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Default A Lesson in Honesty
Hey, all. I'm back with another little story. A bit of steaminess to this one. A little worried the build-up is too long, but hopefully the scene itself should be worth it. If you enjoy, please let me know.


It was a bright autumn day, the fresh cool breeze betraying the warmth of the morning sun above. I made my way across the campus, cursing my lack of haste in the previous semester forcing me to take an elective so early. The nearby trees brought to mind the idea of rust, their red-brown leaves forming an unusual contrast with the blue sky above. It hadn’t been long since they were a dark, healthy green, but now all that awaited was an eventual fall into oblivion.

A yawn erupted out of me as I entered Bernard Hall. “Well, there is one good thing about taking this class…” I thought to myself. In fact, I nearly bumped into that one good thing as I entered the classroom. Cassidy Henderson. A psychology major, she was taking this class as an elective as well. Before I came in, she was talking with her psych friends who decided to take the class along with her.

“Sorry,” I said, “Didn’t mean to interrupt.” She giggled. “That’s alright. You’d think they’d design the room better with how much tuition they get out of us.” I laughed in turn, and sat down at my seat next to her.

The first day of the semester, I was all grumbles about having to take a Physics 101 course so early in the morning. That was until she walked in. Her face was that of a model, and her booty shorts did nothing to cover her long legs. I was taken immediately, and was shocked when she sat down next to me. Some casual conversation and mutual social media followings later, we became good friends. Though, we rarely got the chance to hang out together, due to us studying in different departments. This was the one class we shared. At this point I had given up on anything actually happening, and I became content with the familiar flow. She was a good friend and nothing more. “Besides, there’s no way she doesn’t already have a boyfriend.” I thought to myself.

One minute before the class was about to start she sat down in her seat beside me, and began getting her laptop out to take notes. She turned to me. “Seems we’re going to wrap up the section on air resistance today.” I clicked into the Student Portal on the school website and brought up the syllabus and began to read it. “Hmm… says here today’s going to be a student project or something to show off what we learned. Wonder what that could be.”

Cassidy turned to look up at the ceiling in thought. “Air resistance, huh… Do you think-”

But before she could finish her sentence the door opened and our teacher, Professor Montemayor walked in. He sat down at his desk, jotted something down, and then began to take attendance. Today’s class was going to be a project day for a good amount of points for our grades, so naturally everyone made sure to show up, even those who had missed the rest of the section beforehand. Professor Montemayor was known for being very reasonable with his grading, so I wasn’t too stressed about whatever the project would turn out to be. This was made even better when I got some very good news.

“Glad you all could make it today.” he began, “We have an even number of students in this class, and this project will be done in pairs as a team. Now I won’t have to do a team of three. Go form your teams.” What followed was a cacophony of voices as everyone began to pair up. Cassidy turned to look at her two friends, but as they sat together, they had paired up with each other, leaving her out. Cassidy began to look a little nervous, as she was out of place with her psychology major. I, meanwhile, was also looking around for a partner, but found most of those around me were quicker in securing a teammate. Cassidy caught my searching eyes, and nearly jogged back over to where I was. “Hey, um, do you have a teammate yet?” she asked, a little flushed. “Oh, no.” I responded, “Haven’t found someone yet.” With this, she breathed a sigh of relief. “Then how about you and I team up… partner?” It was settled. I didn’t expect to be partnered up with Cassidy for something like this, but I certainly was not going to refuse an opportunity to spend more time with her.

The voices died down as Professor Montemayor began to explain what this project was even going to be. “You and your partner will be making balloon-powered cars.” I was riding high inside my head at the thought of being paired with Cassidy, but the word “balloon” brought me back down to earth. No. It couldn’t be. Not now. Not in front of her. How was I supposed to look cool and smart when my silly little fear was going to be on full display?! I turned to look at the people behind me. They were unfazed. In fact, was that a glint in someone’s eye? To think I was in college and such a benign object could make me as frazzled as this. Cassidy looked at me, wearing a small smile.

The object of the project was to design the car that traveled the most distance using the force of the air inside the balloon. For better distance, the car would need to get around the air resistance. Of course, there was another aspect floating in my mind. The project encouraged blowing your balloon up to the limit so you would have the max amount of fuel to push the vehicle as well. You got an A if you made it a certain distance, with the furthest of the day getting an extra boost to their grade. Professor Montemayor got out all of the supplies from his desk, including a large bag of balloons. “Make sure to grab a few in case one pops,” he said. The thought of everyone having a balloon around me, the potential that it could burst, was making my head spin.

“Any questions?” he asked. I raised my hand like a shot. “Do you have to stay in the classroom?” I was nearly shouting at this point.

Professor Montemayor didn’t seem to notice my level of fright though. “Oh no,” he replied, “you have to stay in the building, but please feel free to spread out. Stretch your creative wings wherever, as long as you aren’t disturbing any other classes that may be going on at this time.”

Well, that was one issue solved, though it did little to quell the nervousness entirely. The project was now underway, and Cassidy went up to collect the supplies, including some balloons for us. I prayed internally we wouldn’t need more than one. The second she had the tools in her hand, I got us out of the room. I was not about to risk a single second. Cassidy mostly seemed confused at my haste, but didn’t object to leaving the stuffy classroom. Even though the professor had given permission, it seemed most were quite keen to remain in the classroom and keep an eye on the competition. I was nearly running down the hallway, Cassidy barely able to keep up. She was huffing and puffing when I heard a “Hey! Did you have anywhere actually in mind, or are we just going to keep going forever?!” I very quickly realized I was already way out of range of any rubbery threats, and went back to apologize. “Sorry, it’s hard to explain…”

Her breathing had quieted. “Whatever. At least we can use this classroom here. Nobody uses it this early.” She opened the door and flicked on the lights. The classroom was on the smaller side, but it was more than enough for the two of us. We went inside to begin construction, starting with the formation of a desk made of two tables where we could face each other. The desks groaned, but eventually combined into enough table space to work with.

Cassidy sighed. “Only an hour to get this thing made. Can’t believe what the professor’s thinking. Whatever. I might not look it, but I’m pretty good with my hands. Once you get a design down I’ll whip it up in no time.” I was very thankful she suggested this. I was not going into engineering, I’ll tell you that much. I sat down and began a rough sketch of what we could do. A piece here, a piece there, cut some paper to form the front, and… snap

I looked up from my drawing, and a small feeling of panic began to cut through me again. Cassidy had a balloon in her hand. It wasn’t blown up yet, but she playing with the neck, pulling it and letting it snap back into position. I tried to return to my work, but I could not concentrate with her fidgeting with the balloon in her hand. She crinkled it, crushed it, stretched it. She was not lying; her slim fingers were very deft in playing with the balloon she held onto.

“Something wrong?” she asked. “You’re looking a little stumped there. Say, why don’t we take a break? You still haven’t told me what you were running from earlier…” I looked up at her, now feeling a bit of annoyance from my fear. “I told you, it’s… hard to explain. I can’t focus is all.” She giggled. “Oh, am I distracting you with this?” She held up the balloon between her fingers and wiggled it in my face. “Actually, yes, a little.” I replied. “So if you would stop that…” Cassidy looked down and gave a small huff. “Alright~” She placed the balloon down with the others in our small pile; I could now return to my sketching. Cassidy was quietly sitting back, gazing at me, an unintelligible expression on her face. An awkward silence began to fill the room, and I once again felt like apologizing. However, Cassidy was the one to break that silence, not me.

“Do balloons, like, freak you out or something?” I stopped again. My mind began to whirl, one thought louder than any other, “She can’t know about this side of you! She’s going to think you’re a total wuss!”

I didn’t even look up. “No. That’s not it at all.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” And I went back to work, trying to focus even harder on the page in front of me.

Suddenly, there was a new noise in the classroom. A soft fwoosh could be heard. Then there was another. Fwoosh. “It can’t be…” I thought. I looked up to find myself greeted not by Cassidy, but by a purple sphere blocking her face. It was the balloon she was messing with earlier. She had begun to blow it up.

“I think you’re lying to me.” Fwoosh. “Don’t you know it’s bad to lie? C’mon, tell me the truth.” Fwoosh. “This balloon can’t take much more, you know. It’s going to burst soon. A loud bang. Doesn’t that worry you? Make you nervous?” Fwoosh.

It was true, the small purple balloon had gotten quite big. It was a lightbulb shape now. I gulped. “N-No, n-not at all! This doesn’t bother me…”

“Not even when I do this?” She took her nail and drew it across the tight surface of the latex. It screeched in response, as if pleading with her to spare it. It fell on deaf ears. With a quick poke of her finger, the balloon burst with a loud BOOM. My heart leaped into my chest, but I just barely managed to keep my composure. This didn’t bother me… It didn’t…

“Woops. Didn’t stop my finger in time. Guess I’ll just have to blow up another one.” The ability to focus on the design of this car had long since left my body. Now, my eyes were transfixed only on Cassidy, who took a green balloon in her hands, and stretched and stretched it out, just as she did the one before. She drew it to her mouth, but stopped, taking it back out. “Actually… could it be the opposite? Maybe you like seeing me blow up these balloons, huh?”

“Stop this. We don’t want to waste our balloons.”

“Oh, we have a long way to go until we’re out of balloons. Besides, did you see how many were in that bag? Maybe I’ll just have to run back and grab more.” She put the balloon back in her mouth and winked. She puffed her cheeks, and blew into the balloon. Fwoosh. “I didn’t hear you deny you like this.”

She blew more breaths into the balloon, and at this I had to ponder for a second. It was true. My first instinct wasn’t to correct her and say I had no feelings whatsoever for balloons. Actually, in some weird way she was actually even more gorgeous than she was before. It was exciting, it was thrilling, seeing the balloon expand even more. It was only when the balloon started getting bigger again like before did the fear return. I realized I had been staring awkwardly. If I didn’t say something soon, it might as well be an admission of guilt. “This doesn’t mean anything to me.” I stammered out.

Cassidy raised an eyebrow and giggled. She was really pushing that balloon, and I worried the next blow would be the final one. That was when I felt something weird. A rubbing feeling. On my… crotch? I looked down to see Cassidy had kicked off a shoe, and was now pushing her foot against my dick area, massaging it. I could feel the softness of the sock she wore through my pants, and she began to play with my member. “I think this says something different.” With this, she gave another giggle, and blew another breath into the balloon. I was wrong with my earlier assumption, the balloon held. I on the other hand was a different story. Her foot rubbed harder. “Oh, you’re getting so big under there.” she moaned. I was about to bust!

As waves of pleasure coursed through me, Cassidy tied the balloon. I was still processing when she leaned over the table, balloon in hand. “Can I let you in on a secret?” she asked. I slowly nodded. “I don’t give a shit whether you’re scared of balloons, or into them, or whatever. All I want is for you to be honest with me. Can you do that?” She took the balloon and shoved it into my chest. At this point, she was hovering over me, the balloon serving as a cushion between us.

“You don’t want me to pop it, do you?” I shook my head.

“Because balloons scare you, right?” I nodded here.

“And you like me, don’t you?” I paused. She began to lean her body on the balloon, the sides being forced apart. Her voice was now a whisper. “Answer me.”

“Okay, yes, I like you! You’re the most amazing girl I ever met!”

“Good boy. See what happens when you’re honest?” The balloon had been doing a good job of holding the tension between us, but it could hold no longer. The balloon exploded with a monstrous BANG, and Cassidy toppled onto me. The two of us were now in a heap on the floor of the classroom.

Cassidy looked down again at me, before the giggles got her again. She threw her hair back and I gazed at her in wonder. “That’s payback for making me run all this way.” She pushed herself off me, and stood up, though she stumbled a little given the lack of shoe. “I’ve been waiting this whole time for you to make a move, you know. Such a cute boy like yourself… I figured being alone like this would be the best opportunity to get some type of answer out of you.”

I stood to my feet as well. “I’m sorry too. I tried to play it all macho, when I should have been straight with you right from the start. I was acting selfish. I’m sorry… partner.” Cassidy smiled. “I’m sorry too for pushing you so hard. I bet you were quaking inside! Good job getting through it.” She gave a quick peck on the cheek, and we held hands, basking in our newfound relationship.

“Oh shit! We only have fifteen minutes left until the end of class to get this done!” We looked at the page in unison and got to work. Though there was one question still on Cassidy’s mind. “So… are you into balloons or not? To be honest, I couldn’t really tell, and if you’re legit just scared of them, I won’t mess with them anymore.” I didn’t really know how to answer her, but I figured I should try. “No… actually, keep playing with them. I’m not sure I’d call it a fetish or anything, but there was something about you with the balloons I did enjoy. Just don’t pop them this time, okay?”

“You can count on me!”
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Default Re: A Lesson in Honesty
Wonderful story, I enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: A Lesson in Honesty
Thanks for sharing the story. It was wonderful.
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Default Re: A Lesson in Honesty
Really excellent, the classic sort of scenario we've all both feared and fantasized about! And a great delivery of the story too.
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Default Re: A Lesson in Honesty
The build-up was just fine! If anything it just added to the slowly building tension.
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Default Re: A Lesson in Honesty
Originally Posted by atl View Post
Wonderful story, I enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks for sharing!
Originally Posted by Infl8 View Post
Thanks for sharing the story. It was wonderful.
Originally Posted by b0f0s0f View Post
Really excellent, the classic sort of scenario we've all both feared and fantasized about! And a great delivery of the story too.
Thank you all for the kind words. I really wanted to do a story where the protag felt they could not show their terror. First idea was a restaurant, but then it got switched to a classroom. You don't want your crush to know your secret, do you?

Glad you all enjoyed this little fantasy.

Originally Posted by lyckr View Post
The build-up was just fine! If anything it just added to the slowly building tension.
Phew. Sometimes I worry I get too lost in details. Glad you enjoyed that aspect.
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