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Default Re: Share your best popping experience
I'm not sure. It's a fairly thick cotton one, so it's not going to break. You don't want something thin that'll rip under pressure.
How big will it go? Only one way to find out...
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Default Re: Share your best popping experience
Originally Posted by hali View Post
soo interesting. After reading your story I just wanna try the same thing lol
BTW Which sleeping bag do you use? I'm looking here to save up for a decent sleeping bag for backpacking. I would like it at least 30 degrees, LIGHT and comfortable for a 6'2+ person.
Hey, sorry not related to original post but a rec on sleeping bags

A fellow outdoorsperson here and for backpacking I can say teton products are good and durable but a bit heavy. One I'm looking at to upgrade to is the UST monarch sleeping bag. It has adjustable wings to keep you warm in variable temperature ranges from 37f down to 17f and now that they are selling direct to consumer the price has come down a ton. Worth a look for a good one and done set up. Should accommodate your height as well. Can't speak on it's durability for loon fun though, have yet to get one to test haha. Happy hiking!

edit: my apologies if I missed the point of your post hali, a bit sleep deprived and a bit delirious haha. I also noticed everything you were looking at were double bags, the ust is a single so may not fit your purpose. Either way, cheers!

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Default Re: Share your best popping experience
I've had a few experiences, but I think the best or most memorable one would have been the popping session I had with my wife for our wedding photoshoot. We had our wedding reception at the ParkRoyal Collection: Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore, and once the festive lunch was over we had scheduled a special photoshoot at our hotel suite that came with the package.

We were pretty full on with Q24s at this point of our relationship and looner interest, so we had arranged for our suite to be decked out with about 80 of them with wedding, hearts and valentines prints. All scattered on the floor and covering the ceiling, and we were going to burst them all. This was before PBC had started to hint that they were going to discontinue the Q24s, so at the time we didn't think to ask the decorator to use half knots for some of them to preserve a few.

It was an incredibly fun experience. Since these were "fresh" balloons, they could take a lot of abuse and it was actually very difficult to pop them, even when they had been fully inflated. Not like the remaining Q24s that are still around today, which have weakened with age and burst really easily now. These could neck out fully and wouldn't even pop their knots off.

We got a good 1 hour video of us riding balloons out of it, and I still occasionally look back at it from time to time.
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Default Re: Share your best popping experience
My best experience were one time my non looner girlfriend gave me a envelope with a couple of balloons and a note on what I was supposed to do with each balloon while she was at work. It was very fun and I had a really good time!
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