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Old 17-10-2022, 09:26 AM
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Default Re: Other fetishes
My other fetish is for fit guys in bulging lycra/spandex; also into Mansmells.
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Old 23-11-2022, 09:42 AM
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Default Re: Other fetishes
Watching videos of a 677 pound woman at the gym. There is some stuff that is really impressive and some stuff that is silly, but even the silly stuff is impressive. The girl is strong.

Squats on a bosu ball. It's a pointless exercise. You'll get more out of dedicated core exercises than stability exercises, and you'll get more out of squats if you are stable. But still, that a 677 pound woman can even get on a bosu ball and do anything at all is impressive. And that poor bosu ball!

Step ups holding two 5-pound dumbbells. Holding dumbbells and not holding onto anything for balance, and even being able to do the exercise at 677 pounds, very impressive. Weighing 677 pounds and taking another 10 with you, maybe not very productive. This one makes me nervous. I know someone much smaller than her that pulled a tendon doing this, and because of his size they didn't want to do anything for him. He might have ended up disabled had he not found someone willing to help him.

Situps, unassisted, un-weighted. Very impressive. Quite a few of them, too! That a bottom-heavy 677 pound person doesn't need to be weighted or held at the feet is kinda not surprising, but that she can do the exercise at all is impressive.

Superman hold. She's not holding, so she's not doing the exercise correctly. That she can lift her arms and legs at all is impressive. And she's lifting them far!

Calf raises, holding two small dumbbells. Again, the dumbbells add little to her 677 pounds, but doing the exercise at all is impressive. But here's the fun part. She's landing hard. That's not doing the exercise correctly, but it is fun to watch. I had this one on loop. Every part of her jiggles. Belly bounces, thighs bounce, arms bounce, boobs bounce, the fat of her calves actually rotates back and forth. Mesmerizing.

Bird dog. You're supposed to do it slowly, but she does it!

Glute bridge. 20-pound dumbbell on her lap adds little to her 677 pounds. Impressive that she clears the ground at all.

When she bends at the knees her thighs and her calves overlap so much you could bury a whole hand and a half in the crease. And her knee caps get so wide! Her legs are so thick it's a wonder she can bend at the knee at all. And she does an exercise where she is kneeling and sits back on her calves. Never seen anyone do this over and over as an exercise, and when she sits back, her knees come off the floor! because she's got so much fat on the FRONT of her calves.

The leggings are hot. Love that someone sells leggings this big.
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