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Default Clip traders
Hi, this is going to be an unpopular opinion I'm sure but it seems that this board was created to sell / trade balloons and inflatables..


Clip collections are themselves fine of course, if you purchased the clips from the studio or model -

It's the selling and swapping that is killing our content creators businesses, its exploitation.

If the model or studio aren't getting paid - they will go out of business- as we've seen so many times.
Its not sustainable if Creators aren't being valued.

So many posts asking "where is this balloon girl?", who has clips of?
Well the answer is they had to give up because the coin never gets back to the artist... it just circulates among the clip collectors.

This has happened to me.
A video of mine was added to someone's collection and shared 10,000 times.. without my consent, and with no respect.

No wonder women find the "community" a hostile place.

Please respect content creators and stop this practice. If you want us to continue producing then invest in us directly and then that aspect of our scene will then grow and flourish.

I am Madam Bangs on Only Fans
And all the social media channels.
Find me, watch me....
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