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Old 21-11-2017, 06:30 PM
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Default Necking Techniques?
Being a non-popper I hate to see a balloon burst, but I love a balloon that's nice and tight with a large neck. What are your techniques for necking?

With some 30cm metallic no name brand loons I got the other day I can neck them really easily by pre-stretching the neck a crap ton then without stretching the bulb blow it up until there's no neck left uninflated, then the bulb starts to inflate but the neck stays out. Only problem is that their necks are pretty short so they're hard to tie.
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Old 21-11-2017, 09:10 PM
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Default Re: Necking Techniques?
Pre-inflating the neck is the easiest way of doing it. Jan from Balloons-United even just made a tutorial for it
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Old 22-11-2017, 01:56 PM
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Default Re: Necking Techniques?
I may sound odd, but to make them "neck," I only love blowing them tightly.

To me that's that makes the neck fun - the excitement of the tightness, and the anticipation/excitement/worry that the balloon may pop!

Then a little more and a little more.................................
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Old 01-12-2017, 05:50 PM
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Wink Re: Necking Techniques?
There are many ways to get a god neck.

For example inflating only the neck before inflating the whole balloon or inflating the balloon to rated size then sit an bounce carefully on it.

What I do most is pulling the neck out while blowing.
I start with that as soon as the neck begins to stretch.

No matter how impressive necks of "prepared balloons" are, the best necks in my opinion are when "fresh", unused balloons are blown up to their max.
The way these balloons feel (and look) is just awesome...

But I can't do that always myself because very often I just chicken out before balloon and neck are fully inflated and stretched out.

But I am lucky enough to have a good friend who blew several balloons for me to their limits - and beyond
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Old 01-12-2017, 10:25 PM
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Default Re: Necking Techniques?
Non popper and that you like to have a lot of neck is a dangerous combination, inflate the neck is synonymous to be about to explode; This is nothing that we do not know all of here, I also like that they are very tense and their neck is formed, inflate only the neck a couple of times before inflating it completely is what I do, even though is only for the neck only if the balloon is new I have the habit of putting it in a cup of water boiling for a few minutes, to soften the latex I'm not sure if this is useful but sometimes I do.
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Old 02-12-2017, 12:04 AM
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Default Re: Necking Techniques?
I tend to stretch the balloon by pulling it tightly between my hands first, then holding the bulb end tightly in one hand- inflate and release the air again to thin and stretch the neck part a few times before going for total inflation. To me a good neck is a balloon that’s rounded like a vague figure 8 instead of a more usual teardrop shape. All the fun then is sitting down upon the bulb end and seeing how rough you can get to tease the neck bigger with each bounce. It’s not always about deliberately popping the balloon, for me I get more enjoyment stepping up all the bouncing n seeing just how far you can physically push a balloon
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