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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Whew! The weather has been far too hot and clammy for writing about nice things, so this has been delayed. On the other hand, it's allowed me to finish the other project I mentioned - check
to see what I've been up to.
Another side effect is that we're back to a somewhat current time of year in-story, so here's something taking place around now, season-wise.

Episode 44

Since we were approaching a new month Kriss had been struck by a puzzler - "What does September sound like?"
None of us had a ready answer. "It's the first month of fall", I said, "but I don't think 'falling' would cut it."
"Falling leaves..." Kriss mused. "Wind. Woodwind. No. But...wait!"
Evidently inspiration had struck as she left for who-knows-where. Well, I did, or was at least pretty damn sure she'd headed for the studio. And sure enough, before long she came to get me for a demonstration of what she and Lex had cooked up.
For once Alex had the lead part, playing the melody on the trombone while Kriss added some ambience on the flute - probably to prove she wasn't completely hopeless at it. In fact, it sounded pretty good. The smooth brass slid effortlessly between notes at an uneven tempo, each change as surprising and unpredictable as the wind, with the flute reminiscent of air blowing through tiny openings - which was exactly what it was, but still. A few capricious trills to emulate brief, whirling gusts completed the soundscape and I didn't bother trying to hide I was impressed. As for what they'd wear there wasn't much doubt - some classy belted overcoats in light hues suited the autumn feel to a tee. Though I did stop Kriss from putting on one of her beloved wide-brimmed hats.
"It'd blow right off. You know that."
"I won't be in a real storm this time", she tried but saw reason.
I told her to save it for spring and the video wasn't worse for the lack of headgear. The balloons were orange and red to put you in mind of autumn leaves and the players looked great blowing them up before performing the new arrangement. I don't know if it was to emulate the gusty weather they filled up the necks all the way but it was a small miracle the balloons didn't burst on the spot.
Kim went a similar route, except dressing for indoors in a brown and tan sweater and blowing up a maroon balloon for the months' birthdays. Having seen what Kriss and Lex did she too inflated her prop to the very limit which resulted in a retake, since she didn't gauge it quite right. Nevertheless, with the blooper section and all it wasn't quite a waste. She listed some famous people born in September and I might mention Mandy shares a b-day with Gwyneth Paltrow and Meat Loaf. You’ll soon see why I bring that girl up.

Even if only members got to watch the Labor Day special it was a very welcome addition. Betty's special fan in particular was thrilled by her performance and I made sure to pass that on. It was during that conversation Mandy told me her package had arrived and the contents been put to good use.
As her wife wasn't too thrilled with her spilling any details I called the blonde for a private report. I knew she was dying to tell me.
"It's a-mazing", she said. "Never thought a doll could be that bouncy!"
"Tried it yourself?"
"Not yet. And Lizzie's pretty much been hogging her."
"So she liked it?"
"That's one way to put it!"
I asked how she'd introduced the new toy in the bedroom and she gave me a thorough account.
"I told her I had something she didn't have to be as careful with and she said if it's a doll they're even more fragile."
I grinned at the memory of Bets accidentally humping the cheap demo dummy to death at the theater. Mandy went on:
"But she shut up real quick when I brought out the new one, because she recognized the model from TV. She asked if it was the same and I only nodded because I was busy blowing it up."
"Did she appreciate the gesture?"
"Pretty sure, though she kept fussing over me straining myself. Just because I ballooned it a bit to show how sturdy it was."
"A bit?"
"Made it fat! That was fun. 'Cept I had to go back to chubby before Liz would touch it."
She described how her mate had held, squeezed and fondled the hefty curves before being told to go ahead and try it out. Apparently she'd enjoyed her new ride.
"But I stopped her before she got too far. So I could put my wig on it and tell her 'There - your very own Dolly'."
That had been Carrie's nickname for the blonde so it made some sense. I asked her if the new look was an improvement.
"Liz thought so at least - she went at it like crazy. Real nice sight!"
I could imagine. I was glad the stand-in had been up to standards.
"And she's been hogging it since, you say?"
"Well..." Amanda looked around, to make doubly sure she wasn't overheard. "We pulled the plug and put it away when we were done. I got some too, natch."
That pretty much went without saying, but nice to hear Betty hadn't forgotten her manners in the heat of the moment. It wasn't the end of the story, though.
"But that night we were watching TV and Liz pretended to be bored and snuck away. She still hasn't caught up with how streaming works so I just paused and followed. Sure 'nuff, I could hear her in the bedroom and had a peek through the keyhole. She was fumbling with Dolly's valve and blew her up in a real hurry! Like, desperate? As if she couldn't wait. So cute! Puffing and puffing with eyes wide open - never seen her that eager for a 'flatable. And when it was full she looked it over, hesitated and kept blowing - even more frantic! And blew and blew until Dolly was bigger than I'd made her.”
Picturing that wasn’t hard - actually thrilling. I hoped the tale would keep going in the same direction and wasn’t disappointed.
"When she finally plugged it up she was breathing real heavy but not with exhaustion! Tore off her pants and jumped on and she wasn't just boinking Dolly but fucking her. Didn’t bulge out as much as before but I wasn’t watching that, busy looking at her face. About crazed with lust, love seeing it.”
So with you on that.”
“Great, right? Too bad it was over so fast. A few moans and she was done. Good ones though. And then I walked in on her."
Poor Betty. “Ouch. How did that grab her?”
Mandy grinned. "Made her all startled and flustered and asking how the new toy was didn’t help! But kisses did. Then I squeezed Dolly a bit – she was real firm - and asked Liz if she'd still do me if I was that big. She said I could pack on as much as I wanted and she'd still love me. And do me."
"Of course she would."
I'd do a 300-pound Kriss but she'd probably never go that far. Just as well because I prefer her healthy.
Amanda appeared to believe that for once. "Anyway, I said 'the balloon didn't break so why do you think I would?' She couldn't say and I told her to try the original to compare. And she did! Had been so long and she got so noisy and it was great!"
I couldn’t help smiling. “That’s good to hear. Maybe sexologists could prescribe blowup doll therapy.”
That got a giggle. "Seems to work for Liz! I said I'd always be available but she could use Dolly as much as she liked. And not worry about popping her because I got spares."
"Two of 'em, in fact! Should last 'til I'm back to normal. And if not I'll just buy more."
"What did she think of that?"
"Just asked if I'd still blow 'em up for her. Silly Liz - I always will."
It was at this point my friend seemed to realize she might have gone a bit far in the retelling.
"I know that was TMI but it was so hot! Had to tell someone."
"I'm glad you did. Sounded hot for sure. Kinda made me hot."
Mandy's blue eyes went wide but without a hint of contrition. "Oopsie", she said. "Maybe Kriss could blow up something for you?"
"Got an idea or two."

We finished the talk without any awkwardness, but after that regular Penthouse Letter I had to go find my own spouse - or rather main squeeze. She was in the downstairs den, doing something on her laptop I hoped could stand interruption. Because I simply pulled her to her feet and began kissing. Her mouth was so warm and wet and delicious and those soft lips so eager and skilled I felt my nipples grow stiff as I held her close, breathing in her wonderfully familiar scent.
“Hey, Chel.”
“Hey yourself.” I could have gone on telling her how much I wanted her right then, but that would’ve been pretty redundant. Another smooch and a request was enough.
"Be a doll and blow me?"
Kriss was practically beaming. "Love when you ask."
Ten seconds later I was flat on the couch with Kriss between my legs and if any doll could do what she did I wouldn’t buy just a couple spares.
She got some instant payback of course, but that night I prepared for bed early and instead of removing my makeup kohled my eyes and put on the slinky harem girl outfit. I blew up all the inflatable cushions we had and put on lovely satin pillowcases in various colors before arranging them and myself on the bedding. Kriss’ expression when she entered was worth the effort and wait.
Someone’s shooting for the ‘favorite wife’ spot.”
“Well, since you’re mine and all…”
She just smiled as I guided her onto the mattress to slowly and thoroughly strip her before setting about earning the title as well.
“Gods, Chel, don’t stop!”
“Say it.”
“You’re the best! Bestandmostfavoredofwives…oh fuck! Keep going!”
I did, for so long there could be no backsies. Kriss looked suitably ruffled among the air-filled cushions, one leg sprawling over a dark green one and her golden hair spread over the ruby and sapphire pillows her head had sunk down between. The covered rubber creaked as she pulled herself together and took me in her arms.
“Definitely my favorite…”
Easy when there’s no competition. Next time I’d talk the girls into dressing up as well and see if Kriss stuck to her word with three ladies to pamper and spoil her. As there was little to no risk of her actually exploding I thought it could be a fun test.
And then she got far too cuddly and appreciative, ending up having to get me off too before I’d be able to sleep. But I’m pretty sure she planned it that way.

But on the subject of women that really might explode, I couldn’t help thinking of Betty’s escapades as I got Barbie ready for the next shoot. I inflated her enough to make both the pastel tank top and knitted grey cardigan fill up and stretch out, imagining how it would feel to bounce on the taut latex. It was tempting to try but I knew I’d never live down bursting her. Dodo had been bad enough.
Still, I made her as firm as I dared and in the end she did look thoroughly blown up – which my lungs could attest – and I suggested leaving her like that for one episode to really make it obvious she was continuously refilled…and perhaps get the viewers to fantasize about the process. Which we did. Kimber actually asked her co-host if she’d put on weight before apologizing for the rudeness and stating it was probably just the camera adding a few pounds.
As for the rest of the show – which wasn’t a particularly interesting one - we'd been growing a bit tired of having the studio made up like a half-assed birthday party and agreed it was better to just decorate it for themed eps. Besides, with Barbara in it there was technically always an inflatable on-screen. Kim felt it a shame to leave the subscribers without a little extra but I pointed out there were now enough of them to make a special treatment less special. And besides, she'd still get to spoil them occasionally.
But since I already had an idea floating around I decided to put it to use ASAP. The next episode would be themed indeed and cater to everyone, not just subscribers and members.
There’s no shame in recycling material and revisiting an old stage act wouldn’t hurt – besides, it would be severely toned down for a general audience. By a stroke of luck Kim had kept her outfit from back then – although stashed away – which would help her get into character at once. The bright blue midriff-baring top and magenta tights still hugged her figure in all their spandex-y glory but the workout socks had long since been retired. Since we’d be shooting outdoors there’d be sneakers and legwarmers instead anyway. A ponytail and headband completed the personal trainer look, although perhaps not a very professional one. Because if you haven’t guessed yet, we were going into exercise territory. And as Kim knows far more about that than I ever will she helped writing a sort-of script, which was more or less just points to cover. I trusted it would be more interesting watching her improvise around them a bit and let her body do most of the talking.

It was a fine day when we set up for filming in the back yard. The cute little robot mower had done its job and was now resting in its small shed like a good dog tired after playing. I hoped Kim wouldn’t work out too hard as I sorta had designs on her. That ass looked far too yummy in those pants and it wasn’t without regrets I made her wear a sports bra. Jiggling and prominent nipples are fine in a burlesque show, but not as much in what we were doing now.
Anyway, we set the stage with the hot tub off in the background as a reminder of other episodes and arranged the for once completely deflated Barbara in a pile on the ground. I’d put her in the shiny tracksuit and made an effort to make her look almost but not entirely like a heap of workout clothes, letting just enough of her hair peek out to give eagle-eyed watchers some hope.
As the camera started to roll Kimber bounded into view and welcomed everyone to another instalment of ‘On the Air’, stating she was going to talk about the importance of keeping in shape and various ways to do it.
“And what can be more suited for our show than a bit of… Air-obics?”
That was my cue to start up the background music and Kim talked about how that helped with both keeping the rhythm and making the whole thing less boring. She went through several exercises, demonstrating them all in turn and probably causing a few viewers to give up at once as they’d never be that limber. While also definitely inspiring others to match or top her moves.
She got back to her feet and I let the volume fade.
“There’s a lot of equipment to help you out, weights, rubber bands, what-have-you. I’m going to show one that’s easy to bring anywhere and doesn’t weigh a ton.”
She reached off-camera for a certain implement and if you’re thinking it might be a fitness ball you’re completely right, only it didn’t look the part just yet. What Kim brought back was a drooping, flaccid mass of silvery rubber – we’d used an azure one on the show to joke about handling ‘blue balls’, but that was hardly appropriate now. She introduced the object before going into practical tips.
“You might think you need a pump to inflate these but that’s not true – and it’s in fact a good part of the workout to blow it up yourself.”
Having completely justified an inflation scene she proceeded to demonstrate the process. She pulled out the valve stem and folded the material across the hole before placing it between her lips. With steady, sure and determined breaths she filled the ball until it started to grow round, then shifted her grip to hold it between her palms while pressing her mouth firmly against the surface. Still blowing she went on to finish the job, pressurizing the semi-shiny sphere until it looked taut, her facing going very slightly red with the effort. She stuck the tip of her tongue into the opening while bringing the plug back in place and patted the results. It made a neat, hollow sound with a tiny twang of reverberating rubber.
“Just be sure to make it hard enough.”
That wasn’t really an innuendo but it could be taken for one, and Kim had likely made more than the ball just that. Then there was time for a spot of trivia.
“By the way, you might have heard these called ‘Swedish Balls’, but that’s a mistake. It should be ‘Swiss Balls’, as Switzerland was where they were first used for physiotherapy. Remember – Sweden and Switzerland are not the same thing, even if some keep mixing them up! Switzerland is the one with alps and chocolate while Sweden is where I was born. Check the episode from June 6th for more about that country.”
She went on to show some good ways to use the inflated globe – no music this time, just a running commentary on how and why to do the exercises. Eventually she rolled the ball out of view and went on to the third and last suggestion.
“If you’re like me and love dancing, that’s a really good way to work out. There are lots of moves and repetitions you can look up but I prefer to make my own – you can freestyle too, its more fun! Here’s something I like to do.”
I turned a new pre-chosen song on and Kim began to, for lack of a better word, show off. I’m sure the things she did are great and all for someone who wants to keep in practice, but beginner-friendly they weren’t. At least they didn’t look it. Still, it was a pretty appealing sight and it was her program after all. What she’d already taught was plenty for people just starting out and since there hadn’t been a dancing segment for ages this was long overdue. Besides, she didn’t stretch it out overmuch.
“So that’s just some ways to keep fit. There are plenty more. Now, I promised Barbara I’d help her get in shape, so I’d better do that too!”
Kimber walked over to pick up the end of the hose from under the formless fabric, and bending over with every breath began to blow hard into it. She kept a steady rhythm and as the clothes puffed up and swelled out it was soon evident what she was doing.
I’m sure many would appreciate the scene but I felt the silent despair of failure creeping up on me. It wasn’t bad as such but the hose really ruined the impression - to go back to a thought from months ago, it was far too much like blowing a furry up through the tail. And as Barb was no furry and the hose was no tail it looked…off. Still, I held my thoughts and let Kim finish.
“There”, she said plugging the doll’s valve. “That wasn’t so hard, was it, Barb?”
Kim looked so pleased after the usual signoff I really regretted saying we had to do it all over. She wasn’t happy at all about it and told me she’d just go jump in the tub. I explained my reasoning and added I thought the final inflation would benefit from a soundtrack as well.
With a deep sigh Kim trudged away to towel off her hard-earned sweat and reapply the sparse makeup. In the meantime I deflated the gym ball and made a slit for the valve in the back of the tracksuit, sacrificing a garment no one in their right mind would wear for the sake of art. The star at least approved of the semi-wanton destruction.
In my defense I will say the second take was an improvement, as Kim was surer of herself after a full run-through. The ball inflation in particular was as smooth as could be and she made a point of filling it for maximum bounciness. Perhaps she’d found it lacking before.
Also, blowing up Barbara looked far better with the doll firmly grasped by the waist. A thumping song backing up the procedure made it seem like an actual exercise, emphasized by Kim bending her knees and shifting her weight between her feet, turning the doll slightly to either side depending on direction. Sure, it hid more of her body from view than the first method had, but that only removed suspicions of the scene being made to tantalize. I liked it a lot and it seemed a funny (and at least marginally punny) way to bring Barbie into the episode.
However, Kim’s sweet smile faded the moment I shut off the recording.
“I’m not doing that over again.”
I kissed her cheek. “You won’t have to – both are fine, it’s just that the last one was better.”
“It had better”, she scoffed, but I could tell she wasn’t upset, just winded.
Showing her both made her see my point to some extent, and she even wondered out loud if the first attempt was an outtake or a blooper. Technically a bit of both, but I promised to put it up with a note on why we skipped it. However, I’d keep mum on why we didn’t show more of that. If I made her inflate her co-host on camera every single time we could likely increase the member figures quite a bit but it was probably for the best I kept doing it without being recorded. It would be far too easy to overshadow the actual content.
Kim still had opinions about being forced to perform all those moves twice and as a penance put me through one hell of a workout - but it was of a kind I actually like. And besides, I was shown a way of bending over the ball the viewers didn’t get to see.
Just as well, as it would have gotten the channel shut down real quick.
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