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Default Re: The downside to using inflatable furniture with inflatable fetish
Originally Posted by Vicci View Post
...inflatable furniture...either the back seam blew out or the internal baffle tore making the bottom part of the chair in to a massive ball.
Back in the days of those bubble furniture sofas there was a local company that did community social things with the inflatable furniture on their lawn. I was about 500 pounds at the time and my girlfriend at the time was about 600. We didn't fit in them but would sit in them, anyway, partially on the arms. We never popped one, but the sides would bulge out around the baffle that holds the shape of the arms. It'd bulge above and below that baffle.

Also, the thing tended to roll backwards, and if we sat on it like that, the front of the sofa, which became partially the top, would bulge.

Basically, it would lose its shape completely with 1100 pounds on it, and I'm shocked we never popped one. We were on it for a couple hours at a time, on several occasions.
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