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Default Re: UK Meet (Seeing as restrictions are easing)
Originally Posted by RainbowYarn View Post
That was a childish response.

1. I did state male/male, and it was there in my post before they commented. They just didn't read.
2. It wasn't uncalled for. Stop being so childish, grow up.
3. The only thing embarrasing was that they removed the word female from their profile after I replied, basically hiding them being female.

If you are not going to post meaningfully, then don't post at all. Seriously.
Again a silly response and somewhat childish. It may have said male/male in the original post, but you didn’t strictly specify no females, she was just being friendly - there’s nothing wrong with that.

To your own hypocrisy, you have now embarrassingly edited your post to take a nicer tone because what I said was true, so you can’t call Tamz out for changing her profile. You called her out and made her feel embarrassed, now you feel the same (I’m glad).

I am posting meaningfully, your horrible response is the exact opposite of what looners are. We are welcoming and friendly, not what you did earlier. Your actions may have now changed people’s perceptions of Looners. What’s wrong with being nice? What would that have cost? If you’d have responded with what your now edited post says, this wouldn’t have happened. And poor Tamz wouldn’t feel alienated.
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