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Default The bedroom
Part 4

Martin followed Tom into the bedroom. Having a little confused look on his face.
As they get into the bedroom, Tom instructed Martin to lay down on his back. He then started walking towards the bed, and now Martin saw what Tom had in his right hand. A fresh bag of 24” balloons and one airship balloon.

“I guess you do have an electric balloon pump? All real looners have that. Got an AirForce4 myself! Brilliant pump!” Tom said in excitement.
“Yes, I have the autoblower 2 with timer. Perfect for same sice when inflating two balloons at the same time..” Martin again couldn’t finish off his sentence.
“I don’t really care about the name. Get it out and start filling the airship. It is a GL1200. They get huge! And I guess you understand what we will do with it?”
Martin started filling the GL, and from the side of his eye could see Tom taking off his t-shirt. After Tom removed his t-shirt, he started blowing a bright red 24” balloon. While doing this he also removed his socks and pants.
Martin got curios but had more than enough keeping his eyes on the massive airship taking form.
“Continue, it shall be inflated to about 220cm. You may stop at about 2m, as we need some resistance in it” Tom instructed.

Martin still hadn’t figures out the prize and was still a bit confused. When the GL was about 2m in length, Tom told him to tie it off. Then he instructed Martin to lay back on the bed. But first stripping down to his underwear. Then he was told place the GL over him. As this was crystal clear, he could look through the balloon as it was an oddly shaped window.
After he had done as told, Tom went closer to the bed. He had continued blowing the 24” he started off. Then he tied it, and placed it on top the GL.

“Now comes the first part of your price for being brave. But keep in mind, this WILL be loud! Now, use your pump to inflate ten more of these. None of them smaller than this one! Or by God I will make you b2p the rest of the bag!”
Before long the requested 24” balloons were inflated. There were two green, a yellow, five blue and two pink loons.
“So, you said I turned you on yesterday bursting balloons? Lucky for you, now I’ve got only my undies on. And they will not stay on for long! “ Tom started humping the 24” straddling the GL. A few humps and it popped.
Through the GL Martin could see Tom’s boner in the boxers. And Tom saw Martin’s. Both were about 17cm in length, but Martin’s a bit wider by the look of it.

“OK, lets reposition. This time we both hump pop 24” balloons on the GL!
Martin and Tom both chose a blue one each. They both started humping and with seconds, BANG BANG! Both popped with deafening bangs.
This turned both guys even more on.
“Now, before we hump the last few balloons till they burst, lets get off out underwear. Want to see your aching cock! Is that OK with you?” Tom asked.
“Sure, I’d love that!” was all Martin could say.
Both got naked, and slit the last 24” between them.
“one thing though, do not cum! Ever sucked a guy? you will give me a blow job after these are popped. And you can fuck me in return on the GL. Fair deal?” Martin didn’t believe this. A lifelong dream coming true with the person he wanted to do it with!
“That sounds great! Any reservation?” Martin asked.
“Yes. While you blow me, I will blow this balloon up until it burst (it was a BSA 18”). They get absolute huge! But if it poppes before me, no fucking for you.. And you’ve seen how fast I blow! So I hope youre a natural at sucking haha!” Tom had said the rules. Martin would have to blow as he never did, but for the first time a dick.

“OK, I will count down. At 1 you start sucking! Sorry about the precum, but that is great lube. So already Ive helped you along the way!” Tome then shouted “2, 1, blow!” and immediately started blowing his balloon like a madman.
Martin actually wanted to hear this balloon burst right next to his head at this moment, but even more, he wanted Tom to cum hard! Martin started sucking Tom’s cock, and soon he felt the cock throbbing in his mouth.
Tom struggled to blow in his balloon. He both wanted the balloon to burst and to come, and before long he could not resist any more. He blew his load all over Martins chest as he was repositioning himself. Martin found this hot, and screamed “HAH! I won!”
“You did!” Tom deflated the balloon. “But I forgot to mention the forfeit lol. Since this didn’t burst in my face, it will burst in your! B2P this whilst you fuck me, but this time you CANNOT cum before the bang! In that way you will succeed with your first ever b2p!”

Tom mounted the GL, laying on his back and raised his legs.
“Now, fuck med in this position. That way I can reassure you don’t cheat but actually B2p the balloooooon.” Martin agreed’

As Martin penetrated Tom he wondered how in the hell he would hold back his load. The feeling of the GL bouncing under them were more than he could handle for sure!
Martin started blowing the bsa, and soon got it to a god size, and when the neck started forming, he almost chickened out. “NO! This time you will do it!”
He continued fucking Tom and blowing steady into the now massive balloon. Tom started moaning, this almost made Martin come. He felt the load ready to shoot – and sped up the blowing.
Three more breaths and the balloon exploded into thousands of shreds, covering most of Tom and the bed in general!
Martin groaned, climaxing inside of Tom. This obviously turned Tom on who stroke his cock and cummed all over his stomach.

“So, was the prize worth the effort?” Tom asks.
“Hell yes! Thank You!” Martin immediately responded.
“I guess we COULD do these on a regular basis?” Tom teased.
“Shut up and kiss me!” Martin shouted, and they made out making both climaxing ones more. And this time the GL burst as they came making it more intense.

“So, should we talk about where we go from here” Martin asked,
“Dude, we both know the answer to that one. Shut up and kiss me my man!” Tom replied.

“Oh, btw! We must do this o a regular basis, next time we train on your b2p skills!” Tom said,
Of course Martin agreed. “Why don’t you stay the night, we can inflate and burst loads more! And have som to cuddle against in the bed!”
“Good plan! And I know just how to wake you up I the morning” Tom finished with a huge smirk.
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Default Re: The bedroom
Good storyline. Martin and Tom are really getting it together.
Guess part 5 is going to start with a B2P BANG.
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Old 25-06-2022, 05:45 AM
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Default Re: The bedroom
Wow !! That sounded like a fun night!
Popper ! I love helium balloons
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Default Re: The bedroom
I love this story.
Please do more
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Old 02-07-2022, 04:00 AM
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Default Re: The bedroom
It's been a long night. Haven't heard the BANG yet
Part 5, is it soon?
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