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Default Non looner as good as or better than a full looner
Just wondering if anyone else knows anyone or has anyone in their life who is or was a non looner but is almost as good as or better than them who is a full looner.
My wife is obviously a non looner and back in our early days as a couple we would row about balloons as she didn't understand fully about the fetish. Nowadays however she prides herself on being as good as or better than me with the fetish. I've loved balloons.since my very early days and obviously know how much weight they can take, the whole science of a balloon, the science of what can pop a balloon but she can take any balloon right to the very edge of its existence. I've blown a few balloons to the max and after a while a 16 gets to 18 or 19 and pops she can keep blowing easily up to 20 or more and the balloon is still going. She can stand full weight on a balloon, she can sit fully on a balloon with no issues. Other week I had 2 balloons same colour, make, age, storage everything. I sat in mine really gently it popped straight away. The wife sat on hers in exactly the same spot but full weight no feet on the floor or anything and it held her yet she's almost the same weight as me. She can even climb on top of me whilst I'm humping balloons and nothing pops.
I just wondered if anyone else knows anyone else like this or even if they can take balloons to the edge. I think it's really cool how a non looner can be so good with balloons.
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Old 31-08-2022, 08:34 AM
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Default Re: Non looner as good as or better than a full looner
I have two non-looner pals who are very good at B2P.

One pal can tell very accurately when the balloon will pop, mostly he cann tell what is the last blow.

The other pal is good at inflating every little bit of the neck. When the inflated neck pushes against his fingers, he puts his hands on the side of the balloon and pushes the neck and mouthpiece against his lips and keeps on blowing.
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Default Re: Non looner as good as or better than a full looner
My boyfriend is a non looner but absolutely loves playing with and especially bursting balloons. He has always done so ,but now he knows it's a turn on for me, he has fun with that too.
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Default Re: Non looner as good as or better than a full looner

My husband is not into balloons, but he knows how I fell, and he accepts it as simply being part of me. He even goes along now and then, and this is absolutely great. I love him dearly, and I am very happy with things as they are. Actually I have never ever wished for him being into balloons, and thinking about it I get the feeling that balloons might well take up too much of life if he was.
What I however have thought a lot about and also often wished for is to have a trusted friend - sort of a “school girl best friend forever” with whom I could be open about the way I feel about balloons and who would also love to blow up balloons for fun. I have absolutely no wish for anything sexual, my wish (or dream or whatever you would call it) is purely about all plain fun. Sort of making up for all the fun with balloon I did not have during my childhood and youth and that “everybody else” seemed to have.
So yes, I would find a non-looner as good or even better than a looner.

Thank you for reading my posting. I hope it makes at least some sort of sense.

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Old 31-08-2022, 02:16 PM
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Default Re: Non looner as good as or better than a full looner
I have a couple of non looner friends... we are friends sice we were teenager... they know about my fetish and from time to time they start a loon play it is nothing sexual for them but I am quite sure they get aroused by the fact I do when I watch them b2p or play with loons. I've never been able to organize so to have a loon play the three of us, I always have played with one of them at a time but never know... I am so curious to see what would happen once the three of us would be playing toghether. One of them is a Policeman and when it happen that he play wearing his uniform I just go mad... and I am sure he likes it I can't take my hands off of him when he is blowing up a nice loon and he is wearing his uniform but he never complains or tell me not to touch him... I do nothing openly sexual but of course it is obvious that being gay I got excited... but he likes it... it's a game, we know each other basically since childhood so we are very close, we know everything about each other so there is a special complicity between us ... what I love is that at the and I always have a bunch of beautifully prestretched loons... and because I love to blow up loons that had been prestretched and blown up to the max by a nice men having many that have been blown up by him is great... he is a big nice looking guy especially in his uniform and the idea I am pumping my breath in a loon that has been between his lips and pumped up close to the big boom by him is great... maybe I little to crazy because along with the loon fetish I have this other connected to it but hey it's noting bad... With my other friend there is a different approach to the loon play it's exactly the opposite because he likes to finish off loons that I am already blowing up so there is this game in which he's trying stealing the loon from me before I manage to b2p it all the time... which develops quickly in a funny fight between us... sometimes I pretend to resist butbI can't wait the moment he grabs my almost fully inflated loons put the neck between his lips and pump furiously lunfulls of breath to make it busrt by b2p before I can even try retrieving my loon to finish blowing it untill it goes boom! I love it... also the idea that his breath is mixing with mine inside the loon making it growing bigger and rock hard untill the final boom is very arousing. He likes to play in his shorts and watch his muscular chest covered in smooth fur fill up as he inhales the air which he will then pump into loon is heaven ... especially when he squeezes the loon against him while he's pumping it up .. . seeing the loon rub against his chest is very sexy! So can a non looner be better than a looner well if he really enjoy the game yes! My friends aren't looners but enjoy the game, it's a strange non openly sexual game but of corsecthere is excitement and we got aroused without the need to get to an actual sexual interaction... it also works because they wantbto do that, there is no money involved and that indicates it's all about having fun toghether! Those guys we se acting in
certain videos are there just because they get payed to be a model for a video, you can see they are not looners. Models are boring they mostly act badly and often talk stupid things suggested by the "director" that resembles certain stupid porn videos... totally unnatural... I suppose that most looners buy those video because they like watching hung guys at play rather than they think those are hot looners enjoying playing with loons... sorry but money and a detailed set instructions on a script do not turn a guy into a, at least credible looner... instead that could instantly extinguish any arousment because the guy despite looking hot is acting stupid and boring... somethimes I also find disturbing to see certain guy dealing with loons... too many loons just wasted for nothing! A non super beautiful and fit real looner is for shure way more hot than a young and hung idiot showing off... at least in my opinion!

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Default Re: Non looner as good as or better than a full looner
I agree with you Blowitbigger
Just blow it till it's huge
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