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Default Is it possible to lose the fetish?
Wasnīt sure where to post it, since it involves generall inflatables and balloons, so I posted it here.

Iīm thinking Iīm losing the inflatables fetish. I havenīt popped a balloon for months now, and I currently just canīt get myself to do so. All I did in all these months was inflate my gymnastic ball (literarely takes minutes to inflate with the handpump) and then do a bit of fetish stuff with it, but from the balloons, beach balls and all these nice items I kinda got away.

I am wondering. I delivered this fetish as a child (maybe at the age 9-10 donīt exactly recall) but then I also "lost" it for more than a decade, but it got re activated when I saw a random video about people popping ballons by sitting on them, and the balloons did put on quite a fight.


Long ago I started working on a project which consumes a lot of time. I didnīt do fetish there (or very minimal) because Iīd rather continoue with my project for every minute I have.

Time moved on, and I got sloppy with the work on the project (Letīs just say due to reasons) but other things, unfortunately negative, came into my life.

Said project is quite a "fight" to get it going, with people who behave ... bad. Like we write back and forward (money involved) and for some reason they just stop writing to me. There was no argument or anything... so this frustrates me.

In August I got to know a random woman. Everything was just perfect, and I think I did fall in love for the first time ever. At least, Iīve never before experienced such a "screwed up" week (emotion wise). Problem is, the woman is actually married (unlucky married) and she wants a divorce, and over all there was talk of us 2 to get together...

For me this would be a to big step. I live with my parents still, and am over all allright with that situation (Iīm not lazy and pay some kind of rent here...). I had to move out and for the first time move together with another person into an apartment.

I just wasnīt yet ready for this step, so I talked to her that she must "fix" the relationship to her husband.

Sheīs one of the rare (Forum knowledge) women, whoīs very horny. Like she wantīs to have sex on a daily basis, but her husband wonīt do that with her for more than 5 years, so sheīs very frustrated about it.

Also at some points he just behaves mean. She has birthday, and makes herself a cake. He sees that, and instead of being nice, he complains about her making herself a cake.

Heīs not that bad. Heīs the father of 2 children he has with her, and he also has helped her, when she felt bad and frustrated (to long story) but the last many years their relationship evolved like that.


It was made out that sheīs going to visit me for a week (it would be her first ever vacation) and weīre going to hike a lot. I live in a nice "tourist" place and she was looking forward to that.

Also - and her husband initially allowed that - weīd have sex. I told her Iīm a virgin still at the age of 34, and how much it bothers me, and she told me, that she likes to take that away from men, and sheīs done that quite often before she got married and all.

I was totally happy and energetic about all that and did a lot of research about avoiding her getting pregnant and all (Yeah I really needed to learn a lot about that) and everyting was prepared for her to visit me.

My parents still work, so weīd have 3 / 5 days in the morning where we have the house for us alone, and we even talked about what naughty things weīd do, and where are everyones "borders."

The week I could barely sleep because of looking forward to that, being nervous an all, and also during the day I was nervous (but in a positive way) all the time with heartbeat fast, part wise wet hands from sweat-nervous.

Then she, symbolically said, put a knife in my back.

One day she wrote me that her husband now has changed his oppinion and he wonīt allow her to visit me, and he wonīt allow any type of sex (not even her taking away my virginity).

Due to her not having a job, and literarely being so poor she canīt even afford "eye drops" for "5 buks" I sent her money, so she can buy these. I also gave her gold in WoW so she can buy playtime (worked 7 Months for that gold).

After that, after she said that she wonīt visit me, Iīd still continoue to support her money wise and all (Has to do something with the "dragon in me" furry-scalie stuff and the way I want to be... always nice)

She was like :O what? Why are you still supporting us after that?

Oh well sorry I kinda got carried away a bit.

Recently (To put it in a nutshell) there happened a lot of crap in my life, and I think I kinda stumbled into some kind of depression. I continoued finding others, tried that in WoW, but didnīt work and it frustrated me so much, that I un installed WoW ...

I am currently (welp over a decade) severe mental ill, even making these posts is demanding. I donīt have facebook or anything... I have steam, youtube and email and some forums but I also donīt have a mobile phone, so... yeah.

Iīve had the best ever fetish session 2020 "New years eve." My parents werenīt at home, they were invited by an aunt from me...

When it was about midnight, and outside all the fireworks was going off with a lot of noise and bangs, I had my own way of new years eve celebration.

I took a lot of balloons (maybe 50-60?) from different types and brands and sit popped a lot of them. I could just enjoy it a lot, because noone would care for the bang noises (they wouldnīt even be noticed) and noone would catch me, as I was completely alone at home.

Now under the year I often wake up in the morning (a bit horny) and want to do balloon stuff, but the more awake I get, the more I lose the "motivation" t o do so. Iīm scared someone (maybe the mailman?) could hear the bang and wonder what that was... Yeah, Iīve had these risks all the years before, and popped a lot of balloons, but recently I just got phobic about getting caught.

There also were many close calls. One time I was aggain alone at home (the only time I do this fetish). It was said, my brother wonīt come home for hours. I had my fetish, opened the bathroom door (I do it in there) and literarely saw my brother just opening the house entrance door (wich his there, one of the two). A minute later, and he wouldīve caught me. He said, he just came home to eat something.

Another time I wanted to do the fetish, and thought like "Shall I have breakfast first, or shall I do fetish first?" I decided for breakfast, which was my luck, because then I heared my dad working in his office. He shouldīve been at work, but that day for reasons he wanted to stay home.

Other than that thereīs always a chance one of my family members would random come home from work early.

I just got to phobic about getting caught either by the noise or by someone stepping into me (I can lock the door, but that just makes it kinda suspicious)

I also can do some "silent" sessions, like using beach balls, the gymnastic ball, or mylar balloons (Iīm totally amazed how strong they are. I can sit on them on ground with my 115Kgs, even ride them, and they wonīt pop even thou the material is stretched out "rock hard")... still I just donīt know.

Iīd love to enjoy my fetish. I love inflating balloons that much, that the neck starts to appear (just a bit) then tie them, and sit on them. Some carry me easy, some just pop... and that is what I really enjoy, but lately... or since months... I havenīt done anything about that.

I just donīt know what to do. Thatīs why I ask here. I have hundrets of balloons. I bought a "stack" of 500 misprinted advertising balloons. Some of them are really strong, some of them rather weak (All in the 10-12" area)... I still have >400 of these ... and many others in my stash.

What should I do?

Iīve thought about sit popping some under the bed blanket... but eim neither sure, if it would attentuate the popping noise good enough, nor I really like it. Itīs good for a few pops, but when doing it, I want to see the balloon, "feel" it, and not have it (kinda numb) under the bed blanket.
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Old 11-11-2020, 03:52 PM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
For me this fetish became really addictive , I couldn't reach the 7th heaven without using them ... they were in my mind... in the background along the days & nights ... I lost my partner because of that... a real shock
I was suddenly aware that it went too far and I suddenly lost the needs or the excitation involving "simple latex objects".
Years later I retrieve slowly the need and excitation to plays with balloons but it remains like spice for some moments and no more an invasive obsession.
It's just my experience
Feel free to contact me for further dial/info sharing.
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Old 17-11-2020, 03:00 PM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
Mine has died down since teenage days to the point where they do little for me alone, and not that much with another. It's mostly just watching others these days, and I just have balloons around for fun, decor.
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Old 22-11-2020, 02:55 PM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
I have tried to in many ways. Even telling myself it’s weird and not normal.
I have not been using inflatables for some time now. Something like 10 years. Still think about them in a sexual way most weeks and still have inflatable toys tucked away. The urge goes for a while and then comes back. it goes for months some.

I have fantasising about inflatables for more than 40 years. I have never been able to fully explore the my fetish for one reason or another. Which is a shame but I still want to.

So do I think I will lose the fetish? Not now
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Old 15-01-2021, 04:50 PM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
I used to really enjoy watching balloon fetish videos many years ago, and I started having balloon popping sessions.

These were in my attic bedroom, but while having a session, I would feel worried, uncomfortable, and self conscious, and there was a hesitency there because I was thinking 'what if the neighbours next door to me can hear all of this?', also I was sure that it would probably sound really loud outside because the only thing that was separating me from outside was thin plasterboard, and some roof slates.

If a dog is barking outside I can hear it really loud and clearly as though the window could be fully open, so imagine how loud and clear the bangs and squeaks must be to anyone outside.

So because it's not just the bangs that people will hear, but probably the squeaks too, that will probably make it obvious that I'm popping balloons.

So I wasn't really able to enjoy my fetish properly, it was such a turn off. Eventually I just stopped, and the fetish didn't feel that strong for me anymore, so I obviously kinda lost interest in watching balloon fetish videos too.

Recently the fetish has come back strong for me though, I'm thinking that I may be able to have popping sessions in a different room in the house where people wont be able to hear as well. For the first time in years I've bought loads of balloons, I've been really enjoying watching the videos again, and I've been doing some pop tests, just to get a better idea of how loud it will be for people living next door to me and people outside.

So which is cause and which is effect?

Has my fetish come back strong because I'm now thinking that I may be able to have enjoyable carefree balloon popping sessions because people may not be able to hear much?

Or am I now thinking about having balloon popping sessions again because for some unknown reason the fetish has come back strong?

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Old 16-01-2021, 01:15 PM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
First of all I would like to say, please do not give that woman anymore money. Did you meet her in person or was over exchange of messages. If you didn't meet her it sounds very much like an internet scam so please please make sure that it is legit!

I have found my balloon fetish has come and gone throughout the years, who I live with and people in my surrounding areas plays a big parts to this. The fear of getting caught is terrifying so would there be a way of you removing yourself from that house and maybe rent a hotel room or somewhere. It's the fear that holds us back from enjoying what we really want to do.

Also maybe think of some reasons or excuses ahead so that if you were to be caught, you have a reason why. I know this sounds silly but I have often thought if someone was to walk in I would say I was doing a YouTube or OnlyFans request of a video, something along those lines but you get the idea

I have found since this virus has been active my sex drive has dropped dramatically. I have not found a great deal of motivation, not as much as I used to. I used to create myself huge balloon rooms and meet other looners but last year was not an active year for me. I would think that most people would be feeling this lack of motivation as well.
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Old 19-02-2021, 08:26 AM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
Now itīs been a while since Iīve posted this, and now Iīll reply.

First of all I want to apologize for not replying earlier, but I just "didnīt feel for it."

Iīve thought over "why" Iīm kinda losing the fetish, and I think it was just a combination of everything that happened recently.

In 2020, when there was "that thing with the girl" my emotions were all over the place, and even before I did kinda stop doing the "balloon sessions" because I simply had more important things to do.

I mentioned that my parents kinda retire this year, starting in january, but some stuff happened, and they havenīt retired yet (I think I still have time till early april or so). I tried to get back to the fetish, but itīs just not that enjoyable anymore.

Thinking about it, I figured out that Iīm indeed "wanting to have fun time" with the inflatables / balloons, but I got so phobic about getting caught (+ current times - I hope that changes one day - arenīt really the best... I mean mentally and mood wise).

There were so many close calls. Once I was told my brother wonīt be at home before afternoon, so I was alone at home and had a "fetish session." Just when I finished, and went out of the bathroom (literarely in that moment) my brother came home. I asked him why he comes home now, and he told me, that he wants to have something to eat, and then continoue what he did.

Another time I was "in the mood aggain" for "a session", but I wasnīt sure wheter to have breakfast first, or do it already. I decided to have breakfast first, which was my luck, because I heared noise from dadīs office. I looked, and he was at home. He random stood at home because "He didnīt feel to well that day".

If I wouldīve made my "session" first, I wouldnīt have noticed him being home...

Also there are various situations where at random times one of my parents would come home for half an hour or so, do stuff, and leave to work aggain...

Somehow in the "earlier years like 2015, 2016 or so it was more easy for me. I did "care less" about getting caught, and really had a lot of fun time... but now (I guess that also relates to my current mindset) Iīm just to phobic about that stuff.

I think a lot about what to do with the "hundrets of balloons" I bought and still have in stock (I somehow am having luck with these. I can store them in a dark dry - but not to dry - place, and even after years theyīre still strong. Dunno, maybe Iīm just lucky with em). I tried using my bed sheets as "muffler".

I set up my tablet in my room in record mode, and took a few balloons (and these transportation bags that are inflated) with me. I went to the bathroom, where I used to do this stuff, and popped these things. The first ones I popped "open" like no noise reduction... and the second ones were wrapped in in a few "layers" of bed blanket when I popped them. The foil-package thingys were really much more silent when popped inside the bed sheets, but the balloons were still kinda "clearly hear able."

Later I listened to the recordings, and for me the bangs were pretty much the same loud (ok, later I realized this "measurement" didnīt make sense as the tablet will amplify silent sounds so theyīre as loud as loud sounds). The only difference was that the "in the bed sheet pops" were muffled... The "high pitch" noise was missing, but it was still a very strong "Thump" when the balloon popped.

My plan was - assuming it would "muffle" "silence" the sound enough, to pop most of these balloons in the bed sheet. Itīs not really the best solution I couldīve thought of, because it also takes away a lot of the "feeling" when having "playtime" with balloons, but I thought it couldīve been "a solution."

I look back often to the "new years eve" that was 2019-2020. I was alone at home. As I write this post, I have to explain that Iīm a very lonely person. I had friends in the past, but they "left me" years ago, and so when events are like "new years eve" I canīt really "hang out" with anyone else than my family. My sistert visited her "buddies" or her boyfriend (donīt remember) and my brother was with his friends... and... my parents were invited over at my auntīs place (Being a bit weird, I stopped visiting these people, because I donīt really have to "add" anything to their real life talk and just sit around, look at the clock for when we can go home aggain).

I came up with the idea about "having a fetish party myself" but I let it open. I was laying in the bed, watching tv... Let "fate" decide what happens. Either I fall asleep, or I wake up early enough, and maybe have some balloon playtime...

In the end I woke up early, and was very much in the mood for balloon playtime. Who would care? I knew for sure Iīd be alone this time, and also, outside with all the fireworks going off, noone would even notice any bangs.

So I took many balloons and think had the best session (or mabye the 2nd best) I ever had in all the years "I did this stuff."

After I was done, I "was done" (exhausted) and the floor was covered with balloons shreds... and I was feeling really happy.

If I had my own house, far enough away from others (so they wonīt notice the bangs) Iīd love to continoue with the fetish. I enjoy this balloon stuff, and "these things" are special compared to normal inflatables like beach ball or gymnastik ball.

You never know if the balloon pops or not, and that is arousing for me, also the way they feel (soft) "is a thing".

Today morning (this is what made me make this post) I "fought" with my thoughts. Should I pop some balloons in the bed sheets or not? Yes... no???

I decided to not do it, but in return at least post a reply here.

So how is my future?

Well I guess Iīll keep the balloons around. I do still have >400 "missprinted advertising" balloons which are part wise suprisingly strong ... and aside of these I also got plenty of other balloons still. Some, which have a really hughe neck (I think itīs nearly an inch wide) but they donīt inflate big. Iīm a bit wondering about these...


I think I might "transit" to inflatables rather than balloons. They are "nice too", but donīt give as much to me as balloons - but - at least they usually wonīt pop on random.

Currently Iīm not having much related to this. I only have a gymnastics ball, which is sadly rated for max. 100kg (Iīm 10-20% over that). I "rode it" a few times and it didnīt pop, so I guess itīs allright. Still Iīd like it more, if it was rated for like 150kgs, so thereīs some "space left".

Other than that I have 2 beach balls, which can take my weight. Theyīre not that special really... but they "do their job."

The only chances for having a fetish (balloon fun time) now is whenever my parents arenīt at home for vacation... or it happens that itīs new years eve aggain and Iīm alone at home.

Iīm worried about getting caught that much, that I even worry, that a neighbour might notice one of the bangs or the mailman might hear it.

Whatever.. I hope things get better in the future.

I read this forum a lot, and Iīm jeleaous (When it comes to "basic needs" eg being horny) when I read what people experienced here. I read a story of a guy who visited another guy (meetup) to have "fetish session time." The other guy was into inflatables more, whilst the poster was more into balloons. The guy who the poster met with prepared the room with lots of balloons and "they together" had lots of fun doing adult things together. After that, the person left, and things were allright aggain.

Then I read of couples that "are doinī it" on a balloon, or the partner also took on the inflatables fetish after he / she got told about it. Especially me being an "not on free will" virgin at 34 still, and currently not really seing any "chance" to change that... reading these storries really makes me jeleaouis.

Oh btw, I also thought of moving out from home... but that wouldnīt help. Bound to work (I mean I only could move to certain areas), I donīt want to lose the safe and well paid job. Also, with the money I have, I only could move into an apartment where other people are around... this would limit the fetish time (balloon popping) even more, because then all the time other people would be near to me, hear the bangs and complain about the noise.

Just wanted to reply back to you. Someone offered me to write the person personally, but here I eventually answered all questions.
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
Balloons have several qualities that are addictive & intoxicating to the senses. It's easier to be turned on to balloons than off them. Can I see my addiction to balloons waning? At present no.
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
I have had a fetish for balloons as long as I can remember. I am 60 now.
I thought that getting married, I could lose the fetish - didn't happen.
I thought that getting the realdolls would stop it - didn't happen.
Still enjoy balloons as much as ever and am trying to accepted it.
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Old 28-04-2021, 07:57 PM
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Default Re: Is it possible to lose the fetish?
Interestingly enough I keep switching between my fetishes. But I never combine them for some reason. So it's either balloons OR sneakers/jackets, etc.

So I circle back every few months. Very interesting for me.
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