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Default Magic Balloons
Greetings! I've decided to try my hand at writing for this forum. I hope you like this story. I'd appreciate your comments.

Greg walked down the street, lost in thought about his long-standing fetish about balloons. Big ones. He reminisced about the “play time sessions” he’d had, humping the balloons until he busted all over them. Sometimes they burst from his humping but usually they didn’t, and he could play with them again. He rarely popped balloons just to pop them.

Greg saw, out of the corner of his eye, a small antique shop he didn’t remember from before. In the window was a box of large balloons labeled with a small, handwritten sign: “MAGIC BALLOONS”. Intrigued, Greg went inside. As he walked into the store, he thought he heard a mysterious whisper of his name being called, as if by the wind, in the still air of the shop. The shop was packed, floor to ceiling with antiques of all kinds, from all over the world; some seeming other worldly.

An elderly man greeted Greg, “Welcome, Greg! We know why you’re here and, we’ve been waiting for you!”
Greg was shocked, as he didn’t know why he was there. “You do?” he replied.
“Of course,” said the man, “you’re a looner and you’ve come to buy balloons.”
“But, I only saw the sign just now and this is an antiques shop. I wasn’t planning—wait, how did you know I’m a looner, and you said, ‘we’?” Greg protested.

“Yes,” said the man, “we. The balloons heard you thinking about your last balloon session and they told me you were coming in. They knew you were the right one for them. They want you.”
“Who does?” Greg asked, puzzled. “Why, the balloons of course!” answered the man. “What?” asked Greg, “How?”

The man continued, “The balloons are magic. They can hear your thoughts. They have feelings and desires like you do. They want you. Go back to the display window and bring me the box of the balloons. You’ll understand.”
Greg did as he was instructed and, as soon as he lifted the box, he heard many seductive voices whisper his name excitedly. He brought the box to the counter and the man quoted him a price for the nine balloons in the box. Greg raised his eyebrows at the price but agreed to it when the man told him how special they were. “These balloons have been looking for a lover; you will meet their needs spectacularly,” said the man.

Greg rushed home with his joyful box of balloons under his arm. In his mind, he could hear them giggling and whispering to one another. Once arriving home, he tore off his coat and rushed into his bedroom. He undressed in a flash and looked into the box. The balloons began to whisper to him in his mind, telling him how handsome he was. One nozzle was pointing up, so he took that crystal emerald one out of the box to inflate it. “Take me! Take me!” it said.

Touch your lips to mine, lover. Inflate me. Bring me to life.” the balloon begged. Greg began inflating it as its feminine voice seductively purred to him in his mind, “Yesss, darling, that’s it. Make me grow full and round. Bigger and bigger. I am meant to get big.” Greg began blowing up the balloon for all he was worth.

Soon, the balloon reached 26 inches in diameter. “Okay, that’s enough for now.. Let’s have some fun.” she sighed to him. Greg was struck by how beautiful she was, emerald light shining through her.
He put her on the bed, lubed himself and climbed atop his balloon lover. He began to hump her gently at first and then more forcefully as she sighed, “Harder! I can take it! I’m not gonna pop!” Greg began humping for all he was worth.

After an intense 15 minutes, Greg felt a familiar tingle start in his groin. He cried out, “I’m gonna cum!” The balloon answered him, “Go ahead, darling, give it to me.” Greg climaxed. It was the most powerful one he’d ever had.
Greg was shaking and gasping when he climbed off the balloon. He looked at it and it was absorbing his emission, growing cloudy, then crystal clear again.

Mmmmm. That was heavenly. You’re so strong. I can’t wait for you to love me again,” the balloon sighed contentedly. Dumbfounded, Greg responded, “That was the best balloon orgasm I ever had. Thank you. Did you orgasm, too?”

No, my darling, my kind only orgasms when we burst. When I do, with you, it will be unforgettable,” she said. Greg looked at her horrified but was secretly aroused by this revelation. “Yes, I will be gone from you when I burst but after you love me enough, I will surprise you when I burst. You will have the best orgasm ever and will be content with the outcome,” she said mysteriously. “So, let us enjoy ourselves and I will reveal to you when I am ready to burst. You will climax, too. Inflate me further and see how big I can get.”

Greg blew and blew, and his balloon lover grew ever larger. When she was about 47 inches in diameter, she told him to stop. “Let’s make love again, darling, and don’t hold back. I can take it. I won’t burst yet. I’m not even close,” she sighed. Greg climbed on the balloon and began again.

That’s it! Right there, darling! Keep going!” she encouraged. Greg soon came all over the balloon, more than he had before. “I’ve never shot so much before. Am I a bit bigger?” Greg wondered. “Yes,” she answered, “you have grown. When my kind grows bigger with a lover, our lovers grow as well and become more potent. I have absorbed your loads and now I must rest. Deflate me and love my sisters.” Greg asked her name and she sighed, “Daphne,” as she deflated.
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Default Re: Magic Balloons
Thanks for the story. That was quite intense at the end. I want to read more of this. I was wondering, were those magic balloons supposed to be like simple round balloons? Can other shapes for those magic balloons exist like figurines or donuts? And how big could those magic balloons get until they pop?
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Default Re: Magic Balloons
Yes, great story. I would encourage you to write another episode.
Perhaps the balloons could morph into something different?
Just a thought.

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Default Re: Magic Balloons
Love it! When will we see a part 2?
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Old 23-09-2022, 10:46 PM
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Default Re: Magic Balloons
Well, thank you all for the kind words and suggestions for future writing. Here are parts 2 & 3, when we meet the other magic balloons in the box:

Part 2
Until he had encountered these magic balloons, Greg had been lonely. None of his few girlfriends tolerated his balloon fetish. Using balloons was enjoyable and these magic balloons were heavenly, but he still longed for a real, human female to love.

Greg heard the balloons beg, “Me! Me! Take me next!” Not knowing which to choose, he closed his eyes and reached into the box, grabbed a balloon, and held it up. It was a solid color, in a shade of red Greg could only describe as angry.

With a whispery voice, it yelled at him in his mind, “Finally! You humans, when you fuck us, you’re always on top humping away until we pop. I am a magical being and I am superior to you. If we are going to fuck, I deserve to be on top!”
“What’s your name?” Greg asked. “Gale, like a hurricane.” “Oh,” said Greg, not knowing what to do next. “Maybe I should put you back. I guess you don’t like me,” Greg said.
“DON’T YOU DARE!” Gale screamed at him in his mind. “I’m superior to you and you will do as I say!” she ordered. “Now, blow me up bigger than Daphne! Quickly, human!”

Greg began blowing as fast as he could and Gale distended to a round, plump teardrop of about 54 inches. “Stop now and let’s fuck,” she ordered.
Greg laid on his back and held her above him and began to rub her on his steel-hard shaft. His precum lubricated it and her velvety skin on his member felt like a blowjob. “Faster, human! Hold me tighter and closer! Harder!” Gale demanded. Greg held her tightly, feeling her firmness in his hands as he slid her up and down his member. “That’s it! Do it just like that!” she commanded. Greg continued his stroking with Gale until he got closer and closer to climaxing. Suddenly, he couldn’t take it anymore and he moaned, “UhhNNNN!” and burst all over her, spraying his belly, chest and up to his chin.

Gale then demanded Greg collect his emission, “Gather it up! Rub it all over me! I want it! I’m hungry!” He used his fingers and Gale’s body to scrape up as much as he could until she was completely coated with his semen. It then began to fade into her skin as she absorbed it, her skin becoming a darker red then becoming brighter.

“I’m bigger again!” he exclaimed as he marveled at his growth. He had grown another half inch to 6 ½ inches. “That’s right, human. That’s an additional gift for you for attending to my needs, beyond the pleasure I gave you. Now be a good human and deflate me so I can get some restorative rest.” Gale ordered. Greg did so and wondered at how velvety smooth and new her skin felt as he returned her to the box.

Part 3
After three exceptional orgasms, Greg felt exhausted and dropped off into a deep sleep and began to dream. In his dream, he met all seven of the other balloons, morphed into beautiful women. “We are here with you, and we love you. We need you to love us. Your love will sustain us, and we will live long. We are imprinted upon you and can only love you. When we have lived long enough, we will burst while loving you and give you a great gift. It will be revealed when it is time. Now, it is unknowable.

You have seen us in our home; Daphne and Gale you know; the rest of us will introduce ourselves.”
“I am Pluvia,” the sparkly blue balloon woman said in a wet sort of voice. The crystal-clear balloon woman introduced herself in a breathy voice, “I am Æther.” Another, a flower-print yellow balloon woman told him brightly, “I am Amaryllis.” In a smoky voice, the crystal lavender balloon woman introduced herself as Nimbus.

“I am Aura,” said the crystal pink one in a cute little voice that matched her smaller stature. A crystal teal balloon woman stepped forward and introduced herself, “I am Zephyr and want to be your next lover,” she said breezily. The crystal orange one introduced herself, “I am Hesperia and I want you to love me as the sun goes down.”

Greg awoke in the morning with the voices of his balloons giggling and whispering in his mind and wishing him a good morning. He told them good morning as well and went to get himself coffee and something to eat. As he sipped his coffee after finishing two donuts, he pondered how his life had so radically changed since yesterday afternoon.

He was glad he could work from home, and he called the office and informed his coworkers he would. He began to think of the magic balloons and immediately got hard. “Well,” Greg said to himself, “things are gonna be really hard for me today. Heh heh.” At his desk, Greg opened his laptop, opened some files, and began to work. Throughout the day, his mind drifted toward his balloons. He missed having their beautiful voices in his head, well, except for Gale’s. “I HEARD THAT!!” she yelled in his mind as if from far away. “Sorry,” Greg thought at her. “THAT’S BETTER, HUMAN!” Greg just rolled his eyes. “I HEARD THAT TOO!”

After a while, Greg could then feel and hear the balloons calling him, so he decided to take a break and visit them. In his bedroom he could hear their voices more clearly, even Gale’s imperiousness. He sensed something akin to slow, even breathing and realized it was Daphne, still resting from yesterday. Zephyr called out to him, “Greg! Inflate me and make love to me! I need you now!”

Greg grabbed her clear nozzle, put it to his lips and blew. “Blow me big! That feels so good! Make me as big as Gale! Hurry!” she begged. Greg continued to blow as quickly as he could, becoming a bit dizzy from the rapid breathing. He wondered whether he should get an inflator pump and Zephyr immediately cried out, “NOOOOOO!! Our kind must only inflate from the breath of a human, never a machine!” Greg thought to himself, knowing his “girls” could hear him, ‘well, that’s the end of that.’

Greg kept blowing until Zephyr told him she was big enough and that now she wanted him to love her. Greg undressed and began to closely inhale Zephyr’s unique scent. He held her tightly in his hands and admired her size and clarity. She was such a beautiful balloon.

He undressed, lubed himself and climbed onto Zephyr. He began to thrust, and she cried out in his mind, “That’s it. Just like that. It feels so good. Daphne was right, you are a wonderful lover. I will give you so much pleasure!” After many minutes of pleasure with Zephyr, Greg felt himself getting closer and closer to climaxing. Zephyr directed him, “Roll over. Take me on top of you. Love me the way you loved Gale.” He rolled over and began to stroke himself with Zephyr. “Oooh, I like being on top! It’s so wonderful and so are you!” Zephyr exclaimed, “Faster, Greg, faster!” Greg sped up his stroking and soon felt close to climaxing again. Zephyr sensed it and inflamed him further, “Do it! Give me your cum! Coat my round, tight body with it! I want it so much, my love!”

Her exciting words were what he needed. They pushed him over the edge into a shivering, shaking, roaring climax. Greg shot rope after rope of sticky cum on Zephyr as he had on Gale but found he delivered even more volume than before. He passed out.

Greg awoke holding the balloon tightly and felt her smile at him in his mind. “You were awesome! I feel so loved. You gave me so much that, after absorbing it, I feel so full! Oh, please deflate me lover, and let me rest.” Greg complied and, still holding Zephyr in his hand, drifted back off to sleep.

An hour later, the balloons were calling out to him, and he awoke. They told him in a chorus to wake up and continue working. They intimated that there would be plenty of opportunities later for play time. Greg placed the now deflated and sleeping Zephyr in the box and grumbled as he went back downstairs to resume working. Logging on again, he realized he actually felt refreshed after his session with Zephyr and his nap with her.
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Default Re: Magic Balloons
Love it! Can't wait to read about meeting the other balloons in the box.
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Wink Re: Magic Balloons
Here's parts 4 & 5 of the story of Greg and his magic balloons. Enjoy!

Part 4
In the evening, after finishing the day’s work, Greg ate dinner and turned in early so as to have more time with his “girls”. His bedroom was illuminated by the setting sun and Greg remembered what Hesperia had told him in his dream: “...I want you to love me as the sun goes down.” Greg reached in for the crystal orange balloon, the color of the sunset and heard her in his mind, “Hello, lover. I have been waiting for you. It is time to inflate me and bring me to life. Blow me up as big as you did Daphne and Gale. I want to feel your body press into mine as we make love. Make me big!

Greg blew and blew, inflating Hesperia to a full, round 54 inches. “Ohhh, I feel so alive!” Hesperia moaned, “Climb onto me, and love me.” Greg lubed himself and began to thrust on top of Hesperia slowly and sensually. He savored how wonderful she felt beneath him. He would build up toward a climax and then slow down to extend the lovemaking session further. Hesperia became more and more aroused and begged Greg, “Go faster, lover, I want you to climax soon. I am almost ready to burst myself. I am not close to that yet, but I won’t last much longer after a lovemaking session this good. Hurry, Greg!

He began thrusting faster and harder on Hesperia, with her encouraging him in his mind, “Oooohh, lover, harder, faster. I want you to burst all over me.” This had its intended effect on Greg. He climaxed and shot rope after rope of sticky cum, coating Hesperia completely. She absorbed it all, becoming a cloudy, dark orange before brightening back to her previous shade.
Oh, my, you are such a strong and wonderful lover. Every time we are together, I need you to love me just like that,” Hesperia whispered to Greg breathlessly in his mind, “I am exhausted now. Please deflate me, lover and allow me to rest. Love little Aura. She needs you.” Greg complied and replaced Hesperia into the box. A little crystal pink balloon nozzle then wrapped itself around Greg’s finger and wouldn’t let go.

Part 5
“Aura! You’re so assertive, grabbing me like that! I wouldn’t have expected it from a little balloon like you!” Greg exclaimed. “I will surprise you with all I can do. I am a phenomenal lover, my beloved. You will see. Inflate me as big as Gale and I will show you. Don’t worry, I’m tougher than I look.” Greg blew up Aura to 54 inches and was astounded by how tight and firm she was. “Aren’t you at risk of bursting?” Greg asked. “No,” she replied, “and, what if I am? I would burst in the most delicious climax under you and give you pleasure you have never known. That is why we are what we are, and we exist to pleasure you. When I do burst, I will leave you with a great gift which you will cherish all your life. Now, love me and don’t hold back; I like it rough.” Greg heard Aura say that in his mind and could swear he heard a wink in her voice.

Greg put lube on Aura and crawled atop her. She was so tight and firm! In the past, Greg had humped ordinary balloons this tight and relished the push back they gave him to his thrusts. It seemed Aura was about to give him the same thing.
Still cautious, Greg began humping Aura gently, slowly building up his speed as he observed her tolerating more and more of his energy. “GREG!” she yelled in his mind, “stop teasing me and FUCK ME!!” He began to pound Aura for all he was worth. She was so tight that it felt as if she were meeting him with counterstrokes with every thrust.

Greg thought that Aura must be suppressing his approach to climaxing as he was sure he’d have exploded all over her by now. He humped her for all he was worth, drenched in sweat and blowing like a racehorse. Eventually, he felt that tingle in his balls that signaled an impending climax. “Come on! You’re almost there! I want your semen all over me now! Cum for me!” Aura encouraged.

Greg exploded all over Aura, his copious amount of cum covering her and making her temporarily an ivory white. She began to absorb Greg’s emissions and turned a pale, pinkish white eventually into her natural rosy pink. “Wow, Daphne, Gale, and Zephyr definitely know what they’re talking about. I’m glad I had so much to absorb, I would have really burst without it! Not that that would have been so bad; it would have been sooo exquisite. Maybe I’ll burst next time, or the time after that. You just won’t know.” marveled Aura.

Greg was still gasping and shivering after such a powerful climax. He couldn’t remember ever having an orgasm this strong. His physical exhaustion caught up to him and Greg passed out holding Aura on the bed. Aura found a tiny fissure in the knot Greg had tied in her and found she could leak her air out. She leaked until she was deflated and could rest.
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