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Default A short excerpt from my upcoming novel
I just finished writing this as part of my novel, and felt this would actually do as a standalone piece as well.
Lawrence in this particular case is the main character, and Julie is his girlfriend. These names may end up being changed sometime before it's done though.
At this point in the story the two of them have been dating for a while, though Lawrence has recently met Julie's parents. In this particular excerpt, they are on a long road trip headed to a chain of theme parks.
With that out of the way...

Lawrence found himself standing in Julie's bedroom, or at least, he thought it was her bedroom. The strong, musky smells of home were absent, replaced by the subtle fragrances of her perfume and the scented candle. And something else... something pleasant. Try as he might he couldn't quite place the smell.
That is until an all too familiar sound broke the silence and his hearing focused on it clearly. He tensed up slightly as he realized what it was. Latex.
Briefly he pulled at the metaphorical restraints of his reality, at which point her blue eyes glanced in his direction. He relaxed, content he was in her presence.
She repeated the act again, running her fingers across the balloon's tight surface and smiled, her lips parted just enough to reveal her teeth.
Not too soon after, Lawrence could feel his pants getting tighter in the crotch. She of course, noticed it too, and moved closer towards him.
She stopped a few feet away from him and held the clear balloon by it's knot, silently wondering what she should do with it next. Taking the balloon into her arms, she pressed it hard into her large young breasts, for the moment covered by a light-blue bra.
She ran her free hand along the balloon's surface again, causing his bulge to become painful in it's confined state.
When he looked back up at her a few moments later, he noticed the balloon was temporarily out of sight. She stepped aside long enough for him to realize what she was about to do.
Lawrence could see the balloon on the floor and Julie lowering herself onto it. As she did, loud, low squeaks lit up the room, reverberating slightly off the walls
Julie began to rock herself gently back and forth on the balloon, appreciating the feeling of the latex expanding under her, silently hoping it wouldn't burst.
Lawrence, for his part, also hoped the balloon wouldn't burst, but he couldn't help wondering which would go first? At his current rate, Lawrence could faintly smell his arousal and knew he would pop first, at which point Julie started bouncing on the balloon in earnest.
At once a new sound caused this reality to fade abruptly, only to be replaced by the sudden realization that he had been dreaming. The sounds of the van hitting a rumble strip as it rolled to a stop filled his ears, accompanied by the radio turned down low.
It was audible enough for Lawrence to pick out Ariana Grande struggling to remain prominent, another nearby station occasionally cutting in and out and obscuring the song with pieces of the song being played there.
But Lawrence didn't care about that. What caught his attention the quickest was that pressed into his crotch was Julie's hand, her blue eyes looking at him with that same smile as before, with only a brief hint of disbelief.
Julie wasn't sure exactly what had caused his member to stiffen, but she would be impressed if it would be the sounds of the damned radio, which her father was now rectifying. She would just have to ask later.
Julie began first by running a finger along the clothed length, Lawrence arching his back as he awakened fully.
She gingerly dipped her hand into his elastic shorts and boldly took hold of him, feeling his member twitching with every touch.
As the van accelerated down the highway, Julie started on her efforts to make him cum. With of course one limitation, just to be a tease.
"Hey dad, Did Lawrence manage to fix your computer?"
Lawrence opened his mouth to speak and was met with Julie's other hand, pressing a finger to his lips.
"Yeah, he did. No issues with it so far," he replied.
She leaned in to whisper into his ear. "What did you do? Tell him."
She increased her efforts, delicate strokes edging him ever closer to his explosive finish. Seeing his struggle, she stopped abruptly, keeping her hand in place.
"I replaced the hard drive and upgraded the ram, and I gave you more USB ports."
Of course, he already knew about the hard drive being upgraded to solid state storage, but the ram and USB ports were something new.
"Wow, right on. Thanks a bunch, son. That thing was getting to be a bit too slow. You've breathed life into it!"
"It was my pleasure, sir" Lawrence half managed, his voice cracking slightly as he could feel his orgasm seconds away.
Even if Julie's father noticed, he didn't say anything. He instead brought up the approaching rest stop they were closing in on fast.
"Say, we've got a rest stop about 3 miles up. Any of yall wanna walk around a bit? We've been in here a while."
With her final stroke, Lawrence was overwhelmed as the first jet of his cum drenched her hand. Wave after wave he wasn't sure if he would ever stop as she turned that seductive look on him again, squeezing a few times.
"I think Lawrence could use a break, sure," Julie mused as he collapsed into her.
Carefully pulling her hand out from his shorts she thankfully had a couple napkins from earlier to clean up the worst of the mess. Luckily, she managed to finish up just as the van pulled into the parking lot.
He unbuckled her seatbelt and gave her a long, heartfelt kiss as those loving blue eyes gazed upon him.
As Lawrence descended the steps off the van and onto the ground, he knew he had found his lifemate.

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Default Re: A short excerpt from my upcoming novel
Do i need to say...MOOOOOOORE PLEASE
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Default Re: A short excerpt from my upcoming novel
Looking forward to reading the rest of the novel.
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Default Re: A short excerpt from my upcoming novel
I'm glad you all like it!
Thus far the novel is really a touching story to me, as somebody who's been in some of the situations Lawrence has been in.
There's still a lot of work to go, though it feels like I'm on the right track.
The one thing I really need to work on is being descriptive. Oh, and add conversation flow to that list too.
Take care all.
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