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Default Martin's therapy
Part 3

Martin got out of bed early. He texted Tom, asking when he was free to come over. Within 2 minutes Tom replied he would come over in about an hour.

Martin felt a joy he hadn’t felt before. Was he really falling for Tom after just one night? It was too good to be true.
Then he remembered the balloon in his pocket from yesterday. He stared at it. Then he thought to himself, “if you managed to pop those monsters from yesterday, you should be able to burst this one!”. Then he started blowing. His cock sprung to life at the same, and he had to restrict himself from stroking it. If he did, he knew he would come quickly – and he didn’t want that. Not today.
He kept blowing, making sure to see the progress. When then neck started forming, Martin took it from his lips and looked at it amazed. “Damn, it is getting even bigger than yesterday! Guess blowing it twice makes it bigger”. Then he but the balloon back to his mouth, continued blowing with long steady breaths. As the neck hit his lips, Martin stopped blowing. He just couldn’t b2p the balloon.
But instead of letting the air out, he decided to tie a knot and have it for when Tom arrives.

Martin sat in the couch, next to him was (at least what he thought to be) the ticking time bomb. He was in his own mind, thinking about what he would do with Tom.
Suddenly the doorbell rang, making Martin jump. At the front door stood Tom, a bit sooner than Martin expected.
Tom gave Martin a huge hug, a hug that seemed to last forever.

As soon as Tom got into the living room, he saw the balloon Martin had just inflated.
“Man! Did you just blow that? Congrats on the size! Must be really close to a b2p, just a couple of breaths away! Mind if I burst it?”. Tom got excited seeing it laying there.
“I prefer you didn’t, it is the biggest I have got that type of balloon” Martin answered.
“Too bad! Would make a good bang to start with! Now, you want help getting over your fear, correct?”
“That’s correct, sir” Martin replied sarcastically.
“Look who’s brave today!” Tom said, “didn’t you teach how to reply last night? That tone will only leave you with shreds of the monster in the couch”.
“I’m sorry, just upset about that one popping. I have got loads more for us to inflate and pop!”. Martin calmed down, pointing to the bag of balloons lying on the coffee table. “So, how should we do this? Blowing some small ones and increase the sixe?”
“Nah, that’s for babies. Let’s rather inflate them nice and tight, so you get used to the great sound instantly! We could burst the rest of the helium ones first?” Tom looked around, but couldn’t see the helium balloons.

“I’m afraid that isn’t possible. I got brave when I got home last night, put in some earplugs an popped the rest. We must inflate fresh ones” Martin blushed.
“Good for you, but not really brave wearing earplugs? No earplugs allowed today!”
“Please, just for the first few…” Martin didn’t even finish his sentence.
“No earplugs. If you want to overcome the fear of the bang, you got to hear the BANG!”. Tom shouted BANG, making Martin flinch. Tom gave Martin a calming look, and was about to propose a setting.
“I guess you’re right. But how shall I cope with the sound?”.
“This is my suggestion. We start blowing the balloons, and when its time for popping I’ll be right next to you for support – OK?” Tom asked.
“I guess. Let’s start to blow then” Martin said a little reserved.

Martin took a navy blue 14” balloon and put it to his lips. Tom chose a purple one saying “I love this color! So pretty and they tend to get HUGE before they burst!”
Nervously, Martin started blowing into his balloon. Tom started just after and blew fast and steady.
Tom’s balloon filled way faster than Martin’s, and in no time at all it was inflated with a decent neck.
When Martin saw this, he covered his ears in response and just waited for the pop.
Tom tied off his monster and took Martin’s hands down from his ears. “Look, this balloon is fullm but it will not pop by itself! I promise”. A second later the purple bomb burst with a tremendous BANG! Echoing in the room, both Martin and Tom looked at each other in shock.
“OK, maybe a bit smaller” Tom laughed.

After about an hour of blowing balloons, there was about 100 tightly inflated balloons in the living room. Martin couldn’t believe he would be in the same room as these balloons popping, let alone being the one popping most of them!

“You ready?” Tom asked. “The first one is always the hardest. I will be right here, supporting you as I promised. If you are doing good, I will give you a prize. But I’m not telling you what it is now. Let’s call it a surprise, OK?”
Martin nodded, and carefully stomped on a yellow balloon. It didn’t burst right away, to Martin’s relief. In response to this, Tom hopped on it – resulting in a satisfying BANG!
“That’s how you do it. Now you make another attempt. This time, make sure it pops! If it doesn’t burst the next ten balloons are popping ON you!”
“Ok ok, just let me try again” Martin said in defense. He Stepped on a blue one, and it popped promptly. Martin shrieked a little and looked at Tom expecting some sort of punishment.
“That’s how you do it! After a few you wont shriek either. Well done!” Tom said with a reassuring smile on his face.

Martin kept on bursting fifteen more balloons by stomping on them and started getting comfortable bursting the balloons. Tom noticed this and stepped back – sitting down in the couch. Martin didn’t notice but Tom started blowing a 24” balloon. Martin kept on bursting the balloons’ thinking Tom was right beside him. He started getting horny from all the balloons popping.
Then out of nowhere an enormous BOOM sounded. The 24” Tom inflated finally met its maker, resulting in a deafening burst.
Martin jumped noticeably, looked at Tom sitting at the couch with a sleazy grin on his face.
“Ooop, I thought perhaps you wouldn’t mind after popping about sixty of the balloons we inflated earlier” Tom exclaimed.
Martin soon went back to his balloons but before he got to popping them Tom appeared behind him.
“Why don’t you try sit popping the rest?” he asked.
“Wouldn’t that hurt when I hit the floor?” Martin asked back.
“Did it hurt your cute butt when you sit popped the balloons last night?”. Martin shook his head. “Didn’t think so. Try it with these, you are getting closer to the prize, you know!” Tom was trying to encourage Martin for all it’s worth now.

Martin found an orange balloon, put it on the floor and sat down. It didn’t pop straight away, which surprised him a bit. One bounce later and the balloons went BANG!
Martin then went on a popping rampage, sit popping the rest of the inflated balloons. The room echoed with forty more ear deafening BANGS, and at this time both Martin and Tom was really horny.

“You did great! Did it scare you too bad? Sorry about the 24” btw, I was getting a bit too horny. I did promise you a prize, want to know what it is?”
“Yes, please! Can’t wait to get it! What is it? A couple of beers at the bar?”
Tom shook his head no, grabbed Martin and leaded him in towards the bedroom.
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Default Re: Martin's therapy
It's good to read a story of two guys together. Most stories are of girls together or guy and girl actions. It's refreshing in these liberal times to have all genders catered for.
Great story so far, keep it going. It's essential that balloons are included in every chapter. Not too many inflatables except for saving a painful butt.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
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Default Re: Martin's therapy
I like this story very much. It's always more interesting seeing two guys doing stuff together in these types of stories. But, I don't know if that is just me lol.
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Default Re: Martin's therapy
Martin and Tom have been in the bedroom for quite sometime now. What are they up to?
Part 4??? - soon we hope!
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