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Default Beginnings
When did your balloon fetish begin? What did your family think? Were any of them ever involved in any balloon sessions? Did they ever observe you playing with balloons or pop your balloons as punishment or pop balloons with you? Please share your experiences and be as descriptive as possible!
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Old 22-10-2021, 09:51 PM
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Default Re: Beginnings
Though one to be honest. all I remember is being afraid of popping balloons and at my 6th birthday I remember holding a white balloon and bringing it to a friend of my mom's who was smoking a cigarette at that time and I asked her if she would pop it for me I remember her looking at me while taking a drag from her cigarette and took my balloon and threw it up in the air and holding her cigarette under the balloon so it landed on the lit cigarette. After that I've had more of those moments with her and another friend of my mom's
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Default Re: Beginnings
Sitting on balloons has always been my choice for popping since I was about 5 or 6. They were always fun to sit on and bounce on and see just how long it took to pop them! Being that I wasn't very heavy and they were always underinflated it took some time. I sat on and played with them most days and didn't think much of it and my family didn't seem to either. It was cheap fun entertainment. Somehow in doing that I became aroused and humped one not knowing what I was doing. I gave myself an orgasm and just knew it felt great didn't know thats what it was! Once my family realized this I wasn't allowed to have balloons anymore. I tried to sneak them though and only sit on them when I was home alone or in the tub during my bath or shower...but I was caught or my uniflated stash was found and bc my favorite thing to do was sit on them and bounce till they busted my aunt punished me by inflating them all and having me place 1 on a chair at a time and watch as she sat popped them all. I walked into my room after she instructed me to and found about 70 12" balloons all underinflated. She said you know you aren't allowed to have these yet you bought them anyway and tried to hide them. Since you can't listen and behave you are going to watch me bust every single one exactly how you most enjoy busting them! Im going to bust every single one of these by sitting on them and there is nothing you can do about it! You will place each one on that chair for me! This is going to be so much fun for me! She made sure I could tell she was having fun and enjoying popping them all as she laughed and smiled and was very vocal the whole time. Telling me how much fun she was having and how I could have all the fun if only I wasnt naughty with them. She would say things like ooo see that it's about to bust! Oops there goes another one of your precious balloons! Yes, yes yes!!! I just love when they bust! That's one less you have to be silly with! Watch now, this is what will happen if your continue to sneak and buy these balloons when you aren't supposed to have them. Go ahead and keep buying them and I will be more than happy to bust them all. You won't get any fun out of them. You will be wasting your money. You hear that? Thats your balloon squealing under me! None of them are going to survive my booty! I'll bust everyone I find! Get me another one. Put it on the chair and stand there and watch. This is how you bust balloons with your booty. You don't make yourself silly with them. She would say watch, pay attention! Look how much fun I'm having! See how my booty is busting all of your balloons! Its sooo sad you can't be having all this fun but until you can learn to listen and to be not be naughty you will have no fun with them! She would say watch now this is how you pop them with your booty, you just hold it in place and lower your booty onto it and bounce bounce bounce until it pops. Some of them would shoot off the chair or roll off before she had them completely under her. Then she would say grab it its not getting away. Put it on the chair and hold it there until my butt is on it so it doesn't get away again. Sometimes she would slam her butt down on them and sometimes she would slowly lower herself onto them and slowly bounce harder and harder until they busted. She would say I know you would much rather be sitting and bouncing on these balloons than watching me have all the fun doing it so you better learn to listen and not make yourself silly with them. When they were all busted she would make me clean up the mess. She would always say wow that was soooo much fun! Please go buy more, I dare you to. I had so much fun busting them all and I will definitely bust anymore I find just like that! Until you learn to behave yourself and not make yourself silly with them! She tried this several times as I was a stubborn kid lol! It definitely upset me but also became somewhat of a turn on to experience.
When I moved to my stepmoms at first she always wanted me to play with my balloons in the living room where she could watch me. I'm guessing she was told about my past history with getting aroused by them and humping them when I was younger. I don't really know..
One day I come home to multiple bags of balloons inflated and her encouraging me to bust them and have fun with them. She said I shouldn't be ashamed and there was nothing wrong with popping balloons that it was cheap innocent fun. I was somewhat shocked as this had never happened before. She busted a few by squeezing and stepping on them saying it was fun and laughing. She then grabbed one and sat on it on the floor and bounced until it popped. She said come on don't let me have all the fun by myself. Help me bust them and have fun. I decided I might as well so I began sit popping them too. I remember her cheering me on saying things like go, go, go, come on you got it, bounce bounce bounce, bounce harder, bounce your booty on it, pop it, pop it, pop it. I would often cheer her on when she did join the popping fun with many of the same chants. When it came to her joining in she would say hey watch me bust some with my booty, how many bounces will it take 1, 2, 3? More? Let's find out. They won't survive my booty. She always laughed and smiled after each pop. She made it a lot of fun and didn't judge me or punish me or pick on me. We busted them by sitting on them, squeezing them, and stomping on them. We had many races to see who could pop them the fastest which usually she won because she was heavier than I was. We played with and busted balloons pretty often usually several times a week. One day she walked in my room and caught me grinding away on several. I was mortified and froze. She just said ah ha, caught ya laughed and walked out. She never spoke of it again.

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Default Re: Beginnings
I think I can trace my fetish back to two events that happened as I was growing up. Around the age of 6 or 7 I discovered a porn mag my dad had hidden under the sear of his truck. It contained a scene of two tatted up girls in latex that were having a bit of dominance play
I had no idea obviously what I was looking at when it happened and it traumatized the shit out of me lol. Several years later there was an incident on the school bus where there was a dozen or so tightly inflated helium balloons from a bday party from a classroom and a girl riding the bus ended up popping almost all of them. I wrote a pretty long post about the incident on here somewhere.
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Old 28-10-2021, 04:18 AM
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Default Re: Beginnings
When I was growing up balloons were just your normal decorative item for me. There was honestly nothing beyond that. It was only when I met my partner that things started to change.

It started off innocently enough. When we were dating she often liked to celebrate events such as our birthdays and anniversaries by bringing bunch of balloons, usually involving multiple Q24s. We started dating almost 2 decades back, so back then PBC was still trying to really push the Q24 and it was pretty easy/cheap to get them. I remember the 1st time she did this by bringing a bouquet of Q24s and a slice of cake to celebrate my birthday, which was also the 1st time I had ever encountered the Q24, and being absolutely stunned by how damn big they were. For context, where I live the typical size is like 11 inches, so it was 1 hell of a sight to be given 5 birthday print Q24s.

Didn't take me long to notice that she seemed to really like these big balloons, and soon I started buying them for her as well to reciprocate what she did for me. At this point I still wasn't into the whole looner thing, I just bought the big Q24s for her because she liked it and made her happy. About 5 years or so after we started dating, we decided to celebrate our next anniversary with a staycation at a hotel. I had believed it to be a pretty normal affair with both of us eating around and exploring the local theme/nature parks as that was the itinerary we had planned. My partner however, had some other plans as well.

When we checked-in, I noticed that she had special arrangements made for our room, namely in the form of basically transforming it into a balloon room. If u hadn't picked up by now, she was a big fan of big balloons that can neck well and filled the room with nothing but Q24s, air and helium filled. I was impressed, but thought nothing more of it. But on the 2nd day, she decided that to properly introduce me into balloon fetish.

She asked if I wanted to have some fun with the balloons, and over the course of the day gave me a crash course into what every1 here knows as sitpopping. I had never done anything like this before, but I kept an open mind and after a few balloons decided that hey, this was pretty fun as well. I'm not quite sure why, but the feeling of the latex as u bounce on the balloon combined with the resulting neck that would bulge out just clicked something with me and I've never looked back.

Balloons were now a thing with me and I started using them more with my own celebratory events. We've also tried some of the other balloon popping tricks, like blow to pop, nail pop, etc etc, but nothing ever came close to a good old sit pop. I like those the feel of the latex straining as you bounce up and down, of the neck as it stretches out as the air moves from the bulb, and of the inevitable pop or deflation (I use rubber bands to tie off my balloons because I find tying regular knots to be a pretty painful affair after awhile, so I usually get a roughly 33% chance of deflation).
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Old 28-10-2021, 05:55 AM
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Default Re: Beginnings

How the balloon fetish developed is a highly interesting topic for me. However the initial question in this thread is not all clear, because what does it really mean that the fetish began? If the meaning is when the sexual aspect showed up I can say that it happened one evening while I was practising blowing up balloons. I was 13 years old at the time and not really experienced any sexual feelings before. However there was of course a reason for me practising blowing up balloons. This was the result of a longer chain of events that more or less steadily pushed me in the right (well, some might say wrong) direction, and made it likely to get sexual feelings mixed into blowing up balloons. As I see it this chain of events is also part of the ‘beginning’.
It is quite easy for me to pinpoint where ‘it all’ started: When I was little - only three years old my dad gave me a balloon to play with. I had never had and not even seen a balloon before, so I just played around with it, totally unaware of what might happen. The balloon popped and scared me to absolutely no end and made me phobic of balloons. I have no doubt about this being the origin of what I think of as my balloon ‘thing’. This experience did however not start the fetish. As you have read above quite some time was to elapse before the sexual part showed up (this did btw come as a complete surprise to me - like right out of the blue), and I don’t think it would have happened without a development in between leading to an increasing fascination over a wish to get rid of my phobic fear via a certain (plain) excitement by blowing up balloons and ultimately to how I am today.
My family was not involved very much. Dad gave me the balloon that started the phobia, they had little understanding for me being scared of balloons, and finally my brothers teased me with balloons because they found it funny to chase me around or svare me by blowing them up. They were not really cruel I think - they were just boys. Nobody knew about me practising blowing up balloons - I kept everything to myself.

Later in life I have got enough control over my fear as well as my sexual reaction to balloons to be able to deal with balloons in whatever situations they show up = and even to enjoy this - in the situation in a totally plain way, but thinking back on them when being in privacy some of these experiences arises sexual feelings and turn on. The same goes for some of what I experienced when I was little. If I had the same experiences today they would be so cool (at least this is how I imagine it).

Well, I guess I ended up becoming sort of sidetracked…..

Thank you for reading my posting.

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Default Re: Beginnings
Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and experiences! Hope to hear more!
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Default Re: Beginnings
I've kind of already described how I got into this fetish in another thread. I would say balloons fascinated me when I was very little (perhaps 5 or 6 years old). The sexual interest in balloons and anything that inflates started around maybe 11 or 12 years old. I think my parents had a hint that I was probably a little too into them but they didn't seem to care. Regardless I was still secretive about the whole thing. I almost got caught a couple of times perhaps being a little too intimate with balloons. But I never did get caught.
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Default Re: Beginnings
I am sure I have said before my beginnings but here they are again

First started around age 2 or 3. I was given a fully inflated yellow balloon as a toy from a family member. I recall it being very big, like 14 inches but I could be only thinking that because I was little. I remember tossing it up and down outside and it got out of my reach and landed on grass where it instantly popped. It's the earliest balloon popping memory I have that to this day I believe is what sowed the seeds of having a love/hate relationship with balloons.

Somewhere around age 4 or 5 I received a balloon from a baby shower party in the family. It was a single pink probably 12" helium balloon, overinflated to a big pear shape with "It's a Girl!" printed all over it. It was tied to a pink ribbon. I decided for some reason or another to sit on it. So I pulled it down and sat down on it with the neck facing backward. I remember I sat there for a minute or so on it then started to bounce a bit and 2 bounces in the thing exploded with a BANG and I fell to the floor. That I believe continued to sow the seed for liking girly pink balloons, overinflated.

Fast forward to mid childhood/pre-teen. I always tried to get a balloon or balloons from parties I went to. I started to realize it felt good to take balloons and press them against my crotch area. Other than feeling really good, and sometimes getting a boner from it there wasn't much more than that.

I also noticed a similar feeling with other balloon-like toys like beach balls. And they were more durable and less likely to have an unexpected pop. Around my late pre-teens and early teens I started to experiment with balloons and inflatables as I had them to see what felt good.

Around age 11 or 12 I was playing with two inflatable toys, a green hopper ball and a blue swim ring. I loved the feeling of both in my crotch area. I was enjoying my "little session" when I decided to take the swim ring and turn it sideways, so I was straddling the seam and then go down on it while on top of the hopper ball. I instantly found it pleasurable and the feeling intensified. I started what essentially was grinding on the ring which was sandwiched between me and the ball and it created this wonderful squeaky resistance noise. I kept going and the feeling got more intense. I basically started grind/humping to keep the pleasure going and ultimately made a mess in my underpants when I had my first orgasm. This is officially when the fetish started for me. Since then I have had similar experiences with both balloons and other inflatables.

Because of this, I get mostly turned on by "girly" inflatables. Pinks and purples, light blues and yellows. I love 12 inch balloons that are overinflated and I love watching women playing with and popping them. I also am fond of beach balls, usually 24 inch with pinks and yellows. For prints I tend to like girly ones too. I think it all stems from my first sit pop.
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Default Re: Beginnings
I was about 8 or 9, I saw these cheerleaders cleaning up a family event at a high school, they started popping the balloons, normally the noise would send me running at that time. Something about it fascinated me, watching these pretty girls pop the balloons I was scared of, but nothing really transpired until I was 15 or so, I had bought a balloon bouquet and flowers for my girlfriend at the time, we were in the middle of it, and there was a breeze from the open window, it blew two of the balloons into a candle, they popped loudly, and so did I, again usually would have scared me, but it's different when your in the middle of it. A few minutes later the girl I was with said the pops did it for her as well, we went again, but this time she deliberately popped them and let out a giggle/happy squeal.
As far as the family friends know, I just like decorating for any occasion. Though my wife suspects a few know about it, I don't really care either way, I'm viewed as the smart/strange one anyways, I almost always have 1 or 2 inflated and a couple on the nightstand so I don't have to dig them out everytime I ask my wife to pop a couple, (not her thing, but she likes my anxiousness surrounding and leading up to the pop)
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