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Default How I became a looner
I was around 12 I would say. It started when I was in middle school and we got invited to a Pep rally for the highschool, after it was over i stayed later being it was my lunch time and keep hearing bang bang bang and ahhh yea so I went to go investigate and found the cheer team popping balloons between each other and on each other and i was in awe looking at them and ended up getting caught and they pulled me in the locker room with them and started playing and popping balloons on me which lead to me getting super turned on and they teased me more and more til I had my first orgasm and ever since then Iíve been turned on and had a fetish for balloons since then.
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Default Re: How I became a looner
That would have been a dream come true for me !!
Popper ! I love helium balloons
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