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Default A BLOW-hot night
I was checking the number of packets delivered to me. After a long time we would be spending the night together and I was pretty excited 'bout it.

BALLOONS. Seems hard to believe that once upon a time it was my biggest fear and now it served my fantasies. But it was not a time to be lost in thoughts. My girlfriend was coming to stay with me for a fortnight and I promised her that I will fulfill her wishes be it mental or carnal. That made me order six packets of those cuties.

I tore open a packet, and took out a polka dotted one. after the formalities of stretching it and rubbing it, held it on my lips and puffed air into it. As soon as it obliged beautifully by swelling up. after a few more blows and minutes, a beautiful teal blue globe of latex was there in my hand, shining in the white light of my room. I tied it and was about to go to the kitchen to have a glass of water, the calling bell rang. [B][I]SHE WAS THERE FINALLY. I rushed to the door to find her dressed in a beautiful green and yellow salwar which gracefully adorned her lithe frame. As I hugged her, her jasmine perfume tantalized my senses. 'Why are you not ready yet? We are supposed to eat out today. but you seem to have forgotten that. You have not yet shaven. Go take a bath, shave and come quickly........Oh!!! what a lovely balloon!!!'' she said as she started to pat it and rub it.
"Blew it just now for you."
"So nice of you, BUT PLEASE BE QUICK!! GO TO THE BATHROOM AND GET READY. Else I will prepare bitter gourd and make you eat that."

"PEACE!!! I am going" I said and started scampering towards the bathroom.
"WAIT!!'" She said and came upto me. Her hands started to come downwards from my nose towards my belly and went a few inches below it. " shaving should be done in your basement too. Got it? Else satisfy yourself with your hands. I won't do that."

"As you wish your Excellency"

just as I came out after freshening up and getting dressed I saw a beautiful sight. She was sitting on the floor,with eleven balloons strewn round her and another balloon taking shape on her lips. Seeing me her puffing increased and before I could say anything there was a loud bang.

"This is just the trailer for the night. I will show you what a fireball I can be with balloons in bed"

"Don't forget that when balloons are around, I am a charging tiger in bed"
.................................................. ........... ..................


We were in the bed. The Chinese noodles was excellent, so was the whiskey. Balloons around us, we were in the the mood for some real action. i was in my usual vest and shorts and she was looking seductive in her night dress. In her hands there was a balloon being stretched and within moments it was in her lips. I looked at her and as she took a deep breath her beautiful breasts swelled up as if it would rip her blue bra off and then she breathed into the balloon. WHOOSH- a sound was heard a the latex bag bulged up. It was not the only bulge around. another bulge was in my shorts which didn't escape her notice. She reached for it with her other hand and gave it a hard squeeze.

"Let me remove your shorts. Remove your vest" she said as she pulled down my shorts.

My member was there standing in all glory. Her blowing became intense as she started fondling and soft squeezing my nuts with her hand.

"Unhook my bra and pull down my undies" she moaned.

I obeyed and showed her off my expertise my doing the pulling down with my teeth. By that time she had blown up one and picked up another. This time I joined her. Two balloons were taking birth at almost uniform speed.

"Lie down." she ordered while tying up the balloon, I obeyed before giving a final gush of breath in my blue balloon which couldn't take it and exploded to pieces.

"Hey!! That was intentional"

"Yes it was"

"Yeah I knew it!!" she said as she reached for my bedside table to take out the box of condoms. The ultra-thin one drew her gaze and she tore it open. Then as I picked up another big balloon to blow up, she grabbed my man hood with her soft but firm hands as slid down the condom. after that I could see her cute boobies swaying as she rode my dick. Alongside, she continued her work of putting her whiskey laden breath into the balloons and grinding me. I was on seventh heaven and forgot when to stop which resulted in the obvious result of a few successive blow to pops which was reciprocated by her. Then she came down and started fondling my dick. i picked up a balloon blown up and started rubbing it all over her. Five minutes passed like this before I felt that i was about to reach an orgasm. and I REACHED THERE IN STYLE COURTESY HER LUSTFUL HANDJOB AND BALLOON BLOWING. such was the impact of the orgasm that my muscles clenched and I squeezed my hand-held balloon to it's death.

"Now it's your turn to give me a similar orgasm" she said as she laid down taking two balloons in her both hands. So I also picked up an uninflated balloon with one hand and started to finger her with my other hand. If fingering is an art, I am easily the master of it and her reactions supported that. Meanwhile my other hand was holding the balloon in which I was whooshing into periodically. Within a few minutes her eyes dilated and shortly afterwards she popped . Three other things also popped-- my balloon and the two other balloons she was rubbing. She was gushing.

"Should I squeeze two more balloons honey?" I asked.

"Yeah!! Do it now I will cum again!! Make the moment better" she said while grabbing a yellow 19 inch polka which exceeded most other balloons around by 3inches.

I gently held her breasts and said ''These are my most lovable balloons and i will squeeze them'' I said and did the same.

''OOOOHHHH!" she shrieked and moaned with pleasure popping the balloon in her hand by squeezing and gushing out another round. The same happened with me.

''I think we should clean each other now. Let's not finish everything in a day'' she said.

I agreed and in the next thirty minutes we were in the shower, cleaning each other, squeezing one another's private parts.

then as we slept amidst balloons blown by us, it was a heavenly feeling which didn't attenuate as the remaining nights were also more or less similar.

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Default Re: A BLOW-hot night
That was a really good story. Thanks for posting it.
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Default Re: A BLOW-hot night
Thank you. Pleasure is mine to entertain you.
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