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Old 19-11-2022, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: swim rings
Wow, but how do they know when to stop inflating or do they just take a risk? Wonder if any pop during the photoshoots.
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Old 20-11-2022, 04:30 AM
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Default Re: swim rings
My own experience is that a modest overinflate, enough to make most of the puckering disappear, will hold for someone small on the inflatable for a short time. I find that the tightest seams spring a leak over time, so if I just leave an overinflated float in the closet it is likely to spring a leak, but I can stress it a hell of a lot more than that for a short time.

FWIW, here are some of the reasons he said the floats are overinflated for the photo shoot:

1. The model wants the float to be unaffected by their weight
2. The manufacturer wants the float to be unaffected by the weight of the rider in the photo
3. The photographer prefers a non-puckered look
4. The photographer wants more of the float to be above water

The manufacturer never wants an underinflated float, but generally doesn't want it overinflated, either. A slight overinflate for the product photo without model, a little more overinflated for a photo with the model on the float, quite a bit of overinflation if the float is kinda crappy and won't hold much weight without looking overloaded.

The pink ring in that photo looks more than a little overinflated.

Thing is, there isn't a high barrier to entry to become a stock photographer. If you can take great photos and have attractive models available, you can do this. But there isn't much point to doing it if you don't create images people want to use in a professional design, because nobody pays these prices unless they need them for marketing or company business. If your photos don't sell well, the platform will not feature them.

It'd be amusing to put some stealth inflatable photos in these libraries, and that may be what these pink ring photos are, but they have to be useful to people or they'll never be seen.

FWIW the woman I call "tall girl" is a looker, and she's been asked to appear in plus size clothing shoots, and has been asked to do shoots with a manufacturer's inflatables. Until they learned she weighs over 600 pounds. To see her out of context you don't know she's that big. Then you see her next to somebody and she looks huge. She's also been asked to attend some "body positivity" pool parties to appear in the videos and photos. Some of these are sponsored by big name plus size clothing sellers.

I think "new girl" is a looker, too, and think she'd do well in plus size soft pron, or possibly fashion photography. I think she should specialize in inflatables. She's uninterested.

To answer one of your questions, the manufacturer provides multiple copies of the inflatable to be photographed. Sometimes they are dead right out of the box. And sometimes they spring a leak during filming. For stock photography, it's entirely up to the photographer. These are just individuals with a side gig.

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Default Re: swim rings
The guy I call "big guy" has gotten his hands on dozens of tubes from a water park. They're the rental tubes from the wave pool and slow stream ride. They're big, clear, have a smooth overlapping seam on the inside, and two handles. I'm not fond of handles, but I look forward to trying these out.
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Old 21-01-2023, 09:16 PM
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Default Re: swim rings
I love swim rings of various sizes and shapes. I especially like the bigmouth mermaid tail swim ring. It inflates to a really large diameter and it's extremely soft to touch and you can enjoy the actual swim ring as well as straddle the large mermaid tail!

I also have several swim rings which are just the ring and I love ones that are clear, or shiny bright colours. I also like ones with animal shapes like a dragon, flamingo, or swan.

If anyone wants any details, you can DM me.
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Old 24-01-2023, 06:10 PM
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Default Re: swim rings
I found a swim ring whilst on holiday it’s gold coloured and clear on top with glitter pieces inside. It was very well used and is mis-shaped where someone has laid on it in the heat for sometime. It was leaky which I fixed but it sprung another leak which has also been repaired but it still has one more leak which I haven’t yet. I love the colour and feel of this ring and the fact many people used it before. The last was a lady in the pool it was under the water because it was going down by then. She then put back with the others that get left behind. I couldn’t wait to get hold of it
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