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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 13

Amazing as that was, we still had the 70's show to shoot. It had been much easier to plan, except Kriss was almost insulted there were no inflatable mirror balls on the market.
"How hard can it be, glueing all those pieces on?"
"Probably not too bad when filled. But it wouldn't deflate too well and that kinda defeats the purpose, right?"
She sulked. "I still say it would be cool."
"It would", I reassured her. "But you'd have to make it yourself and no, we're not doing that."
That had been on the planning stage and between then and now we'd settled for the only viable option - a mylar balloon with the approximate look. But it was a poor substitute as it wasn't exactly round and the printed panels didn't really create that illusion. However, it was pretty funny using one just to stick to the theme.
The improvised foursome had been a good transition as it gave Kim an excuse to shower and start over for a new appearance. I edited the previous stuff while waiting and was done long before she was. Took a lot of time to brush her hair silky smooth and fluff it up with hairspray, something our star had experience with. An immense mane had been her trademark at the theatre and while I loved that look I loved her current, less extreme style as much. It was probably better for the environment too.
She'd put on a red-orange jumpsuit with wide legs over an unbuttoned striped shirt, the collar tips spread incredibly wide. A peace pendant had replaced the pin and her skin fairly glowed with a makeup sheen, as did her lips with just gloss added to their natural color.
"So pretty", I said. "Now we just need a pretty prop."
Kim unwrapped one of the mylars - we'd bought three just in case - stuck the tube inside and began to inflate it. She kept eyeing the ceiling as she blew, as if gauging where to hang it. We could probably reuse one of the fastenings from the previous shoot, and that's just what she did. After blowing in as much air as it could hold, of course - both to make sure it looked as round as possible and to give her viewers an extra treat.
Then I showed Kim a printout of the just-revised script. "What do you think of this?"
"Cherry, this is completely different!"
"Well, not completely. But I think it works better like that, don't you?"
She nodded. "Get me a coke and I'll try memorizing it. But you can't get mad if I mess it up."
Fair. It had to be done though - the period was such a jumble we had to restrict ourselves to pop culture nostalgia if we wanted to entertain.
Kim finished her bottle and agreed to give it a go. I promised to keep any lines from the original script that happened to slip in - it was after all not so much a change as an edit. She greeted her viewers and began:

"The seventies held so many social changes it’s hard to keep track of it all. Women's liberation was a big thing, environmentalism was heavily discussed, the Black Power movement peaked and homosexuality started to become decriminalized. Yes, it was actually illegal - and classified as an illness. Being bisexual I'm happy we've come so far since then."
Another addition from Kim, but all good. And if I was allowed to change the script on a whim, so should she.
"So we'll just stick to the sweet nostalgia and leave out the why's. No Tricky Dick, no Watergate, no energy crisis - just stuff people enjoyed in their spare time. Conformity was no longer a cultural obligation and music, movies and TV shows took off in all kinds of directions."
She started out with bands and singers, going from progressive to punk by way of heavy metal, glam and disco. It was pretty much a 'Best of the Seventies' compilation.
"At the movies, gritty and dark films dominated at the start of the decade, like ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Dog Day Afternoon’. The sixties heroes were replaced by anti-heros, villains and vigilantes - even in police films like 'Dirty Harry' and 'The French Connection'. There was also a market for Blaxploitation movies, a genre that had been beyond unthinkable a decade before, and Bruce Lee paved the way for martial arts flicks. 'Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting' indeed. And if you wanted a scare, big scale disaster movies were just the ticket."
"Family-friendly entertainment was more of a TV thing, with a specific trend for shows about huge families - 'The Brady Bunch', 'The Partridge Family' and 'Eight is Enough'. Comedy-dramas like M*A*S*H started to appear, proving mixed genres can work. VCRs were also introduced, but so expensive at first most regular viewers would have to wait a bit longer to be able to record their favorite programs."
Hard to imagine these days - heck, I would've had a hard time picturing that as a kid since my parents were into taping and rewatching stuff.
"Overall there was a lot of new gadgets - the first pocket calculators, personal computers and video games came out in the seventies too. And at the tail end - Rubik's Cube. Lemme know if you can solve one - I can barely do one side!"
I might have broken mine way back when. But there's no longer any evidence.
"'But in the second half of the decade, lighter cinema fare made a comeback. 'Jaws' became the first summer blockbuster movie - previously the hot months had been reserved for films expected to draw smaller audiences. Its instant popularity changed that completely. And then Star Wars came out. Against expectations it became a smash hit and all of a sudden science fiction was everywhere as all studios and networks hoped to repeat the success or at least cash in a bit."
She gave examples of TV shows like 'Battlestar Galactia' or 'Buck Rogers' and movies like 'Alien' and 'Star Trek: The motion picture'.
"Even James Bond went to space, in 'Moonraker'. By the way, watching old Bond movies is a good way to find out what was all the rage at the moment!"
As the end approached I checked the time. The pacing was much better, if not great.
"Motor stunts were popular too, with Evel Knievel in real life, 'Smokey and the Bandit' at the movies and 'The Dukes of Hazzard' on TV. Fifties nostalgia deserves a mention of its own, with the movie 'American Graffiti', the TV show 'Happy Days' and the musical 'Grease' being the best known examples these days. Down the road we'll see that repeated - every decade seems to yearn for the world of twenty years ago."
Finally it was time for Kim's specialty.
"I'm kinda torn on the dancing of the 70's - on the one hand, it was real popular, with discos popping up just about everywhere. On the other, it was disco. Looks were often more important than the moves, and the only real dance fad was The Hustle - a name which is often used to include all disco dancing. It was originally a line dance or couple dance, the latter being a distant and final descendant of swing. As usual, I'm gonna try giving you a visual. If you've seen 'Saturday Night Fever' you probably know already."

Said and done. What needed moving was moved and Kim started out with the real Hustle, then went on to channel Travolta and some of his trademark moves. I'm kinda with her on the style and grateful my teens happened later. But as a demonstration, it wasn't bad.
Afterwards the subscribers got to watch Kimber blow up a spare mirror ball until it burst, declaring that it was now "as dead as disco". It took her some effort and you could really see the foil stretch, bulge and grow thinner before breaking. It made a very nice bang, if you're into that kind of thing.

That was it for recording. I should have spent the evening relaxing but found it hard - it was the day before my birthday and I didn't look forward to it. I never do. Call me silly but it's a bit of memento mori for me.
Anyway, by the time Kriss woke me up it had all passed and the cheerful kisses and nuzzles had me smiling before I'd quite gotten my bearings. Then my wife made sure I got off to a good start by giving me an early birthday blowjob, which did wonders setting the mood for the rest. That's gotta be the perfect present - doesn't even cost a thing.
Before long Lexi entered holding a tray with coffee and cake, singing 'Happy Birthday' with Kim backing her up on the sax. You might wonder why it wasn't the other way around - well, while Lex is a much better player Kim is a lousy singer, unless she's drunk and it was too early for that. Besides, she loves showing off her ever-improving skills.
Apart from the sorta-breakfast I got even more kisses while Kriss fetched the presents. They were all nice but not worth going into here. One was an envelope telling me to get ready ASAP for a shopping trip - nice indeed.
It was quite a while later when me and Kriss returned. She'd made me pick out a new necklace and earring set for immediate use, a dress (something I never get around to buy for myself) for some undecided occasion and on a whim a pair of fuzzy slippers I fell for at first sight. I also got lunch at my favorite diner, so I felt really great when I got home. Until I tried locating my laptop. I was sure I'd left it on the kitchen counter but all I found there was a note.
'Moved the comp to your bed -L'
Made sense if she was going to cook, but it seemed more than a little premature. Anyway, saved time asking.
The bedroom door was closed for some reason, which became apparent when I swung it open. All that could be seen inside - as they came all the way to the entrance - was big balloons in every color imaginable, bright, solid, opaque hues blocking the view of anything else.
I just knew I was being watched and spun around, finding Kim filming me from down the hallway. She was grinning from ear to ear and seemed to have a hard time keeping the camera steady.
I can't say if I was more impressed or incredulous. "You filled the whole room?"
"You'll see-ee", she said in a sing-song voice.
It was evident I was expected to pop my way in and would in fact have to if I wanted that computer anytime soon. I checked my pockets for sharp things but came up empty. Then I thought of my new earrings and decided to try an alternative use.
Removing one I used it to burst the closest loon, and that set off a small avalanche. Four eighteen-inch balloons blown nice and full spilled out of the room and landed at my feet, but the rest remained inside. Now I could see they didn't go all the way to the ceiling, but they were stacked a little higher than my head. I also noticed they were walled off by assorted curtains and drapes making a passage somewhat wider than the door. That was a relief, at least. More would have been insane - this was just general stupidity. Or silliness.
I grit my teeth and set about clearing a way to the bed. Grabbing each shiny orb in turn I pressed the jewelry straight though the thin membrane, the balloons going POP, BAM, BOOM under the onslaught and scattering their torn bodies in every direction.
I could have burst them faster but didn't want to risk bending or breaking my pin. The progress was swift anyway since so much of the obstruction vanished with every bang. Bits and pieces of latex stuck to the fabric on both sides and when I eventually uncovered the mattress it was strewn all over with garish rubbery remains. And as a final joke on Cheryl, the laptop was nowhere to be seen.
Though it did take me all of five seconds to lift a pillow and find it. I put it on the bedstand and plugged in the charger on general principle before heading back out. Kim was still filming and Lexi had appeared next to her. Both were smiling from ear to ear and I decided to give them a suitable end point. I faced the camera for a closing remark.
"Happy birthday to me, I guess."
The camerawoman knew that was all she'd get and turned off the recording. Then she let the laughter come.
"You should've seen your face!"
I could imagine. Also, I realized they both looked like they were going to an actual party, wearing nice dresses and makeup applied to impress. Kim had on a number in white and silver while Lex wore a beige one with panels decorated in patterns of light brown and powder blue. It did nothing to hide her remarkable bust and the natural curls were piled high on her head, falling to one side in a loose mane which emphasized the thick hoop earrings.
"What's with the getups? You seem a bit overdressed for the time of day."
"Not for the viewers! Think your reaction is all we shot?"
Alex explained. "She thought it would be fun calling it getting ready for your birthday party. Or 'birthday surprise', but 'party' was pretty much understood. What with the clothes and all."
"Not that I complain - you look awesome."
Kim nearly blushed. "Aw, thanks! So did you like your surprise?"
"I've had worse." Then I couldn't keep the chuckle in anymore. "All right, it was pretty funny. I just worry you've worn yourself out."
"You kidding? It was a great workout!"
"Not skipping lung day, I see."
"Never! Have to go check if I got it all!"
The blonde skipped away with her prize, probably fearing I'd confiscate it otherwise. Alex pushed me into the room and closed the door behind her, taking me into her arms and pressing her forehead against mine. Her scent mingling with the latex-infused aroma of the tunnel nearly made my head spin.
"You don't have to worry, love. I still got a lot of air left that just gotta go somewhere..."
I was maneuvered onto the bed and Lex sat down next to me. She caressed my face and took it in both hands before leaning forward ever so gently and slowly blew her sweet breath into my mouth. Words can't describe how good it felt - like being filled up with pure love. I know it sounds sappy but it's true. I get some of that along with every goodnight kiss from her, Kim and Kriss, and as wonderful they all are Lexi's the best at it. Her lips are amazing, not only a beautiful feature but oh so soft and luscious against mine. Decades of trumpet playing has given her absolute control of them and now she was using it all for my benefit, ending every puff with a little smooch before taking in more air and starting over. And her hands... The tenderness of their touch made my chin and cheeks feel completely cared for as she kept giving me the most romantic mouth to mouth imaginable. My fingers unbuttoned my trousers and blouse almost by their own accord, and Lex smiled with approval before blowing once more. If she kept going I'd be so horny it would hurt real soon.
I struggled out of everything except my bra and found a single pink balloon had survived the search. Pulling it close to my body I wrapped it up in a tight embrace, making it bulge in both directions without even coming close to breaking. It was far from enough and I started touching myself while hugging the loon, the squeaking of the rubber repeatedly drowned out by the sensual overload from Lexi's ministrations. I squirmed with pleasure and as my lips became my own again I managed a single sentence:
"Gonna pop any minute..."
"That's my cue", my lover whispered and kissed her way down my body, pushing balloon and bra aside to sample my nipples. But it was a brief stop as she seemed intent on delivering the traditional gift before it was too late and soon she was between my legs, applying her mouth to a different set of lips. Her technique was flawless and even though I trashed around, tossed my head every which way and dug my nails in deep enough to burst the balloon with a noisy bang, Lexi paid it no heed and kept sucking until I came. And then some more for good measure.

Holding her instead of the loon was an upgrade. Her tits felt so nicely inflated in those tight clothes I couldn't resist adding some air of my own. Turnabout is fair play, after all.
She sighed. "Hope you enjoyed your pressie."
"Loved it. But call me greedy - I've got one more birthday wish."
"Really? Whatever could that be?"
As if she didn't know me well enough to figure. "Wanna make you come too."
I began before she had time to comment. Getting on top and pulling up her dress took mere moments, shoving my hand down her panties less than another second. She'd clearly enjoyed the act of giving and the warm wetness gave me a silent go-ahead. Thumbing her clit was just a start and my other hand went to work on her boobs, then sliding up to cup her face as I moved in to show just how enjoyable her treatment had been.
One palm was more than enough to support Lexi's lovely head while I returned the favor over and over, her arms pulling me about as close as I'd held the loon. But while I couldn't stretch and expand, I did my best to make her chest do so. Her grip tightened and relaxed with my exhales and inhales while her hips rose from the mattress to meet my fingers. As I rubbed harder Lexi tensed up and just as I delivered a final blow she let herself come, the moan muffled by my mouth. She squeezed what little breath I had left right out of my lungs, rolling around with me until we ended up as a tangled, panting heap in the middle of the bed.
It took a few minutes of cuddling and sweet nothings to pull apart, and then I noticed an unintended side effect.
"Aw, Lex, I've wrinkled up your dress..."
And then some. It was no longer fit for even impolite company.
Lexi's not one to give suggestive leers often, so it's real effective when she does. Like then, for instance.
"It's all right. I have to change for dinner anyway."

We joined the others in the living room where I got some much-needed caffeine along with a screening of the setup. It was such a nice scene - Kim and Lex all prettied up, sitting on the bed inflating a huge stash of big balloons while talking about why they were doing it. They pointed out the makeshift walls early on and suggested anyone wanting to do a balloon room set some limits ahead of time. I second that motion, by the way.
It was unbelievable how fast the room filled up with gaudy globes of inflated rubber even if they were only given the merest hints of necks. Both girls were blowing calmly but efficiently and if I ever wanted to rent them out as pumps this would be a great ad. Bet most people have never seen such professional blowing in their lives. I had, though - and was still impressed. In addition to all the rest, they had lots of practice with using the best angles and expressions for a discerning audience. But they weren't even trying to connect or flirt with the viewers - in fact, they gave the impression of having completely forgotten about the camera.
Their chemistry translated well to the medium and the chatting between deep puffs was both natural and interesting. Hearing their thoughts on the show and things we'd featured on it was a great episode in itself, but would probably remain bonus material. It was behind-the-scenes of a non-scene anyway, though there was probably no way in hell I could stop Kim from posting my pop-stravaganza. That had after all been the payoff.
As they ran out of space on the bed they rose and moved the camera to the hallway, starting to work their way towards it.
"Better pick up the pace if we're to get this done", Kim said and the recording sped up. Suddenly they were blowing, tying and moving much, much faster than humanly possible and the tunnel filled up behind them as they got closer. As Lexi was putting the final puffs into a yellow balloon the video returned to normal and I'd seen enough of that to guess why. I was proven right when the latex burst in her face, making her flinch from the explosion.
Kim tittered. "If we'd had a counter we would have to reset it now - '26 balloons without incident'."
I'm sure she pulled that number out of her ass. No way she'd been keeping track and it seemed kind of low.
More superspeed inflation followed until they were almost at the end, when Kim's blue balloon touched the doorframe and popped.
"Eleven" Lex stated and went back to blowing, a much more accurate number.
Eventually they were outside and as the time came to finish the job they gave the last few balloons big necks so they would catch against the inside of the wall. Of course one of them didn't take well to being forced in and broke with a sharp snap. It was red, if you wonder.
Kim tried inflating the replacement in its intended spot, and while it pushed its neighbors aside as it expanded with her breath it fit very snugly, so Lexi blew the very last one up the same way and closed the door carefully.
"Now..." Kim grinned conspiratorially at the viewers, "...we wait."
I gave a small applause. "Bravo. Well done. All I wanna know is which idea came first - the shopping trip, or this?"
"The trip", Kriss said. "When I told them about it your main attraction said something like 'if you keep her out as long as you can we could prepare a surprise'."
I turned to Kim. "Had this in mind already?"
"Well...not really. But I googled 'balloon surprise' and got the idea pretty quickly."
"Was it mostly for me or the members?"
The blonde demurred. "Maybe both. Don't be jelly!" she added hastily.
"I'm not. But more stunts like this and we might have to raise the admission."

I got some me-time too, dimming the bathroom lights and sinking into the hot tub for some wonderful relaxation. It had been a great day and the best was yet to come. I felt a slight throbbing through my privates in anticipation of later, so I tried clearing my mind and just enjoying the moment.
There was a click at the door and Kim entered, wearing absolutely nothing. She strode through the room, slipped into the bath and sidled up to me, fondling and kissing until I was dizzy.
"Cherry darling, mind sitting on the edge for a bit? It's my turn and I can't hold my breath that long..."
A little later, as we slid back down into the water and each other's arms, I couldn't help thinking that was the one present I'd never mind getting duplicates of. And while it would always be a perennial favorite, nature had already given me the best gift of all - recharge-free orgasms.

Afterwards I spent a good while getting ready, wanting to look my best the way the others would. You can probably figure out how the evening went - eating, talking, slow dancing and everyone sharing my bed for the night.
Birthdays really aren't that bad.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 14

The 60's and 70's had been up long enough to get a few comments. Some were very enthusiastic about the double balloons, particularly appreciating how hard we had to blow. I couldn't fault them and wondered what they would have said about watching Kim inflate the replacements while being thoroughly felt up. There are some things I won't film, though.
The reactions to the next ep were kinda bland in comparison but it had its fans too, of course - and detractors. At least one person voiced some displeasure at not getting to see Kim blow up any regular loons, but I didn't want to make it a too obvious fetish channel. We were pretty much failing at that already.
Especially with the prank videos. Those broke some kind of record in comments and I guessed the earlier protester had simply missed them. The most repeated suggestion was more of Lexi so I penciled that in for future use. And I got some personal praise too for choosing such a spontaneous method to pop the loons. Made the whole thing feel genuine, I was told.
I replied it most certainly was - if I'd broken that implement the video wouldn't have been fit for general viewing.
Oh, and we sold the Dorothy dress, which was a step in the right direction. But the show must go on and at the next scheduled shooting Kim reported in wearing a truly outrageous outfit. I was tempted to ask her to dial it down but remembered the eighties were all about excesses and let it slide. Think Cyndi Lauper and Madonna at the top of their game and you're getting there.
The sheer fingerless gloves, assorted necklaces and the plastic bangles and earrings were just accessories to the blue dress with a short, wide skirt over fishnet hose ending in red-white sneakers. A faux-leather jacket with shoulder pads, three-quarter length sleeves and lots of studs and pins completed the outfit. All that's left to mention is the thin black scarf tied into a loose hair bow and the pink dye she'd applied to some of her tresses. The makeup was pretty colorful too with lots of eyeshade and rouge.
I'd been too young to remember if the eighties had ever really been that bad, but one thing was sure and that was whatever she was going for couldn't have happened in another decade.
"How on earth did you come up with that mix?"
"Oh, Krissie helped."
Of bloody course my dear wife would just throw on anything that would stick and remove what didn't later. I shuddered at the thought of the first attempts. Kim didn't look bad at all, even kinda sexy in a weird way, but I wouldn't want her to leave the house wearing that. I think the combination might be actionable.
"Just blow up the decorations. You're on your own today because a normal person would look fake next to that. Or vice versa."
A jumble of colors and shapes would suit the theme nicely and Kim went to work on a supermarket bag of assorted party balloons. Which basically meant 10-inchers and small airships of questionable quality. She didn't need many breaths to fill any of them and managed to burst a couple of the long ones in her face. It was really cool to see how quickly she blew them up though as they weren't exactly tiny, just smaller than our usual fare. Giving them long necks went well with the more-of-everything attitude but also led to quite a few accidental pops. She turned to the camera.
"So that’s the max size - don't go beyond it if you wanna play safe."
Eventually she'd tied together a few bunches for taping to the wall. At least one airship poked out of each and the round loons varied a bit in size. Those packages can indeed be a mixed bag. I shut off the camera as she walked out of frame.
"Is it just me or are they kinda weak?"
She tossed me a light-blue pouch and I blew it up to see. It did that resist-at-first-then-expand-all-at-once thing and I could almost hear from the stretching it wouldn't take much to break it. It did grow nice and round but the latex was a bit dull for my tastes. The pop was sharp though and took me by surprise halfway through the neck. At shooting distance the noise hadn’t been half bad but up close it was louder than I would have liked from the size. And yet it was just the type I'd grown up with, the kid's birthday party standard back then. I held back a smile at the thought of having acquired a refined taste in balloons.
"Yeah", I told her. "But on the bright side it means your btp won't take long. Wanna do it now?"
We poured what was left of the loons into a small cardboard box and placed it in front of Kim, the contents barely visible. She reached into it and picked up a limp, thin yellow object and brought it to her lips. A strong puff blew it into a thick cylinder with an extension looking for all the world like a balloon boner sticking straight out in front. Another breath filled that up as well and third popped the entire thing with a sudden snap. Kim blinked twice, then grabbed the cardboard receptacle to look at the rest of the stuff inside.
"Think this could be called a boom box?"

The lame but era-appropriate joke done with, we prepared for the show proper.
"The nineteeneighties brought a new wave of not only sounds but other forms of entertainment too. Music videos had already appeared but became huge with the launch of MTV in 1981. It stands for Music TeleVision and believe it or not, back then it really was."
She told about how it had helped the careers of some of that decade's most popular acts, listing their names and giving special attention to particularly influential videos, like Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and Dire Straits' 'Money for Nothing', noting that it was one of the first examples of computer animation. And the abundance of synthesizers in all kinds of songs. Walkmans and CD's were mentioned before she went back to the MTV vibe.
'The quick cuts used in music videos influenced movies and TV too, leading to a new pacing in visual storytelling."
A few of the best-known examples were listed, 'Miami Vice' sticking out for having so many popular songs on the soundtrack. Kim stated that movies often were made to be easy to understand with basic plots to appeal to as many viewers as possible.
"Mass consumerism was important and the 'more of everything' mentality apparent almost everywhere. Saturday morning cartoons were basically toy commercials, like 'Transformers', 'Masters of the Universe', 'My Little Pony' and 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'."
Kim had expressed a wish to blow a mylar pony to pop for the viewers, but the only ones available were of course from the reboot.
"And speaking of toys, the home video game market exploded, crashed and returned over the course of only a few years, with Nintendo coming out on top. Did you know they started out making playing cards? Not quite 'Super Mario'. If you weren't into that kind of thing, you might have wanted a Cabbage Patch Kids doll instead, complete with adoption certificate."
I'd gotten one for Christmas when I was six. By then the fad was over and I thought it a bit creepy anyway.
"Not to be confused with the Garbage Pail Kids!" Kim added. "Those were trading cards with really disgusting children."
"As I said last time, nostalgia seems to leap forward ten years every new decade. In the eighties, sixties music came back big time on the radio and TV's 'The Wonder Years' flashed back to growing up twenty years before. So did the movie "Stand By Me", but that was an adaption of a Stephen King story. His horror novels were very popular, and with movie censorship lessening a slew of slasher movies came out with increasing levels of gore for every sequel."
She listed a few series before going back to the previous point.
"But the biggest shot of sixties nostalgia came with 'Dirty Dancing' - one of my favorite movies! There were other huge dancing films in the eighties too, like 'Flashdance' and 'Footloose', but they weren't quite as successful. As for actual dancing, the eighties had more moves than real dances - unless you count breakdancing, which was a big fad."
"I'm gonna show you some of them now, but first one last important thing to come out of the eighties..."
Kim pointed a thumb at herself. "Moi! But I'm not saying what year!"
1987, if you wanna know. Have to reward my audience too, right?
Anyway, the usual finish segued into a dance demonstration with Kim once again calling out the moves as she performed them. I recognized the Moonwalk, but even if I'd seen the Wop, the Biz and the Pendulum I never even knew they had names. Same with the decidedly movie-titled the Robocop, the Roger Rabbit and the Running Man. Lastly she gave a brief example of breakdancing, which had me make an executive decision.
"Okay, those balloons go on the floor and then you put the 'break' in breakdance. Capiche?"
"Kaboom even!" she agreed and tore down the decorations for an explosive ending. They all got stomped, kicked and sat on as she made a much more extensive show of the style and I wondered if she'd be able to walk straight once back on her feet. Those spins were dizzying to watch.
Sure enough, she took a couple of tottering steps and I immediately capitalized on that.
"Just a moment", I said and grabbed a green balloon from the box to administer a sobriety test. I held it to her lips, telling her to "blow into this".
Kim did, filling it almost all the way with a single breath. She was so obliging and looked so adorably cross-eyed I released the loon and let her off with a big damn kiss. She was just as eager to take part in that.
Then she set off to change for the second shoot of the day. I'd just about finished up the eighties when she returned to announce she was ready.

This was where the grody look we'd spoken of came into play. Her hair wasn't exactly messy but looked sorta unkempt. She'd pulled on a plaid flannel shirt over a black Nirvana tee, leaving it open in front, and her jeans were of the torn variety. What makeup there was consisted of smudged eyeliner and burgundy lipstick.
We'd been talking about suitable decorations and deciding on what to use had been tricky until Kriss made her remark.
"Weren't raves and flashing lights all the rage?"
Neither me or her had been old enough to take part, but yes, it kinda was. LED balloons would have to stand in for that and me and Kim blew up a bunch in green, purple and red. They looked a bit off in the brightly-lit studio but it couldn't be helped - the presenter would have to explain they'd have fit right in with the glowsticks of the day.
Since the nineties weren't too far in the past we assumed most of the viewers would know a thing or two about it and only went through the grittier feel being a reaction to the glitzy eighties and briefly touching on the onset of grunge and the rise of hip hop and indie pop, the prevalence of boy bands and the birth of 'girl power'.
"Movies often featured heavy subjects, prime examples being AIDS and the Holocaust in respectively 'Philadelphia' and 'Schindler's List'. With Quentin Tarantino's scripts the medium started referring to already existing pop culture, something that was practically unheard of before. And CGI forever changed special effects, 'Jurassic Park' being its first major triumph."
Other examples followed before she switched screen size.
"Major TV shows were 'Seinfeld', 'Friends' and of course 'The Simpsons' - still running despite starting back in '89! My personal favorite is 'The Nanny', though. And let's not forget 'Baywatch' which gave the stations an excuse to air scenes of scantily clad, fit people running in slow motion! It was always more about that than actual lifeguarding."
She dwelled on a few more titles before moving on to fads.
"You might remember fanny packs, beanie babies and pogs, but nowadays those are mostly memories. But Pokemons are still around, as is the major innovation of the nineties - the internet! I can hardly remember the time before it, and without the net you wouldn't be watching me right now. Call it blessing or curse but it's here to stay. I do remember the sound of dial-up connections and that you'd lose them if someone picked up the phone. Yes, there were landlines in those days. I'm getting old."
It was tongue-in-cheek, of course, but there was no denying things had really changed.
Eventually Kim reached the dancing part and it was here raves got mentioned. Otherwise, she said, that scene was mostly about hip hop moves.
"Although all over the world people lined up to watch 'Riverdance', a celtic-inspired linedance show, and several follow-ups in the same vein."
"And of course the Macarena plagued the dancefloors." She hummed about half of the tune - not too off-key as it was basically just a rhythm - and went through the arm motions. "Not gonna do it on the floor since that's about all there is to it", she added. "And if you wanna see another novelty look up the Carlton online - from 'The Fresh Prince in Bel Air'."
She didn't demonstrate it herself, but did go through the Hammer dance, the Heel Toe, the Tootsee Roll and the Bart Simpson - none of which had been in my script. I'd deliberately left it to someone who knew what she was talking about. The LED loons all met their demise on the floor, trampled underfoot during various bounce grooves. Her phrase, not mine.

One scene remained to shoot. All of us had agreed it would get tedious and predictable with Kim only blowing part of the decor to pop for the subscribers - some variety now and then was more or less necessary. But as soon as the nineties were brought up, Kriss broke out laughing and said it was a good place for Kim to replicate what she herself had once done by accident. And after she reminded us of what, the vote was unanimous.
What we showed was basically just Kim sitting at her cleaned desk - I would add the caption 'BAYWATCH AUDITIONS' later.
"As a start, let's see how you handle CPR." The voice was mine, as was the arm reaching in to hand her a flat package. It was one of those blow-up training dolls - just a rudimentary face and chest with a replaceable plastic bag serving as lungs. The top of the torso would rise as an indicator you were administering rescue breaths properly. Not the worst idea, actually, and very space-efficient.
Kimber unfolded the dummy and inflated it as much as she could, pinching off the tube and plugging it up before any of the air could escape. Then she laid it flat on the table, lifted its chin, pinched its nose and drew a deep breath. Anyone with half a brain could see what was about to happen.
Sure enough, she blew into the mannequin's mouth much, much harder than intended. The chest plate rose violently - and fell back down as quickly when the plastic lung burst beneath it. The loud pop was followed by a startled reaction from Kim and an awkward silence. She picked up the victim, turned it over in her hands as if to look for a way to salvage the situation but then dropped it dejectedly.
"I'll just see myself out", she mumbled and slunk off as I called "Next!".
The filming done, I went over to the futon. "I know you can do better. Why don't you show me?"
Kim just smiled and kneeled beside me. Then she gave me exactly what I'd had just the other day and when I said Lexi's better it's by a very small margin. After a minute or so I let her have my verdict.
"You're hired... I fucking love it when you breathe for me."
"I fucking love doing it for you. Now go on, jill off and we'll call it a day."
Well, I can take direction too. Kim kept up her work until mine was done and finished with one last playful puff and brief kiss.
"That's a wrap", she smiled.
"Hold on", I said. "I know you're gonna hit the shower. So am I, and I'm gonna wash you all over and show..." I grabbed and fingered her all-too-covered crotch. "...that practice pays off."

Later, as I was toweling her still moist and naked body, she took me in her arms.
"Oh, Cherry, what's the use of ending shoots with a kiss when we could have sex instead? We seem to do it half the time anyway..."
Too true. I gave her a playful smirk. "You want it in writing, is that it?"
"Just to hear that you wanna."
"Watching you work makes me so impressed and so proud I could jump you. Every damn time. So yeah - I think I can stand an upgrade."
"Promise?" Kim pleaded.
I lowered her to the floor and made love to her right then and there. Heck of a lot more effective than words, even if I did say'em too. And ever so much nicer.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 15

The last of our looking-back shows would be the 2000's, and I was pretty relieved about that. They'd been kind of tedious to write and the main draw had really been the excuse to dress Kim up in appropriate outfits. Keeping to less educational stuff in the future would be a welcome change, even if it had been a neat way to justify the air time.
For the final episode of that series Kim went all in on the goth look. It was odd watching her in pale makeup - not only on her face but arms and hands as well - especially since she'd once been a regular user of spray-on tans. The skin tone wasn't the only paint she wore - apart from black fingernails and lipstick, her eyes were heavily outlined and shaded. But the real kicker was the hair. That morning it had been as blonde as always but when she entered the studio it was pitch black - and this time it wasn't a wig, which was what I'd expected. I felt my jaw drop.
"You went and dyed it?"
"Yep!" she nodded happily. "But don't worry, says it'll wash right out!"
Despite her new color, that was a blonde moment if I'd seen one. But who knew? Maybe she'd found the one brand that'd actually live up to that. The touch of pink for the eighties had insta-vanished, after all.
Her clothes were the same hue as the hair, a thin top with fishnet sleeves, slim pants with long keychains and a silver ankh necklace. The latter belonged to me and I'd actually worn it back then, even if the rest of my stuff hadn't been in that style.
As for the decor, I'd watched enough Tim Burton films to know black and white stripes could look interesting and would also match the presenter. She blew up enough monochrome airships to cover the backdrop in vertical lines, although they bulged out far too much to ever pass for paint. Which was part of the point. Also, they weren't thin by any means - I'd say about six inches in diameter and absolutely straight. I would have to resort to the old trick of superimposing the logo since the wall hanging was covered up in the process, but it had worked before and would again.

The show began with Kim in full emo mode.
"Today I'm supposed to talk about the noughties, but I don't really see the point. If you're old enough to watch this you were probably around back then. But all right, let's look at the decade that gave us iPods and social media. Hope my old Myspace page is gone for good."
I would probably have said amen to that if I'd ever had one myself.
"People wore all kinds of things, hoodies, low rise jeans, crop tops and metallic fabrics. The one look that always stood out for me was this one."
She indicated herself. "Not exactly new but putting stuff like this on and listening to My Chemical Romance or Evanescence was a popular way for teens to show how edgy and troubled they were, like every other teen in recorded history."
At that point a black balloon popped in the background, exposing part of the on-the-air sign behind it. Kim sighed and rose to inflate a new one for the retake. I told her to hang some plastic over the lettering just in case it had been a contact issue. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing - while it's never fun having to redo things, it's always great with new stuff for the blooper section. And an addition to the decoration clips.
"I'm glad I decided against the spiked wristbands", Kim said as she tied the fat cylinder off.
I stifled a laugh. I would have loved watching her try to manage the setup in that.
"Try being a bit more tongue-in-cheek this time", I suggested. "Don't wanna make it a downer episode."
She made a fair effort and returned to the break point. "Other popular music was often autotuned or performed by the latest contestants on 'American Idol'." She gave examples of both that and more qualitative songs of the decade, making me realize it was about then my tastes started to turn towards retro music.
"On TV reality shows were huge, and 'Lost' sort of rode the 'Survivor' wave. 'CSI' put a new spin on policework, and '24' one on pacing. 'Breaking Bad' and 'Mad Men' began in the noughties, as did 'The Office' and 'How I Met Your Mother'. I personally watched more of 'Scrubs' and 'Gilmore Girls'."
Kim covered some other big shows and went on to cinematic summaries.
"CGI really hit its stride and practical movie effects became practically unheard of. The 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy used both though and was one of the biggest hits of all time. 'Avatar' was mostly computer-generated and became the most successful film ever. But generally speaking, studios seemed to live by the 'go big or go broke' mantra. Some did both, of course."
Movie stars and titles were name-dropped and since most of the actors were still active I felt the nostalgia had definitely run its course.
"The 2000's sure were a time to be alive. You could drive your Segway shopping for energy drinks to keep you awake during long MMO sessions. And aspiring musicians could become a real Guitar Hero at home."
Kim didn't have much to say about the dancing of the decade since it was mostly tied to specific music videos. Many new steps were merely variations and rehashes of old ones, but there would be a demonstration nevertheless.
She tightened the laces on her anything but dainty boots and went to work. The dancing sorta matched Kim's listless appearance and felt downright stale at times. To my eyes, the moves were far less interesting than any she'd shown before, even with names like 1,2 Step, the Wobble and Pop, Lock n' Drop It. The last of those had a good name for disposing of the loons but sadly not the mechanics. (We tried. The drop simply wasn't hard enough to break one of the airships - you probably have to lie down if you want to crush one behind your knees.) The Single Ladies dance was more lively and provided great opportunities to step, stomp and even run on the poor balloons, which was what Kim did to finish them off.
The usual blow to pop went to plan. She put another black airship to her mouth and exhaled hard, making the closest part inflate neatly. The next breath extended the puffed-up segment and I noticed her cheeks seemed to bulge out more than usual. I put it down to the pale makeup increasing the contrast and shadows but it was super impressive regardless. As she kept blowing her face inflated wonderfully with each passing breath and the increasing pressure made the dark, shiny latex look really tight under the studio lights. Soon enough it was as full as it could get and instead of stretching out sideways it flew to bits with a violent bang. Kim reacted as if it hadn't been her intention at all and actually managed to look startled by the sudden noise. She turned to the viewers.
"Is this what 'goth to pieces' means?"
I have to admit, it takes some dedication agreeing to deliver lines like that and I went over to show my appreciation. She had to settle for a kiss right then as we'd planned another episode and the proper reward would take too long. And the bodypaint would probably rub off on me and require an extra cleanup. Anyway, it was understood we'd only get busy after all the work was done.

Kim was gone for quite a while, and her silence in the doorway spoke volumes.
Remember about the dye washing right out? Well, it didn't, and her blonde tresses were smudged all over in dirty-looking shades. I took one glance at the crestfallen presenter and made the call.
"Change of plans. Or scripts, at least."
For once a backup came in handy. I'd prepared an episode about wardrobe malfunctions and this was as good a time as any to use it. While Kim did her best to learn as much of it as possible by heart I handled the decorations, blowing up a number of misprinted 11-inchers we'd gotten in a discount bag. I chose ones where you could clearly see the logos and pictures hadn't turned out as intended, and made sure recognizable brands were unrecognizable. Or identifiable but smeared or scrambled. It was a lot of fun inflating those and chuckling at how stupid they would look as advertising. This way they could at least be of some use.
We went through the whole episode, but it was clear Kim's heart wasn't in it. She did put on a brave front but it was about as transparent as a confetti balloon and as cheerful as its popped remains. Hugs and caresses were in order and I gave her plenty once she was done.
"I look awful", she said. "Am I still getting some?"
"You think some dye would put me off?"
She tried a smile. "I guess you could always turn out the lights."
"Oh, kitten... Looks don't matter. All they can do is speed up the process and a kiss is just as quick. Coming from you anyway."
"I always had to look my best. Can't stop thinking that."
Ah. So we're there again.
"Kimmy, your mom's crazy and you know it."
"Yeah. But I feel better with makeup and nice hair."
"You still seem to enjoy yourself without." As in at bedtime most every night.
"Said better", she said. "Would keep it on if I could."
I kissed her and suggested a remedy.
"We're going to find your wife - who'll laugh her ass off and love you even more - and mine, who'll ask if you've tried bleach yet."
They were both in the kitchen. Alex was handling lasagna plates, so that would probably be dinner, while Kriss was fooling around on the trumpet - likely trying out some new composition. Their reactions were about what I'd predicted, although Lex followed up with a "Poor Blondie!" and a tight embrace. And Krissie's suggestions were well-meant and sincere without a trace of snideness.
So as Lex held her tight, me and Kriss came in from the sides to plant some loving kisses and licks on her cheeks, along with whispers about what a non-deal her miscalculation was.
"You're so adorable when you mess up", I told her.
"For sure", Kriss said. "Don't worry about it."
A few minutes of that convinced Kim it wasn't the whole world and that it would vanish with some perseverance. Lexi promised to personally scrub it away for her.
"Can I make a guest appearance?" she asked. "I'll tell about my worst wardrobe malfunction."
That made Kim laugh, since there'd be no doubt about what she meant.
"I could too", Kriss volunteered. "And Chel's probably got a story as well."
Even if I did, it wouldn't be as spectacular as Lexi's. But two lesser ones could be a great build-up.

We tried shooting the show again and this time the presenter was in a much better mood, gleefully pointing out various celebrity mishaps, mostly panty flashes and nip slips. Janet Jackson's original accident was naturally brought up first - right after Kim confessing her own blunder, of course. As a last-minute addition she announced our personal recollections, and I got to start out.
"I once wore two different shoes to work", I admitted. "Not that bad except there was a pretty important meeting that day." It hadn't impacted the outcome but been embarrassing nonetheless.
"The back zipper on my dress came loose at a dinner party", Kriss said. "Had to sit cross-armed until I could excuse myself and get someone to help in the restroom."
That was news to me and I bit my lip at the image. Still, I was glad it hadn't been worse.
Without much hesitation Lexi recounted that fateful performance at the Stone.
"My bra once broke on stage. And I wasn't wearing anything over it."
Well, to be fair, containing her bust is a lot to ask of any garment but they usually hold up okay. A full house could attest that particular one didn't, though.
Kriss had somehow managed to smuggle her trombone into the room and surprised Lex by stepping in behind her to blow the familiar 'fail' notes. Her smile was a good image to end on and I cut back to Kim bidding the viewers adieu.
For the extra video she picked through the latex assortment until she found a balloon with so smudged letters it was impossible to decipher them. The discarded specimens went back into the bag and she sat down to examine the chosen one for the camera.
"I wonder what this says?"
She blew it up just a bit, turning the wrinkled rubber into a small but swollen inverted drop shape before peering at it again. As it wasn't enough she added another breath but the meaning still eluded her. Blowing the balloon to full size didn't improve matters so Kim tried filling it even more, making it burst all over the desk in the process. She picked up the largest piece and stretched it out.
"Great. Now I really can't read it."
Even if there wouldn't be any dancing Kim still popped the balloons I'd blown up to hang in the studio, bursting every single one with a pin. Manning the camera I could only watch my work vanish with a series of bangs, but good riddance. They were fails in themselves, their only accomplishment being able to stay in shape by holding my breath in place.
Then I proved Kimmy would still get some no matter how she looked. Though I got help from the others, of course.

I'd expected the 2000's show to be the nadir of the series, everyone fed up with the format and whatnot. But one subscriber was outright ecstatic - he'd always wanted to see a hot goth chick blow a balloon to pop and had feared it was far too late for that. I'm happy he got his wish, but who knows? With those twenty-year cycles maybe the look is due a revival.
Also, Kim got nothing but sympathy for her coloring crisis, along with stories of viewer fails such as ripped pants and one girl mentioning the time she burnt off a chunk of her hair with a curling iron.
When the time came for the next shoot the dye was barely visible, especially with Kim sporting a pretty ponytail with her casual outfit - a blue v-neck and off-white pants. The studio was rather bare for once, since Lex had rightly pointed out we shouldn't spoil the audience too much or expectations would be through the roof. The episode wasn't too special either, mainly catching up on movie releases and other cultural happenings that had taken place during our trip to the past. Attentive viewers could notice the presenter was chewing on a big wad of gum, but she didn't make it too obvious.
However, she pointed it out in the subscriber video.
"Some of you might have expected me to blow a bubble or something, but that would have been a bit unprofessional, dont'cha think? I saved it up for now."
With that she began to inflate a simply humongous bubble, far bigger than her head. I was impressed she'd kept in practice since the very first stage production, when the girls had struggled to outblow each other in that department. But none of them had ever quite managed to reach Betty's level, whose bubble skills under no circumstances could ever be called unprofessional. Kim was merely very good, but of course required a sturdy brand. And even so, it took four retakes before she'd managed a size she was happy with.
"If you can do better, let me know."
And that was it for the day. Kim demanded to postpone the usual second shoot as long as possible, to give her hair some time to recuperate.
"No way I'm taking any chances with the Valentine's special."
"Come on, Cherry, it's like the biggest camgirl happening of the year and I never got to do one."
"But you're not exactly camming anymore."
"Oh, really? Yeah, yeah, I know, but we agree heart balloons are mandatory, right?"
That we did, and had bought a big supply well ahead of time - for off-camera use as well.
Kim went on. "Let's face it, any cammer not having those around that date is in the wrong biz. Or at least missing out on tips - especially if they don't show the inflation. A big chunk o' change came during preparations."
I wondered if donations were all that came. But the general appreciation of our decoration vids proved her point.
"So when do you wanna do it?"
"Day before is fine by me", Kim said with a shrug that told me no other option would be considered. Cutting it a bit close, but it was her show after all.

The same night the bubble vid went online Betty sent a recording proving she'd seen it. With her chestnut hair brushed into a lustrous shine and wearing grey jeans below an alluring black bodice, she faced the camera for some demonstrative chews. Then she began to blow, blow and blow her gum into unbelievable dimensions, each slow puff threatening to prematurely pop the fragile material. Her eyes were sensually closed below thick, painted lashes and her luxurious bangs almost covered the brows. Not many girls can sport that look so flawlessly, but Betty certainly did.
The gum kept growing and growing until it seemed to fill half the room before the overinflated mass split open with a gentle poof and settled all over her face. Betty nonchalantly pulled it off without a trace of sticking, giving the viewers a smug smile and a teasing wink before the scene abruptly ended.
"Feel free adding that to the member's area", her text read. "Proves Lulu Lonestar still has what it takes."
Well, since she offered and all, up it went. Kim was very graceful about being upstaged and resolved to practice more. And one viewer wrote "Whoever that girl is I need more of her!"
I could just imagine Betty's face when I told her. "Just gimme a holler if you need something else blown bigger and better", she said.
Carrie would have had a field day with that.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
That black dye accident...
My girlfriend did the same, her hair looked like she tried to imitate a dalmatian.

And since this is a looner forum I even got a wardrobe malfunction story involving an inflatable. Well, it was only used to cover up but it was involved. ^^
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 16

Kim wasn't at lunch that February thirteen, and I worried about the shoot for a moment before Lex reassured me.
"She ate early. Had some preparations to take care of."
Well, that was promising at least. She had called it the 'Valentine's Special' after all and probably wanted to look her best.
That turned out to be an understatement. See, throughout the run Kim had always taken care to preserve a bit of girl-next-door quality - looking good but not artificially so. Doing but not overdoing. Keeping to a somewhat everyday appearance, like someone you might meet in the street. A someone that would turn heads, of course, but still plausible.
What I'm trying to say is I was completely unprepared for the way she looked entering the studio. First off, her hair had completely recovered and was brushed into a lovely mane of loose waves. She wore a knee-length bright red dress with slits and a deep decolletage that not only pushed her breasts up but put the valley between them front and center. They were further framed by the matching bolero she wore over it, adding a touch of class to the ensemble. The bare, slender arms directed my gaze towards the hands with immaculate nails covered in crimson polish.
The combination was stunning on her, but it wasn't the first time I'd seen it. She'd worn it to the first Christmas party back at the theatre, and just like back then she'd now accessorized it with a red satin bow tie around her neck, the pointed wings adding some extra femininity and flair. Her lips were painted the same color and gleamed with an almost sinful luster.
Kim's beautiful blue eyes glittered mischievously between heavy lashes as I dropped the pen I was holding. The amazing makeup and gold jewelry were the final blows against my composure.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Cherry darling."
"That's tomorrow." I felt more than heard the hoarseness in my voice.
"Thought we'd celebrate in advance. Just you and me."
The actual day would be for all of us together and the night was naturally reserved for my Kriss. But all bets were evidently off for the afternoon and I have to admit it pleased me. Excited me, even. Enormously.
She dropped the bag she was holding on the desk, spilling some uninflated balloons. Then she took me in her arms and gave me an absolutely amazing kiss. If her looks were perfection, so was her scent, and my head was swimming before we separated.
"You've planned on getting any filming done?"
"Oh, sure. Right after I finish blowing all those up. But first the important stuff..."
Another kiss showed she meant business and I didn't protest.
"I hope you brought your lipstick."
Unnecessary question, but I wasn't exactly thinking straight. Kim laughed and pulled it out of her bag along with a small mirror to touch up what had been partly left on my mouth. She coyly tucked a strand of hair behind an ear.
"Ahem. A little help?"
I did what was expected of me, at some length - not only blowing softly but caressing and kissing her face as well. The fluttering eyelids and huge smile told me I was hitting at least some of the right spots.
Kim had been half right - the filming would begin before she blew the balloons up. I had a feeling this decoration vid might be one for the history books. Or at least for my own memento collection.
"Can you feel the love in the room?" she asked the imaginary audience. "Me neither. I'd better do something about that, huh?"
She picked up a red rubber heart and stretched it a few times. Then she drew a breath and blew it into the limp latex, making it spring to life and expand into its proper shape. She inflated it thoroughly, making sure the nipple-like tips filled up and separated as much as possible. Kim inspected the result with approval, tied it off and placed it neatly on the floor. Then she grabbed another and repeated the process. As she knotted the full and rounded heart she turned to the camera.
"Some might ask why I'm not using a pump, but I think blowing by mouth adds a personal touch."
As if to illustrate she very pointedly placed the next balloon between her lips, put her other hand on the hip and tilted her head backwards to blow up the pink rubber pouch. The stance made it clear her opinion was the only right one and I sure wouldn't be alone in wishing for a 'personal touch'.
It was amazing how nice the hearts looked once inflated, their bulging sides telling everyone they couldn't be anything but balloons, and the colors and sheen of the latex were top notch. Those loons were of the best quality we could find and rated at eleven inches, coming in a mixed bag of reds, whites and pinks. There should be sixteen of each if the packaging didn't lie. While Kim could easily blow up several per minute, the tying would cut into that quite a bit so I knew she'd be at it for a while.
I leaned back to watch, wishing I'd had a brandy to sip. The visuals were stimulating enough though, basically tailored to my tastes. She'd barely begun and I was already triggered beyond belief, so tense that the first sudden bang made me jump.
"Oops!" Kim giggled and threw away what remained of the white balloon. She'd blown it a little too big, probably testing the limits. Well, now she knew them but my heart wasn't pounding from the scare alone.
As she went about her work Kim was moving slowly back and forth, holding in place or turning ever so often but never taking a break from the blowing. Some times she bent over to carefully place a balloon with the rest, others she just tossed it onto the ever-growing heap. Once or twice she pulled the knot back a fair bit and let it snap back to propel the loon in the right direction. It might appear she did all that to make the task less boring but it really was to show herself from all possible angles, catering to any and all preferences. It didn't matter she wasn't acting all sultry - this was still jackoff material and she knew it. Maybe that's why she didn't bother with the attitude. In fact, the way she addressed the viewers was more kid's show host than camgirl.
"Whew! It takes a lot of air to fill all these. But don't worry, I've still got plenty of puff!"
She went on to prove it, filling up balloon after balloon with her breath. One by one they swelled out into voluptuous hearts, looking for all the world like inflatable butts - especially the pink ones. I wondered if looner guys liked to rub their members against the curved indentures, but maybe the latex was too fragile for that. It was after all the weakest spot, the one subjected to the most tension.
Speaking of that I have to put in a personal opinion - heart balloons don't break, or burst, or explode. They pop. Sure, I might call it something else for better flow, but in my mind it will always be popping. You all know how prone to that they are - Kim does too but has loads and loads of experience from previous years so she managed to keep it to a minimum. Still, now and then an almost full or only half-filled heart popped between her lips. At one point two reds in a row did and she demonstratively swapped colors, even noting it out loud.
A pink one survived to be tied off and added to the heap followed by a white, and then a fresh red deigned to get blown all the way up. Kim smiled with satisfaction as she started on another.
Which promptly popped as well. It was obvious the recoiling rubber stung her face, but she brushed it off like it was nothing, shook her hair into place, straightened her back and her tie and set about blowing the rest of the balloons into shape. Amazingly they all held together and before she was done she'd amassed an impressive pile on the floor reaching all the way between the frame edges. The inflatress once more reached into the bag but came away empty-handed.
"Aww, all gone? I guess that means it's time for these."
She took out two larger mylar hearts in metallic red and unfolded them, the flat contours looking much like seasonal wall hangings. But of course they wouldn't stay that thin for long.
Kim swiftly prepared them for inflation, using a slightly thicker straw than the one included in the package to allow her to blow in more air quicker. Which was just what she did, making the material crinkle with each powerful puff. She blew them both up until they were fit to explode, something I could relate to at that point. By the time she'd fixed them to the wall I was just about squirming in my seat.

Kim waved goodbye with a "See you in the show!" and I met her halfway to the desk, pressing my forehead against hers and hugging her as close as I could.
"Good job. How I envy those loons."
Kim's smile widened. "Let's see if I can even the score."
She covered my mouth with hers and blew into it, which felt great but wasn't quite what I needed.
"I meant I wanna pop in your face too."
"That can be arranged."
Enough was enough. "Have to have you. Right here, right now."
"All yours."
I lowered her onto the futon and leaned forward to kiss, nuzzle and simply melt into her embrace. Lifting her dress I wasn't in the least surprised to find she wore nothing under it.
Her mound was smooth above the slick and swollen privates - so inviting and so irresistible. I dove right in to lap away, kissing, sucking, blowing and licking until her heavy breathing turned to moans and gasps and a final yelp. Her twitching subsided and realizing something I rose before she had a chance to do anything else.
"Hey, wait a sec! What about my turn?"
"No." I was firm and hating myself for it, but it couldn't be helped. "It'll have to wait. Because what you're about to do with me will mess those looks up beyond repair."
Kim stood up and stroked my face. "But you look like you're about to overheat. Let's see if I can fix that..."
She pulled my trousers off but let the panties stay, unbuttoned my blouse, unclasped the bra and removed it. She sucked my nipples all wet, then blew on them. It didn't do much to cool me off. She merely grinned at my groans.
"You said you could wait."
"Don't have to like it, do I?"
Kimmy's eyes were full of promise. "Trust me, you will."
She pulled at her clothes to restore the now somewhat faded elegance, and I was happy to help out. Soon she was looking her very best once more and ready for her closeup. Her face was absolutely radiant with contentment and I knew I'd never done a better job preparing her for the viewers. So far.
We'd decided the episode should begin with a fade-in on Kimber putting the final breaths into a huge latex heart. But naturally she first had to blow it up to size and just as naturally I filmed the entire process as a member bonus. I thought it would be a lovely start to any show - your pretty presenter finishing getting the surroundings ready for broadcast.
The balloon bursting halfway through sort of spoiled the mood, but Kim just laughed and started over with a fresh one. We had several spares.
Eventually she was done and closed it off with a small clip before placing it in the sea of smaller ones as a centerpiece. Overall it was a beautiful backdrop, but not half as beautiful as Kim. I was mesmerized by her gaze as she spoke directly to me through the camera lens and so beside myself with lust I could hardly keep track of whether she was sticking to the script. Her calm smile was even more provoking than a suggestive one would have been and the factual delivery of the lines clashed completely with her appearance. The result was electrifying, and the occasional grin only reminded me what my bubbly playmate was capable of. I'd never ached for her like that before - not during filming at any rate.
She finished telling about the origins of the holiday, celebrations through the centuries and other trivia tidbits, like teachers being the ones getting the most Valentine's cards followed by mothers and children, with actual lovers coming in fourth. But there was only so much to be said about the history of heart-shaped boxes and candies and soon she reached a more important part.
"As fun as Valentine’s Day can be, it's also one of the most excluding holidays. People who aren't in relationships tend to feel lonelier at this time - I've spent a few of them on my own and it's hard not feeling left out. But it doesn't have to be that way. If jobless people can celebrate Labor Day, singles should be able to enjoy Valentine's! So why not treat yourself to some loving care?"
At first I'd accidentally written 'self-love'. You might see why I changed that.
"Go out for a meal even if its just a hot dog. Eat something sweet. Take a shopping trip. Do a favorite activity or go to the movies and watch something with lots of laughs or explosions. Anything's better than moping! You could even go clubbing, maybe meet someone new - but try not thinking about that. If it happens, great, but it shouldn't be a goal. What matters is making you feel good. Something as simple as putting on nice clothes might help."
Kim took out a pair of red opera gloves to match the dress.
"So get yourselves dressed up..." - she lifted a glove to her lips and blew it into shape for a brief moment before putting it on, then repeated the procedure and straightened her tie - "...and celebrate in style."
"I know I will." She winked at the camera, produced some metallic confetti hearts and with a big, happy puff sent them flying towards whoever was watching. In the immediate present, me. I would have jumped right over the desk if there hadn't been one more thing to film, so instead I moved the tripod into place and waited for Kim to begin.
"Let's finish this in style as well", I said.
"You've got it, boss."
The gloves had been removed almost as quickly as they'd appeared and their wearer had taken up position near the thoroughly inflated balloons. I gave her a thumbs up and she delivered the first line.
"You can't really talk about love without mentioning heartbreak. They are fragile things and easily hurt."
She pressed a heel down on a pink loon that had slipped away from the rest and it immediately, well, broke.
"Nobody likes that. So if you ever have to disappoint someone..."
Kim picked up the big heart and opened the clip, releasing all of her pent-up air with a slow whoosh.
"...try letting them down gently. Then they can get back into shape quicker."
She inhaled deeply and began to reinflate the now loose and wrinkled rubber. It filled out and swelled up very easily, but Kim still blew long and strong breaths into it to make the scene shorter. Soon she'd returned it to its former glory and paused for another admonishment.
"But a broken heart usually stays broken, even if it's not on purpose."
She kept blowing carelessly and casually until the big balloon popped. She really should have seen it coming as it even grew a bit of a neck, but she pretended not to notice. A couple pieces went flying while the major part flopped down and hung limply from her grip.
"Oh!" Kim cried in acted surprise.
She put the rubbery remains out of sight with a guilty expression. "So don't do that, okay? Have a great Valentine's!"

I shut the camera off, strode over and planted a big one right on her lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and suddenly I was even hornier than before. I still clung on to finish the kiss properly, but was almost panting once I tried to speak.
"And now, Kimberly Anne Swanson, you're gonna make good on all that teasing."
"Oh, am I ever..."
She yanked the final object out of her magic bag, a prop straight from the fun-geon. As soon as I recognized the black inflatable wedge I began to shudder all over but I don't think Kim noticed since she was busy blowing it up in a frenzy. Her frantic, noisy puffs and gasps betrayed just how eager she was and as soon as she'd plugged it up she placed it on the futon and propped me up against it. In moments my arms were secured to its sides with strong velcro straps and then I could only watch as she swiftly pulled my panties off and went down on me.
It was almost too much, with her eyes looking straight at mine and the restraints keeping me from grabbing her head. I needed to but couldn’t even flail about, much less reach down. And what my Kimmily was doing to me went beyond words. I screamed with pleasure as I came but she was relentless, forcing me to endure the same helplessness all over again. And I loved every single moment.
But twice was enough and I called out a desperate demand.
"Take 'em off!"
Kim unshackled me at once and as soon I was free I grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her back into the previous position. This time I held her head firmly in place and thrust my hips to meet her tongue, taking command of the situation and making her do my bidding.
A muffled "Fuck yeah, Cherry!" came from below and her efforts intensified so much I could hardly keep up. The pressure built and built until I could take no more and threw my arms and legs wide with a lot of noise, much like a balloon popping in her face. I was glad to still be in one piece after that.
I somehow pulled her onto the mattress, the inflatable now holding her up with nothing but the strength of her own breath, and yanked the dress up far above her waist before getting on top. Then I velcroed her wrists into place and fucked her - and if you think certain parts are needed for that, think again.
Kimmy was entirely at my mercy and I made the most of it, taking her face in both hands to deliver violent smooches and releasing her breasts from their confines for a thorough sucking. She wouldn't let me stay down for long but wrapped her legs around my ass and pushed me back into place. Countering my every thrust she went into a long series of "Yes!" growing louder and faster as we headed towards an inevitable climax that had us shrieking in unison.
I undid the straps and as we just held each other I looked for something to say but settled for the tried and true.
"I love you."
She squeezed me tighter. "And I love you."
I somehow got the feeling she'd planned more than just a romp in the studio and sounded the waters.
" what?"
Kim pressed her forehead against mine. "Spend the day with me", she almost pleaded. "And the night. When I said celebrate I meant our own Valentine's."
"Lexi's on board with it?"
"Totally. We had a long good one this morning and she said to tell you she's got dibs on the day after tomorrow. She's probably already started on Kriss."
That sounded delightful. "What a wonderful plan. You're on."
She sealed it with a kiss, a gentle and loving one this time. I suggested the next course of action.
"I'm going to backup this and in the meantime you should parade yourself in front of the others to show what they're missing out on."
"That's a wonderful plan too", she said. "Just gonna fix me up a bit."
So we parted for a while and I took the opportunity to drool a bit over the footage. I was giddy about releasing it to the world, just because I had been the one to tap that. Or whatever you wanna call it. I even had time to start editing before Kimberly returned in triumph from the house tour.
"Did you find them?"
She chuckled. "Yeah. In the living room, on the couch. Half asleep and fully undressed."
So their private Valentine's was underway too. The day was just getting better and better.
"Managed to get a rise out of them?"
"Oh, Lex rose all right. Nearly tipped Krissie onto the floor. For the record, I did put on more lipstick before I went but if you can't tell it's her fault."
"Shows she still had her wits about her. And Kriss?"
"Well, I twirled a bit and asked 'Guess how Cherry reacted to this?' and your wife just said 'Oh gods, don't tell me she's dead'."
"Sounds like her all right. Did she like it though?"
"Her next words went straight into this." She fingered an ear. " 'You magnificent bitch, you realize how hard it'll be to outdo that tomorrow? And if I hadn't promised the day away I'd already be screwing the smugness out of you.' And Lex said 'I already kissed her so you can too.' "
"I take it she did."
Kim smiled and nodded in a way that made it clear it had been memorable.
"Anything else?"
"Oh, just that they hoped we hadn't used up all the balloons."
"If we had you would've needed actual mouth-to-mouth from them."
"Actually got some of that, since there wouldn't be time later."
Oh yeah, that's right. "Happy to hear they're sticking to protocol. Guess I'd better go wish them an early goodnight too - right after I finish this."
"I'll get you some coffee. Can't wait to see how it turns out!"
It turned out just fine, if you want more understatements. The scene of her blowing up the final oversized prop was particularly nice and just as I'd suspected a great way to start the episode. I considered adding that the full inflation would be available in the member's area, but it felt a bit crass under the circumstances. The channel info already stated that preparation videos and uncut scenes were among the bonus materials.

Everything else done we went to the hot tub, undressed and lit candles all around it. We blew up the comfy bath pillows for each other and had a long soak together, no sex, just cuddles. All right, maybe some licks and tit sucking, but that goes without saying. And then Kim sat bolt upright.
"Damn, I forgot to pop the balloons!"
"They're still there."
"Yeah, but my look isn't."
I gave it some thought and told her it could be funny with her returning a bit worse for wear after the implied celebrations, so she just redid the basics of the paintjob, pulled on the dress and slung the bolero over one shoulder. As a last touch she now wore the bow tie as a headband and the general impression was a very partied-out Kimber. She walked tipsily into frame and almost tripped over the balloons scattered all around.
"Oh yeah, I should prolly clean this up."
She put her killer nails to good use, picking the loons up and squeezing them to pop with both hands or simply jabbing them where they lay with one finger. As a finale, she put the mylars on the floor and sat on them, bouncing until they burst beneath her ass. When the second one popped she fell onto her back with closed eyes and a stupid smile.
"Good night, everbody"' she mumbled.
I helped her to her feet. "Not bad - and now that's over with you can put on some real date clothes while I find somewhere to take you dining and dancing."
She indicated her momentarily disheveled outfit. "Something wrong with this?"
"It's frankly unreal."

Locating a suitable spot wasn't too hard and then I took one for the team and put on a dress. It's not really my style - but I got a couple I'm ok with and selected my favorite, an overknee navy one with half-sleeves. I also tied my hair up as neatly as I could and put on just a whiff of the perfume Kimmy likes the best on me. She sure appreciated it when we met in the hallway.
Her second look for the day was incredible too, but this dress was dark red and far more modest. She looked almost bashful.
"I hope you don't regret making me change."
"Oh no. Watching you wear that in public was hard enough once. And your choice of accessory didn't help."
Her smile was mischievous. "Just thought a bow would look nice with it. And wanted to see if you agreed."
"In case you missed it, I kinda did."
"I kinda noticed. To think we didn't even dance that time."
I smiled back at her. "If we had I might have been forced to steal you from your date."
"Would've been an upgrade. Not sure I even remember his name."
"I was with Niles anyway. But the next night alone I might have thought of you."
"Might?" The raised eyebrow would have been enough.
"Well, if you must know..." I whispered. "That was the first time you made me come."
"So worth it then."
The cab came to pick us up and we had a very nice meal and some even nicer turns on the dancefloor. Being led by an expert makes even me feel adept. The wine spread a pleasant heat through my body, increased by the nearness of Kim, and I felt like the luckiest woman in the room. So what if there were a few stares? I almost kissed her to confirm any suspicions, but thought it better to leave them wondering. Watchers could make what they wanted of it.
Back home we went straight to bed and took turns making love to each other, the difference mainly being who was on top. Afterwards, cuddling in total bliss, we got to talking.
"Thanks for spending the day with me", Kim said.
"There aren’t many things I like more."
"But still. You did it because I asked."
"Of course." I held up my right hand. "Think this is a mood ring? Far as I'm concerned you're my wife too."
That earned me a nuzzle before she went on. "You know, I didn't wear those things just to tease you..." She hesitated. "It was so you wouldn't say no. At least I hoped you wouldn't if I looked like that."
"Oh, kitten... You could have worn any old thing and I still would've agreed."
"When I asked for kisses after shooting... I think that's the first time I ever asked you something just for me. And I felt so selfish."
I sighed. "Darling, darling Kim. You can ask me anything just for yourself - kisses, cuddles, back rubs, full body massages, getting it up the ass against the dishwasher... Anything."
"I've always thought I had to give to get. Maybe the teasing hides that but it gives me a little control. Sort of offering without having to ask." She shook her head. "A people pleaser, that's me. But know what? The show's made it easier. I give the viewers something - and they like it. Makes me feel I've done something good. So I don't have to put out as much."
Something clicked and it hit me hard.
"Wait, wait - so your..." I searched for a polite way to describe her sexual cravings. "...neediness isn't for you?"
"No, it's because I wanna feel wanted. And if I get people off I might get that in return."
"My poor, messed-up baby - what did they do to you?"
Part of me knew. When all love's conditional, that's all you'll learn. I wanted to kick the bitch who'd made my sweetheart that way.
She didn't have an answer so I went on. "You're gonna ask me to do something right now. Something you want. And I promise you'll get it."
Kim didn't have to think long. "Chel...hold me while we sleep? I mean really hold me?"
"Of course I will."
I reached under the bed for the slanted foam cushion with the trench that'd take some weight off our arms. It wasn't perfect but good enough, because sometimes you simply have to sleep nose to nose and the alternative was an achy arm for a day. Sam and Jo had recommended it and since they spend just about every night like that they should know. And if Kimmy wanted it I was more than happy to oblige.
We wrapped each other in a tight, sweet embrace, pulled up the blanket and let our legs tangle just right. Then there was nothing but smiles and cutesy pillow talk until it was time to kiss and blow each other goodnight. I fell asleep feeling very much in love and woke up the same, even if my shoulder didn't love me back just then.
But in Kim's words, so worth it.

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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
I guess this series is finished? ^^
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
It might seem that way, but it is actually far from Just after posting the last part I caught the tail end of Covid (omicron, so not too dangerous) and that kept me from getting in the mood for a couple of weeks. And to top it off, the recent unrest in the world triggered my PTSD from a very insecure upbringing so progress has been slow. But I'm hoping to get the next part up in a couple of days, and have several episodes written ahead of time just waiting for their chronological place. So stay tuned!
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Oh, sorry to hear that! I hope you're recovering fine and take your time to refresh yourself.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
OK, so apart from what I mentioned above I've had some internet problems over the last week, so that was another delay. But now I'm ready to continue, and I'll also try to post more frequently to catch up a bit!
Long overdue, on to

Episode 17

We didn't exactly have a plan for the day, but after a happy breakfast reunion, heart-shaped chocolates and more hugs n' kisses than could really be good for us, Lexi suggested a brief outline.
"Let's make our bed, have lunch and then lie in it?"
It was a fine idea and we set off for hers and Kim’s room with all the purchases that hadn't been used in the show. There were two more bags of smaller hearts and four big ones left. We also had transparent regular 16-inchers with small colorful hearts printed all over and red 18-inchers with holiday-appropriate slogans. Since Kim had blown enough of them already and Kriss and Lex instantly claimed the bigger ones, I started on the smaller shapes. It was clear I had underestimated how round they really were - despite the twin tips they felt incredibly balloony. I had filled six before one popped in my face and the snapback hurt more than I'd like to admit. If it always felt like that it was amazing how well Kim had taken the hits. The way Kriss kissed it all better helped, though.
We all took a good look at the translucent oval Kim had inflated. I'd never seen that particular decor and it was interesting how the back of the print was almost completely off-white - the color of the latex it was applied on. An interesting side effect of the see-through phenomenon, although it would have been even cooler on a crystal-clear loon. Not only would the hearts on the backside be gaudier, the milky material kinda spoiled the overall impression as well. Naturally Kim wanted to see how big they could get so she blew up another until it grew a big neck and exploded all over the bed. The size was about what you'd expect and I had her clean up the mess before going on. We'd want as little debris as possible later.
After the big balloon hearts had all been tied off the musicians went on to the logo loons. They blew up very nicely, even if the printed messages were a bit trite - 'I Love You', 'Be Mine' and so on. One bearing the legend 'Happy Valentine's Day' exploded halfway full, blowing Kriss' hair back, and I hoped the actual holiday wouldn't be such a bust. That made Alex decide to see what it would take to legitimately blow one to pop and set about it with grim determination. Not only did it get so big the rest of us had to move aside, it also developed a magnificent neck extending almost a foot from Lexi's lips. Kriss was watching in awe and didn't lose the expression even when the detonation sent a rubber shard straight into her face. An inch to the left and it would've flown into her open mouth and I briefly though about how many points that had been worth. Then my wife dove for the bag to see if she could make one stretch as much and whaddya know, she could. I had to tell them to leave some room for knots or we'd lose them all ahead of time.
"C'mon, Chel, it's so fun! Try it yourself!"
Who am I to turn down a lover's request on Valentine's Day? I have to admit she was right though - the thrill of watching the neck grow on an already severely overinflated balloon set my pulse racing and I had to summon some courage to keep going. Eventually I closed my eyes with every breath because I was afraid it would hit even harder than the heart. When it finally exploded it actually made me jump and I may have yelped just a little bit.
I noticed Kim was busy blowing up another balloon just like it and had already gotten it nearly as large. Before I could process that it exploded too, and the blonde pouted because the neck wasn't quite finished. So she tried again, of course.
Then Kriss suggested we’d race each other but the winner would be the one whose balloon lasted the longest instead of the other way around, the catch being that we still had to do our best to blow them to pop. Naturally that backfired on her since her lung power is unmatched, but she didn't seem to mind. Alex swore, though, when an expected but premature bang earned her the bronze. Kim won, compensating for the first fail by making the neck so ridiculously long it was my turn to stare.
In short, there were only a dozen of those loons and we blew them all to pop right away. Any corny phrases would have to be spoken aloud, but as they certainly would feature anyway it wasn't a loss.
Instead we focused on filling up more of the smaller hearts - but that too descended into pure silliness. It started when Kriss put one under her tee to make her boobs look even bigger, and naturally we all had to copy that look just for fun. Lexi blew up two and covered a boob each with the knot pointing outwards, creating a frankly ridiculous bust with extremely prominent rubber nipples. Whether out or jealousy or playfulness is hard to tell, but Kriss grabbed and squeezed them both to pop through the fabric, naturally prompting swift retaliation. Then they both inflated a replacement pair each, and since me and Kim didn't want to lag behind we both added an extra implant. The following balloons took real effort to fill as it's hard to laugh and blow at the same time.

You may recall Kim had already done an entire bag of those all by herself, so she took on the one thing I didn't mention before on account of it not being a balloon. It was a huge semi-transparent red PVC heart, and despite steady huffing and puffing it took her quite a while to blow it up to full size. She looked lovely all focused on the task, even with her hair haphazardly brushed and without a trace of makeup. She wouldn't believe me if I told her though - trust me, I've tried. Her fans would definitely recognize her as Kimber and some would probably prefer that look - natural and unfaked, just like the inflation scenes.
It's somewhat different with Lex - the sheen of her smooth brown skin and the liner-like dark lashes gives her a touched-up appearance without having to do anything. Which Kriss calls unfair. No one's ever seen Crystal Mackenzie without warpaint, and if they saw my Christine like this they might not be sure it was the same person. She's the most beautiful woman in the world to me either way - and I kinda like having a two-for-one deal there.
Myself, I like to think I'm using a modest amount, though I'm happy to put on more for the stage, camera or special occasions. At that moment I wore none though, and I just mention this to help you picture the scene. It was surreal enough as it was - three thirtysomething ladies with balloon boobs under their tees blowing up and occasionally popping even more, while another wearing the same was filling up an oversized vinyl inflatable with her breath. That it took place in a canopy bed covered in latex hearts and shards only added to the weirdness.

Kim finished her self-ordained task, closed the valve and pushed it into the airy center of the blown-up plastic. Its shape was somewhat flatter than that of the balloon hearts, but it still bulged enough to look like a really nice cushion in advanced bed games. For the moment it was just placed against the headboard and basically forgotten about - however that's possible with something so eye-catching. Maybe the abundance of hearts and semi-transparent rounds hogged all the attention. There were enough loons all around for any occasion and after adding the ones under our shirts we decided to save the rest for some other time.
Lunch was simple - sandwiches with a variety of spreads - but I found it somewhat difficult to focus on eating among all the smiling glances full of promise and anticipation. We all knew what was in store and soon we were back in the bedroom for a proper celebration of the date and some inevitable heartbreak.
The canopy drapes were fastened to keep the balloons in before the inflated latex was swept aside to make room for a lie-down. For some reason I got to go first, not by any conscious decision, just finding myself on my back as Kriss kept kissing my shoulders, neck and lips. Lexi's strong arms moved my legs apart while Kim's mouth found my breasts and all of a sudden my world turned hazy with pleasure as I was slowly and thoroughly licked and loved all over. The rubbery creaking of balloons moving ever so slowly all around us while I was treated to so much wonderful lip service was the last thing I noticed before being completely overwhelmed by a sensory overload of utter delight. I threw one arm wide and felt it bounce against a balloon, sending a couple others flying, but amazingly none popped. That silence was short-lived as a loon noisily gave up its breath when the girls switched places, getting into the next position and starting all over. Now Kim was kissing me while Kriss had moved on to a different set of lips while Lex tended to my tits. This time I did pop a few loons and I'm only surprised more didn't break. By the final swap I was too far gone to notice any explosions past what was going on between my temples.
Then it was Kim's turn to lie back and it was almost restful to be on the other end for a change. We kept going round and round, everyone taking turns at the thrilling tasks until we'd all had a little or a lot of everything. There seemed to be no end to the soft and juicy kisses or the sensitive spots made moist with saliva and tenderly blown on, and I think we all came at least once while giving pleasure. I know I did. But eventually we'd gone through every combination and reluctantly tried finding a way to stop.
Kriss discovered one. She took hold of the big vinyl heart and turned to Kim.
"Ever since you blew this up I've been wanting to bend you over it."
She placed the inflatable in the middle of the bed as me and Alex scooched aside to make room. Krissie was already fishing for a strap-on, a simple one-sided affair that made it clear she wasn't doing it for her own benefit. Kim gave a whine and took up position in front of the heart, getting carefully pushed into place by my wife. She looked back over her shoulder and lifted her ass impatiently while Kriss fastened the harness and slid the shaft into the beckoning pussy. Kim looked so comfortable nested between the inflated vinyl and the blonde sticking it to her from behind she appeared custom made for that placement. Krissie’s hips pushed slowly against her lover and made her bounce ever so gently on the huge airy cushion with every thrust. The plastic creaks mixing with gasps of pleasure brought the scene vividly to life, making sure it couldn’t be mistaken for a feverish erotic fantasy. The entire room seemed heated with passion and Lexi’s skin was even warmer as she pulled me close. I turned to lick her cheek and sigh against her ear.
"I love watching them fuck."
"Me too", she whispered, grinning with excitement.
Nothing more was said as we sat caressing each other while enjoying the show. It wasn’t a particularly long one, as Kim’s moans increased in speed and pitch as Kriss pumped away ever faster until her partner threw out her arms to grab a big balloon heart, pressing her face into the inflatable while long nails dug into the latex, disappearing into the stretchy surface until the entire balloon vanished with a tremendous bang. Kim tossed her head back and shrieked in ecstasy, pounding the sheets with her fist until the orgasmic fit subsided. Kriss leaned forward and lay on top of her for a brief respite before pulling out.
Kim smiled contentedly but the gleam in her eye made it clear she could stand some more.
“I love you, Kimber”, Kriss said. “Anything more I can do?”
“I’ve had mine”, Kim demurred. “What about the others?”
“We enjoyed it too”, I assured her. “How about the real answer?”
“It would feel greedy after that…”
Kriss gave her a playful spank. "I command you to be greedy. Tell us what you want the most right now!"
Kim gave in, groaning with desire. "All of you inside me..."
Lexi immediately went for another strapon and lubed it up until it was even slicker than any of us. Kriss rubbed another dollop between her hands to make it nice and warm, then slipped it between Kim's buttcheeks and further in. She gasped in anticipation before laying down on top of Lex, letting Kriss help with the guidance. If they'd been less practiced it might have taken longer, but soon Kim was resting her head over her wife's shoulder with a blissful smile on her face. Then Kriss very carefully slid her prosthesis inside as well and the moan that escaped the receiver left no doubts she was in some personal heaven.
I had nothing to add but my tongue but it seemed to be more than enough for the moment. Pushing the PVC heart to the side I began to kiss the blonde as deeply as I ever could while Kriss settled into a gentle beat with Lex holding her beloved firmly in place. The connection was beyond intimate and so overwhelmingly sensual I realized I was almost forgetting to breathe.
As I broke off for air Kim moaned. "Blow me up..."
Doing my part to fill her completely I complied, exhaling into her mouth and watching her chest expand so much her back arched and Kim’s breasts rose like helium balloons starting to take flight. Lexi pulled her back into a tight embrace and there was a bang, but only from a heart balloon bursting by Kimmy’s foot and not the overstuffed lady herself exploding. She looked fit to pop and I removed my mouth, the borrowed breath whooshing out as Kim sank back with a smile.
I noticed one of the huge hearts had lost most of its air and second glance told me the knot had been rushed. I undid it completely and let the red rubber deflate between my fingers.
“Your turn to blow” I told Kim and held the balloon’s lip against hers. She wrapped them around the latex and gave a powerful puff, straining to start it off but succeeding without too much effort, I pinched it off and kissed her brow.
“Good girl. Keep going…”
She drew a deep gasp and I put the loon back in place, only to almost lose my grip as an incredible breath immediately went past. The elastic pouch rapidly grew heart-shaped as Kim kept blowing into it, inflating it with amazing speed through unbelievably forceful gusts. I could have pulled it away at any time but I knew she’d only protest, so I let her keep going until it a final, tremendous blow made it pop in both our faces. Her yelp was part surprise but mostly lust, no doubt increased by the involuntary twitching of her hips against the duo of toys. I went back to kissing her and she returned it with such fervor I knew I’d made the right call. She tilted her head aside for some heavy panting before resuming the smooch, but soon she had to break off again. She was so close now I could feel it and only managed a single word.
And blow I did, once more filling her lungs to capacity but this time her arms flew wide, one striking my thigh and the other popping something large with a dull boom. Whatever sound Kim was making was muffled by my lips and Kriss, still pumping away, gave an order:
“Don’t let up! Let’s go on!”
Lexi’s arms pulled Kim even closer while I helped her breathe, not giving her any chance to recover. The shaking and incoherent noises came and went in wave after wave, but Kimber made no attempts to break free. Eventually she settled into some kind of relaxation, descended like a deflating doll and reached up to hold my face while kissing me back.
Kriss gently withdrew and got out of the way while Kim used her strong legs to push herself off the remaining shaft before turning over to face her wife. My own joined me in hugging them from a side each, wrapping Kim up completely. If she was at a loss for words it didn’t last.
“My turn”, she exclaimed almost desperately. “Have to do that to all of you…at least part of it.”
“Another time, Kimmy-coo”, I said.
I knew the others agreed. Setting up would take too long and I personally need more time to prepare for that treatment. We’d all tried it at some point, of course, and it’s a bit too intense if you’re not 100% ready. Kriss came to my support.
“You’ll get your chance. This was all about letting you choose something for yourself.”
“Was amazing…” she sighed.
“So are you”, Lex said.
I looked the scene over. None of us had escaped rubber shards sticking to our skin even if most of the popping had been more or less accidental. I also discovered it was one of the semi-transparents that had met its fate at Kimmy’s spasm. The majority of its remains hung from the drape along the side of the bed but appeared to be about to fall off at any moment.
“And you will have to think of something real nice I can do to you tomorrow”, Kim told Kriss.
"Don't even have to think. We'll make some music together, strip naked and let me hold you from behind and make you come while you play and then have any kind of sex you want right then and there."
"I can recommend it", Lex smiled.
"Getting the same from both?", I asked.
"It's what I'm gonna ask of you too, Chel. I'm a woman of simple tastes."
Debatable, but it sure sounded sweet. Putting an air bed in the music room had turned out to be a good idea.
Kim buried her nose against my wife's shoulder. "You'll get it. Sure that's all?"
"No", Kriss said, "but I won't say more until you've come up with three requests."
"I can probably think of a few."

We had coffee and some cream pastries with strawberries before Kriss announced she had to start getting ready well ahead of time. She'd made reservations for the two of us later but said she needed to put in more effort than planned on the preparations. Fine by me. I decided to check on the comments - the material had gone up around breakfast time and the reactions were dropping in hard and fast. I hoped those still to come would be as enthusiastic.
Then I too went to dress - this would be a great occasion for my birthday gown. It was a full-length light mocha number which was neutral enough to go with nearly everything, and a thin shawl over the shoulders was a neat touch, I thought. I even had time to do some script work while waiting and even if it took a while, boy was it ever worth it. The dinner date was great but I caught myself wishing it would be over, for reasons.
I won't bother describing what Kriss had done to outdress Kim, only that I took more than an hour to reward her for succeeding. Then we did what she'd planned and the rest was pure improvisation, but incredible nonetheless. Afterwards I wanted to hold her the way I'd held Kim through the night, which Kriss thought a fantastic idea but she has a tendency to overdo that as well.
"Too tight", I gasped.
"Can't help it. Wanna be even closer."
"Any more and we'll fuse."
She reluctantly relaxed into a sweet hug and I promised to not try and get away.
"Best place there is."
She sighed. "Oh, gods, yes. Have I told you how much I love you, Chel?"
"I think I can stand hearing a little more..."
So that was another excellent night. In fairness I should tell what me and Lex did the day after, especially since it included the demise of a particular prop. Bear with me.


As we talked about how to spend our Valentine's together, Alex suggested we'd go for a drive, do a little sightseeing. Not that scenic Nevada would have much new to offer, but alone-time in the car should be worth the price of admission. Also, she'd prettied herself up in a plum dress, long straight wig and enough makeup to tell anyone looking that despite the early afternoon, yes, she was a girl out on a date. I went to add a bit to match that impression and she asked me to meet her in the carport. When I got there she had already taken the backseat extender out of the trunk and was busy inflating it.
"Want me to help?" I offered.
"Nah, as Mandy says - the one's not driving does the blowing."
I chuckled - what with Betty being a motorhead her lady love probably had some experience with that. "Wonder how many times they've used theirs?"
Lex looked up from the valve. "Last I heard they'd burst three already."
The mattress was about to get too stiff to handle, so Lexi maneuvered it in place and kneeled down to finish filling it up. She tested the surface with her palm a few times, then added two huge breaths and closed the nozzle with an air of satisfaction.
"There. Ready to go if you are."
I helped her to her feet, kissed her and told her how lovely she looked, getting a brilliant smile in return. Then we set out on the road towards one of our state parks, and maybe I better don't say which because we might want to visit again. It was a clear day, pleasant for the season and it struck me back east it would be freezing. Deserts are weird.
Anyway, holding Lexi's hand as I drove would have been enough to keep me warm even if the car heating hadn't taken care of that. We took in the sights, pointing out this and that and remarking it would look even better once spring rolled around.
"I feel safe with you at the wheel", Lex said. "I do with Blondie too but as much as I love her you're a better driver."
"Why don't you take some lessons too? Then you can go off on your own whenever."
She gave a half-smile. "Kriss isn't doing too hot and I don't wanna pass her."
"She's slacking because she doesn't see the point. Some competition might be just what she needs."
Since we were on a little-used road right then a silly thought struck me.
"Wanna give it a spin?"
"Sure." If nothing else she knew the basics.
"Well...all right."
Having swapped places we took off again, Lexi going slowly but not unsteadily, coasting along for a good hundred yards without incident. Then a wheel went over the edge of the road and she overcompensated, leading to a brief swerve.
"Easy, you've got this."
"I know, it's just..."
She broke off and sped up. It was a much smoother ride and went on for at least a mile, until the road curved and just afterwards some kind of rodent scurried across. Lexi slammed the brakes.
I leaned back into the seat again. "Good reflexes at least. Even if you had a good twenty yards to spare."
Lex said nothing as she drove on, but she was clearly rattled. I made her pull over onto an adjoining dirt track and stop next to some large bushes.
“You ok?”
“Mh-hm”, she nodded. "My heart's still racing tho. But in kinda good way."
“Excited?” She just gave me a look so I went on. “Just thinking in that case this looks like a good spot to check if that seat is firm enough…”
Her smile was definitely excited – and exciting – so we moved back without bothering to remove our coats. Lex lay on her back and pulled her knees up enough for me to close the door as I went between them, getting on top and thrusting away without having to stop to think. Kissing and humping so spontaneously felt amazingly naughty, and Lexi had blown the mattress to the perfect amount of yield, making for a ride that was just bumpy and bouncy enough to turn me on beyond belief. Even fully clothed it was a fantastic fuck and I don’t think we’d been at it for more than a few minutes before I had to bite down on her padded shoulder to not scream in her ear as I came. Seeing she wasn’t quite done I kept at it until she did too, moaning again and again as I slowly wound down for a final kiss.
My grin was probably outright inane but that proved moot as it vanished in an instant when I looked through the windscreen. Ahead of the hood I saw the back of a jogger receding into the distance and turning onto the road we’d arrived on. He couldn’t not have noticed us as he passed.
“You think…?” Alex asked next to my face.
“I think”, I said. “I also think we should try leaving in the other direction.”

I drove us back to the city and before we were halfway there we were giggling at the whole situation. Lex mentioned she'd like to go to a certain store and finding somewhere to park took longer than actually getting to the general neighborhood, but we made it in the end. It was a wig shop, and the thought of actually getting to see her try some out was oddly enticing. As was the sight in itself.
"I've been wanting to try the blonde look for a while."
"Beating Kimmy-coo at her own game?"
"Not beating... But she looks sooo good on the show I just wanna eat her."
"So what else is new?"
She laughed. "You know what I mean even if I do that all the time."
There were quite a few styles and shades available, but it was immediately evident platinum was right out. As were most of the others - the contrast was just too great. But a darker tint - the one commonly known as 'dirty blonde' for some reason - looked amazing with her brown skin. She narrowed it down to either a pixie cut or something resembling 'The Rachel' - probably much easier to achieve with fake hair than real.
"Which one's better?"
"Both look good on you. But if you wanna go full fantasy I bet some of your fans would swoon over the Aniston look."
"And you?"
"Well, I kinda like it longer so you'll know what's about to happen when I tuck it behind your ear."
“Longer it is then.” She seemed far from displeased. “Last call.”
I shook my head. "No way I’m changing my mind. I wanna eat you."
“Dinner first”, she suggested.

As we got home with the new purchase we made sure to not be seen, but the blondes had gone out too if the note they’d left was any indication. Lex put on her new hairstyle to check it out in more familiar mirrors – in fact, all we had. I thought of a final test:
"Wanna try it in front of the cam?"
Alex pretended to be not at all that interested but it was clearly an act. Soon she was in the studio, stretching a red twentyfour-incher for an imaginary audience. And began to blow it up.
I don't know if it was the new look or the setting but she must have had a stage flashback, as she went about it just the way she'd done at The Stone, mixing long, forceful puffs with side glances and looking for all the world like she was about to wink at the viewers. Filling up such a huge, expanding thing by mouth like that was more suggestive than it had any right to, and I knew this would be the kind of clip usually sold separately. Though to my surprise, she didn't keep going until it burst but stopped to tie it off after blowing up the neck enough to make a neat lightbulb shape. With a pretty smile she gently tossed it into the air and it looked surprisingly light for something so large. In fact, it almost seemed to float back down.
As it was a good cutoff point I asked if she wanted the vid on the site.
"Nah, don't think so. Just wanted to know what it'd feel like. And how it would look."
"Okay, then pop it and we'll go check."
"With what?"
I couldn't see any sharp things around and Lexi's nails weren't up to the task. She could easily sit on the big loon, or strike the corner of the desk or improvise something, but I have to admit I've never been a reluctant director. I sorta like deciding what happens.
"Hug it", I said. "Let's see you squeeze the life out of it."
With a grin Lex wrapped her strong arms around the inflated rubber and pressed them together. Her muscles tensed up and there’s probably a whole market just for that, but for now she wasn't posing but straining to break the stretchy material. The neck filled up completely, extending all the way down to her knees while the other end bulged upwards and outwards until the latex couldn't take the pressure and exploded spectacularly with red pieces flying off in all directions. Naturally she got a big kiss for her efforts before we went to look at the results.
"Okay, that's definitely not going up", she said halfway through. "I didn't know I was eye-fucking the camera that hard."
"But maybe me?" I asked innocently.
Lexi had the decency to look flustered. "Maybe", she admitted.
When we got to the part where the balloon went flying I had to sigh. "Too bad you can't exhale helium. We'd make a fortune selling loons that way."
I waited for her onscreen self to pop the current one, then turned off the player.
"I can just imagine you in a leather vest and skirt, tight ones, with gold jewelry all over - earrings, bracelets, anklets, the whole deal - even some of those that spiral around the biceps. At least two neck chains and your skin as shiny as the clothes and the latex. I'd oil you up myself..."
I ran my fingers along her arms as a small preview. It would be an amazing sight, as if someone had blown her up for the assignment. An inflatable balloon vendor would be great advertising material. Especially with balloons as black as her outfit and usual hair.
"If you blew balloons looking like that people would queue around the block to buy."
"And ask how much to pump me", she said. "But sounds like a great stage look. Think people would pay to watch me play like that?"
"Oh hell yeah."
"Wouldn't mind trying some time. As long as you personally oil me up."
"Maybe we could shoot a music video instead", I suggested.
"Deal", she beamed. "At some point. But for now let's keep talking looks. How would you like your dirty blonde dressed tonight?"
"Not at all seems about right."
She pouted, and with those lips it sure is a sight.
"Before that. At dinner. And foreplay..."
"You look amazing like this. I think you should keep it on. It'll be a nice change after them going out of their way to upstage."
"I wanted in on that."
"You'll get your chance, Black Beauty. I really want to rest my eyes on you."
Lex relented. "All right, but I'm putting on another dress. Want a fresh one going out."
Couldn't argue with that, and I freshened up myself before putting on a nice blouse and blazer combo. Just a tad fancier than my everyday wear and navy went with just about everything. Felt good to wear trousers for the occasion too.
I let my date pick the restaurant since she's so much better with food and she picked a Korean place because she wanted to see how Bossam was supposed to be served. We both had that and it was good - might be nice to try at home with all the wraps and dips – but I to be honest I was there for the company. Lex could make any meal pleasant and this was far from an exception. Her new hairstyle really became her and went perfectly with the deep blue dress that happened to match my clothes, almost as if she’d guessed what I would wear. The wait for the dessert passed quickly with our fingers leisurely entwined across the table and I could only think the sooner we’d get home the better.

We made it back to hers and Kim’s bedroom and found it pretty much cleaned up from the previous romp. The vinyl heart had been sort of deflated between then and now, but Lexi simply picked it up and located the valve.
“Will we have any use for this?”
“Definitely. I can do the driving.”
“My thoughts exactly.”
With that she began blowing it back up, while I rummaged around for the proper tool. This strap-on was dual-ended for her pleasure - and hers. I stripped and put it on with some finality as Lex plugged the inflatable just as decisively. Then she lay down on it and raised her rump.
“First things first, sweetie. This has to go.”
I pulled on her dress and she more or less crawled out of it. Her panties soon joined it on the floor and I slid the shaft deep into her. A long moan told me I’d hit the spot right away, and I won’t deny it was real good for me too. I began thrusting away and noticed she’d positioned the valve within easy reach of her mouth. It wasn’t long before she’d pulled it open with her teeth and started to blow even more air into it. As it grew firmer the bounciness became less pronounced and soon it was rock hard, not yielding an inch to my efforts but rather pushing back a bit. It felt awesome doing her against something acting like that and the powerful whooshes lifting her ever higher had my head spinning with lust. I couldn’t help myself.
"Burst it, baby”, I groaned. “I wanna see how strong those lungs really are…"
There was no reply but an even louder and longer breath followed by another just like it. The PVC creaked from our lovemaking while doing its best to withstand the rising pressure. I gripped her buttocks tighter and called out again.
"You turn me on so much. Blow 'til it bursts!"
And she did. Her arms were strong enough to keep us in position even as the plastic split a seam with a tremendous pop and sank to the sheets. I knew I would burst too if I didn't get relief soon and pumped away as hard as I could until the feverish heat in my veins shot out in all directions and made the world go red in a searing moment of ecstasy before pulsing through my body in barely manageable waves of delight. Her voice wasn’t entirely clear to my ears but the meaning definitely was.
"Scream again, Chellie! Lemme hear more...!"
I let the noises come and then Lex came too, intense moans filling the air until we collapsed on the remains of the inflatable. The cuddling and kissing went on for a while and then she began plucking at my harness. Before I knew it I was completely nude and Lexi sliding downwards.
“Wanted to do this when we watched them fuck. Think about it now instead…”
As her lips reached their destination I let the scene replay in my head, the most gorgeous blondes in the world having sex on a big inflatable one of them had blown up all by herself. I realized I was lying on what was left of the same and the mental recording skipped forward to Lexi refilling by mouth for the sole purpose of getting fucked on it. Fucked by me. And now that very mouth was busy taking me to the limit and beyond, working as hard as it had on the heart. Remembering the anticipation and the act in addition to that proved too much for me and I went over the edge while Lexi kept licking until my breathing had returned to normal.
Her tone was gently admonishing, as if I’d done something wrong rehearsing.
“That was too fast. Once more from the top.”
I wouldn’t give her that satisfaction – though a different kind. “You get on top. Lemme have some of that too…”
She was all too happy to turn around and lower her pussy against my face so I could return the favor and soon we were both blissfully lapping away, enjoying ourselves and each other for a long, long while. I didn’t feel full even after seconds and thirds, but very, very content. Lex seemed in the same mood as she disposed of the broken heart by way of dropping it on the floor. I caressed her shoulders and asked about the sleeping arrangements.
"Wanna be the little spoon?"
"Not tonight. Kimmy insisted on the close kind last night and I think it's the done thing on Valentine's. Shame I missed it with Kriss, just sorta collapsed on her."
"I hear she was already out by then. Screwed into oblivion, she said."
We propped ourselves up in each other’s arms and I buried my nose against her neck.
“Maybe we do fuck enough, but we don’t go on nearly enough dates.”
Lex seemed surprised. “You mean it?”
“Hell yeah. I love the way people look at you, larger than life and pretty as a picture. And knowing they won’t get what I will. And if you feel safe with me at the wheel, I feel safe just being near you.”
“Oh Chellie, then we will! Going out with you is great. Being with you is great.”
She began to whisper where she would take me, what she would wear and how she’d spend all evening teasing if I’d let her. I told her I would if she’d keep it discreet.
“Is there any other way? Wouldn’t be teasing then.” She gave my earlobe a brief lick. “And if we take the car I’ll start blowing up the mattress as soon as we get back to it. Just to make sure you know what to expect.”
It would be a dead giveaway. If your date – whether dressed to the nines or more casual - inflates a car bed ahead of an outing, she definitely has something in mind.
“Because we sure haven’t burst enough of those yet.”
“I’ll do my best to help us catch up.” I snuggled even closer. “And if being near feels safe, these arms make for the safest place in the world.”
“Not Krissie’s then?”
“Maybe if you don’t count the suffocation.”
Lexi gave a low laugh. “Kim says the same about me.”
As I began to drift off I thought of when would be a good time to take her up on that offer. One thing was for certain – I would have to start scouting for secluded places to park.
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Default Re: ON THE AIR with Kimber - a Blowgirls serial
Episode 18

After the recent extravaganza we kept the studio bare-bones, the puffy title letters the only inflatable decoration. And as a continuation of the last subscribers-only clip Kim looked suitably haggard - although with some decent make-up - with an ice bag on top of her muzzed-up hair. She excused her appearance with having maybe overdone the Valentine celebrations - a half-truth at best - and asking if anyone else had made the same mistake. Then she talked about hangovers in movies - not only the eponymous trilogy, but overall depictions ranging from depressing to instantly curable through some improbable decoction. And which tropes and stereotypes were associated with them. Perhaps not the most inspiring episode, but in all fairness I had been a bit too busy to do a thorough job with the script.
The subscribers got an interesting experiment as a bit of compensation, as the ice bag happened (though not really coincidentally) to be made of latex. Kim explained as much as she took it off.
"It said six inches on the package but that's this length."
She indicated the hanging material. We'd picked the small size because it'd look comically undersized and I suspected the answer to her next question might prove overwhelming with larger ones.
"Lessee how big it can get."
She pressed her mouth against the wide opening and began to blow. While she could make enough of a seal to inflate it, the lack of a neck proved an obstacle. As soon as the pressure began to build the pouch slipped from her grip and jumped to the floor.
"Hmm", Kim said and tried again, with even less impressive results. The third time she used both hands, but neither pulling it close or pushing back on the bottom worked, the latter causing the air to go back out along the sides of her lips.
"They say I have a big mouth", Kim improvised, "but boy, were they wrong."
It felt a bit stupid to upload such a lackluster instalment, especially without any bonus material, but there weren't many complaints. In fact, we got some helpful tips about ways to inflate an ice pack. We'd already figured an adaptor would be more or less needed, but a detailed description of how to attach one was still appreciated.
So while Kim looked her usual lovely self for the following episode - which only contained the standard pop culture stuff, albeit nicely presented - she reappeared in the subscriber exclusive with the ice bag attached to the contraption she'd put together with some input from Kriss. It was about a foot of PVC pipe glued to a rounded funnel that covered the opening in the pouch, and for good measure a plastic tuba mouthpiece at the other end with a one-way valve in-between. She displayed it to the viewers and acknowledged she'd followed their suggestions.
"Now lessee how big it can get!"
With a mighty inhale she lifted the pipe and blew hard into it, making the latex fill up and begin swelling out to the sides. A second breath increased the size but did not make it change shape much - the construction would make sure it'd keep the pumpkin-like proportions. Though the question was not how it would look but how much it could hold, and Kim was dead set on finding out. She blew it up almost ridiculously much, considering how it had started out, and soon enough the lowest part reached her waist while the top extended about as much upwards. It was evident it took some force to stretch it out like that, since the blonde had to bend forward to help her lungs force more air into the now immense semi-sphere. Good thing the valve could keep it all inside.
The bright blue material began looking ready to burst, which was frankly the point, and Kimber obligingly - but not without effort - kept inflating it until it did. With a resounding boom the latex tore apart, staying in one split piece that drooped and wobbled almost tragically from the end of the blowpipe.
Kim rallied from the slight recoil. "Wow. Good thing I didn't manage that with a headache."
It struck me I'd never heard such a bang when hung over, maybe because I try to drink in moderation. But I could imagine the effect on a sufferer.

I've mentioned some of the comments we'd had, and this is as good a time as any to bring up a few more. I was still screening Kim's fan mail - didn't want her to read some of them even if I was sure she'd seen plenty worse. If you want to know what I thought acceptable, I've an example from the Valentine's episode - someone telling how great he'd felt going about his day after getting off to the blow to pop clip and planning another stroking session for the night watching the entire setting-up video, to finish with the episode-starting accident. The anticipation had nearly killed him, he wrote. 'I didn't last that long but I'll save the rest for tomorrow.'
Basically, what people did to themselves was fine but whatever they wanted to do to Kim was not - unless it sounded polite, of course. It almost never did.
The regular comments were surprisingly often simple and borderline illiterate, commonly along the lines of "blow balloon plesae" whenever she hadn't and about as eloquent requests for different kinds of popping. That's why I've so far only quoted ones with actual content - and will continue to do so. For instance, the same guy who'd written how to make an adaptor was pleased as punch it had worked and another viewer applauded Kim, saying it would be interesting to see how she'd fare against a hot water bottle. Little did he know she'd blown at least a few of those to bursting over the years, and I was sure she'd be happy to show him she could. I made a note of it as possible future feature.
For her part, Kim was pretty much unfazed by whatever was written.
"After all, it's a big part of camming."
"But then you get paid for it."
She laughed. "It's the leechers who write the worst stuff. Prolly because the ones who pay want value for money. Sure, it can be pretty lewd too but I never agreed to anything bad."
"Just out of curiosity, what was the biggest tip you ever got?"
"Must have been for the suit."
Oh yeah, that would have been hard to beat. Long story short, I'd been hesitant to try an inflatable catsuit so Kriss gifted Lexi one on her birthday for evaluation. The reviews had been good enough to dispel my doubts, and as a bonus it had occasionally been featured in their online double act. Until the night Kim was wearing it and some guy asked Lex to blow it to pop around her. And actually paid for a new one up front, along with a generous addition for their trouble. After that, there'd been nothing for it but actually playing along and from what I'd heard it had earned them quite a few additional donations from other watchers - and a bunch of comments of the X-rated kind.
Which reminded me that our own suit had been more or less retired and forgotten about, although not discarded. All the treatments required to maintain and preserve the material were frankly too much work. Would have been bad enough for compressor users, but with us only doing mouth inflation even more was needed to counteract the condensation. It should still be on its hanger though - and a crazy idea struck me.
"What would you say about returning the favor?"
Kim was all for it. "Oh hell yeah, I could never explain how it felt even if she was real curious!"
"Then maybe you could show her instead."
Provided the latex hadn't degraded too much, of course. We went to tell the others and they loved the thought, Kriss stating it would be a suitable sendoff.
"Much more dignified than going straight in the dumpster", she said.
'Dignified' is maybe not the word I would have used, but soon enough Lex was wearing the tight outfit over her bra and panties, to recreate the original. They'd never gone nude on camera and hadn't particularly needed to. Also, their camera personas would be hard to connect with these ladies, since they'd included exaggerated makeup, sparkly party wigs, exotic accents and fake tattoos. Still, Kim changed into lingerie to get in the right mood and Kriss invited me onto her lap for a front-row view of the live rerun. We debated whether one of us should inflate the suit to the intended size and have Kim finish her off, but decided she'd better do it all by herself for maximum veracity.
So with everything in place, the blonde opened the valve between Lexi's shoulder blades, put her hands on her lover's hips and leaned close to blow her up. The first puff went in with the gentle whoosh that instantly reminded me of fun playtimes with Kriss and sighing happily I relaxed into her embrace. She pressed her lips against my neck, aiming for and hitting the most erogenous spot, and I gasped for air at the same time Kim refilled her lungs for another exhale. The rubber clothing wasn't quite as shiny or glossy as it once had been, but neither dull or oxidized. It seemed to hold air quite nicely as it inflated all over, making Lex resemble an overweight scuba diver. It wasn't the kind with separate torpedo tits, but it was molded with extra capacity for the bust and ass. So as Kim kept blowing Lexi grew impossible curves while still bulging nicely in the middle as well, like a big, beautiful balloon woman. Me and Kriss had never dared filling the suit quite that much and I wondered how far it could go.
One thing was for sure and that was Kimmy having to strain quite a bit by now to make it grow. The nozzle wasn't really intended for lips so keeping them wrapped around it was a chore in itself, as I knew from experience, and the suit had evidently passed the limit for what it could comfortably hold. It hadn't been designed to blow up very far, just enough to cushion the wearer a bit. Kriss seemed to be feeling the anticipation too, as her hold on me grew tighter and her breathing was getting shallow.
Kim's breathing was far from that though, and she drew great gasps before forcing them into the rubber outfit. Lex kept glancing over her shoulder but it was getting increasingly hard for her to move even an inch. The expanding chest was pushing her arms upwards and her legs were forced apart more and more by the swelling thighs. Then, just as Kim had started to deliver another big blow there was a sound I've a hard time describing - sort of like 'PLUFF' but twenty times louder - as the outer layer of the suit ruptured and deflated in an instant to reveal Lexi's shapely form wrapped so tightly in black rubber you could see the outlines of her undergarments. She yelped in surprise as her fake body exploded while Kim staggered back and fell on her ass.
Kriss cheered. "Wahey! That's how you do it!" Then she whispered in my ear. "I could never bring myself to do that to you, Chellie. Hate the thought of popping you."
Kim didn't seem to mind having subjected her wife to the treatment but was already hugging it out with her anyway. "So how did it feel?", she asked.
"Weird!" Lex replied. "First all that pleasant pressure getting a bit less pleasant and then going away all at once. And it was actually a little scary being stuck in the middle."
"I think this was a bit looser than ours", Kim said. "I remember it as much louder."
Alex frowned. "You crazy? This was way worse."
"Maybe depends on where you are", I suggested. "Well done - both of you."
"Your neighbors ever complained about the sound?" Kriss wanted to know.
"Would never have lived in a place where I couldn't play trumpet", Lex said. "And we did pad the walls of the camcorner".
While Kim peeled away the rest of the rubber - tearing it apart for the novelty of it - I suddenly remembered a thing I had wondered about while reading some repeated comments on the new show. I'd heard a lot about their online work but never really thought to ask about this.
"Did you have any customers that always wanted to see the same thing?"
Lexi tilted her head. "Like their name written on a balloon they'd paid for?"
"Not that basic." For some reason, people requested that in the present show too.
Kim lit up. "Oh! Thunderballs!"
Have to admit it sounded intriguing. "What's that?"
"Just his screen name. But he had a favorite scenario." She turned to her wife. "Let's show them!"
Alex grinned and removed the final remains of the suit, then went for a drawer to get a 24-incher. It happened to be teal, so I asked if the color mattered.
"Yeah, he wanted different ones every time", Kim nodded as the loon was handed to her. "But didn't care which. Anyway, it went something like this!"
She dangled the empty balloon to show it off. "Look what I have!"
Lexi made eyes at it. "Whoa, that's big! Blow it up, blow it up!"
Kim inhaled happily and expectantly, then started to do as told. The rubber jumped to life between her lips and grew bigger and bigger from a few puffs. When it was the size of a normal party balloon, she pretended to be winded.
"Don't think I can", she lamented. "Can you help?"
Lex took over and blew it much larger while her lover's jaw fell in amazement. "My turn!" Kim exclaimed and reached for it before huffing and puffing with renewed strength. But soon enough she was panting and had to ask for more assistance. Bending backwards and forwards, Alex inflated it nearly to full size but gave it back before it developed a neck. Her wife took care of that detail, but seeing the tapering part extend in front of her made her stop at once.
"I'm scared!" she cried.
"Me too!", Alex echoed, but accepted the offered balloon.
Keeping up the act, the dark girl hesitated before blowing in more air while Kim covered her ears and squealed, leaning away and rapidly stamping her feet in theatrical fright. But since Lex absolutely refused to go on after a few breaths, the blonde had to finish it off herself. She squeezed her eyes shut so tightly the bridge of her nose wrinkled up while the hand not holding the huge latex bomb did its best to protect at least half her hearing. Lex, for her part, had faced away completely and was giving off a shrill, terrified whine which lasted until the balloon exploded. They both shrieked when it went off in a noisy shower of shards, then began to laugh with relief before sharing a chaste hug.
I could definitely see the appeal to a certain taste, but had to wonder if he didn't have any way to record it or simply kept looking for the ultimate take. And how many other girls he'd paid to perform it. I had a hard time believing he'd find any that'd act it better than these two though - at least they'd be hard pressed looking nicer blowing it up. They made such a wonderful team it would be a real shame not bringing it back together.
Kriss joined me in an applause before I made a statement.
"Bravo! Seeing you play off each other like that is great. So great in fact I'm gonna go rewrite the next script, because I want you both in it."
"Oh, Cherry!" Kim cried and threw herself around my neck. "That'd be wonderful!"
Lexi just smiled at her beloved's joy and made no attempt to protest. I think she secretly wanted a chance to join her for at least one proper show.
And who knew? If it turned out as well as I hoped she might become a recurring guest.
"Then I at least get to help with the decorations", Kriss said.
Would be just like her to have forgotten the theme. I gave her an admonishing look.
"You'll pretty much be required to."
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