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Default A Little Unexpected Help that led to Balloons' Massacre
This is an elaboration of how did I got into being dominatrix of my husband (from story “party in my house)
I was at my parent’s house and so was my Co-wife (at her parent’s house). We had one previous incident when I caught my husband playing with balloon while laying naked on the bed. Balloon was popped and its shreds thrown on naked body of my husband. He literally cried while I laughed.
We suspected he would not stop and would lay with balloons again whenever possible and show his love for balloons once more and I was right.
As my mother-in-law already knew about balloons thing and how we involve balloons in our sexual relation, me and my co-wife had requested her to let us know if he ever bring balloons when we are not at home. She gladly agreed and told us she will always be on our side in case of balloons or any other sexual pleasure that we may demand from her son. She almost admitted that she enjoys when we tell her how we popped the balloons of his son.
Anyways I got a call from my mother-in-law that she just saw his son taking some unblown balloons in the room and that we can imagine what he would be doing with them. I immediately called my co-wife to pick me up as our husband is suspected to be playing with balloons. She came and we were off to our home in about half an hour. We were not worrying about finding balloons because if he had blown them, they would be there as he wouldn’t pop them but we wanted to catch him while doing the act. In that way our position would be very strong.
Almost one hour after the call from our mother-in-law we reached home. Our mother-in-law welcomed us in and immediately we started to prepare or weapons for the balloon hunt. We always keep a backup pair of whip, small pointed knife, few pins, a pair of heels (which we didn’t need at that moment as we both were wearing heels) and a small pointed spear in our mother-in-law’s room cupboard. She had them all out, made ready for us to take down the balloons. It looked she was more eager to see balloons die. I jokingly invited her in. She said she would love to see us popping all his son’s balloons but she can’t be in the room as probably his son will be naked there and that she knew after the balloon hunt is over, both her daughter-in-laws would go for intercourse without waiting. I knew she wouldn’t come and neither did I want her to be there but still out of courtesy I invited her in and her denial was defiantly a relief for both me and my co-wife.
Our room was on first floor and door had an internal lock, which could be opened with key from outside. We took the key with us as we expected the door to be locked and I didn’t want to knock and allow our husband to take any advantage of the positon. We wanted to catch him in absolutely worst condition (we expected him to be naked with balloons around him or maybe even catch him rubbing balloons on his dick). We planned balloon massacre in two stages, first after immediate entry we would pop and kill quiet a lot of balloons, just like letting two hungry lioness into the cage full of sheep, once the hunger is over, then enjoy the killing of rest and pop balloons at will. In short we had no plans of showing mercy on balloons or on our husband’s emotions. Our mother-in-law came to the door and then hugged us and left. Now it was all us. We both were wearing sarees. We removed our panties, petticoat and blouse. Only Saree drape and pallu was left, making us look really tempting to our husband.
I was holding a whip and my co-wife had a knife with her. Other than that we both were wearing 6 inch pencil heels (without platform).
I slowly opened the door with the key, and we entered the room immediately and we got our husband right where we expected. He was lying naked with balloons, a lot of balloons maybe like 200ish. He had 1 balloons on his chest that he was hugging it. My co-wife immediately moved in for the kill and poked knife into that balloon, on her way few balloon got killed under her heels. My husband was not expecting us and was really baffled. I was not behind either, without delay I took my whip and started hitting the balloons, none of the balloons that were struck with the whip survived. In parallel any balloon that came in range of my heels was also unable to survive either. I stepped on them without showing any mercy, balloons were crying and running but with two merciless women in the room, their end was near. Most of the balloons were in shreds with few minutes. All this time our husband was crying and begging to show mercy on balloons but mercy was one thing that we didn’t had for balloons.
After popping most balloon to shreds we took a break and sat down beside our husband. I hugged her to my chest and said to him “Baby why did you do it?, now we have to punish these balloons and you” and then I and my co wife had an evil laugh. She was holding a balloon in her hand and as was about to pop it by stabbing it with knife, he held her hand in order to prevent it. Balloon was not saved and it was popped to shreds, the only thing that this action did was to make me and her very very very angry. I scolded him how dare he stopped us. Immediately I pushed him away and took of drape of my saree. I was totally nude now, I told my co-wife that we must tie our husband so that he may not be able to interfere with our massacre of remaining balloons. Our husband became really afraid of our anger. No doubt we were showing total anger but on inside I and my co-wife were filled with love for him. Anyways we decided to tie him and for the purpose, we both used our Saree Drapes. Mine was already off, she also took her saree off. I tied his hands behind him and she used hers to tie his legs on the bed. Now we both were fully naked and ready for balloons that survived our initial hunting run. I took one balloon took it to my husband and taunted him with it, teased him by asking should I leave him, then answered myself, no I don’t think so ( with evil laugh). I dug my nails in it and it popped near his face. He cried like a sissy boy while we laughed a lot. We kept bringing balloons to his face and popped all. Mostly with nails, pin and knife. After every one or two pops we kissed him and his dick. Every popped balloon was thrown onto him. After almost 1 hour of play, all balloons were popped and rooms was full of their shreds.
We untied our husband and submitted ourselves to him. He immediately took down my co-wife and started fucking her. I was wanting to go first but nonetheless living with co-wife do have some drawbacks after all..lolz… But still I knew it would be my turn after about 20-25mins and it would be much more enjoyable fuck and during his second shot as he gets quite a delayed ejaculation in his second shot and then it was my turn. He gets much more wild after we pop his beloved balloons.
As said in last story, in the end it was lot of popped balloons and two fully satisfied hard fucked wives.
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