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Default Non-pop conversion therapy
A loud bang rings out from my apartment a common occurrence ever since i moved in with my roommate Sera.

She seemed alright for the first couple of weeks until she found out about my fascination about balloons i left a few inflated in my room before i went to school by the time i got back she confronted me about them.

Aren't you too old to be playing with these stupid kids toys?
She asked squeezing the 36' smiley between her long razer sharp nails toying with it like a cat with string.

Believe it or not but i do enjoy these things too. She said squeezing it tighter the loon responding with a loud screech.

I love the sounds they make when i do this. Sera digs her nails into the tortured loon. BANG shredded latex rains down like confetti the remains of the once smiling 36'.

Sera sighs and says ohh that's soo fun what even more fun is watching you squirm. She laughs as she throws the neck of the once beautiful loon.

That was six weeks ago and i've had enough and it's about time she got what's coming to her.

I did some research doing my best to hide what's left of my loons from her horrific nails that have claimed so many and after a few days and some e-mail exchanges it arrived and my plan set into motion.

She arrived back from work exhausted after she had a shower she walks into her room and encounters a amazing sight a balloon towering above her 5.5ft frame with a print on it that says "Pop me if you dare"
Sera stands there in awe of the giant red loon dominating the room.

Wow she says rubbing her razer sharp claws against its soft latex skin. Oooh it's a little early for my birthday buuut ill still have fun with it she says with a wicked grin.

Sera sticks her nails into the red giant and to her surprise instead of a earth shattering bang her hands sink into it. What? she says in confusion. Stupid shit left it in here underinflated to screw with me but i know where he keeps his air pump for these things.

After sera ransacks my room looking for the pump she finds it and attaches it to the red giant with it print mocking her every second it isn't a pile of shredded rubber.

Sera smiles with glee at the red colossus. Ha when i pop this massive eye sore i'm going to pop every balloon that dick has for annoying me. She says as she turns on the pump.

It wurrs into life forcing the all ready giant loon to grow. Now this loon going to join it's friends in the trash. She says readying her nails for the pop of her life.

She strikes at the loon swipe at it with her claws the loon responds dull thuds and boings it wasn't long until she gave up on tearing it apart with her nails and precedes to grab a knife from the kitchen pump still wurring away.

Stupid fucking thing why won't you pop she says climbing the colossus ready to pop it once and for all.

She finally climbs the monstrous loon ready to destroy it. DIE Sera screams plunging her knife into the beast it sinks into the soft rubber her weapon is launched out of her grasp and across the room.

Sera sits there in shock in complete disbelief that the loon didn't pop well she's in for another shock when her head bumps the ceiling in all her rage she forgot to turn the pump off.

Oh shit she exclaims she desperately try's to push the quickly swelling loon away but its all in vain with her scream quickly muffled by the soft latex embracing her naked body.

And in her horror she begins to sink into it slowly enveloping her she pulls, fights and thrashes inside the giant red monster with its tempting message stretched across its skin.

I arrive back at the apartment i can hear the pump wurring away a devious smile forms on my face. Hehe showtime. I say to myself before i enter.

I walk into the main room and i hear my pump wurring away inside Sera's room i ready myself for what i'm about to witness i open the door inwards and see the most beautiful sight i've seen in a long time.

Sera balloon terrorizer and mass popper now trapped inside a giant loon her naked body pressed against the soft latex i quickly turn the pump off and rolled her into the main room which has a higher roof.

As soon as i can free her head from the loon she bombards me with insults. Damn you you perv i should call the cops on you for sexual assault she says her face as red as the loon she's trapped in.

What are you talking about i just showed up how could i have possibly done this to you. I say dripping with sarcasm. Just get me out of this thing please it's getting really hot in here.

She begs trying to worm her way out of it. Well i could just pull the hose out and just let it deflate. But that's no fun isn't it Sera? i say staring into her eyes with a devious smile.

I walk over to the pump looking over to Sera she begs Please don't i won't pop anymore of your loons again please don't turn it on. Yeah naaa i say as i hit the switch.

The pump wurrs into life filling the monstrous loon once more. OOOH Sera screams as she feels the rubber stretch across her naked body.
At first she squirms and fights the loon then she started to feel something strange inside of her the sensation of the latex rubbing against her breasts, her thighs, her vag, was nothing like she ever felt before.

She can feel it coming the heat coming from her pussy is causing the area around it to fog up only broken by the droplets leaking out of her. She can feel the loon pressing against her face forcing it upwards only able to see the ceiling pressing her cheeks together forcing her to make a O face.

It's starting to get too much for her and me the has become transparent long before i arrived watching her squirm and moan is getting me stupidly horny and jealous but i can't let her know that.

Sera's reached her breaking point the loon as almost completely enveloped her head to toe her hands balling up the loon starting to neck she starts trusting against it until she lets out one massive yell.

The once foggy insides become clear as she orgasms watching her pussy throb and spray jizz i was hypnotized by it until i remembered i was staring at my roommates pussy i turn off the pump and disconnect it.

The gigantic balloon starts to shrink the hiss of air exiting it is backed by the sounds of Sera's moans of pleasure it wasn't long before she was freed from her latex bindings.

She sits on the floor her body soaked with sweat and jizz her face as red as the loon laying flat on the floor unaware that i'm even there or just didn't care.

Sera are you ok? i ask her snapping her out of her trance like state without a word she stands grabs the loon, heads into her room and slams the door.

Now i wait for my fate unsure she's gonna kick me out, call the cops or pop all of my balloons after what felt like forever she exits her room dressed in a tank top and jeans walks over to me and says Don't you ever do that again and never speak of it got it you dick!

I nod as i enter my room relived she stops me. Also i'm keeping the balloon and the pump to make sure of it got it now get out of my face twerp.

I didn't see her for the next two days but on the third night i swear i heard her moaning and the sounds of latex squeaking.


Writers note's: If i've made any mistakes while writing this or if you think something i can approve on please message me and thank you for read my smut.
Special thanks to The wonderer and Louis-b42 for inspiring me to write this story.

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Default Re: Non-pop conversion therapy
Okay, this deserve a follow up, like please, also try to put voices like this: .-Sera are you ok?-. Thoughts can be like this: Sera though"O shit I forgot to turn off the pump!"
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Default Re: Non-pop conversion therapy
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