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Default Review: iShyan 36"
I bought these off of Amazon in White - I do not know if other colors are available.

Cost: I felt the price was good at about $10 (USD) for six balloons
Delivery speed: Prime eligible, so they arrived very quickly

Texture / Feel: They quickly develop a very soft a pliable feel. This makes it difficult to judge how much to inflate them, but otherwise is ok.

Strength: They are fairly weak overall and seem to pop very easily. For me, this is a con but I realize that to some it may be a pro. I found that doubling them up made them slightly more durable but you run the risk of popping two once one of them lets go.
Shape: They are advertised as round and they absolutely are not. They are more pear-shaped right away. Given the general low strength, I don't believe they would be able to neck very well, and this certainly wasn't the cause of the non-round shape.
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