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Smile More time with my loving Amy! :)
For those who don't know, Amy's a semi-solid pvc doll. I have given her the name Amy as that's what came to mind when I unboxed her. She's about 5 foot even, apparently has blonde hair and blue eyes.
Started out on the bed. Cuddled for a while while I processed some sound recordings.
It is now two hours later, and some, rather tricky experimentation later, I have her sitting on an exercise ball with me in front. Technically, I'm sitting on her lap but it's more like between her thighs. It had to be a 105 as a 55 cm is far, far, far far too small for the pvc material to conform and sit on the ball properly. This has to be the peak of bliss right here.
For the record, this ball isn't really 105 cm but is rather squishy when sat on, so it has some extra room for Amy to come in behind. The other one wasn't and was a little too firm for our purposes.
And yeah, I'm just going around doing my business normally with me in her lap. Next I'll have to fix up her hair and figure out some clever string props to make it look like she's filling in for me while sitting in my comp chair.
I so wish I was more skilled with a camera!
This is amazing to me. You guys should seriously try it one day.
The ball I got for $49.99 amazon, and Amy's body is no longer sold at least where I got her. $98.24 is what I spent either way.
And she's an import apparently, if your wondering about the cost.
Hope your all having a great day!
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