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Default Alvika loves blow to pop
Alvika Banerji, a lady in her early 30s and approximately 10 years older than me, is someone I know from when she was friends with my older sister in college and she used to visit our house.
She’s divorced! (The reason is unknown to me.) Coincidentally, she lives in the same apartment as me. And she is the only person I know in that apartment since I came to Mumbai after getting admission to IIT Bombay.
Even though she was in her early 30s, she was very beautiful and had amazing breasts. She’s also a chemistry professor at the university, i.e., beauty with brains. The best part I like about her is that despite being so highly educated, she sometimes wears traditional attire like a saree, a salwar suit, etc., and she definitely looks like a firecracker in it!
She was quite a friendly lady and also a good cook; she often sent some delicious food to my house since I’m a bachelor living alone.

One day, as I was coming home from college, I suddenly remembered my balloons were finished, so I stopped by a party store to buy balloons. I asked for a wholesale pack of apple balloons. The owner showed me different sizes of bulk packs of apple balloons.
R1000 (14 inches), R2000 (16 inches), and R5000 (24 inches); they all look so pretty and have a very good smell of latex. I bought one pack of each, and each pack contains 35 balloons. I paid Rs. 300 for balloons and put all of them inside my backpack. And as I walked out of the store, I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking, "Thank God the owner didn't ask me why I'm buying so many balloons." I admire shopkeepers who mind their own business.
It was around 8 p.m. when I came home and placed the packet of balloons on top of the drawer next to the dining table.
Suddenly, Alvika Didi came in with a big plate of delicious Thai curry and steamed rice. She was wearing a blue salwar suit and a blue dupatta on her neck.
"Thank you so much, Didi. (She exudes a lovely Valerian scent.)

She sets the plate on the table, and her gaze is drawn to the balloon packets.

"Wow, these balloons look so pretty." She said. (Bit excitedly)
"Are you having a party?" she inquired.
This time I really don’t know how to respond since she's not supposed to find these balloons. It's all my fault; I should've kept it hidden properly; it's too late now!

I was about to respond when
"Aren’t these balloons a bit bigger than usual, and for decoration, don’t you use those small, solid 12-inch balloons?" "And don’t you also need streamers, confetti, and party poppers if you’re having a party?"
She asked rhetorically.

I'm still frozen and don’t know how to respond to this. "How can I be so fucking reckless?" "If she finds out about my fetish, what would she think of me?" feeling so embarrassed and clueless at the same time. "How can I be so fucking reckless?" "If she finds out about my fetish, what would she think of me?" (feeling so embarrassed and clueless at the same time), I must do something. " Me talking in my head

I need to come up with a valid excuse to justify all this. God, please help, or I’ll turn atheist. "Me again, having silly conversations in my head."

"Actually, these are not for parties; I bought them for a science project," I replied, trying to act cool.

She asked, "What’s your project about?"

I became befuddled once more because it's not easy to come up with a random science project involving balloons in B.Tech. computer science. She also holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and is a senior professor at the university.

I said, "Actually it’s for a YouTube video; I’m starting a YouTube channel on genres like science experiments, life hacks, and DIY projects." (I said it with confidence.) [Thank God, I was able to find the right words at the right time!]

"Oh, I see. When you said project, I thought you meant some project from college," she said.
"Noo," I said, smiling.

Before she’d ask another question, she got a call and went outside to receive it.

I quickly started eating the Thai curry and rice. In between, she was on the phone.
I quickly finished the Thai curry and rice. She was still on the phone.
I thought it was a good time to put the balloon somewhere safe. The moment I was moving my balloons from the drawer to my bedroom, she suddenly appeared there and caught me.

"Where are you taking these balloons?" she asked.
Again, I got befuddled.

Are you recording your YouTube video now?

I said no, I was just putting it on the table, and I said it a bit hesitantly. (I feel so embarrassed inside.)

How big do they get after being fully blown? She asked

"What?!!" I wondered why she was asking this; I wasn’t expecting this question from her.
"Around 16 to 24 inches," I said (and felt a bit surprised inside).

"Would you mind if I tried one?" she inquired.

"Off course!" I said smilingly, "What the fuck just happened?" I murmur inside my head.

She grabbed a packet of R5000 (24 inches) from the table and cut it open with a scissor. The moment she tore open the packet, there was a strong smell of rubber release, and she took out a big red apple balloon.

She stretched and released the balloon, making that fantastic sound when the latex contracts. She repeated the process three times before beginning to blow sideways. But something was new. Though she was blowing straight, she held on to the main body of the balloon to ensure that only the neck blew first.

Wooooossshhhhh. The neck responded and swelled beautifully. Now, with both her hands, she held the mouth of the balloon and blew big blows into it.
In the silence of the room, one could only hear her "Woooosshhhhh" as she started the process of giving birth to a beautiful red apple balloon.
Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooo sh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..Woooosh..W oooo sh..
I was now getting scared that a fresh balloon may just get blown into bits with a sharp bang.
"Didi, I think it will burst now," I said.
So ?? Are you afraid? she said, returning the balloon to her lips and restarting the inflation.
That red balloon had grown so large and tight that it could now pop at any time.
Woooosh. And Baaang!!
That tight balloon popped with a loud bang, and tiny wet shards of latex spread across the room everywhere.

She was giggling after the bang. She took another pink apple balloon from the open packet, put it sideways on her lips, and started puffing air inside the balloon.
While she was blowing the balloon, seeing her puffy cheeks wooshing air inside the balloons gave me a boner. The balloon became extremely constricted. I said, "I think you should tie it." She ignored my advice and kept on breathing air inside it. "I think you're doing another B2P," I said quietly, but she heard me, so she took one more breath, and a balloon popped out of her mouth, creating a loud, sharp kaboom! The wet pieces of popped balloons were scattered everywhere. That room was filled with the smell of her perfume and latex.

The bang was so loud that I put my hands on my ears. "Are you afraid of a balloon popping because you're a man?" she mocked. "Hell no!" he exclaimed. The bang was very loud. My ears are ringing.

That means it scared you; she teased me again. Although it did scare me a little, I denied it.

"So you want me to blow to pop another one," she said, taking a balloon from the pack.

The moment she said "blow to pop," I got goosebumps.

"Or B2P?" he said with a mischievous smirk.

"So you like balloons, huh?" "Didi," she said with a menacing expression on her face.

I stand clueless and nervous as hell and don’t know how to respond.

"So, you have a balloon fetish, and these big balloons you bought are not for a YouTube video or an experiment, or whatever false excuse you were giving me," she said, fiddling with a deflated purple balloon in her hand.

"Yes! " "I do have a balloon fetish; I request that you please don’t tell anyone." confessing by feeling so embarrassed!
"Relax, why do you think I would tell anyone? I won't tell anyone you can trust me on this coz I have this fetish too," she explained.

I felt so relieved after hearing this. That’s why I wondered how she was blowing balloons fearlessly and enjoying it as well.

"Thank you, Didi!" I said.

Then she continued, "You're welcome," and said in a friendly tone.

"I'm glad we cleared things up between us," she said.
"Me too," I said.

She looked me in the eyes and kissed my lips so hard that I got a boner inside my pants.

Wow, it felt so good. It's a bit strange, but I love it.

Now, I felt like I was ready to take the next step. I said, "Would you like to try one more balloon?" She smiled and nodded.
I took the R5000 (24-inch) balloon from the packet and said, "Here, Didi." She took it from me, made sure the balloon was free of any wrinkles, and blew into it.
She took one long breath, and then she blew a big bubble out of the balloon, which expanded and grew wider and wider. As soon as the balloon reached the rated size, I tied it. Place it on the sofa.

You can play with it until next time.

I felt so excited to get to have a balloon blown by a pretty lady like her.

"See you later," she said smilingly, and left.

This series will continue.

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Default Re: Alvika loves blow to pop
It looks like it has some typographical errors. I didn't proofread it. Don't worry, I'll fix it shortly.

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Default Re: Alvika loves blow to pop
Originally Posted by Panynepax View Post
It looks like it has some typographical errors. I didn't proofread it. Don't worry, I'll fix it shortly.
mistakes happen dont worry ^^
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