of bread rolls with different spreads. Loonara did not need any other sustenance than the magic you had already provided her with, but even so created a surprisingly solid table and two chairs from balloons and sat down at the opposite end while you ate and drank.
"Can you tell me anything about the way you arrived in this dimension?", she asked.
"I must have been brought here by magic," you suspected, "it felt like falling into this world."
"By whom?", she wanted to know.
"No idea. I turned up in the castle of a lady and was brought here by two of her guards," you concluded your story.
"Did you see their blazon?" she asked
"Their what?"
"The coat of arms, a heraldic image related to the family of lords and ladies – or at least their colors?"
You inspected your recollection of the last night.
"The guards had black uniforms, laced with white, but I don't remember any coat of arms."
"Ah, that must have been Lady Talana, my former mentor as a healer, member of the council of seven..." she guessed.
"There is so much I don't know about this... world, dimension, plane of existence, whatever you call it," you complained.
"The council of seven," she told you, "is the government of these lands. Every branch of magic has one seat in it: battle mages, transmogrifiers, elementalists, alchemists, enchanters, conjurers and healers were represented. Beyond its borders are deserts and tundras, inhabited by barbarians, most of them friendly and peaceful, but some of them wary of magic and even willing to attack its wielders."

2. Awakening

"There is also one thing you should know about yourself," Loonara continued, "The amount of magic coming from you last night and this morning was... like an ocean where one would have expected a puddle. Nobody without immense magical talent should be able to create this much magic!"
"What does that mean? Wouldn't I know if I was a magician?", you wondered.
"Not if you were never awakened."
"Let me guess, that has a different meaning here than waking up in the morning?" you chuckled.
"Quite so. But I'm not sure if I should open that door for you. It will never close again, even if you ignore it. On the other hand, it might help you get back to your own existence. But you will have to let me inside your mind to help you awaken."
If you let her into your mind, you reasoned, she will see your balloon fetish. Maybe she will despise you for it, your thoughts went on. Why would it matter? You won't see her again in that case anyway, your subconscious continued. Your heart wished otherwise.
She looked at your expression. "I believe you are conflicted because I might uncover things that you kept hidden from everyone else. And why should you trust me? To earn your trust, I will share with you a secret that I never told any living soul. This way, you will know you can trust me, too, that is, if you decide you want to be awakened."
You breathed slowly, then said "I want to be awakened."
"So I shall keep my word: I believe I was turned into a balloon nymph because I always had a thing for balloons. A sexual thing."
"You have a balloon fetish, too?" you whispered, shocked.
"What do you mean: too?" she said in disbelief, "is that what you didn't want me to see inside your mind?"
"I was afraid that you might think I was only going to use you to satiate my own sexual desire for balloons," you conceded, "It might simplify this situation if you just go on and look into my mind instead of me trying to explain the chaos inside right now, would you?"
For a moment, it was like she stopped. Then you felt her presence and heard her voice inside your mind, "Close your eyes to see me."

When you closed your eyes, you saw Loonara before you, the lady, not the nymph. She smiled and cried at the same time.
"You are the first person to see my inner self after my metamorphosis," she explained, "and I am so happy to be myself once more, even if only in your mind. I am also grateful that you opened yourself to me. Yes, both of us have that fetish, and we will be able to enjoy it together in time, but there are more important things at the moment. Now, for you to awaken, I will guide you to the part of your mind that shields you from magic."
She floated in a direction that was missing on any map. You followed. After a while, you got the feeling of a large imposing wall ahead of you.
"Here it is. Behind this wall is your connection to magic. It is rather big, so you must really hide a lot of magical talent."
You thought about it for a bit. The thoughts seemed to illuminate your mental surroundings. If thoughts were material in here... You focused your thoughts into a giant bowling ball hurling at the wall. When it made contact, the wall shattered, you felt something inside your mind give and then like you were growing into all directions at once.
"It is your mind that is growing to accommodate the connection to magic," she calmed you.
Where you grew, you found power, but also more than that: "It is more than power, there is also information, like a decentralized network."
"I don't think I can follow..."
"In my world, I am what we call a 'developer'," you told her, "that is someone whose work it is to understand problems and solve them with their mind."
"I knew you were civilized!" Loonara exclaimed happily, now from the outside of your mind again. You opened your eyes again, but the magic was still there, inside your mind. She was back to being a nymph before your eyes, but with the eye of your mind, you could still see her as a human simultaneously.

You tried to categorize your impressions. The magic you were now connected to seemed to connect everything, but it was not only raw power, but also transmitted binary code. Your attempt to understand the code must have triggered something, because suddenly before your inner eye, you saw something resembling the offspring of a magic spell and the developer tools you were used to.
"What is this?" you asked Loonara.
"Ah, that is what you get for trying to make sense of magic. A common occurrence for the newly awakened. You have to invoke the sign at the top right over there, then this thing will vanish again. Nobody ever made sense of it. Do not try to use the other things, they will only make it even more confusing."
You closed and opened the developer tools again, looked at the different tabs, then tried the glyph next to close, which changed the view to something like configurations. You tried a promising selection field and an incredibly long selection appeared, which you scrolled through for minutes before it happened: you could have sworn that this options list contained the item "English". Scrolling back a few lines, you found and activated it. Immediately, the glyphs changed. The tabs now read "Console", "Nodes", "Network", "Sources" and "Planes". You activated 'Nodes' and saw a mesh of dots bound together by lines of varying intensity. Through trial and error, you found your own node, connected to three other nodes; two of them did not get you any further than an "Access blocked" message in the console and the other made Loonara glow up, apparently visible only for you. A box with information appeared beneath her node once you activated it. You made an alias with her name for her node. The other ones must be the prison guard and the lady, you assumed.

After only a few minutes, you felt right at home with the dev tools and formulated a plan. "I actually made sense of it. I can use this to find out who got me here, but this cell seems to be blocking the connection required to connect their magical use to their identity."
She looked confused. "Sense of what?"
"Of what magic offers you if you try to make sense of it."
She looked stunned, asking "But... How?"
"Nobody of you ever looked at this from a developer's perspective," you said, "but that is not important right now. Getting us out of this cell should be our first priority!"
"Us? You really want to take me with you?" she asked in disbelief.
"Absolutely!" you assured her.
"Even though you now can use magic yourself and don't need me anymore?"
"Why would I leave you here, the only being in all dimensions who saw inside my mind and still wanted to be with me?"
She threw herself at you to give you a big squeaky hug. Soon enough, your erection was pressing against her abdomen.
"Oops, sorry," she said meekly.
"You should do something about this or else I might get a dangerous priapism, at least that is what I have heard from a healer who has my trust," you joked.
"What do you want me to do about it?"
"I always wanted to take a bath in a pool of balloons," you confessed.
She smiled and made long balloons blow up to form something like a large jacuzzi, which filled itself with blue uninflated 5-inch-balloons that were inexplicably moving like bubbling water.
"I thought the balloons would be inflated."
"Eventually. Hop in and see for yourself!"
When you got into the pool, the balloons parted around your body as if they were water. Their surface was not sticky, and their touch was cool and electrifying, but they didn't remain that way, at least not around your genitals, where they started to inflate fast, became snug, soft and sticky, moved around to rub your private parts until they had reached a size of at least 24 inches, then deflated again to be replaced by even more balloons doing the same to you. You gasped from the intense pleasure. That was even better than you had imagined it.
"Do you like your balloon pool?" she inquired.
"Oh, yes!" you sighed contently.
She joined you. The balloons slowly intensified their efforts to tease you until you orgasmed and again the balloon on your glans cleaned up any mess you made while you laid back and enjoyed the feeling of balloons on your skin.

3. Confrontation

Only half an hour later, the door of your cell opened without prior warning. Lady Talana, accompanied by two of her own guards and a prison guard entered, looked at the two of you lying at the opposite borders of the balloon pool and immediately screamed that "This balloon nymph is not safe! She is just raping this innocent barbarian!"
Stunned silence followed this words, until you broke it by laughing.
"My dear lady Talana, we were just enjoying a balloon bath when you honored us with your unannounced presence. Do join us, it is very refreshing."
She looked like something had gone awry. That was strange. Strange enough for you to check her node in the developer tools and saw two spells; one to understand this language and the other one before that... sudden realization made you shout back at her "You! Of all people, it was you who brought me here! Why?"
"How could you possibly know it was me...?"
"I learned a lot since our last encounter. I can now detect who used magic on whom."
"But that is impossible! You have a balloon fetish, and she is a balloon nymph. She should have raped you to death by now!"
"You seem to have underestimated both of us!" Loonara said angrily, "And I would like to know why you did this, too!"
You checked the connections between their nodes, reaching a breathtaking conclusion: "It was her who gave you the disease that destroyed your body, I assume."
You set a break point on Lady Talana's and her guards' nodes, just as a precaution.
Talana spat out the words at Loonara, "The council liked you so much, you would have replaced me as supreme healer in no time! I could not let that happen. But that does not matter. He will be found raped to death by several big balloons unrelentingly stroking, sucking and pulsating on his erection and the council will rule that you are indeed dangerous and shall be destroyed!"
She raised her hand to conjure up the aforementioned balloons, but to her utmost bewilderment, nothing happened.
"To the Dark with that! Guards! Kill them!"
Their wands didn't work either. You skipped over all of their casts in the developer tools while they were shaking their wands in confusion.
"What is happening? Why won't our magic work?", Talana cried.
"I used my new skills to stop you and your guards to use any magic. The prison guard has heard your full confession and will hopefully testify against you if need be."
"I am the supreme healer of the council of seven, you insolent barbarian! Nobody will even listen to either of you!"

"I believe you are mistaken, Lady Talana," you said quietly, "especially since I now have the power to stop everyone from using magic ever again if I so wish, including the council, if they force me to."
"Undo whatever you have done to us immediately!" she demanded.
Loonara had been quiet after Talana's accusing, but now said full of bitterness, "I would not have wanted to ever replace you, Lady Talana. You were my teacher, my mentor. I loved you like a girl loves her mother!"
Talana's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "You... what?"
Loonara continued in a sad tone, "How could you betray me like this?"
For the first time since entering the cell, Talana was lost for words. Her mouth opened and closed a few times.
"I have a suggestion," you said calmly, "You will convince the council that Loonara is not dangerous and may accompany me to my dimension if she so wishes, I unblock your magic and no word shall ever be spoken about this whole affair."
Talana sneered "How could I possibly trust you? If I let you live, you are still dangerous and will surely seek revenge."
"That's a compromise you will have to accept if you want to get your magic back and avoid being accused by us of deliberately spreading dangerous diseases. I do not think anybody would want you as a healer anymore if that became public knowledge."
Talana was fuming. "You wouldn't dare!"
"Try me!" you suggested.

Loonara intervened quietly, "We won't solve this issue with threats or accusations, when that is what caused it in the first place. Whatever you do, Talana, you have my solemn vow that all I ever want from you is to be left alone, not revenge. I will gladly go with him if you let me, and you shall never see me again." and looking at you, she said, "unblock their magic. Now."
Talana's eyes met yours.
You shrugged and unchecked the break points. "Alright. I too vow not to seek revenge. Here's your magic back."
The prison guard spoke for the first time. "I think it would be best if we see to it that these innocent prisoners are freed immediately and nobody ever heard more about this."
Talana tried to use magic to conjure a small light in her hand. It worked. She dispelled the light again.
You held your breath, waiting for her to do something.
Still looking at her hand, Talana asked Loonara softly, "After all that I have done to you, how can you still show me forgiveness?"
"Because what I need to heal is not vengeance, but closure."
Talana found nothing to say. The corners of her eyes showed a hint of the tears that she wouldn't allow herself to cry. A minute passed.
"I am so proud of you," she whispered to Loonara. She turned to the guards, now all business again: "These prisoners are to be freed immediately and sent both to the dimension of this barbarian."
The prison guard saluted. "I shall see to it at once."
Talana and her guards left while the prison guard took you to the warden's office and arranged for your departure.
While you were waiting for them to handle the paperwork, you asked one of the guards why they were using wands, while healers used their hands.
"Those wands merely help to better focus the magic. It is a technique employed by almost all battle mages."
You thanked the guard and bid him and the warden farewell. Then the warden cast the spell of teleportation, and you had the feeling of falling through the floor into your bed.

4. Return

Back in your dimension, the first thing you noticed was that it was night. Also, your cellphone's clock would show the date of the night you were teleported away. Apparently, the dimension you had last visited laid on another timeline than your own. The convenience of not having to explain your absence was compounded by a lack of sleep you would get tonight after leaving at noon, but you would have to replace it with sufficient amounts of coffee. Loonara was silently observing your dimension. Your world was as foreign to her as hers was to you. She wondered about everyday things, like electricity, cars and bicycles, dishwashers and washing machines and so on and remarked about it, "Such ingenious solutions that work without magic!"
Fulfilling her wish to work here as a healer proved to be more difficult than you had anticipated. To be allowed to work for money at all, let alone as a naturopath required an awful amount of paperwork, beginning with a personal ID – and getting one without a birth certificate was problematic, to say the least. Before long, you had to involve a lawyer. Fortunately, your development job was well compensated, sufficiently so that you could cover all expenses until she would look at her first own money. You had to come up with a cover story of a very rare dermal disease to explain the balloony look of her skin and even had to bribe a medical officer not to look too closely or even attempt an x-ray. A few weeks later everything was finally in order, and she could open her own small practice. While her work as a healer significantly improved her mood, she now tended to exhaust her magic reserves by healing her clients, and you had to "fill her up again". This involved fulfilling every magical balloon fantasy you could ever come up with and also a lot of her own.

It turned out her balloon fetish included dominating her partner with her powers. At the beginning of your relationship, you had a pang of bad conscience because you couldn't make her feel sexual pleasure, but she assured you that receiving magic from you was orgasmic, so she would not feel left out as long as she had you and her balloons to play with.
Apart from the balloon blanket and the balloon pool, she had a few more favorite ways to playfully "cure your erections", which she prescribed liberally between one and four times a day after "accidentally" arousing you, by hugging, kissing, pressing her balloon butt against your groin, letting her boobs grow before your eyes and/or right into you and other methods to get you excited. One of her other "cures" included squeezing you between balloons big enough to fill any room and make the balloons vibrate, pulsate and move around your shaft. Other times, she would inflate a long balloon under the table that wiggled into your pants with lips on its end that sucked you off vigorously. One time when you hesitated to lay down in the balloon bath for about ten seconds, she turned it into a reverse balloon shower where lots of balloons would explosively inflate with what seemed to be helium, as they exposed a strong buoyancy while rubbing on your whole body – except for those circling around your cock temporarily. At the ceiling, the balloons would vanish after some time to appear back in the pool uninflated. As the number of balloons rubbing on you upwards increased, their lift became strong enough to keep you suspended in the air while pleasuring you intensely.

She also loved movies and computer games and tried to either augment them with sexy balloon play or incorporate scenes from them into the balloon games she loved to play with you.
For example, the balloon strip maze, where she inflated walls of balloons into a labyrinth. A giant gray balloon, like the boulder from Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark, was slowly following you; if you touched the walls, a balloon ring would appear around your cock and slowly inflate, tighten and tease you until you removed an item of clothing, which would cause it to vanish again. That is, as long as you were not already naked, then it was only a question of time until you succumbed to the pleasure and/or be rolled over and thoroughly squished by the boulder balloon, which would also milk you thoroughly if there wasn't already another balloon doing that. You found out the hard way that falling forward on a balloon teasing you while being squished from behind would significantly increase the pressure on your privates, making the stimulation almost unbearable, so you were henceforth very careful to always turn around when being squished.

Or when you were playing a first-person shooter or role playing game, every hit you took would inflate a small balloon in your pants teasing you more and more until you couldn't concentrate on your game. If you died in the game, the balloons would slowly, but ceaselessly inflate and intensify their ministrations on you until you popped.
She also loved the Spider-Man movies and would use long thin balloons to emulate webs while changing her own appearance to match Ghost Spider. Needless to say that her "webs" would easily slip inside your pants to stroke your sensitive parts.
She also enjoyed all movies about magic in her own way – mostly as comedy. She was literally rolling on the floor, laughing, after watching the Harry Potter movies. On the other hand, she was fine with Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange, because they just claimed to have their own branches of magic instead of attempting to define all magic, even though they were a bit off at some points. But Zatanna Zatara was simply ludicrous in her opinion. She sometimes made a game out of that, too. Both of you gave a movie a 1-10 rating for portraying magic. If you were zero or one point off, you had won a favor from her. Otherwise, she would use balloons in creative ways to give you as many orgasms as you were further off than that. The worst loss you had to endure was 3 in a row.

Another game she liked was to create a large heap of empty balloons and hiding herself in there uninflated. You had to kiss them in search for her. Most balloons would just inflate to a random size and do nothing. If you found her, she would reward you by fulfilling all your wishes for the rest of the day, balloon-related or otherwise. However, there were two dangers: once the balloons filled the room to the point where you could no longer move, the surrounding ones would massage you until you came and a few of the other balloons would inflate into sex traps that would use different techniques to stop you from trying to kiss any other balloons: fwoomping into giant size and squeezing you from all sides while massaging your dick, turning into a balloon naga that would encoil you up to your mouth and suck you off while licking your testicles and cock with an incredibly long tongue, split into hundreds of small balloons that were strongly attracted to your groin and inflated and vibrated until you had an orgasm, or become a monster version of her with additional modeling balloons as tentacles which would ensnare you and skillfully rub and suck you into pleasurable oblivion. She often applied her healing magic to reduce your recovery time. That being said, you also suggested ideas how to play with balloons, which she gladly helped become reality.

Even though her practice was already sufficiently lucrative to support both of you, she had also provided the party balloon store where you used to buy your normal balloons – now without your business, as she provided plenty for you – with a giant balloon that contained a never ending amount of magical balloons that would grant the buyer almost as much control over the balloons as she had, once kissed on the neck and wishing for it, unless the buyer revealed more about how they worked or where they got them exactly*.
She added a lot of safety cautions; the balloons could not be used to suffocate, to squeeze someone to unconsciousness, otherwise hurt them, cause undue distress or be used in high-security environments, but otherwise, the fun you could have with them was solely limited by your own imagination. The balloons would vanish a month after their first use.
The shop took a generous third of the price, 30 bucks for a package of about a hundred balloons, and gave her the rest. She also sometimes performed at balloon fetish conventions, for a price in addition to all the magic she would absorb. If she was bored and magic was plenty, she would sometimes even do normal balloon decorations for kids parties or weddings, obviously a lot faster than anybody else.

She was soon earning more than twice as much as you were and since money had ceased to be an issue, you quit your day job and turned to your new vocation: magical development or, as you jokingly called it, "Sourcery". This entailed both supporting development with magic and the other way around. So you started building a RISC V emulator running Linux on magic itself, so you would never need to buy a PC again – the performance was incredible – and also researching the syntax and API of magic. There were some issues to solve, though. Wi-Fi was made difficult by the fact that you would simply receive all signals in the universe at full level while lacking any distance information to filter them; even though you had unlimited processing power, the network stack was ill-equipped to handle such a load, so you needed an abstraction. Memory and storage on the other hand were virtually infinite and had exactly zero access time. However, first installing the system was impossible without connecting to a real storage device, but luckily, you got magic to read DVDs. Making the display visible to others at will was another challenge, but your stubbornness and creativity prevailed. While the API of magic was partially introspective, some of its parts proved to rely on unknown identifiers, but luckily, after months of searching, you found out which of the available enumerations was meant for which result. With sufficient knowledge of the API, you could read and optimize existing spells and even develop new ones.

5. Visitors

Your life was great. One day, though, you found two black-clad goons in front of your door. Loonara was in her practice, so you were on your own. A quick check in the dev tools revealed they had no magic whatsoever. You googled their images. Both had readily available nondescript identities, which identified them as spooks. You opened the door and asked "What Secret Service sends you?"
The two seemed to be taken aback, but recovered fast. The larger one confirmed your assumption: "Agent Hunt, homeland security, and this is Agent Greene. We're here to assess a new threat and believe you might be able to help us."
"I think this is something best discussed over a cup of coffee, gentlemen. Do come inside, please."
"So you are willing to help?" Greene asked on their way in.
"If at all possible. Being seen as a potential threat is needlessly complicating our life and I do not want any of that."
You went to the portafilter machine and the coffee mill and prepared espresso doppio for the three of you.
"Couldn't you conjure up your coffee?"
"I find it kind of nice to operate this machine. I sometimes use a bit of magic to shorten its warm-up time, though."
The pump indicator showed 9 bar, the kettle temperature was just below 195 °F and the espresso doppio poured into the cup with a perfect créma. You repeated the exercise twice more and set the cups before your visitors and yourself and brought a small plate with amarettinis.

"How can I help you, gentlemen?"
Hunt asked "What can you tell us about magic?"
You shrugged. "It's a power that can be used to perform supernatural feats. Rarely used in this plane of existence. Other dimensions are full of magic beings and more or less human magic users, but they think of non-magic folks as barbarians and as a rule avoid them, so we should be completely safe from outside attacks. Inside this plane, there is one magic being, Loonara. She was born a lady from another dimension and trained as a healer, but was transformed into her current state as the result of a disease. Do not worry, it is not contagious, as it died with her human body. She is not at all interested in politics and will never be a threat to national security."
"What about these magic balloons?"
"Have they ever been used in a crime?"
"Not that we know of."
"We took quite a lot of precautions. They cannot be used to harm someone."
"What if someone filled the White House with these?"
"They also won't work in places with high security or if they cause undue distress."
"But you could make them work there?"
"I suppose. But to what end? As I already remarked, we do not want to be a threat to anyone any more than we would like to be threatened ourselves."
"What if someone blackmailed you?"
"What with?"
"Are you bulletproof?"
"Not at this time of day," you laughed, sipping your espresso, "Jokes aside, I have put a spell on myself that teleports me to a safe place if my life is in danger. Loonara is not a corporeal being, which means her body is just something she inhabits. If it is destroyed, she will just create a new one."

"Would you be willing to work for us?"
"We do not need extra money."
"We could freeze your assets."
"See, that is exactly what I meant with complicating our life. You could try to pressure us into helping you. We will simply teleport away beyond your reach if you do. If you ask us politely, we might be inclined to help you, but apart from that, we only want our peace and quiet. If you cannot give that to us, we will find someplace that does. You probably already have my phone number. Please don't overuse it."
"What kind of help could you render to us?"
"If you encounter something inexplicable by science, we can classify and neutralize it if it is magic. We could also assist in other cases, but please make sure you have exhausted all other options first."
"You drive a hard bargain, but we will take your offer.", Hunt agreed, finally drinking his espresso, then exclaiming "That is some excellent coffee!"
"Thank you. It's even better when hot. If you want another one?"
"Then I know where to find you."
You nodded, smiling.
"Thank you for the chat. I am happy we could reach an agreement that is beneficial for both sides."
Hunt and Greene said their goodbyes and off they went.

After you told Loonara about the deal, she was first surprised: the council had never employed any organized Secret Service, neither domestic nor foreign, so in the next days, she was bingeing espionage movies while you patiently explained that in reality, spies would rather attempt to go unnoticed instead of running around with guns ablaze in bright daylight.
"Spoilsport!" she scolded you and slipped into the role of a villainous seductress that would torture you, the captive agent, by binding and pleasuring him intensely with lots of balloons to get out his secrets.
For the next evening, you had your own Black Widow, who inexplicably had her trademark fighting skills replaced with advanced balloon magic that she would use to subdue you.
The day after that, she found Austin Powers and created fembots from balloons that you had to defeat by pumping your cock into them, which would inflate their boobs, and pop them before you would "pop" yourself.

Three months later, you were teleporting two DHS agents out of a hopeless situation while Loonara set up balloon decoys which laid a false trail before vanishing. Agent Hunt had called you, all out of options. His colleagues had been exposed during an operation infiltrating a terrorist group. Loonara was also healing all small injuries they sustained during their narrow escape.
"That went incredibly smooth," Hunt said afterwards, "I cannot thank you enough. What can we do to compensate you for your help?"
"Just make sure that you need us as few times as possible."
"That's truly generous from you. We will do our best to keep your peace."
They made good on that promise, as they did not contact you for more than a year, after which Agent Greene asked Loonara to make the balloon decorations for his daughter's wedding, a request that she happily complied with. After some more time, you were on far friendlier terms with the agents.

Two years later, Loonara had closed her practice for two weeks and canceled all appointments: she wanted to travel the world with you. Obviously, she did not want to go by plane, this would take far too long and the security theater at the airport included the chance of unwelcome questions. Teleportation was much faster and convenient, she reasoned. On the other hand, you had to arrange for passports and tourist visas, so you simply called in a favor from your friend at homeland security and explained to him your preferred route. Agent Greene brought the visas and passports over only two hours later, together with a list of embassies and the rooms inside that would be prepared for the both you to appear in after you called and uttered an inconspicuous code sentence; the personnel had already been briefed for your arrival. They even had already booked some of the best rooms in the most expensive hotels on your route for you for good measure.
"Wow! Thanks a lot, Mr. Greene, for being so thorough! I owe you one!"
You were sure he was already planning on how to get the most out of this bargain, but didn't care. Neither Hunt nor Greene had ever made any undue requests during the last years.
The journey you had planned was free from the usual tourist traps. You went to Italy, New Zealand, North Ireland, Greece and the Caribbean.
You thoroughly enjoyed the scenic landscapes, different cultures and each other's company. Loonara enjoyed playing intensely with her balloons on you whenever you had your privacy.


When the agents Hunt and Greene went into retirement 43 years later, they supplied both of you with new identities and a new contact at the DHS who had already been briefed to keep up the mutually beneficial friendly relationship. Loonara made a point of seeing Hunt and Greene now and then to cure any age-related ailments. Being mostly immortal, you yourself had not aged a day since her first spell.
Since Loonara could not bear any offspring of her own, you sponsored a whole list of orphanages with very generous amounts of money and sometimes visited them to play with the kids.
You had a sufficiently large house in a secluded area, didn't need cars since you were able to teleport or cleaning personnel since you had the ability to magically clean your home. Supplies were delivered to your front door. You had all you needed and didn't want anything more.

You never ran out of creative and sexy ways to play with balloons, of interesting magic or regular development issues to solve, of people to heal and of occasional hopeless jobs from homeland security. That being said, there were some other noteworthy adventures, like when you saved the vice president from a hijacked plane or when Loonara and you were called to her home dimension to take care of a wild balloon nymph or the one time Loonara brought you to a looner convention for a magical balloon orgy... but that's a story for another time.

* see Balloonymous' story "Spoiled Surprise": – if you liked this story, you should definitely read it.

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ThmFirball ThmFirball is offline
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Default Re: The Balloon Nymph
Wonderful Story. I hope you will write many more. Plz zur next one with blow to Pops and other pops!!
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Infl8 Infl8 is offline
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Default Re: The Balloon Nymph
That was a really good story. I liked it a lot. It had an urban fantasy type of vibe in the middle up to the end of the story. I'd love to see more stories.
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Default Re: The Balloon Nymph
Thank you for being my readers and for your feedback. And yes, I will write more stories.

The next idea I want to explore is about modern technology, e.g. nano piezo pumps, memory- and other meta-materials, soft robotics and balloons in the context of a security penetration testing.

ThmFirball, this theme will probably not allow for lots of popping – too loud, a security tester's goal is to remain undetected, and being a non-popper myself, I am not sure if I can write this convincingly, but once an idea for such a story presents itself, I'll definitely try my best to write it.
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Default Re: The Balloon Nymph
Gave this a read, and I am pleasantly surprised to see so many story development going on. That's not something I see too often in fantasy looner themed story, and I personally welcome it. I also see you've made massive improvements on punctuation in dialogue, so kudos to you. ^^

As a suggestion, the next point that you could be looking forward to improving could be the "sex scenes", as they are usually very swift. Unless those were your intentions, of course. The issue I personally see is that they have almost no buildup. It's one paragraph "is horny", one paragraph "contact happens" and one paragraph "is orgasm". I'll be honest, I struggled with that myself at first, feeling like "delaying the inevitable" was annoying and not knowing how to actually extend it to create that "build up". That will come in due time with more practice, I'm afraid. I do want to add that you don't need to modify this story to "fix" it, since I think leaving your original work the way they were you can see how you improved over time. This was my two-cent on the matter. ^^

To conclude, this was really nicely done and I adore the concept. Loved the mention of my story, which I had to re-read when you mentionned "once kissed on the neck" only to realize that, yeah, technically, the girl in that story had marked every balloons with her lips. Nicely catch. If I have an idea of something to write with Loonara, would you permit me if I borrowed her? I would obviously credit her creation to you, and I can send a "preview" copy to have your opinion if you want to be sure I portrayed her correctly.

Will be looking forward to your next installment!

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Default Re: The Balloon Nymph
Thanks for the valuable feedback! Feel free to borrow Loonara without asking for permission as long as you give her back again afterwards for the second part (not sure when this will happen, but I'm certain it will at some point)!
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Default Re: The Balloon Nymph
I also quite liked this one. I generally prefer the stories that are more "happy" and affectionate. I don't really need the sex scenes, so that wasn't an issue for me, and I like how... detailed the world is. Felt like you put a lot of effort into it, which was really cool.
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