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Default Getting Caught Looning by GF
Hello fellow looners,

So last year i met a lovely lady that i started dating and eventually became my girlfriend, since we met things have actually been really fantastic and i felt recently this might be the one & i would like to spend the rest of my life with her. We have a certain click that i havent had with many partners before.
Normally i am quite outgoing if it comes the subject of balloon fetish / looning, however i really struggled this time to tell this particular person even though i felt i needed to and felt the urge to tell her about my "kinks" and be honest about it.

Sadly to say i chickened out on a few moments i pushed myself to tell her, i am not sure if this is caused by the way she is a person or my anxiety to lose this person because of this.
Recently i really had to twist my love/fetish for balloons down, simply because of the fact i could not let her find out and i have grown quite handy if it comes to this particular subject in terms of hiding it to another person.

Because we live relatively far from each other, during the week i can only see her occasionally and the weekends we spend together either at my or her house. So during the week, i can pretty much do whatever i like if it comes to my urges and looning in my own house.

Last week however this took a turn for the worst, the friday i was off from work and I didnt tell her that because i wanted to go shopping for balloons and i had a few other errands to run. She told me she would only be able to come over on Saturday, since she had some party with her GFs on Friday.

So on Thursday evening i met up with my friends and we went to our local pub, normal Thursday evening hang-out aside from the fact i had a day off so my boundaries for drinking where off this evening. We shared quite a few stories along with a very decent amount of beers and shots, that were luckily not only fueled by me

Around 1:00 AM, we decided to head home and i got myself a taxi. I had way to much to drink and was rather frivolous to the cab driver, just blabbing away on the ride home. At some point I realized however i had a strong urge to do some proper looning and my penis seemed to agree with that while i was thinking about it as we came closer to my house. I had a massive boner in my pants when the taxi came to a halt, i tossed the man his money and got out in a hurry.

I rushed into my house, slammed the door behind me and i undressed myself quickly leaving my clothes scattered over the floor to my bedroom.
I dont keep my "special" clothes, balloons and accessories in plain sight on purpose and they are hidden in a compartment in an adjacent room.
I opened it, pulled out what i needed with clothes and balloons scattered over the floor and left it.

I brought my clown costume, a few 36", a giant balloon doll, a GL1200, a bag of 16" and my pump to my bedroom.
Within minutes i inflated the giant balloon doll and the GL1200 and pulled back my sheets of my double bed and threw em over both the balloons to keep em in place. I inflated 5 x 36" and left em on the floor.
I could not resist my urges anymore as my pulsating member was leaking pre-cum on the floor and i hopped in my bed and went on top of the GL1200, hugging it and riding it making a huge squeaky noise.

Eventually i switched to the giant doll with its beautiful curves and humped it until i released in absolute ecstasy all over the balloon. Now i was laying on it completely exhausted and drunk. Normally i clean up, take a shower and do whatever, however when i had that though i disregarded it and i glanced at the beautiful balloons. Thinking they could stay for a day without a problem as no one would find out as my GF only would come Saturday.

I felt i needed to sleep, however if possible i like to do that stuffed with balloons. I got up brushed my teeth and put on my clown suit, which i struggled with for a bit to get on properly. I already started to become hard again just from having this suit on that always gives me so much pleasure.

I sat on the floor and inflated quite a lot of 16" balloons, must have been around 20-25 of em now laying on the floor in my bedroom. I start stuffing myself in my pants around my crotch area and the back until it was pleasantly full. I pickup a 36" and slide it in on the front of my suit, so it now looks like i am huge fat clown with a massive belly, i take two more 16" and stuff them in on top so they look like a pair of tits.

You must understand that the suit is two parts so the pants have straps which go over your shoulders and an rather wide elastic band at the top of the pants. So when looking down I could see my penis sitting between all of the balloons sticking out. However when i have my top on with a big balloon or smalls balloons i am unable to look down anymore as i am constraint by the balloons in the top. Its always very clumsy and unhandy to move when stuffed like this as your just wobbling around, and being drunk on top didnt make it easier.

However i wobbled to my bed got the sheets and threw them a bit over the GL1200 and the Giant Balloon Doll and then got on my knees and shuffled over until i could get my legs under the sheets and slowly lower myself on my back. Holding the both the giant balloons in place with my arms and eventually when my head is on the pillows reach down and pull the sheets over me. To be honest i dont know how i did all this in this state, as i also cant remember everything to the fullest extent.

But that is how i woke up the next morning in my bed, i heard some noise in my house but i just snoozed again still half intoxicated. It must have been around noon that i woke up from the noise of balloons in my bedroom squeaking and shuffling. So i struggle a bit and shuffle myself up in the suit and with my greatest horror I see my GF standing at the foot-end of my bed.
Staring at me in disbelief of what she is experiencing and seeing in my bedroom.

I look at her and she starts smiling and laughing at me, I just freeze now with my back to the wall and my bottom still covered by my sheets. I dont know what to do or say and i just stutter and mumble out the words "Look i can explain sweety...." She pulls the sheets of the bed and they land on the balloons on the floor and now sees me in full glory with a GL1200 on my right side and the doll on my left with a massive cum stained spot on top.

I cant help it but i got aroused regardless of the event and i was really trying my best not to. She says " What is up with all these balloons and why are you dressed like that?" "Oh my god!" she has the weirdest smile on her face and hops on the bed and gets closer to me.
"Aww it seems my big guy likes to play with balloons?"

I answer "I have a thing for balloons..." , she is now infront of me and my face is red hot from blushing in shame. Here i am a 32 old male that is 6.4"
with a clown suit on that is filled with balloons, a massive hard-on, two giant balloons on either side of me and one with a big cum stain on it. I am absolutely horrified with embarrassment hardly being able to talk.

And infront of me is a beautiful 30 year old woman that just discovered me like that in my own house after dating with me for a year and on the verge of perhaps taking it further then that. Although it is true that i have had similar experiences in my life, this was different and far more serious in my opinion then ever before.

"Yea i can see that for myself sweety!" And she is now looking into my pants, while i am trying to desperately move away from her. "Oh wow someone is turned on and you had a little fun sleeping like that as well didnt we? hmm?"
Looking now at me straight in the face.
She saw my massive boner sitting between the 16" balloons in my pants, which was wet of pre-cum and the balloons around it stained of cum because i think i soaked myself in my sleep. This happens quite often to me when i am sleeping with balloons, somehow i get a dream and it happens.

"Oh my and you did it on this big thing as well didnt you?" "Wow what is this one of those really freaky fetish things or something?". I now pushed off the GL1200 and am trying to getting out of bed when she grabbed me. "Your not going anywhere until you explain yourself!" "Whats going on here <name>!"

I answer "I have a balloon fetish, I really like balloons and they turn me on sexually, i love the shape, smell, the softness and how big they can get" "I am sorry i didnt tell you this i tried on several occasions, but i couldnt do i couldnt tell you i was afraid what you would think of me" "I am really embarrased and ashamed right now as you can imagine perhaps"

She turned abit in shock now and said :"So what your saying is everytime you see a balloon you get a stiffy and want to fuck it?"
I answer "No darling thats not it, balloons make me happy and yes in a private setting they turn me on but not like that"

She "So let me get this straight, your into balloons? Your a grown man playing with balloons, caressing them, putting them in your clothes and whatever until you get off i guess" she laughs now "Oh my god ok!" "Sorry but this is kind of pathetic you know that yourself right?"

I answer "It may seem that way for you now, but it is something very very personal and intimate sweety, and yes i understand what you are saying and it also one of the reasons i kept it from you i guess..i am sorry.."

She laughing and says "Lol u better be, oh my god i have seen some pretty weird stuff in my life but i think this tops it all" and she pulls the strap of my pants back "Oh and your actually still hard ready to shoot your load!" "Geez <name>, well u better get it over with then silly". She pulls my legs until i am flat on the bed and crawls beside me in bed. "Go on then get it over with i wanna see this my big adult man creaming all over balloons,i am guessing no sex for me today!"
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
"Seems like you had fair share here last night and even right now" "Go on do it, get it over with"

I am now looking at her "Darling thats a bit harsh dont u think? , first of all we werent supposed to see each other till saturday u were never supposed to see all this and secondly that is not how that works <name>"
She "Dont make excuses now, dont u think i would have find out eventually anyways!hmm? So everytime i am not around u doing this basically and now u got caught red-handed so enlighten me then on your balloon thing"

"Oh wait i get it, you would like it a lot for me to join in dont you, here let me help you a hand there" She moves on crotch area and starts moving up and down with her butt pushing the balloons and bouncing them against my penis. It literally took not even 30 secs for me to blow my load and she saw it in my face. "There we go, all done now!" She sits on my right side and pulls the waistband back and starts laughing and giggling "Aww sweety did my big man like that?" and she looks at my face "You should see the look on your face right now, oh my god" "This is priceless look at that and it is still coming"

I really didnt know anymore at this point and was afraid she would just get up and leave and tell everyone i know plus more. I just stayed still until it was over. "Ok so your all done now, i suggest we get you out of that silly thing and go out for the afternoon and we can talk about this i guess"

I agreed with that rather instantly and honestly couldnt wait myself to get out that embarrasing situation. So i lifted my top and pulled out the three balloons and threw them on the floor with the rest and took the top off.
Meanwhile she kicked the giant doll of the bed and was now just watching me. I look down into my soiled pants and got off the bed and wobbled around for a bit. She nearly cried in laughter.

I wobbled in my bathroom got a towel to clean it up first, walked back into the bedroom and dropped both straps. Balloons flew out of the pants and landed everywhere. I am now butt naked and my GF says "Ah there are you!" "Thought u turned into a clown for a minute!" Teasingly.

I put on a pair of briefs and go and collect a pair of scissors from the kitchen, i never pop my balloons i always cut the necks. As soon as i walked back into the room i started to cut the necks and she said "Wait whats that i though u would pop them" Me: "Nah i dont i dont like the sound..."
She shakes her head "Go on hurry up clean up this mess" Normally i would untie the GL1200 and giant doll but i didnt this time because of her, i cut off the necks of all and collected all the deflated balloons and necks all over the room and threw them in the garbage.

Picked up my suit and walked into the adjacent room. She got off the bed and followed me "Where you taking that?" While i am quickly trying to stash everything back in the compartment, she comes around me to have a look.
"Hold on you!" She starts browsing and pulling out clothes and laughs "Wow all these clothes are enormous, i didn't even know such things existed.

Most of those clothes are custom made i explain to her to fit in such large quantities of balloons etc and that i preferred to be sort of trapped in a suit with balloons unable to move. Plus the idea that looking like a giant balloon turned me on. She shakes her head in disbelief and says "Ok then!" "Each person has its own kink i guess!"

After pulling out my suits, oversized sweat pants, shirts and underwear she digged through my balloons and got to the biggest ones which are literally between 36 & 96 inches and gigantic. "Seriously they make them this big? I am guessing they do that especially for people like you, because i never seen balloons this big before or even see a common use for it" "I mean they dont use this at someone's birthday lol"

I reply "I am not exactly sure sweety, think its for special events, advertising and such things" "Can i please put everything back now?"
I had enough and got a bit fed up with the whole situation, although it might seem interesting enough for most people i just wanted out of that situation lock everything away and stop thinking about it.

"Yea go on, i know where u keep your secret things now anyways!" She pinched me in the butt and left the room.
I just threw everything back in and closed it rather quickly.

My GF went to the living room and i had a long shower before i got dressed.
She was on the couch watching TV when i came out, i walked by to the kitchen and she gave me this look which i cant explain like something is up.
I asked her "Whats up?" and she replied "Oh i just pictured you with those big balloons and that cute suit of yours again"

I said "Please can we change the subject enough for is very embarrassing and humiliating for me what just happened" She said "I get that yes but you still my BF and you prolly thinking now who i am going to tell or of i still wanna be your GF right?"

I shrug "Kinda yeah..i mean its...."

She "I'll be very honest with you <name>, it is i think probably the weirdest thing i ever seen or heard in my life and i am quite shocked by it. I also dont really know what to think about it or deal with it..its not the type of thing you go to speak to other people about to formulate an opinion or something"

"I mean no disrespect i love you, in a way i feel you havent been honest with me and on the other side i can understand it a little bit at least. I have a few things myself that i enjoy in the bedroom, but this is taking to a whole new level type of thing what your into. I dont know I dont know"

"To me its all very weird still, if i think about balloons i think parties, children, birthdays and decorations not adults that are somehow sexually aroused by the object itself and all that suit stuff geez its mindblowing"

"This changed my whole vision of a balloon just now and i am guessing there are more people like this?"

I respond "Yes there are indeed more people men & women 100000's maybe even a million or more i am unsure, it is quite an unique fetish and i think even the people with this fetish dont know how many there people there actually are with this fetish. People enjoy different things and they definitely not all like me"

She "Online i am guessing and stuff?" Me: "Yeah communities, websites, groups and stuff, the chance that someone we know in our circle of friends or even family has it is basically zero. I think even if you look at it from a city or country perspective there are very few"

She sighs "I dont understand this all but sure, whatever you say your the expert"

************************************************** ************
I will end this event there and not drag it out any further, after that she stayed very indifferent for the rest of the day and occasionally she would ask a question mostly silly ones and some a bit degrading to me personally.

I hope by sharing this you will get some insight into the subject itself, although it might be not very educational it is i think of somewhat a reaction of what could happen if someone close to you found out like a BF or GF.

I do not intend this material to be distributed, read by anyone that is under age in their respective country or in any other way used for the wrong purposes.

Take out of it what u want, I hope someday to finish my book about the subject and my life, Although i am not the best writer i hope you can understand.

Happy Looning,

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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Yeah I think this fetish is one that's much better to ease people into, so I could see how it could come as a shock to her especially given the clown suit and GL1200s and stuffing and such. Oh well, I guess it's like pulling a bandaid off fast. I'd recommend not letting her see any more balloons for a while and then reintroducing it very slowly at that, maybe play off like you go full blown like she saw only very occasionally.
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Well to be fair we have a very strong bond that luckily lasted even through this, that still didnt make this an easy discovery, as she continued about it for weeks. Sometimes in mocking manner (thats how it felt at least not sure if she really meant it that way) other times in a teasing way that was much more "fun" if you can define it that way.

Over the course of the last weeks, month or so she has grown to the point of accepting it as it is and how i am. She acknownledges and understands now after lots of different conversations, however it is not like we share any balloon experiences yet at least.

Perhaps in time this will come once our relationship develops further, she added a few things of her own that she enjoys in the bedroom but nothing that can be classified as a fetish or even come close to a balloon fetish.

I think eventually there just came a point of acceptance because of the love we have for each other, this for me in the form of a very inappropriately large bundle of helium balloons delivered to my door, which obviously kind of freaked me out on one side because this happened during day time by a van that had balloons and everything on the side of it.

I am not quite sure anyone noticed this event taking place especially my neighbours and it is also not something to worry about.
I knew the lady that delivered it as i visited her shop for a large quantity of big balloons and a new pump a few months prior to this.
She recognized me, but did not engage into conversation about the subject, she handed me the balloons and told me who they were from and left.

I took them and placed them in my bedroom, she came over a day later with a big smile looked at them and told me to enjoy them. We had sex later that night but the balloons were not involved.

Thats my progress so far..
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Ha ha, I've been caught frequently which my partners not too bothered about...... apart from the time she came home with her sister and I was mid session with a 36incher where I was (well the balloon beneath me) was making rather too much noise apparently lol!
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
I've told all of my serious girlfriends pretty early into the relationship. I ease them into it. First let them know that the fetish exists and what it's about. The mild stuff first. Then tell them a bit more, then tell them that I have the fetish. It's worked out really well for me so far and I feel like it's saved a lot of stress in my relationships. After slowly building up to it, I straight out say " Before things get too serious, I need you to know something.... blah blah blah... and if you want to back out now, I won't hold it against you"

My first serious girlfriend in high school actually told a lot of people about it after we broke up, and is still trying to spread shit all these years later, but she's a deadbeat drug addict so nobody listens to her much.
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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Sigh... .....please trade lives with me, cute have the most amazing balloon experiences....what i wouldn't give to have that happen to me! You are the luckiest person on the planet!
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
I told one of my girlfriends long ago about my fetish for women popping balloons. She thought it was fun, and we enjoyed some great balloon play together. My wife knows of my “balloon thing” but doesn’t indulge in any bedroom play. A few weeks ago we were at a carnival and she quite randomly sat at the “Balloon Blaster” game where you shoot water at a target and fill the balloon to pop it. She won! When we got in the car, she grabbed my crotch and said “Just checking.” Bliss!
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Thank you for the replies, I read them and appreciate them.

Sometimes I hear are or were so with me like BubbleBoy.
Am I fortunate? Yes I am very blessed to have had the experiences I had and being able to do the things I do or did in the past.

Please also understand I forced it to be that way...It was never easy at any time. It was very enjoyable for sure, but I always had to extent my boundaries, put my embarassment behind me and press the pedal literally with people to be able to create those experiences.

I can honestly say I did a lot of reckless, stupid and embarrasing things to feed my balloon fetish and or desire for balloons. Things I would not recommend to anyone only if you are ready for it and comfortable with otherwise please dont do them..

I always say be person you want to be and be yourself even if this one of those things you want to do, express, share and enjoy with other people. Chose your moments wisely and also the people you do it with..simple..

I learnt to accept it if the word is spread, and just pull up my shoulders and move on if it did. It never really did except for my family. I just hope some people can take something away from the things I write and understand.

If you dont that is absolutely fine also, I share for a reason. Sometimes enjoyable, sometimes disastrous, sometimes embarassing, sometimes painful. But I do share it with you all to read.

Anyways if you want to talk about it one on one, just message me your contact details, chat, email or otherwise anonomous and I will get back to you...

Happy Looning..
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Bubble Boy :-P
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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Aww, CuteBalloon Thank you so much for being brave about sharing your life's experiences. Believe me when I tell you that it is much appreciated & it helps give the rest of us confidence It certainly helps me feel less alienated knowing someone out there shares such similar feelings towards balloons & the experiences you've had with them. I truely commend you for being the person you are. We've all done dumb stuff we come to regret but that's just a part of life I'm thankful for individuals like yourself & everyone in this community who share the balloon love Just continue to be you. It's all i ask
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