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Default Where can I find the plastic sealing cups with the cotton string?
Not sure if this was the right place to ask. But those ones are super nostalgic to me. And I canít find them ANYWHERE online anymore. The only ones that seem to exist are the kind with the curly white ribbon (which has a slightly different plastic cup) Or the self sealing valves, and the plastic discs/quickie clips. I know, the cups Iím asking about greatly reduce the float time.

Do the ones with the white cotton string just not exist anymore? Like, at all? Would the ones with the curly white ribbon work if I put thin string on it? Seems like these things were super popular in the very early 90s, like 1990-91. Back in the 60s through the 80s, it was usually the self sealing valves, or the Quickie clips. Anyone know where to find them?
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