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Default Re: What was this Australian balloon brand?
Originally Posted by Seidenki View Post
Belbal's own website says they've been making balloons since 1984, which is some time after that video.

As to what was in that video, unless you were there, I daresay it is almost impossible to say. In my experience, balloons being a branded item was not a widely known concept until somewhat recently. Even now, I still encounter people surprised they can be identified by brand. As well as that, we've seen balloon makers disappear in the last decade - well, there were probably lots more small brands way back then, too.
I guess we’ll never know then! But I wish I could’ve had some of those Gaspo printed balloons. Love those. Also speaking of brands, there was this episode of Mister Rogers from 1982 where he showed footage of a balloon factory. And it wasn’t Pioneer or Qualatex, it was a now defunct company named Van Penn Balloons, located in Pennsylvania. I wonder how long they’ve been gone.
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