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Default Oriental Trading & Birthday Express latex balloons?
So, what brand are the O T? They must be from China. (Oriental trading makes sense.) It does look like some of the jewel tone assortments are obviously Qualatex. Or Unique. But some others are unrecognizable.

I remember back in like 2006, blowing up the red and green 11 inch candy cane printed for a kids Christmas party. Then at some point, they changed to the 12 inch Unique/Amscan because of the shape and shade of dark green. Did anyone here ever blow up the unknown brand? What about the ones that are for Sunday School? Or the Luau? I remember the candy cane balloons smelled awful because of the ink.

I also remember my aunt subscribed to Birthday Express magazine in the late 90s and ordered a kit for my cousin when she was a little kid. I LOVED reading those magazines and wishing I could have a character themed birthday party with all the matching cups and plates and favors and color coordinated crepe paper and … balloons (Well, my 5th birthday had Aladdin themed decorations and cups and plates lol) I think the actual balloons are still sold online and they come in “matte” colors. One of the assortments has clouds on them. Are those Belbal imported into the States?

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