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Default Stacy's Invention
Hi all, hope you are well. I've been sitting on this idea since reading a few other stories. Let me know what you think about it! It certainly not a normal idea, lol. I thought it could workout to something good. This is first part I've written now before getting ready for work. The title may change in the future if the story gets off the ground.

Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for taking the time to read it and for the feedback!


Stacy Benner couldn't wait to get home. She had been working for months in her dark lab on her latest creation. It was a weird invention, and wouldn't really push humanity forward, but any win after her year-long slump would put her back on track. She smiled as she put her hand in her pocket, running her fingers over her creation. It creased and folded in her hand, it slightly slippery surface not offering much grip. Stacy remembered how she had come up with the idea for this invention, and a little giggle escaped her lips. A few people sitting on the bus looked at her direction. She quickly dropped her head. She didn't like having eyes on her.

Stacy greeted the guard as she walked through the rotating gate into her complex. Her favourite indie band SkunkPunk played there biggest hit softly into her ears as she walked down the path between flats. With each step her heart pounded louder, anxiety and excitement taking over. She couldn't wait to see how this turned out - but, what if she was overstepping an unspoken boundary? She turned up the music, drowing out her thoughts as she came closer to her flat. Number 89; the top flat right at the back of the complex. Stacy walked up the two flights of stairs, keeping her eyeline down as to not invite any opportunities of being stopped by the sweet old couple living in 87, or the scary gangster living sandwiched between the two flats. She succesfully completed her stealth mission (if you don't count speeding up and ignoring the gangster even when he was shouting after her) and stood by the front door to her flat. Her hands were shaking now as she reached for her keys. She had seen the window to her right had the curtains drawn - which meant Jackson was home already. She exhaled sharlply and entered the flat.

Jackson Ventz moaned softly as he humped the soft, purple balloon that had been waiting for him to get home. He hadn't even cared to undress, just pulling his work chinos and underware down and pouncing his 36-inch beauty. The handrawn character on the balloon squealed in pleasure as he humped it, increasing his speed and pressure as exctacy flowed through him.
'Oh fuck, you really love teasing me,' he said as he dug his nails into the toy, ' I couldn't stop thinking about you at work today. Knowing you were waiting here to be covered in cum...' he trailed off in a moan, louder this time, as he felt himself edging closer to climax. He laid down ontop of the balloon, he lanky frame lifted off of the bed, and humped the underinflated balloon as hard as he could. He arced his back and gripped the balloon tight as he came, the balloon getting tight under him and the neck popping out against his face. He kissed the neck before standing up and admiring his artwork on the character's body, her face in a permanent stace of pleasure that turned Jackson on so much. He wiped the balloon off and placed it on the carpet by the foot of the bed - next to a glossy silver 24 inch balloon that had recieved the same treatment minutes prior. Jackson slipped into a pair of sweatpants and headed for the shower. He couldn't stop thinking about those balloons, and what he would do to them when round 2 came around. He smirked as his hand worked as they hand a mind of their own, sliding down his flat torso and wrapping themselves around his member.
'Damn, I'm so fucking horny today.'
After finishing and cleaning himself off, Jackson walked back to his room in a towel. He noticed that his roomate, Stacy, had come home - her bedroom door which was always ajar during the day was now shut and would stay that way for the rest of the night. Things had become a little awkward after Stacy walked in on him riding a GL1200 on the couch in the lounge last year. They had talked it out and both agreed to respect each other's privacy and sexualities, but Stacy still avoided him outside the bare neccesary moments. Jackson thought about confronting her, but he didn't want to lose a flatmate over something like this, so he decided to ride it out until they forgot.
Looks like round 2 will have to wait till tomorrow, he thought. That didn't mean his excitement subsided however, knowing he'd have to wait pushed him even further.

Jackson walked into his room and pushed aside his balloons in order to get to his cupboard. A colourful object sitting on his desk caught his eye. Jackson frowned, did Stacy leave it there? and if she did, does that mean - oh shit. He looked down at his balloons, blushing slightly. He went over to his desk and looked at the object. It was, it was...
Stacy left a balloon in my room? Jackson wondered, puzzled by its meaning. It looked like a pink 16 inch balloon. Jackson picked it up. It was thicker than any balloon he had used before.
Um...Do I...? Jackson's mind raced. His towel had no help hiding his erection now. Jackson smiled as he came to a conclusion.
A few minutes later, Jackson's bedroom door stood halway open. With a perfect view of Stacy's door from the bed, Jackson laid bare naked with the new balloon between his lips. He inhaled through his nose, filling up his lungs. With his eyes on Stacy's room, he exhaled. The balloon quickly stood to attention and grew, Jackson's big lungs being an advantage here. Jackson couldn't help himself, his hand again went straight down his torso as he inflated the balloon. After a few minutes, the balloon had necked - but still was soft as it pushed against his body. Jackson had only glanced at the balloon a few times, his attention fimly on the door across the flat. He couldn't take it anymore. In a rush he tied the balloon off and jumped on it, humping it at full speed. He looked back up, and there Stacy was. Her eyes locked with his and she gasped. She didn't move though. Jackson smirked as he felt he has entraped her with his body.

Don't rush, big boy, if you push too much I might pop.

Jackson jumped off of the balloon, 'What the- What the fuck?!'
Huh? Can he hear me?
Jackson looked at Stacy, who was still frozen in place, 'What is that?! Why is it talking?!'
Oh Shit, and I was enjoying that.
Stacy's bedroom door slammed shut. Stacy leaned against the door, that was definitely way too much way too soon.
'Stacy?' Jackson called from his room, putting his sweatpants on, 'Stacy, what is this? A prank or something?' Jackson stood outside her door, knocking. After a few minutes without a reply, Jackson sighed, 'Just...don't put it on the internet.' Jackson walked back to his room. He closed his door, then turned to the balloon. He picked it up and frowned.
'Idiot, that was creepy. Where did she even put the speakers for that?' He looked around the bed, still holding the balloon. It felt thick and soft in his hands. Giving up, he tossed it to the floor and got dressed. He sat down and looked at the balloon.
'Stacy? Can you hear me?'

'Hmph, guess it was just a stupid prank anyways,' he picked up the balloon and dug his nails into the balloon, his anger pushing him to pop it.
Woah, Woah, Woah! At least have some more fun with me first!
Jackson jumped in surprise, the balloon twisted in his hands and shot away from his grip and hit his face. Jackson stumbled back as the balloon bounced lightly on the bed.
Oh no! I'm sorry honey! Are you okay? It wasnt my fault anyways - I can't control myself.
Confusion creased Jackson's brow, 'Stacy?'
Oh! Is that the name you've given me? I was so confused earlier. The balloon vibrated lightly in what was an unmistakeable giggle.
'What is this?' Jackson put his hand on the balloon.
Me? I'm just a balloon. Apparently my name is Stacy. It's weird that you can hear me though - I didn't think you'd be able to. Nobody usually can hear me.
Jackson blinked, 'Wha...wait what?'
'It's a balloon...that can talk back to you...' A voice from behind the door said. Stacy slowly opened the door, keeping her eyes to the ground, 'I thought...maybe you'd like it.'
Jackson looked at the balloon, then back to Stacy, 'Talk back to me?'
Stacy nodded, moving her gaze to every point in the room except for where Jackson was standing, 'I noticed you liked to give your balloons...well I...uh...'
'Holy shit, Stacy did you make this?'
Stacy looked at Jackson, who's expression betrayed his facade of anger. He was in awe of her. She quickly looked away and smiled, ' Yeah...I thought you might like it...'
After a brief, uncomfortable silence, Jackson slapped the balloon. Stacy jumped slightly and looked at him, wide-eyed.
Jackson grinned, ' Well then, let's test it out.'
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Default Re: Stacy's Invention
You're not going to leave this story on such a cliffhanger, are you? Please tell me the rest is in production. ^^
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