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Default first time b2p tuf-tex
Hello poppers,

for some people it's 'daily bussiness' but i had a first timer of a b2p of a Tuf-Tex 17inch. It put 2 pictures of it, one before the latst couple of breaths and the shreads. I did'nt pre-inflate the balloon but the bang was massive and allot of shreds erywhere.
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Default Re: first time b2p tuf-tex
Congratulations! That one got huge and nice and tight, judging by the shreds. The first one is always nerve-wracking and exciting, but hopefully you enjoyed it.

I love blowing Tuf-Tex to pop. It started with a lot of overinflation-to-the-limit of TT17's, then I finally popped one, then more, then it became a regular thing... and then I got my first TT24's, and fell in love with them! Right now I have regular sessions once or twice a week where I'll max-inflate a dozen 24's, and then start blowing to pop the previously-inflated balloons. I'll usually pop 6-12 TT24's in a session, on the second or third max inflation I'll just keep going and going. They get huge before shredding everywhere, and I love it! Any balloons that survive will be pre-stretched for some huge overinflations next session.

I hope that you found something you liked in that pop... do you think it was a one-time thing, or are you going to keep popping them? What was the best part for you, size, or tightness, or...?

If you liked it and you're going to keep b2p'ing them, I highly recommend maxxing one out once or twice before taking it "all the way". They'll get HUGE!
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Default Re: first time b2p tuf-tex
TufTex are incredible balloons! In fact, the 17s and 24s are my favorite. As noted by others, they will get massive on second and third inflations (though mine don't always make it past the first LOL). And even when they get a bit older, they are still good to blow up huge.

Congratulations on your B2P, hope you keep at it!
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