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Default Rescued these right before they were popped
There was a local promotion at a clinic I go to today. They had a table set up with 3 bunches of helium balloons. I wasn't sure what was going on but figured there was no way I would get any of them. The balloons were white and gold. Two sets of four and one set of two. Three girls were talking about it and the one that picked them up was explaining how they were in a big clear bag so they wouldn't blow away or be popped. She was probably in her late 20s long dark blonde hair very pretty wearing a pink shirt black pants and Adidas shoes. While she was talking she had my full attention as she was squeezing a white one when she said that then let it go bouncing back up. I looked up the place to see what was going on and the event ended at noon. Well, I ended up waiting there much longer than I planned. Eventually around 2 they started sweeping and cleaned all the confetti off the table. I was in a different room down the hall by this time but kept peeking out to see what the status was. I was waiting to her the table claking and being put up but instead the same girl came cruising down the hall with all the balloons gripped in her right hand. If your a looner you can always tell what someone plans to do with balloons depending on how they are handled and these were done for. I managed to open the door as she passed startling her and asked her if I could have them. She said her boss wanted her to pop them and asked me why I wanted them. I told her my friends daughter had a birthday party that was canceled because she was sick but she loved balloons and thought they would cheer her up. She said she was sorry but she neeto pop them. I told her now worries and thanked her. I want back in and sat down fairly defeated. About 5 minutes layer shae came in with all the balloons and said her boss was happy I could use them and they were mine. Total score I was so happy. Here is a pic of them on the table and a pic of them in the car.
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Default Re: Rescued these right before they were popped
Nice rescue, looks like 14'
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