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Post Balloon Fu
Balloon Fu

Warning: NSFW, contains balloon fetish, non-pop and lots of sex with a bit of femdom. If you don't like that, don't read any further. Consider yourself warned.

Any resemblance with people, places or martial arts is merely accidental, even more so if they employ lawyers. Also, this story is about you, therefore by reading it you become my accomplice. So I can count on your silence, right? Ok, without further ado, let's start...

1. The demonstration

"Welcome to today's demonstration of our Balloon Fu Dojo!" the grand master said. Not even the martial arts uniform could hide that the grand master was decidedly female. "Instead of hits and kicks, our martial art is based on volume, pressure and shaping of the air stream in order to use balloons to defend against attackers. Now our beginners will show their early mastery of volume on weather balloons that can be used to block entrances or narrow passages to pursuers during an escape."

Three beginners approached the audience, each one with the aforementioned weather balloons in hand. They spread out a bit and started to blow into them, the middle one to the front and the others to the sides. The balloons immediately swelled at an incredible rate - after what seemed less than 20 seconds, each balloon easily measured 10 feet! You started getting slightly nervous, since you didn't want your balloon fetish exposed, but at the same time, you enjoyed the incredible view, even more so since the two at the sides were beautiful young women. Your imagination showed them both blowing their enormous balloons at you from either side, tightly squishing you in between them.

The grand master added: "The more advanced adepts of our art learn the ability to shape the air stream to inflate multiple balloons at once. They will demonstrate that skill with four 36 inch balloons and at the same time show our speed of knotting balloons. The resulting large double balloons can then be used either as a shield or to entangle attackers."

This time, four adepts came to the front. Two of them were girls and one was a slightly more mature woman, all three very shapely. With a movement so swift that the eye could hardly follow, they suddenly each held their four balloons in front of their mouths and started blowing. Somehow, all sixteen balloons inflated in perfect unison, faster than possible with an electric pump. In about two seconds, each balloon had reached slightly more than their rated size and the balloons were already knotted into pairs, each held in one hand while their wielders were assuming a martial art stance, swirling them around. How could anyone possibly be that fast blowing and knotting balloons? You imagined being entangled in these large balloons and felt slightly more of your blood rushing to your groin and your face.

"The next demonstration is about pressure. To prove there is no trickery involved, I need a volunteer from the audience.", said the grand master. You were conflicted, since you wanted to be closer to all these incredible inflating balloons, but were also afraid that your growing ...excitement would not go unnoticed. Whether she noticed or not, the grand master was now turning to you: "Would you mind helping us?" - how could you decline without raising suspicion? So you were nodding sheepishly and ambled onto the floor to the side of the grand master, while the four from the last presentation were retreating with their large balloons. "Thank you very much; give our volunteer a warm welcome!" she said and waited until the applause had abated.
"Our advanced trainees will inflate multiple slim modeling balloons at once, but before they do, our strong and healthy volunteer here will attempt to inflate one by mouth to show everyone how hard it is to do so."

You already knew these slim modeling balloons were incredibly tough. You had never even attempted to blow one by mouth, but even so took the offered one from the grand master, stretched it thoroughly, and blew until your cheeks bulged and your face reddened, but the balloon did not stretch out. Catching your breath, you tried it a second time, again to no avail.

The grand master took the balloon back from you, marked it with a sharpie-drawn smiley and gave it to the left one of the two stunning female balloon fighters who had quietly stepped forward behind you, who smiled at you, whispering "Good job, you tried really hard. Makes us look good."

Suddenly, each of them had 10 of these balloons in front of their lips and inflated them so fast in your direction that you only registered when your arms and legs were already tightly wrapped in 5 of those 60 inch long balloons blown to their maximum in the blink of an eye.
"You see how Balloon Fu is effective in the offense. The blue balloon on his left arm is the one I marked with my sharpie, so you can see it's the same one. The wrapping happens naturally from the friction if you inflate balloons really fast, no smoke and mirrors required. Also, you'll find it quite difficult to get out of balloons blown this hard," the grand master told the audience.
You struggled a bit, but she was right, you could hardly move your arms and legs, let alone remove the balloons.
"Now, please unwrap our volunteer for the final demonstration!" the grand master addressed your charming captors.

The girl to your right removed the balloons by letting out all air and pulling them off immediately, but the one that had spoken to you earlier first let out only a bit of air, so the balloons gripped you even tighter in slight deflation, then suddenly pressed down on them on her end, so they released you and brushed down your front with the still inflated balloons before letting the remaining air out. She winked at you. You tried to think about anything else but beautiful girls tying you up and teasing you with balloons and failed miserably, so you almost missed what the grand master announced next: "And now, our volunteer will charge at our most advanced adept, who will use a very special air stream technique to stop him."

The pupil to your right was gone and the one on your left took a step back, smiled at you and said: "Come at me, I won't hurt you!"
You went in her direction, but even before you could take a second step, she had already done something with two large balloons that she threw between your legs. Your eyes widened as the balloons on impact whooshed to a size well over 80 inches each in mere milliseconds, one before and one behind you, knotted together right between your legs, slightly wrapping around your middle from the friction, almost lifting you off your feet! You stumbled against the balloon in front of you, unable to approach any further. She put her hand on the balloon in front of you, moving it very slightly so that it rubbed softly against your sensitive parts while her master said: "And that's the balloon leg lock. If applied correctly, you'll find it at least really cumbersome if not impossible to move this way, let alone fight!"

The advanced adept whispered: "Don't worry about enjoying my little balloon massage, people can hardly see you in there and I won't let you out until everyone else left..."
She moved the balloon a bit faster. "I still need a sparring partner for an even more advanced air stream technique that makes a balloon suck something inside of it while being blown..."
Hearing that while being massaged by beautiful girl with a giant balloon, you were now sporting a full erection eager to sink into the balloon, were it not held back by your pants. Somehow, she made the balloon vibrate strongly against your groin without visibly moving her hand on it. After a few seconds of unrelenting growing pleasure causing failed attempts of careful consideration, you reluctantly attempted to pop the balloon in front of you with your nails. But whatever you tried, the balloon would simply stretch and go back again to its original shape. By then, you didn't know how you would stop yourself from staining your pants within the next minutes. While you were pondering your pleasurable predicament, the girl responsible for it said in a normal voice: "By the way, I'm Luna. And you are?".

2. After the demonstration

Everyone else must have left by what seemed like hours, but probably were less than twenty minutes, because Luna did something unseen to untie the balloons that were squishing you and vibrating mercyless on your private parts, which slowly deflated, their latex skins gripping you tightly in the process even if they weren't held together by the knot anymore. After another minute of deflation, you were finally able to remove them, but kept the one in the front at the level of your groin area to hide the wet spot beneath.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise: "Did you...? Oops, I either overdid it or you're really into being massaged by balloons!"
"A bit of both?" you suggested with a smile to show you had no hard feelings towards her.
She gasped: "Oh, my, how can I make it up to you?"
"Well, I don't want to come home like this. My landlady is very nosy. Maybe you could help me pass the evening... without any more clothing mishaps?" you asked.
"I'd love to take you to my place!" she squealed with delight, but then her smile turned into a frown again: "But I have to take the bus to go there and in your current... state..." she trailed off.
"My car is just around the corner. Maybe I can help carry your stuff there in front of me," you offered.
Her smile went back up immediately: "Let's go then!".

Without hesitation, she undid her red belt and dropped her martial arts suit, standing before you in tight sports bra and shorts, revealing her abs and toned body to you, stuffing the suit in her sports bag while taking out some shorts and a t-shirt from it and hardly a minute later, you were carrying her sports bag to your car. She led you to an apartment in an older building with high ceilings about 15 minutes away. Inside, behind a short hallway where you slipped out of your shoes, there was a smaller living room with a desk on one side and the kitchen line on the other, with a large sofa in the middle in front of a TV. You handed her the sports bag, and she asked: "Maybe I could wash your pants and put them into the dryer while the two of us enjoy the evening?"

You hesitated. Did you really want to spend the evening with a balloon blowing beauty without pants and underpants? Well, if you put it like that... You removed your belt and stepped out of pants and underwear, emptying the pockets before handing it to her. She smiled and looked for a moment – and seemed to like what she saw, since your erection from before had only partially subsided – before taking the garments from you and asking: "Do you want to join me in the shower after I take care of these? Or am I going too fast for you? I promise I'll keep my hands and balloons from you unless you ask... for now."
"I probably could do with a cold shower..." you sighed, following her to the bathroom where she took care of the laundry.

The shower was just a bathtub without any curtains; there were only a few rings at either wall aside of it and you remarked about that.
"Don't worry, I have my own way to keep the bathroom floor from being splashed," she said while undressing.
You finished undressing, leaving your remaining clothes beside her tidy heap of clothes, and stepped into the bathtub. She followed, laying down two large towels on a chair at the side, revealing a mass of surprisingly large linked balloons underneath in her hand. You watched in awe as she worked her skills to create a wall of tightly inflated big balloons around the tub within seconds, wondering: "I haven't ever seen balloons like this. Where do you get those?"
"One of the advanced techniques we learn is making our own balloons. A few secret ingredients make them almost impossible to pop," she replied.
"I've noticed," you remarked, "So I'm again at your mercy to get out of your balloons?".

"I made a promise. So unless you ask me to, I won't catch you in my balloons – at least until we are out of the shower," she assured you.
"Even if I asked, it doesn't look like you have any more balloons with you," you observed.
"You could ask me to find out if looks are deceiving!" she laughed while lathering herself with soap, then handing you the bar, raising her arms with open hands and slowly turning around to rinse off and show there were no hidden balloons on her.
Seeing your assumption confirmed, you were emboldened to say "I'd like to see that!".
"Wish granted!" came the happy reply and suddenly, there was one slim and one thick modeling balloon at her lips, which instantly came to life.
"What? How?" you stammered as the slim balloon sprung forward and wrapped tightly around the base of your cock and your balls, pulsating around your sensitive parts from being pressed and let go again very fast, while the larger one directly went for your glans. Once it made contact, it alternately started sucking your dick inside and partially letting it out, with slowly growing speed and intensity, and then you were too busy for a few minutes to ponder these questions.

Twenty minutes later, both of you had managed to get out of the shower and laid down on the couch together after she put your pants into the dryer – she wore a bathrobe, and you had a dry towel wrapped around your midsection.
"How did you...?" you started, but she interrupted you: "I hid them inside the balloon wall and fetched them while turning in front of you, and you were distracted admiring my butt."
You finished your sentence with "...I was going to ask how you joined the Balloon dojo."
"Oh!" she exclaimed, "A little more than three years ago, the grand master caught someone trying to sneak something into my drink at the club – with a modelling balloon around his wrist pulling his hand to his other shoulder. After that, he was thrown out, and I joined the dojo she just had opened and became her first pupil. I'm close to my exam to become a master myself, which is why I need lots and lots of sparring practice to prepare for it."
"And that's where I come in, your friendly volunteer?" you inquired.
"Would you please?" she asked, hugging your shoulder, looking at you with puppy eyes.

"Before I agree to that, I need to know what I'm getting myself into. What's the worst technique that you would perform on me?"
"Our techniques are only meant to restrict, never to harm or even hurt someone. It's strictly forbidden to suffocate someone with balloons in our dojo, even if only temporarily," she reassured you, "The most advanced technique for the exam is the balloon cell trap."
"How does that work?" you wanted to know.
"It's an extremely complex air stream technique where the inflation is completely delayed, but even slight compression can trigger it. It works like a mine made of balloons that enfolds its victim in a prison of balloons, just large enough that they can stand or lie down, but not much more. It will otherwise trigger itself after a longer time, usually between 5 minutes up to an hour, depending on the expertise of the fighter, but I also need to make sure it triggers on the slightest touch. I need your help to test that since it can only be undone from the outside, even by a Balloon Fu master. Will you please help me?" she asked, now pressing her considerable cleavage on your arm.

"What other techniques will you use on me?" you probed further.
"A few wrapping and binding techniques, advanced snares like the balloon bola and everything you've already seen, just a lot more of it and a bit more advanced. Sexy stuff, too," she winked, "even though it's not directly in the exam, but I want to reward you and I love to let my balloons play with you."
"About the sexy stuff, I think a gentleman should reciprocate. What kind of stuff are you into?" you asked her.
"Aren't you already spent?" she laughed, "Maybe I need to practice a few more things on you right now?".
Your erection was coming back with those words, pushing against the towel covering you.
"Wow. What a stamina. Unfortunately, I didn't expect to need protection, so I didn't bring any," she said, "I don't assume you did...?".

"Unfortunately no, but maybe I can try to pleasure you with my tongue?" you offered.
"You'd actually do that? I thought that only ever happened in porn?" she said before putting her hand over her mouth, having said too much, but you feigned not to have noticed. She breathed slowly and continued: "Ehm, what position should I assume for this... exercise?"
"The couch seems large enough. You lie down at this end, and I'll join you," you suggested.
You got into position when she suddenly said sternly: "You have a five minutes head start. Then I'll l unleash my balloons on you if you don't blow my mind to stop me from it. On your mark! Get! Set! Go!"
You brushed her bathrobe aside and sampled her vulva. The smell and taste alone caused your erection to bop up again. Five minutes were enough for you to give her a screaming orgasm and then another. It took a moment until her breathing had somewhat normalized.
"That. Was. Amazing!" she exclaimed once she had found her voice, adding more quietly while glancing at your still erect manhood: "That was worth at least five times intensive balloon sex. What do you want to try?"

"Wait, there's even more things to try than balloon massage and balloon blow job?" you expressed your disbelief.
She nodded. "I think I want to try a balloon boob job on you." she asserted. "Ready or not, here you cum!" she sang to the tune of the Delphonics without waiting for your reply, suddenly holding two uninflated yet tied 36-inch balloons in front of her chest while slightly leaning over your midsection. You were hardly surprised as the balloons suddenly started to swell, much slower than you had seen any balloon inflate today. It still took less than 3 seconds for them to swallow your hard cock between them at about 16 inches, one above and one under it, the latter also stroking your testicles softly, and then she started to rub the slowly growing balloons up and down, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes alternating, slowly going faster, and your mind dissolved in pure bliss.

3. Sparring dates

Since there were only three weeks before her exam, you agreed on meeting Luna every afternoon when she didn't have training, four times a week as her sparring partner. You let yourself be captured, launched into the air and caught again by balloons, hit into balloons that sucked in your fists, got hit by rapidly expanding balloons, ensnared by large balloon bolas that were thrown uninflated and blew up on impact, bound by long and linked balloons, and endured every other technique Luna decided to practice. At the end of each evening, both of you collapsed on the sofa and, if you weren't both completely exhausted, which happened more often than not, had amazing sex. Luna insisted that the acts you performed on her were worth multiple sexy balloon shenanigans. You tried to dissuade her, but she persisted.

It didn't help that when you brought up the topic she was surprising you with her balloon naga technique on the way to the couch by using an extra long worker balloon to both bind you and suck you off – and you were already bound tightly between its coils before she answered sweetly: "You agreed that I may exercise any techniques I want to on you. So I will either do three different sexy techniques with some time in between for you to recover or keep you trapped inside this balloon until you've cum three times in a row. Your choice!"
Without waiting for your answer, she blew hard into the balloon. The coils surrounding you constricted even more while the front of the worker balloon lunged between your legs and immediately started sucking and vibrating on your cock, starting strong, but even so with steadily growing intensity. This time, she was not messing around, and you tried your best not to moan too loudly.
"Stop! STOP!" you winced when you orgasmed not even three minutes later, but she continued to make the balloon suck and vibrate strongly on your now overly sensitive dick. "Please let me out! You can do any other techniques you want on me!" you cried. She let some air out, so the front of the balloon let go of your erection, but the coils remained pressed around you.

"When did you first notice you had a thing for balloons?" she asked quietly, while you caught your breath.
"The first time I remember was at a friend's birthday party, when I was 14; they played a game of popping balloons by sitting on them over someone's lap. His bigger sister, who was already 18 at that time, paired with me and inflated a balloon near my crotch, and then I suddenly had a boner," you answered.
"What happened then?"
"She calmed me down, telling me that this was completely normal during puberty and nothing to be ashamed of. She even sneaked a few more balloons into my pocket that I used to relieve myself later," I finished my story.
"Wow. So it's not only my beautiful body and sexy balloon techniques driving you wild," she concluded.
"Is that bad?" you asked while you helplessly struggled against the coils that kept you wrapped.
"On the contrary!" she smiled, "You need to be faithful to me since you'll find nobody to treat you better with balloons than me."
"I'd like to be treated a bit more gently next time, if possible," you grimaced.

"There's something I want to try then." she said, "I hope it will work, as I haven't really practiced remote blowing, that's a technique you usually only learn later as a master. I call it 'balloon kisses', but it's still in an early stage, so please don't be sad if it doesn't work."
The worker balloon around you deflated, and you dropped on the couch, turning around to face her.
"Remote blowing?" you asked.
"You already know that we can shape the air stream to blow multiple balloons. Once you become really, really advanced, you learn to shape it even further outside of it, for example into a long tube connecting your lips to the balloon. Our grand master can inflate a balloon at the end of a small labyrinth."
She took a soft 16-inch balloon, held it in front of your right thigh and seemed to blow into the air. To your surprise, the balloon slowly started to inflate before touching your thigh, sucking softly on it like a sweet kiss and deflated, being pushed against your inner leg by the air rushing out like resting lips. While you were distracted by the experience, she suddenly had a lot more balloons that she held against your whole body, two at a time, which soon joined the others alternating between being inflated to kiss or deflate against you slowly.
She kept it up for fifteen minutes, when you couldn't take the soft teasing anymore: "Please make me cum!" you begged. Suddenly, eight of the balloons near your crotch simultaneously moved closer to it, circled it, inflating fast while rubbing on your throbbing erection until you exploded.

"I guess it did work," you said, "How many balloons were you inflating at the same time? I was too distracted to count them.", you admitted.
She laughed: "I didn't count them either, but I had 50 balloons on your body, so probably around 20. That's as many as I can do in front of my mouth, so I want to practice remote inflation with more complex paths and even more balloons soon."
"I'm done for today. Maybe you want to ride my tongue again?" you offered.
"Ugh, I'm spent too, so another time, please." she replied, "Let's call it a night and just cuddle a bit on the couch."
"Wish granted." you said, yawning as your eyes became heavy. When you woke up, it was 6am. You quietly got up, washed your face, brushed your teeth and went out to get breakfast. Half an hour later, you woke Luna with freshly brewed coffee and cinnamon rolls.
"Wow. I've never been woken up with breakfast at the couch. How mindful!" she remarked, hugging and kissing you, "Are you ready for the next step?"
"What next step?" you inquired.
"Officially being my boyfriend!"
"You mean, like meeting your parents?", you asked.
"Too soon?" she replied.
"Not at all, it's just that we should probably wait with the official part until after your exam, so you can fully concentrate on that," you argued.
"You're such a treasure!" she exclaimed, "Want any balloons with your breakfast?"

"What are you up to again?" you asked.
"I thought about a more difficult setup to exercise remote blowing. If you drop your pants, I could put two balloons in your undies and try to blow into them from across and over the table while you sit down," she offered.
You closed your eyes in feigned resignation and held your underwear open for her to put in the balloons, then let the waistband go once you felt two balloons inside. You started to enjoy your breakfast, as the balloon under your balls started to inflate and move slowly.
"Only one out of two," you remarked.
She grinned. Suddenly, the other balloon started to grow, but too late you found out it was not a regular balloon – it formed a tight ring around your cock right behind your glans.
"Oh!" was all you could say.
She smiled: "This is a special donut balloon that becomes tighter with inflation. I call this technique 'balloon anal'."
Momentarily, she enjoyed her coffee in small sips while the balloons in your underwear alternated between inflation and deflation, driving you closer to orgasm by the minute.
"I finished my breakfast, time to finish you!" she smiled, blowing remotely into both balloons so much that they pushed out of your underwear while you moaned in surprise. Without ceasing to blow, she went around the table and moved the tight inflating ring on your glans up and down until you creamed the balloon only a few seconds later.

The evening of the day after her next training neared its end, and you were surprised that she hadn't yet used any sexy techniques on you yet, but you didn't want to give her any ideas, so you didn't mention it during the sparring.
"Okay, let's go back to the basics. Remember the balloon leg lock?" she grinned.
"How could I forget? But this time not again with the balloon massage?" you requested.
"Not the 'balloon massage' this time," she agreed, "Now come at me!"
This time, you tried to side step to avoid the balloons, but weren't fast enough and yet again the captive of two giant balloons.
"Gotcha!", she called out. Suddenly, your sweatpants and underwear were pulled down to your legs, exposing your groin to the balloon in front of you that immediately started to grow, suck in your cock and balls and then sucked, vibrated and pulsated on your most sensitive parts, so intense that you couldn't even say anything, let alone reason that she must have used a linked balloon and was blowing on the other side. You soon cried out loudly from orgasming hard, and the intense pleasure stopped temporarily.
"I call this the 'balloon milking machine', sweetie. How do you like it?" she queried. You were not yet able to answer coherently, still mewling in pleasure. "That much? Okay, ready for round two?" she grinned, not waiting for an answer.
After round three, she finally let you out and guided you to the couch, steadying your wobbly legs, admitting meekly, "I guess I overdid it."
"You agreed on 'no balloon massage'!" you complained.
"Yes, but that was not a massage, but a milking machine," she replied, "Want to try both again to see the difference?"

Two days later, before sparring again, you held up your hand and said: "Just for today, I'd like to be in control. No sexy balloon techniques without my explicit agreement."
"I know just the thing!" she squealed happily, "but let's do the exercises first."
Two hours of hard training later, you still wondered what "the thing" would be. After showering together, both of you laid down on the couch, when she smiled and said: "And here it is!"
There were a two larger and four slimmer modeling balloons and two soft 24-inch round balloons in her hand. She grinned at you: "Assembly required!"
The round balloons only inflated very slightly, while the long balloons inflated instantly by themselves – by now she had remote inflation down to perfection – and she knotted everything together to form large vertical lips with the round balloons behind them framed by a familiar shape of slim balloons, creating...
"...a balloon pussy?" you asked in astonishment.
"The round balloons on both sides are still open for me to inflate and vibrate them, but otherwise, you are in full control of all pussies here tonight," she said, spreading her legs to expose her own to your skilled tongue.
You had to admit the balloon pussy was a lot better than using normal balloons to pleasure yourself, especially since it vibrated and randomly inflated while you were simultaneous using it and going down on your partner. She even inflated it more to squeeze you when she was nearing orgasm, like it was an extension of her own pussy, and both of you came together.

The last week before the exam, both of you became even more focused on the techniques required in it, so she didn't perform any of her special techniques on you. At the evening before the exam, she asked if you missed them.
"A little, yes, but at the moment, your exam is more important," you tried to reassure her.
"I had an idea, but I don't know if it will work or even what will exactly happen. I'm not sure if even the grand master ever tried something similar, but what if I shaped the air stream to a fast swirl with your dick in the center and then throw some balloons inside of it?"
"You mean like a balloon tornado?" you asked.
"Ready to try?" she shot back.
"You sure you want to do it? What if it destroys your apartment?" you tried to warn her.
"We'll find a new one together, far away from your nosy landlady. Now strip for me, the weather forecast predicts a perfect storm of balloons around your dick!"
You obliged, and she fetched a big bunch of 16-inch balloons, at least a few hundred, and pursed her lips. It first felt like harmless wind. Suddenly, your cock rode on a stream of air circling it faster and faster to the point where it felt the wind itself was sucking you off. Then she threw the balloons at you, which inflated and deflated again while circling your genitals faster and faster. The wind alone would have sufficed to tease you, but together with the balloons caressing your privates, it was only a matter of seconds before you came, and since the balloon tornado had not yet subsided, right again soon after.
"It worked! I did it! I developed a new technique!" she exclaimed, "I'm as ready for my exam as I'll ever be – and it's all thanks to you!"

4. The exam

Martial arts exams are usually rather secret solemn undertakings. So it came as a surprise to you that the grand master herself, though she only ever met you once at the demonstration, had invited you to witness it when you were dropping off Luna for her exam, wishing her good luck. Luckily, you had time to spare and gladly followed Luna into the dojo. Aside from the balloon fighters that you had met at the demonstration, there were now as many others in black suits and there seemed to be a second master, also clad in black. The grand master greeted everybody: "Welcome to our exams! Even though my former apprentice grand master Grant and I had our differences, we agreed to put them aside for this shared event. So please welcome our colleagues from the Black Balloon dojo!"

The examinees stood up and formed two lines to greet both masters. First, five of the less advanced balloon fighters were tested, and after only twenty minutes received good marks. Next, two of the more advanced ones, one from each dojo. Both had difficult tests, but managed to get through them with only minor mistakes after half an hour. The grand master complimented her colleague on the progress of his pupil. Luna was happy to have you at her side to calm her, because now her exam was coming up. She aced all the technical tests and at the end even had a friendly sparring with the other grand master at the end. That was when it happened: he suddenly made a 36-inch balloon suck her head in to suffocate her, sneering at his former teacher: "You and your stupid rules!"
When everyone was jumping from their seats, it became clear that this was a planned action, because everyone from this dojo, including you, suddenly got their heads sucked into similar large black balloons that the Black Balloon fighters had thrown over your heads, too, while their master screamed between blowing to keep the suction up: "You're making Balloon Fu weak! All I wanted was to become a powerful fighter, but you threw me out! But now, I'm the master, and you are at my mercy!"

Blinded and gagged by the black balloon, you held your breath and visualized the position where you remembered him to be. Fortunately, his intensive use of remote blowing made it difficult for him to change his position, allowing you to swiftly step behind him and use a powerful reverse leg sweep to kick the legs from under him, breaking the shin of his standing leg and felling him like a tree. A few seconds later, everyone was free again and the dojo members had easily overpowered the others, while Grant was still lying on the floor, screaming and holding his broken leg, until the grand master shut him up by gagging him with a modeling balloon.
"I had expected him to try something, but hadn't anticipated for him to go that far," she said, saddened, before brightening up: "Luckily, I saw at the demonstration that you had some martial arts experience too and should be capable of overpowering him when he wasn't expecting regular attacks. Granted, I didn't think he would attack non-combatants, but luckily, you stopped him regardless. Thank you for saving us!"
She bowed before you and you returned the gesture.
"You... what?", stammered Luna at you, still breathing heavily from the previous lack of air.
"Congratulations, new Balloon Fu master Luna!" you said to her, pulling her into a hug, while the grand master was pulling out a black belt from her bag.

On the way to your car, Luna scolded you: "You never told me that you knew any martial arts, too!"
"Eight years of Hap Ki Do, but I'm no master, like you are now," you replied.
"I have to reward you so much for your moral support and even more for kicking Grant's butt and saving the dojo!" she grinned.
"Please spare me while I'm driving, I want us to arrive without accidents," you smiled back.
"I'll be a good girl!" she said meekly, "...until we're home..." she muttered under her breath.
"Pardon?" you asked.
"Nothing!" she exclaimed.
Both of you got out of the car, went into her apartment and dropped on the couch. You were looking around, suspicious of the absence of certain items: "No balloons? I would have expected to be ravished by now."
"Not right now, that's the first part of your reward, and here's the second part!" she said, holding up a condom package, "so let's get undressed, my hero!"
Seconds later, both of you were naked, and she was opening the package, unrolling and inverting the condom. She held it in front of your still slightly flaccid cock and started to remote blowing it, letting it sensuously suck your dick inside until you were fully erect, then letting go of the condom, which deflated on your dick into a perfect fit without any wrinkles. She laid down on the couch looking up to you, spreading her legs, and you didn't hesitate to take the invitation.

An hour later, you laid there, spooning, still breathing heavily from the shared pleasure. "There's a third part of your reward," she hinted, indicating a small wrapped gift standing in the shelves at the wall left to you.
"Is it safe to open or is it a cunningly created balloon bomb?" you suspected.
"There are no balloons in there, but the content could cause them to appear at some point. But currently, it's completely safe," she informed you.
"I'll trust you on that one," you accepted and unwrapped the present. There was a small cardboard box inside, which you opened carefully. Inside, there was an opaque silk screen fixed to the sides, held closed by a cord, which you undid. Pushing the silk open and to the sides, it revealed a number of small cards with handwritten words on them. You read them: "Balloon blow job? Balloon boob job? Balloon pussy? Balloon threesome?"
"The last part of the reward for today is that this is an open box evening, so you may choose any cards or even none at will," she stated, "So what can I do for you?"
"What is a balloon threesome?" you wondered.
"That's when I create a balloon replica of myself and use it to go down on you twice at the same time. Oh, it seems your not-so-little guy down there is already interested!" she observed, reaching for her balloons.

You watched in awe as the balloons came to live and shaped themselves into something resembling your partner more than any vinyl replica could, at least if you didn't account for color. Suddenly, Luna sat above your head, leaning down to cover you eyes with her boobs, using her hands to caress your upper body while you felt two expanding balloon boobs moving around your dick which was held steady by one balloon hand while the other one fondled your balls. Luna moved further down, now holding her pussy in front of your face, and you happily used your tongue to satisfy her while the balloon doll gave its all to make you come, now joining hands around your crotch with its puppet master. Around that time you failed to form another coherent thought and let instinct take over, licking her snitch like its juice was a panacea. Both of you were so spent afterwards that you fell asleep right there on the couch, while the balloon doll slowly lost its shape in deflation.

When you woke up the next Saturday morning, an extra long modeling balloon was coiled multiple times around your morning wood and massaged it, pulsated and vibrated around it softly. It was so long that it reached from the couch to the breakfast table to Luna's mouth, where she was blowing it. "Good morning, sleepy head!" she chirped, "That's the last technique you haven't yet seen, the balloon stroker. Well, at least until I invent more new ones, that is. Remember the box with the cards? Going open box like yesterday will be reserved for when you're rewarded. Otherwise, we'll pull from the closed box, and I'll perform on you whatever the card says. But I also added an 'open box' and a 'recovery' card to give you a little better chances."
"This feels great, but also surprisingly tame for you," you remarked.
"Oh, I just didn't want to wake you up immediately. Let's pick up the pace a bit... or better a lot and then some!" she grinned and blew.
"Wai...gnhh!" you exclaimed while the balloon suddenly pressed harder and moved much faster and faster and both vibrated and pulsated stronger and stronger... until you couldn't bear it anymore and popped.

After you cleaned yourself up, had breakfast and were somewhat presentable again, she had some news for you: "I want you to meet my parents!"
"They invited us for lunch," she admitted.
"And you couldn't tell me any earlier, because you didn't know yourself," you assumed.
"Well, when their message arrived yesterday evening, we were somewhat... distracted. I just checked my phone when you were in the bathroom," she confirmed your assumption.
"I don't have anything formal to wear with me!" you complained.
"Formal attire? Please don't, or I'll feel underdressed the whole time!" she objected, "It's just a relaxed family lunch at home. I hope you like pizza."
Half an hour later, you pulled into the street where her parents lived. Her father wrapped your hand into a firm handshake while her mother hugged you, then apologized for doing so.
"It's okay," you reassured her.
When Luna excused herself shortly after lunch, her mother took you aside to ask: "How long do you know each other?"
"A few days short of a month, but it sure feels longer," you replied.
"Is it a serious relationship? Will you marry? How many kids will you have?" she barraged you with questions.
"We are an item for a few weeks and spend most of the time training, cuddling and fucking each other's brain out, so I'd say it's rather serious. Marriage and offspring are yet to be decided, mother," said Luna, who had just returned, to your surprise and her mother's visible disapproval.
You tried to defuse the situation, adding diplomatically: "I concur on the seriousness of our relationship. Also, I'm open for pretty much anything that will make her happy."
"I'd be happy to have a son-in-law like you, my dear!" her mother told you with a stern look at her daughter.

Some hours later, you were at her apartment again, and it was obvious she was steaming.
"Do you want to talk about it?" you asked.
She sighed: "Ugh, my mother... I'd rather you'd fuck me silly than have to talk about it."
Instead, you pulled her into a strong hug. "Parents can sometimes be embarrassing," you consoled her.
"I have a job, my own apartment, no student loan to pay, a wonderful man at my side, and it's still never enough! 'When will he put a diamond ring on your finger? When will you give me twenty grandchildren?' – whatever I do, it's never enough!" she cried.
"You'll always be enough for me," you consoled her quietly and kissed her. She kissed you back.
A few minutes later, she looked up at you: "Could you please still fuck my brains out right now? I don't want to think about this for the remainder of the afternoon."
You slowly undressed her and pleasured her until she couldn't see straight anymore. Then both of you went to sleep.

You woke up on Sunday morning, while she was still asleep. You prepared something at a maker space, fetched some cinnamon rolls, brewed coffee and prepared your surprise for her: when she woke up a few minutes later from the smell of coffee, there was a small present from you beside her plate: "Please don't expect a ring, or you'll be disappointed," you explained. She silently opened it. It were two 3D-printed dice in a box, each six-sided, one light blue with tongue, hands, dick, pursed lips, question mark and a star and the other one light pink with breasts, vulva, butt, lips, question mark and star.
"The question mark lets you decide, and the star means everything," you explained.
"I love it!" she exclaimed, enjoying her breakfast. "By the way, when do we see your parents?" she asked.
"Both of them died 4 years ago in a car crash."
"You never told me that!" she scolded you.
"There are many things I haven't told you," you replied, "So let's use this day to talk, and in the evening, you'll throw the dice and I'll draw a card. Anticipation is the purest form of happiness..." you smiled.


Two months later, you both moved in together into a bigger apartment; one of the few drawbacks was the slightly lower ceiling that made some of her larger balloon traps even more effective. By now you had found out that a few promising methods of popping her balloons would not work: aromatic oils and a lighter, both known as surefire ways of destroying balloons, were merely causing its skin to become even softer and bulge out where applied. It was also so stretchable that cutting or piercing didn't work either. Each of your tests had been discovered and subsequently "punished" by prolonged teasing and intensive pleasuring with balloons. However, you had also found a few methods to pleasure her so effectively that she was unable to perform balloon tricks on you during their use and even some time afterwards.

Neither one of you ever heard again of Grant. Whatever the reason, you weren't exactly unhappy about this. You did hear again of her parents, but you succeeded in convincing your mother-in-law to be more appreciative and less demanding of her daughter, which drastically improved their relation and resulted in Luna rewarding you with a whole week of "open box". She still loved it to dominate you with her balloons and also created a few new techniques: the big balloon bed bondage, meaning she fixated you on the bed by blowing a giant climb-in balloon on top of you so that only your head was free, got into the balloon and sucked your dick inside to play with it, the balloon vacuum, when she sucked your whole body into a large balloon and the balloon spiderweb, a web of seemingly uninflated extra long transparent modeling balloons that on touch inflated and tightly entangled its unsuspecting victim.

The two of you decided against marriage and kids. Since your time on this planet was limited, you wanted each other exclusively for yourself. There happened a few other noteworthy things like that time when you went swimming at the lake... but that's a story for another time.

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Default Re: Balloon Fu
So this is my first story. It took some i tiny bit of inspiration from blowhyoooge and ToastManMcFace (in deviantArt), so thanks for that. I hope you'll enjoy this little fantasy.
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
Absolutely loved how vivid and descriptive this is! Hope you are going to write more.
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
That was a very nice and enjoyable read. For your first go at it, I'm impressed. There were some sentences that were weirdly constructed and there were a very small amount of grammar mistake, but nothing too bad if I'm honest. All of this will come with experience the more you practice your writing, which I definitely hope you will. ^^

There are only one thing I do have to point out, and it's with the dialogue. Not the dialogue between the characters, but how to properly format them. You don't need to end a dialogue like so:
"Good job, you tried really hard. Makes us look good.".
The dot is already at the end of the dialogue to end the sentence, no need for another dot right after. In fact, you've done it correctly a couple of times, so my guess is that it's just a bad habit. Same thing for exclamation marks and interrogation marks.
"Welcome to today's demonstration of our Balloon Fu Dojo!", the grand master said.
The comma in this sentence is not needed. If you would like to learn more, I suggest checking this article over here.

Ultimately, this was very nice and it personally hit each of my triggers about this fetish. I really hope you'll make followup with the same theme or expand this current idea, and I'll look forward to more of your work.
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
Thank you for that article and the positive feedback. I'm not a native English speaker, so the former will be very helpful. I have intentionally left the ending open for further stories, but right now, I want to explore a different theme, one with magic rather than martial arts. So stay tuned for more stories, maybe even with mostly correct punctuation.
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
I'm not a native English speaker
If I'm honest, I had figured as much, but didn't point it out before I didn't feel it should be a detriment to actually take a writing hobby. Case in point: English also isn't my first language. :P

I want to explore a different theme, one with magic
Y'know, you had my attention with that story, but with a statement like that, you have my undivided attention. That's definitely something to look towards to. Best of luck, and have fun with your newfound hobby!

As a final tip I can give, I wrote my first couple story inside a Google Docs document, their auto-correct, spellchecking and grammar checking is so good, it's crazy. It'll be able to catch a couple of stuff you may have missed otherwise. ^^
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
I'm not happy to allow Google or other big tech players to link these stories to my online identity, so that's a no-go for me. However, I will try to improve my tooling and grammar. Thanks again.
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
Ok, I tried to fix the most egregious grammar mistakes thanks to your help. 1764 words of the next story done, too.

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Default Re: Balloon Fu
Wonderful! Just a last quick note from what I've seen by re-glancing at the story, if more details are added after the end of a dialogue that would end with a dot, the end of the dialogue should end with a comma instead. I grabbed this one randomly:

"They invited us for lunch." she admitted.
It should be a comma instead of a dot after "lunch". This doesn't apply for any other punctuation like ?, ! or ... (from the top of my head).

"Good job, you tried really hard. Makes us look good."
This one is perfect, since the sentence does indeed end there. I'll be looking forward to your future works~! <3
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Default Re: Balloon Fu
Thank you again. I'll revisit the grammar after I finished the next story (or before, to fight writer's block). 3592 words are already written, but I have the feeling it will be slightly longer than the last one.
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